It Was Fun While It Lasted.

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The Sabres started off the Olympic break the right way, beating the Sharks. I missed the first period but I saw the rest of the game and they played really well. Much better than they’ve been playing since that awful West Coast trip. They did all the things they needed to and I just hope they don’t forget all of the little things when they get back from vacay.

The Senators, however, won their game and bumped Buffalo back down to fifth. Damn it, Ottawa.

Sidney Crosby also tied Alex back up for the goal-scoring lead. SO not cool. And the worst part is that Sidney is playing Buffalo in the first game after the Olympics so he’s sure to get a few more, and Alex is also playing Buffalo in his first game back but I’ll be there so goals most likely won’t be happening. I really don’t get why he won’t score when I’m there.

Team USA kicks off tomorrow afternoon. I will be missing it since when I signed up for volunteer hours this month I neglected to check the hockey schedule. Team Russia, however, will be playing at midnight. I plan on watching it. If that’s not dedication, I don’t know what is.

I’m a little scared to see Sergei. I had finally gotten over him (thank you, Mike Knuble!) but I’m afraid seeing him play with the Alexes will just be too much. Sniffle.

Filling The Void.

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(I’ll get to the Sabres game in a minute, which, by the way, was hella boring.  But first I have an important announcement.)

If you spent any time around this blog last spring, you’ll know that I had something of an inappropriate crush on Sergei Fedorov.  I couldn’t help it.  He was a great leader, he helped Alex Semin hugely, and he won the first round series for Washington.  And he was slightly attractive, in that Russian way.  When he left for Russia, I was heartbroken and really had no desire to find a new Creepy Old Man Crush.  I figured I’d stick to the youngins for a while.

Enter Mike Knuble.  Back over the summer I thought he was a great addition, and now, halfway through the season, I will gladly proclaim him to be the BEST OFFSEASON SIGNING EVAH.  Look at him!  I can’t even remember the last time he didn’t score in a game, and almost every time he does score it’s a two-goal game.  He crashes the net!!  He teaches the Caps that it’s an okay thing to do!!  Did you SEE Lars Nicklas’s goal last night?  Chances are he never even would have tried that if Mike Knuble hadn’t been there to lead the way.  He’s a veteran leader.  Remember that one game back that one time?  I don’t even remember, but I do remember that he single-handedly killed off a penalty.  He’s hilarious.  (My mom still mentions swollen feet at the most random times and it ALWAYS cracks us up.  God bless him, he’s such an old man.)  He helps out charities.  He has cute kids.  He thinks Alex and Nicki are two of the best players in the world.  He looks beyond ridiculous in hard hats.  He has questionable taste in music.

Yes, Mike Knuble is my new Creepy Old Man Crush.  He’s old enough to be my father, but every time he scores a goal from three inches away from the net, I simply don’t care.  Mike Knuble, I don’t know how the Caps won games before you came to town.

I know that  we’re not supposed to act like spoiled fans and we’re supposed to be grateful that the team wins and brings in two points, but the Sabres game last night was still something of a snoozer.  The one Wednesday night was too, but I was there with friends and overtime and the shootout were exciting (did I really just say the shootout was exciting?) so I didn’t mind as much.  Sitting at home on the couch, it wasn’t like there was much happening.  It was fun to see Henrik Tallinder get a goal, and Thomas Vanek might break the twenty-goal mark yet, but the Bruins proved yet again that they make games boring.  The two points still were critical though, especially with Ottawa coming up this week.  They’re closing the gap and it’s not like we can count on the Sabres to beat them.  Pittsburgh on Monday will be a tough game too, but the Sabres are technically a better team and they should win.  I like beating Pittsburgh.  It’s fun.

Ryan Miller looked great again last night.  I was getting a little worried about him out west, but maybe he’s righted the ship.  I’d still like to see Lalime out there this week.  Maybe Monday?  Since he’s played really well against Pittsburgh this year?  I get worried about Ryan burning out.

I’m not going to comment on Mike Green’s hit because it could go either way.  He definitely got the elbow up there, but the NHL is so inconsistent with their discipline it’s not even like we can predict what will happen.  They have spoken about cracking down on headshots more recently though, so you’ve got to wonder if a suspension will come just to reinforce that point.

Good Things And Bad Things

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Well, the good things are that I’ll be well enough to go to the Draft Party tomorrow and I’ll (hopefully) be able to buy a new Sabres hat.  The one I have is in pretty poor shape and I’ve been dying to get a new one for ages.  I’m sick of borrowing my brother’s.

In the interest of full disclosure, I actually remind myself every time I go shopping that I want a new one and then I either forget or end up almost buying a Thrashers hat.  Tomorrow, however, I won’t let that be the case.

The bad thing is that Sergei has officially gone back to Russia.  Sniffle.

Just A Few Things

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I’m really sick.  Last week my brother had a mild case of swine flu virus and he passed it on to me.  He assures me that after one day of feeling kind of crummy and another day of feeling like a piece of crap, I’ll be back to normal.  I can’t wait until tomorrow.  This complete lack of motivation/total exhaustion is annoying.  For example, it took me four hours to work up the strength and drive to drag myself out of bed and downstairs, and that was only because after 24 hours I was finally a little hungry and because my friend wanted me to send her a picture of Alex’s dye job.  But coming downstairs tired me out so I’m thinking I’ll have to rest a few more minutes until I dig up some crackers.

Since I feel as though I’ve neglected the Sabres over the past few, erm, months, I thought I’d watch a few Sabres-themed videos to lift my spirits.  I started with Odd Jobs.

In retrospect, I probably shouldn’t have watched this while I was sick because it made me laugh and then I started hacking/weezing again.  It was really sexy.

Then I watched this for the eight millionth time:

Don’t let his kind smile and love for children trick you, parents of Western New York!!  Sabretooth is a vicious, vicious animal!!

Then I remembered that the tenth anniversary of No Goal very recently passed.  As you probably know, I’m a high school student.  I was rather young when No Goal happened, so I didn’t exactly stay up to watch it.  I do remember how sad everyone was, and I do remember that as soon as I was a bit older, I realized that Buffalo was colossally screwed over.  I’m sorry I couldn’t commiserate with you, Fans of Buffalo.  If it had happened more recently, however, rest assured that I would have been appropriately enraged.

Then I went looking for a good picture of Alex for my friend.  I found this one.

88569525This picture makes me very sad.  That’s all I have to say about it.

sid with the cupThis picture, on the other hand, is actually really cute.  Oh, Sid.  You lead such an exciting, action-packed life.

So, Darcy, did ya sign Jaro to a ten year deal yet?

My head hurts and all this typing has me tired again.  I hate being sick.

Peace out, yo.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words (#64, #65)

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The NHL Awards concluded not too long ago, and while the choices for musical entertainment were a bit, uh, questionable, I highly enjoyed myself for the most part.

The NHL does this wonderful thing each year at the awards where they bring the nominees in for a photo shoot while they’re all dressed up and looking nice.  The results are usually fantastic, and the pose choices for this year were no exception.

alex tie

I thought I’d start off with a picture of Alex, since, you know, he’s a ferocious badass and won three awards.  That’s actually why the last two reasons are being used up tonight.  Because, um, three awards gets you two reasons for love.  My math skills are rad.

But poor math aside, once again this was Alex’s night.  (Because, alas, Candy Corn Head could not wrestle the spotlight away from him.)  Since I’m apparently a terrible fan I never realized that his grandfather had actually passed on, so when he said that in his speech I got all choked up.  I think he did too.  Can I just say, that if he had started crying, I would have been sobbing.

When he and Malkin went up for their scoring hardware, I was highly amused when Geno congratulated him.  He turned to the right even though Alex was on the left, and when he turned back Alex shifted over.  Maybe you kind of had to be in my head, but it was hilarious up there.

Then he won the Hart trophy and did his hot stick celebration with it.  Don Cherry’s gonna be pissed.  Then he promised a Cup in DC next year.  I like a man with confidence, I really do.  I hope that’s the case next year, because I have little hope in the Sabres pulling it together that quickly.

But back to the picture.  One of the popular poses tonight was adjusting your tie, as Alex is.  He also has a cute little grin/smirk thing going on, and you can still see the red in his hair.  Maybe it’s because I’ve been mad at him for the past week and tonight made me forgive him, but I think this picture is just goofy enough to work.  And as my mother will be quick to point out, you can’t see his missing tooth.


Maybe it’s just me, but good ol’ Geno looked kinda pissed at first when Alex won.  His girlfriend also looked kind of skanky, but again, maybe it was just me.  I do, however, like this picture, although only because it’s so bad.  I think the photographer was looking for a tough, manly, crossed-arms pose, but what he got was Malkin going, “Like this?  I put arms on elbows like this?”


I’m kind of sad Kris didn’t win, even though he was up against hard competition in Mason, but this picture makes up for it.  I think the point of this pose is to put us in awe of the players’ strong build and tall bodies, but all this does is make Kris look a tad bit confused.  And a little bit angry.  I love the tie, but the hair has got to go.  Sorry, Kris (and Cari).  I just don’t think it works on you.

But I really appreciate his decision to not wear Lacoste.  I was ready to fly out there and punch him if he did.


Oh, Michael.  Michael, Michael, Michael.  There are so many things wrong with this picture, but at the same time so many things right.  It isn’t exactly a secret that I have been furious with Michael since the playoffs started, but when he showed up on that red carpet with his stupid mohawk and his smart little bowtie, my heart kind of melted.  Damn you for making me love you again, Michael.  Damn you.

I was really surprised to see Chara take home the Norris because I figured that even if Michael didn’t win, Lidstrom would.  Whatever, Michael.  You didn’t deserve the award.

However, I do think he managed to pull off a successful picture.  Unlike some players (coughMalkincough) he seemed to understand how to cross his arms, and that and the slight bend in his knee is enough to give the picture a sassy tone without being too sassy.  I also actually kind of like the facial expression.  It looks like he tweezed his eyebrows again before hitting the show.  I think he was trying to go for an alluring face.

And I’m glad his mommy could be there with him.

niklas backstrom

I consider this picture to be a win, even if the player in it didn’t do that.  He’s got the right amount of smile and the right amount of folded arm, but it’s not too in your face.  I’m also a huge fan of his suit.

And his name is Niklas Backstrom, and we all know how much I love men with that name.


In this pose, we have Mr. Parise attempting to put his hands on his hips.  While his smile definitely gets a ten (as the puckbunnies who make bumper stickers on Facebook would say, “his face was crafted by angels”), I’m not so sure about the rest of it.  It just doesn’t seem like a natural pose for Zach.  It almost comes off cute, in the “aww look at the little boy trying to pose” kind of way.  And it definitely looks awkward for him.

candy corn head

And then there’s Candy Corn Head.  Oh, Candy Corn Head.  I simply adore you.  I’m so happy you got to take home two trophies and I loved your speeches.  You’re such an eloquent speaker, even though your English is “short.”  (And, did you tell the rest of the Russians to inform us that their English, too, is short?  Because it seems like they all were saying it.)  There’s nothing you could do to make me stop loving you, unless you defected to Russia.  You seem like the nicest guy, and very humble.  I wish you nothing but happiness.

Speaking of defections, WHY was everybody all, “Yo, Sergei, we love you, we’re letting you present the Hart Trophy, we’re calling you a Capital.  It’s all good”?????  He is signing with Russia. That’s what he wants to do.  It was so annoying seeing him sitting there and just looking so happy when all along he was probably thinking happy thoughts about the KHL.  He is supremely annoying.

And the sad thing is, if for some reason he should end up with the Caps next year I’ll probably love him again.

But all in all, I thought the awards were fun.  TimTom was all cute for both of his awards, Jarome Iginla further convinced me that when I win the lottery and buy the Sabres I have to bring him in to be captain, and somehow Richard Zednik didn’t win the Masterton.  That was the only one that truly perplexed me.  Dude had his throat cut open and almost died last season and came back to play this season.  But whatevs.

Now we get to look forward to the draft and, more importantly, Free Agency Day!!

I Was Right!!

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Remember when I said yesterday that I kept having these random visions of the Caps descending into chaos if Feds bolted for Russia?

Well, cue chaos.  This is totally crazy.  Now steroids?  Yeesh.

Oh, and Pittsburgh swept Carolina in the Eastern Conference Finals and are now waiting for a rematch of last year waiting to see who wins the West.  But you already knew that.


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I was QUITE alarmed today when I received a text from Cari informing me that Sergei Fedorov is headed for Russia and the evil KHL.  Um, let me get this straight.  After defecting to the NHL many years ago, he’s DEFECTING BACK?

I may not talk about Sergei all that much here, but he’s sort of my creepy, inappropriate, old-enough-to-be-my-father crush of the NHL.  I’m almost ashamed to admit it, but unfortunately, it’s the truth.  I love him and I love the role he’s played for the Caps.  They always talk about how he’s a great veteran presence in the locker room and he’s almost like a player-coach (which makes me think of “Slapshot,” which makes me laugh) and he’s been mentoring the Russians a lot.  Forget my selfish reasons, if he leaves for Russia then not only will it screw up the Russian Five they could have had in Washington, but they’d be out a mentor/veteran presence!

I also have these images of the Capitals descending into anarchy without him, most noticeably with Alexander Semin sitting in the corner of the locker room rocking back and forth.  Which doesn’t really make that much sense, what with Cap’n Clark to hold down the fort.

Then I went online and started checking around.  The first thing that I saw was that it was a done deal.  Then I saw that Viktor Kozlov was headed back home with him, which didn’t upset me all that much.  I’m not Kozie’s hugest fan.  Then I saw that it wasn’t decided yet, then it said that Feds’s agent was talking to the Caps, then I got confused.  Sergei, just make up your mind.  You made a big deal about wanting to stay in Washington and now you might leave.  Listen, I get that you’re a greedy player and you want all the money you can get, but dude, come on.  You’re 39 years old.  You’re a valuable asset to a team, but $4 million?  Especially with Michael Nylander’s salary screwing everything up?

Sigh.  Maybe if we sent Max over in Sergei’s place…?

On To The Conference Finals!

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But first, a few things from the Caps’ locker clean out.

When they were interviewing Jose Theodore the goaltending position came up.  Jose was pretty much, “I may have been benched from the second game of the playoffs on, but that #1 job is mine, bitch.”  What he actually said when asked about Simeon is “Well, he’s the goalie of the future.”  

Dear Hockey Gods,

If you provide us with a major bitch fight between Simeon Varlamov and Jose Theodore during training camp next year, I will never say anything against you ever again.

With Love,


Alex was wearing the same shirt he wore in Beijing last summer.  It says Sochi 2014.  I stared at it or a good five minutes before I realized where I had seen it before, and then I hurried to check my archives.  Don’t judge me.  I have a freaky memory when it comes to clothes.  I could probably tell you what you were wearing last time I saw you (if I’ve ever hung out with you before).  It’s weird.

And he’s leaving for Moscow tonight?!?  SOB!  I’m so sad that he’s not going to be on this continent.  Can they make him come back and do another intermission report during the Stanley Cup Finals?  That was horrific awesome.  Why do I love European players so much?  They only leave me for Europe in the summer, and I am left alone in this country.  What does Russia have that we don’t?  

Dear Alex,

I appreciate your decision to not go to Turkey since it’s “bad for you.”  Heh.  We wouldn’t want you getting into any trouble.

With Love,


Dear Sergei Fedorov,

As you’ve stated your desire to play next yera, and the entire Washington Capitals organization seems to have a massive man crush on you, you’ll totally come back next year, right??

With Love,


Okay, on to the Game Sevens last night.

Detroit won – big surprise – and so did Carolina.  Wow.  I was definitely rooting for the Hurricanes, but I didn’t think they’d actually come out alive.  Cam Ward is now undefeated in Game Sevens in his career.  Nice stat, Mr. Ward.

As much as I’d like to think Carolina could beat Pittsburgh, I just don’t know.  They’re going to have to be fantastic to beat the Pens.

I really want the Detroit/Chicago series to be like one long string of Winter Classics.  That game was highly enjoyable, and I’m hoping for an exciting series.

My picks for the Stanley Cup Finals are….drum roll…Detroit and Pittsburgh.  Rematch of last year.  I just don’t see anyone beating Detroit, and I think Pittsburgh will come out alive in their series, unless Eric Staal manages to score in four straight games.

Dear Detroit Red Wings,

If you beat Pittsburgh for the second year in a row to win the Stanley Cup, I will love you forever.  This is not an exaggeration.  

With Love,


This Post Is Kind Of Nonsensical

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WOOO!!!  The Capitals WON last night, everyone!!  I can’t even remember the last time I got to see one of my favorite teams win a playoffs series.  It’s been ages. *narrows eyes at Sabres*

The Caps looked like crap for the first two periods and I was so worried and I was trying to study while I was watching and it wasn’t doing any good.  But then they won.  SERGEI scored the game winner!!  Oh, Sergei.  Stop this right now.  My crush on you is so inappropriate, and you scoring the series clincher did nothing to help it.

Alex was so over his interview with Chris – oh, I’m sorry, Christine Simpson – last night.  It was funny.  It made me laugh.

But he said a baaaad thing in the interview in the locker room.  Alex, we told on Albert in third grade when he said “Jesus Christ” for a reason.  It’s bad.  Don’t say it, or we’ll tell on you and then the teacher will take you out in the hall and talk to you and you’ll have to sit out for ten minutes during recess.  These are the lessons I take away from elementary school.

I have to make a poster tonight, and that’s it.  It’s odd knowing I don’t really have to study.  Okay, well, I do have a few quizzes coming up, but that’s what homeroom’s for.  

I didn’t get a chance to mention it, but, uh SUCK IT, SHARKS.  Everyone was getting on my case when I picked the Ducks to win but then they DID.  Ha.  See, people?  Frostee is not as crazy as you all thought!

Upon reviewing my first round predictions, it would appear as though I guessed the correct winner for every series except the Vancouver/St. Louis one.  I was just off on the games it would take.  Like, really, really off.  I really thought Boston would need six to knock out  Montreal?

This whole, “Dan Girardi and Marc Staal are a couple” thing is highly amusing.  Glen, I’m thinking if we didn’t already know about it the boys were trying to keep their love affair hush-hush.  Way to completely out them.

CHRISTOPHER returned last night!  Chris Clark, my BFFL, played last night.  I may not have realized it until halfway through the first period, but at long last, the Capitals’ captain has come back!  I also realized that he and I found each other and then lost each other way before I started calling players by their full first names instead of nicknames, so Chris = Christopher.  FYI.

I’m really proud of myself, or ashamed of myself, depending on how you look at it.  I skipped right over the Alex interview tot he Chris one when I went on the Caps’ website today.

Also, Alexander = Alexander Ovechkin.  When I’m talking about Semin, I either call him Semie or call him Sasha in a rather disdainful tone.  Just so y’all know.

I found a Russian I don’t like!  (aside from Max, of course)  Viktor Kozlov is lame.  I’ve suspected it all season long, and this series confirmed it.

If any of the fans who were sitting behind the Rangers bench are reading this, those signs and those rain ponchos were absolutely brilliant.  I loved them.

Alex, Geno, and Pavel are the Hart finalists.  I totally heart Pavel, but I don’t really think he has a chance.  Also, in a completely non-biased way (because nothing I ever say is biased on this here blog), I think Alex has the best chance to win this.

The Capitals, however, don’t appear to be the team that will win this playoffs series.  It makes me sad, but it’s a fact of life.

Sucks for the New Jersey fans.  I did think Carolina would win the series, but the way in which they won is really harsh.

My mom has a really funny – and COMPLETELY wrong – Swedish impression.  She coined it when trying to lift my spirits after the Game 2 loss when they were interviewing Henrik, and when the handshake line showed him and Nicklas last night she did it again.  It’s so bad.  It’s so funny.  I wish I knew how she possibly came up with it.

In gym we’re playing floor hockey and I recently discovered that the reason I’ve been sucking on left wing is that I’m actually a natural defense(wo)man.  It’s wonderful.  No one every wants to play goalie so all we have are these little blocks, and I did an excellent job defending the net.  I was a +12, but I got yelled at every time I tried to join the rush.  It was an interesting situation, as my gym teacher kept yelling at my partner and I to run around and get active, but whenever our forwards controlled the puck and I wanted to run down and help them, she yelled at me to stay put.  Thus is the extent of damage Brian Campbell has inflicted upon me.

My phone exploded last night when they won.  It’s very sweet of everyone who texted me.  It’s very funny that people who work with my parents somehow got a hold of my number to congratulate me.

Pittsburgh is very close to Buffalo.  My parents have been toying with my emotions about going to one of these games, because apparently they know people who could get tickets.  I think they’re just doing it to crush me, as parents are wont to do, but, um, there’s a game Friday night next week.  I get out of school at two.  Just sayin’.

This post is very long and ramble-y.  I’ll stop now.  Time to make my seating arrangements.  Just in case anyone was wondering, a dinner party with Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, Aung San Suu Kyi, and Deng Xiaoping is actually really boring.

Blast My Need For Sleep

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I’ve been really tired this week, so after the DISASTER that was last night’s Sabres game I hit the hay.  I decided that the Caps would understand if I skipped out on the last period of the game to catch up on my beauty sleep.  I woke up to discover that my inappropriate Caps crush (Sergei Fedorov is old enough to be my father.  I should not be attracted to him) scored in overtime to end the game and snap the losing streak!  YAY!

Dear Readers, I hate to be all Nancy Negative, but the Sabres aren’t making the playoffs.  They can’t win the key games and they can’t beat the teams that are already in the playoffs.  If they can’t be relied on to put together a string of wins, they can’t be relied on.  Whatever.  Last year I was freaking out by this point, but now I’m surprisingly chill about it all.  What will come will come.  Maybe next year when we have a healthy Ryan Miller and some major shakeups (SURELY there will be shakeups after missing the playoffs two seasons in a row?) we can try to get back in.

I decided last night that I will watch the rest of the season, but only with mild interest/emotional investment.  I have the Caps to root for in the playoffs, so it’s not like I’ll be a playoffs orphan.  Maybe someday the Sabres will be a contender.

One highlight I did take away from last night’s game was Max’s goal.  Max has scored three goals this season.  I can not tell you how funny I find the fact that 2/3 of those goals were scored when he was trying to get out of the way.  For the second time in a row, Max was jumping to try and not get hit by the puck and he ended up scoring.  I was cracking up last night.  It was great.

I was at the faculty basketball game this afternoon.  While I was pleased that our team had all the, err, attractive teachers, I was disappointed to see that they all kind of suck.  Seriously?  This is what the second draft pick got us?  A loss in the first game after leading by seven points with five minutes left? (These games were very low scoring.  Seven points was a big margin.)

I’m missing tomorrow night’s game because of religion, but I can’t even begin to describe how excited I am for Saturday night’s game.  The Sabres may suck and I may hate them, but they’re still the Sabres.  And they’re playing the Thrashers.  In case you’ve forgotten, I fell in love with the Thrashers when they were the only games we got in South Carolina.  They’re scrappy and adorable.  I love them.

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