Three Cheers For Consistency!

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So Alex got two games. This certainly isn’t a surprise, and the Caps have already proven that they can win without him. Am I p.o.’d that Sidney just got an even better chance of beating him for Rocket Richard? Yes. Yes, I am.

This suspension wasn’t going to be enough for some people and it was going to infuriate others. To be perfectly honest, I didn’t think he should get suspended, and I’d like to think I’m not saying that just because I’m a Caps fan. But I can see why people would argue in favor of suspension. There’s too much gray area. The one thing that really pisses me off is the connection being drawn between him and Cooke. Um, no. Not at all.

And this isn’t going to quiet those, “Ovechkin is dirty” fans out there, but whatever. Once again, you can’t claim that he has avoided punishment since this is now his second suspension.

And I think I speak for everyone when I say that for the sake of his weight, this had better be the last suspension.

The Things I Know For Certain

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  • Last night’s game was hugely entertaining.  Completely nerve-wracking, but so much fun.
  • Alex’s tour du chapeau was better than Sid’s because Alex’s won the game.
  • Simeon Varlamov is really good at bouncing back from bad goals.  I like that in a man.  He’s reliable.
  • Trendy Euro has abandoned us for the evil KHL.  As I have a sinking feeling about Lala, I was thinking the Caps should ship Jose up here.  He’s pretty, and it’s not like Lindy’s going to ever play him, so we wouldn’t have to worry!
  • David Steckel may be a douchebag, but just as Brian is Stewie’s douchebag, David is mine.  (I actually don’t know if he’s a douchebag, it’s just this random assumption I made.  If you happen to know one way or another you could let me know…or not.  I kind of like just going around thinking he’s a lovable douche.)
  • Christine Simpson would be a fascinating subject for a mental study.  She really, really would be.  I’d probably end up in therapy, but I would love to know what goes on under that perfectly made up blonde head.
  • Christine Simpson needs to realize that not every North American player she interviews is Sidney Crosby.  His name is David Steckel, Christine.  He plays for the team that won and he’s from Milwaukee.  His name is not Sid.
  • I think I’ve managed to figure out what Simeon’s appeal to me is.  Aside from the badass goaltending and the charmingly boyish good looks, he’s a man of mystery.  I know very little about him other than that he’s a goalie, he’s Russian, has a good sense of humor, and the first English word he learned was “awesome.”  That must be what intrigues me.  For all I know, he could be a Latin scholar who loves baking cookies and whiling away rainy days with a book.  
  • Simeon, don’t you dare be a Latin scholar who loves baking cookies and whiling away rainy days with a book.  That would be SO not cool.
  • I was worried that hanging my Caps banner in the front door would jinx them, but it didn’t.  Woo!
  • I’m kind of in favor of suspending Kunitz for trying to behead Simeon with his stick, but I doubt it will happen.  The league has been quite inconsistent with suspensions during the playoffs this year.
  • I just paid $22 for a “Got Ovechkin?” t-shirt.  I’m so excited.  I’m putting it on the moment it comes.
  • I applaud Alex for cracking jokes in a language he isn’t completely comfortable with yet, but sometimes I don’t even know where they come from.  “I’m afraid to go home.”  Does that mean your fans will be rioting excitedly out in front of your house?  Does it mean that you fear another egg being left in your driveway?
  • Reporters need to accept the fact that Alex isn’t going to talk about Simeon.  Please, people. Just understand that and move on.  Stop asking him.  It’s a tad bit annoying.
  • Also, can we please get over this whole Alex-LeBron thing?  Yes, they’ve met each other.  Yes, LeBron sent him a jersey.  We know.  You’ve only told us a million times.
  • What they’ve left out every single time they tell it, however, is that Lars was also there that day.  Poor boy.  Everyone always forgets Lars.
  • I feel a clarification is necessary, as many people (read: my brother) have been asking me over and over again why just because I love Alex, I have to hate Sid.  Here’s the deal:  Long before I even cared about Alex, I disliked Sidney Crosby.  It’s just always been there.  I can’t even fully explain it.  (Well, no, I can.  It just takes a while and I don’t feel like going into it.)  I didn’t start disliking the Penguins until I started liking the Caps.  That’s all.
  • Evgeni Malkin can always be relied on to choke in the playoffs.  Did he miss the flight to DC?
  • Will being back in front of their home crowd give the Penguins a huge lift tomorrow night?  Absolutely.  
  • Is a 2-0 series lead in Washington’s favor huge, and hard to overcome?  Hell, yes.  I’m not making any predictions and I’m not saying anything.  I’m just…sayin’.

I Like It When Both Of My Teams Win

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I really thought the Sabres were going to lose last night.  Well, actually, I thought they were going to win when it was 4-0, and then when it was 4-3 I thought they were going to lose.  At the very least, I thought Miller would get a Ryan Miller Shutout.  Oh well.  They got two points.  So did the Capitals.  All in all, it was a good night for me last night.

Here’s the thing, though.  The Sabres are not going to win tonight.  If they beat the Montreal Canadiens tonight I will be more surprised than if they make the playoffs.  This year’s edition of the Sabres does NOT win on the second night of back-to-backs.  It’s just not something they do.  No matter how important the game is, they somehow manage to completely screw it up.

Goosie and Pie scored.  It made me really happy.  I love when Pie scores.  It fills me with such joy.

The amazing thing about the Maple Leafs goaltending last night was how craptastic CuJo managed to be after playing amazingly on Tuesday.  He came in cold with less then a minute left in regulation and was a rock until they won in the shootout.  I guess some goalies are just inconsistent like that.

Ryan and Paul were giving each other some serious love last night.  It was so cute.

Several people at TFF Headquarters have reason to believe the whole, “Teppo Numminen has an ankle infection” thing is a conspiracy.  I think that would be kind of mean, but their reasoning is actually pretty good.  Poor guy.  And poor Frostee’s Mom, for having to see her favorite player scratched every night.

Speaking of Frostee’s Mom, I realized about ten minutes ago that when she goes out of town it’s good luck for the Sabres.  Consider this:  She left with my grandparents Wednesday morning for South Carolina and the Sabres won.  She’s still down there and they beat the Leafs last night.  The last time my mother has gone on a vacation without us during the hockey season was in May of 2007 (she usually ends up going to visit my great-aunt in July).  She was gone for three days and you know what happened when she was watching a playoff game against the Rangers in the airport and we were at home?  Chris Drury scored with seven seconds left and Max won it in overtime before partaking in the famous penguin slide.  I just figured that out.  We’re going to have to send her on a vacation more often.

The Caps also won 5-3.  It was awesome.  Alex scored two goals, added two assists, and reached the 100 point mark.  The game-winner was Brian Pothier’s first since returning from a concussion.  Nicky got two goals and reached the 20-goal mark for the first time in his career.  Brooksy should have gotten his first 20th goal ever, but the referee waved it off on incidental contact.  It was probably the biggest bullshit call I saw last night.  Nylander hardly even bumped Tampa Bay’s goalie, and he did it a good four seconds before Brooks even touched the puck.  If the ref had actually blowed the whistle when Nylander bumped him and called goaltender interference it would have been an entirely different story, but Nylander was nowhere near him when the goal was scored.  What made it even worse was that a few minutes later some Bolt bowled over Jose and didn’t get called.

After all their talk of retribution, the Lightning did very little to get back at Alex for “embarrassing them.”  Does that mean we can FINALLY move on?

As I said earlier in the post, the Sabres will not win tonight.  If for some reason they should, there would still be that tiny hope that they could make the playoffs.  I still don’t think they will, and if they lose tonight it’s pretty much over.

Now, while everyone enjoys this beautiful weather and gets ready for the games tonight, I would like to invite you all to take place in a little challenge.  Today in TBN, there was a fail of epic proportions.  I’ll give you a hint about where it is:  the Sports section.  It has to do with hockey.  Pride, glory, and a Reader Award will go to the first person who can correctly find it.  I laughed for a good five minutes when I saw it before completely giving up on the writers of The Buffalo News.  Good luck!

Ryan Miller. Stop It.

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I read Ryan’s new blog post.  I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again:  I love his blog.  So much.

And, you know, it’s bad enough reading your favorite Sabre’s blog while he’s hurt, but then he has to go start talking about my favorite player in the NHL.  Ryan, are you TRYING to KILL me?

Now, by this point I’ve just been telling people, “Please, CHILLAX, he loves the sport, it was a bit much, the players on Tampa Bay didn’t do anything about it, get over it.  There are bigger news stories in the hockey world to cover,” but I’m very intrigued by the points Ryan brings up.  He’s totally right; that’s what Don Cherry does and he does it well.  When you really think about it he is a lot like Alex and is just a total ham.  I still maintain that if the hot stick was pre-mediated it was a little excessive, but I love all the rest of Alex’s celebrations and his pure love for the sport.  It’s his love for hockey that first attracted me to him, and he’s not doing it just to rub it in the opposition’s face.  You have to admire an athlete these days who loves his game as much as Alex does.  I would imagine Don Cherry is a lot like that, albeit slightly more xenophobic.  At the end of the day, they seem like two guys who would walk home and go to bed loving hockey.

I wasn’t going to bring up the stick again, but Ryan made a few very nice points.  I figured if he can still talk about it, I certainly can still talk about it.

P.S. to Ryan Miller:  I COMPLETELY agree about the suits.  We always run the fashion police during Coach’s Corner and 99.9% of the time Tim Gunn would NOT approve.

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