A For Effort!

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Well, maybe not an ‘A.’  Because Jay Mohr was terrible.  But you know what?  I have now watched the NHL Awards twice through (I’ll explain) and once again I’m reminded of how much I love this sport and this league.

Last night I missed half of the acceptance speeches because we were LOLing too hard (after Ryan’s, we proceeded to thank Noureen for all the other guys when they gave their speeches) and we were complaining too much during Jay Mohr’s stuff to completely appreciate it.  We did, however, enjoy the Bobby Ryan/Ryan Getzlaf skit.  Genius.  It was funny, it was entertaining, even my mother cracked up.  I love things like that.  These guys have such great personalities and the league really should showcase that.

Today I watched my recording of it, which was fantastic.  I could fast-forward through all the awkward banter and bad musical performances and just watch the acceptance speeches and player bits.  It was quite nice.

I’m always down for a good “Alex Ovechkin looks like a caveman” joke, but Bigfoot?  Really?  I also thoroughly enjoyed his acceptance speech.  I’ll be honest, I was surprised he won the Ted Lindsay award.  I knew there was always the chance he’d win but I didn’t actually think he would.  And while him winning that made me think he really did have a shot at the Hart, I’m okay with the way things turned out.  Alex was voted most valuable player by his peers (I pointed this out ad nauseam to my Sidney Crosby fan friend last night around two in the morning until she threw a pillow at me), Hank got recognition from the media for what really was a great season, and Sid got the “we feel bad that we don’t have any other award to give you so we’re giving you this award” award.  HA.

But I must admit, Sid did look completely out of his element last night.  Poor kid.

I have a theory that it was actually Daniel accepting the awards tonight, and I’d like to keep it that way in my mind.

I love Tyler even more for his speech but the poor thing needs a little work on the hair.  God bless his soul, I can’t wait until he wins ten Norris trophies.

Ryan Miller can work skinny ties like it’s nobody’s business.  I’m very picky about who wears skinny ties, but he gets my seal of approval.

Mike Green, this is what you get for being a fatty and a crappy defenseman.  Yay Duncs!

I cried when Theo was accepting his award.  I have no problem admitting that.  What a guy.  I hope he ends up somewhere good next year.

(Seriously, Darcy, I’ve been saying for at least a year that you need to get him here to back up Ryan.  He’d be a great backup!!)

I think I’m going to hunt down Pavel Datsyuk and get him ordained so he can marry me or give a speech at my wedding or something.  That guy is hilarious.

Patrick Kane is going to get herpes before he’s done in Vegas if he’s not careful.  Good grief, Kaner.

It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year.

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Right now, it’s that magical time of the school year when it’s not close enough to finals to start studying but the teachers have, for the most part, given up on teaching. As a consequence I have had very little to do as far as constructive activities, giving me much more time to ponder things of lesser significance.

Like how the Flyers are revolting, the Sharks are proving that at the end of the day they don’t want to let me down, the Canadiens (I can’t believe I’m saying this) are kind of cute once you get past the fact that they’re the Canadians and that Scott Gomez plays for them, and how this whole hissy fit between the IIHF and Hockey Canada is hilarious when you think about it. Did Crosby experience a disappointing end to his season? Yes. Should he still have considered going to Germany since, you know, he scored the gold medal clinching goal back at the Olympics and it’s positive exposure? Yes. Is everyone involved being immature and suffering from feeling of overinflated self-importance? Absolutely. But it’s funny.

Just as funny as watching Philadelphia lose. Which goalie are they on now?

I Promised Myself I Wouldn’t Do This.

May 13, 2010 at 6:00 am | Posted in Alex Ovechkin, Evgeni Malkin, Happy!!, Montreal Canadiens, Pittsburgh Penguins, Sidney Crosby | Leave a comment

However, it has to be said:

1.) I picked Montreal. Yep, I did. I can’t link it because I’m on my phone but you can go see it for yourself.

2.) Karma’s a bitch, huh, Pittsburgh?

Something I previously had trouble doing was give Montreal credit. The Habs played out of their minds in both series and I won’t be surprised to see them in the Finals. Which is crazy, but something clicked with them.

Halak is going to be a really, really rich guy this summer.

The Caps may have choked away their series (although like I said, you have to give Montreal credit), but Alex statistically had a better series than Crosby (I’m pretty sure he had more points than Crosby and Malkin combined, but we’ll leave that for another day), so enough from you Pittsburgh homers/Ovechkin haters. Alex also didn’t board anyone in the first minute of his game 7, so, yeah.

I could be a lot meaner and a lot more of a homer than I already am being, but those people piss me off so I’ll stop.

I just have to say this: Gonchar looked like Mike Green on that one goal. He just gave up. Yikes.

And I have to admit: Halak it! Halak it a lot!!

The Sidney Crosby Story.

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This might come out as one of those stories that interests only me and therefore should have stayed in my head.  However, since the Capitals are playing the Penguins tonight (and, for the record, the Sabres have a chance to once again choke clinch the division against the Rangers), I thought  it would be a good time for the story I promised you all.

So it’s Thursday night.  I finally elbowed my way down to the glass for warmups and I was a little woozy since I wacked my thigh about eighteen times on the arms of seats as I passed (the bruise is huge and is on at least its seventh color by now).  I still had a few minutes to kill since Washington fans are crazy and sit ten rows deep down in the Caps’ end to watch them warm up.  Then a little boy, probably around eight, came down and asked if anyone was standing next to me since there was a little room.  I said no.  He was pudgy, had on a Caps Ovechkin shirt, and a Boston College hat.  If he was older I would have given him hell for that hat.

He noticed the eight on the sleeve of my jersey and commented (in that insanely cute way little boys do when they decide they’re going to be your friend) that I must like Ovechkin.  I replied that yes, I do, and came all the way from Buffalo to see him.  He told me that he came from Ohio with his friend, who was standing next to him, looked about 13, and glared at me when I said hello.  He then said that I must be a huge Miller fan if I was from Buffalo.

(For the record, I find very few things quite as adorable as little boys who know a lot about hockey.  I could have conversations about power plays with five year olds all day.)

I said that I was and had been since before the Olympics.  He said that the gold medal goal still hurt.  I said it was even worse that Crosby scored it.  He agreed, looked around to make sure no one was paying attention to him, then leaned in and whispered, “I really don’t like Crosby that much.”

He looked like he had said something dirty, which made him even cuter, so I told him that fear not, I don’t like him that much either.  He nodded then told me that his grandparents are friends with Sid’s parents and he had met him a few times.  Since I didn’t want to start one of my anti-Crosby rants, I asked if Sid was nice.  He nodded and assured me that he’s a real gentleman.  Then he looked around again like he was afraid he was going to be caught, leaned in, and whispered, “He really hates Ovechkin.”

Now, he might have totally been making this up and playing me.  But I’ve spent way too much time babysitting boys in that age group and I’m pretty good at picking out when they’re making stuff up and honestly, this kid sounded sincere.

I think it’s really cute that Sidney supposedly dislikes Alex so much that he’s going around telling eight year olds this.

It Was Fun While It Lasted.

February 15, 2010 at 9:15 am | Posted in Alex Ovechkin, Buffalo Sabres, Olympics, San Jose Sharks, Sergei Fedorov, Sidney Crosby, Winning Is Totally Awesome | Leave a comment

The Sabres started off the Olympic break the right way, beating the Sharks. I missed the first period but I saw the rest of the game and they played really well. Much better than they’ve been playing since that awful West Coast trip. They did all the things they needed to and I just hope they don’t forget all of the little things when they get back from vacay.

The Senators, however, won their game and bumped Buffalo back down to fifth. Damn it, Ottawa.

Sidney Crosby also tied Alex back up for the goal-scoring lead. SO not cool. And the worst part is that Sidney is playing Buffalo in the first game after the Olympics so he’s sure to get a few more, and Alex is also playing Buffalo in his first game back but I’ll be there so goals most likely won’t be happening. I really don’t get why he won’t score when I’m there.

Team USA kicks off tomorrow afternoon. I will be missing it since when I signed up for volunteer hours this month I neglected to check the hockey schedule. Team Russia, however, will be playing at midnight. I plan on watching it. If that’s not dedication, I don’t know what is.

I’m a little scared to see Sergei. I had finally gotten over him (thank you, Mike Knuble!) but I’m afraid seeing him play with the Alexes will just be too much. Sniffle.

I Need This Olympic Break.

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I think the Sabres and I need this Olympic break.  I’m pissed as hell at them and we need to regroup.  I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to watch them this week since I’m insanely ridiculously busy (last week before break, whoop whoop), but this might not be the worst thing.  I mean, they lost to Carolina last night.  The Carolina Hurricanes.  And Ryan Miller was terrible.  And he’s playing every game at the Olympics.  We’re screwed.

However, one glance at the schedule right after the Olympics proves that it’s not exactly going to get better, what with the Sabres playing Pittsburgh and Washington (I’ll be there!  I’ll be there!) back-to-back.  Yikes.

The Caps, however, continue to be SO AMAZING AND FUN AND EXCITING.  FREE CHICKEN WINGS FOR EVERYONE!!  I encourage all of you to take a gander at the league leaders stat page on NHL.com.  It is HIGHLY ENJOYABLE to do so.

Lars Nicklas and Sidney Crosby are tied for points.  Just throwing that out there.  CLEARLY Sidney is the better player, though.

My parents were at the Sabres game last night and I’ve never seen them come home from a game as pissed as they were last night.  It was a mess.  I need to stop fuming about it.

Tonight the Sabres travel to Columbus to take on my beloved Chris Clark.  I still feel a dull ache when I think of him despite how ridiculous Alex has been since he got himself the C.  I, however, will be missing the game as I will be attending a party.  Oh, Christopher.  Know that you and your classiness will be on my mind.

If I check my phone at 9:30 tonight and find that the Sabres lost to Columbus too, I might have to do something drastic.

FSN Sucks.

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The two worst parts of last night’s (first) game?

1.) Crosby scored.

2.) I had to listen to FSN. For the whole game. It was awful. They were blatant homers, they went out of their way to bash the Caps, and they had no idea what they were talking about as far as Capitals. Tomas Fleischmann isn’t a dirty player, and Kris Letan was out a shift later. Get over it.

Other than that, the game was a ton of fun. I know it’s just the regular season and last year the Caps beat Pittsburgh three times in the regular season and it doesn’t amount to anything, but it was kind of cathartic to win. Take THAT, Penguins.

I’m 99.9% sure I won’t be able to watch the game next time they play each other. I’m pissed.

As for the Sabres, they lost again. This time it was the shootout, so they at least got a point. I conked out before the game even started but it sounded like a really good game. Hopefully the Sabres will play another good game against San Jose but win on Saturday?? I’ll be watching that one. I hope they win. Washington is gaining ground.

Sad Times.

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Last night the Capitals lost to the pukey Hurricanes 6-3.  Eric Staal had a FIVE POINT night.  Let that all sink in, kids.  6-3.  To the Hurricanes.

Bruce and Brooks and everyone else keeps going on and on about how finding out two hours before a game that two teammates/friends/the captain had been traded wasn’t the reason for their total disinterest in the game.  I know they’ve got to say things like that.  And part of that game was Theo sucking and Erskine sucking and then both of them sucking together.

But part of it was the trade.  You could tell.  The guys looked on the verge of tears in the postgame interviews.  I don’t understand why the trade had to be made RIGHT THEN.  If it had been in the works since September, it could have been done after the game or long enough before that the guys weren’t all in shock on the ice.

I just hope this game isn’t an indication of how things are going to go out in California.  That…would be bad.

At one point last night I read somewhere that they wouldn’t rush to name a new captain out of respect for Christopher.  Um, two things:

1.)  I get that, but right now your team is captainless and after the game last night, they need someone to stand up and tell them they all suck and get them motivated.

2.)  You’re really talking about respect for him right after you traded him?  For reals?

I’m taking this trade much harder than I probably should, but I’m on break so it’s not like I have other things to think about.

I can’t be mad at Lars Nicklas for taking a double minor because I still can’t stop laughing that he actually high-sticked a guy and did so hard enough to draw blood.

Andrej Sekera made the Slovakian Olympic team.  Woo, Reggie!  I’m not a huge fan of him and his bald head, but congrats.  Gooo Olympics!

I decided that if Paul makes Team USA I might have to splurge and get a Gaustad Team USA jersey.  Otherwise I’ll just get an Ovechkin Russia one or a Backstrom Sweden one.  My birthday is, after all, in the midst of all the Olympic fun.

If the Sabres fail to score on 17 power plays like they did last time they played Pittsburgh I will flip shit.  They also better win this game.  I looked for Sidney Crosby when I was at the mall yesterday but alas, it would appear as though he has filled his shopping quota for the month.

Just A Few Things

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I’m really sick.  Last week my brother had a mild case of swine flu virus and he passed it on to me.  He assures me that after one day of feeling kind of crummy and another day of feeling like a piece of crap, I’ll be back to normal.  I can’t wait until tomorrow.  This complete lack of motivation/total exhaustion is annoying.  For example, it took me four hours to work up the strength and drive to drag myself out of bed and downstairs, and that was only because after 24 hours I was finally a little hungry and because my friend wanted me to send her a picture of Alex’s dye job.  But coming downstairs tired me out so I’m thinking I’ll have to rest a few more minutes until I dig up some crackers.

Since I feel as though I’ve neglected the Sabres over the past few, erm, months, I thought I’d watch a few Sabres-themed videos to lift my spirits.  I started with Odd Jobs.

In retrospect, I probably shouldn’t have watched this while I was sick because it made me laugh and then I started hacking/weezing again.  It was really sexy.

Then I watched this for the eight millionth time:

Don’t let his kind smile and love for children trick you, parents of Western New York!!  Sabretooth is a vicious, vicious animal!!

Then I remembered that the tenth anniversary of No Goal very recently passed.  As you probably know, I’m a high school student.  I was rather young when No Goal happened, so I didn’t exactly stay up to watch it.  I do remember how sad everyone was, and I do remember that as soon as I was a bit older, I realized that Buffalo was colossally screwed over.  I’m sorry I couldn’t commiserate with you, Fans of Buffalo.  If it had happened more recently, however, rest assured that I would have been appropriately enraged.

Then I went looking for a good picture of Alex for my friend.  I found this one.

88569525This picture makes me very sad.  That’s all I have to say about it.

sid with the cupThis picture, on the other hand, is actually really cute.  Oh, Sid.  You lead such an exciting, action-packed life.

So, Darcy, did ya sign Jaro to a ten year deal yet?

My head hurts and all this typing has me tired again.  I hate being sick.

Peace out, yo.

I Don’t Want Dany Heatley In Buffalo

June 12, 2009 at 11:52 am | Posted in Detroit Red Wings, Marian Hossa, Pittsburgh Penguins, Sidney Crosby | 1 Comment

I sure hope this is a joke or doesn’t end up happening.  If Dany Heatley becomes a Buffalo Sabre I might have to boycott the team.  Which could kill me.

Game Seven tonight, which means one team is lifting Lord Stanley and one team is going home.  I hope it’s the home team that wins it.  That would make me much happier.  The League may have invested all of its time and energy into promoting Sidney Crosby – apparently he’s hands-down The Best Player Since Gretzky – but that still makes it inexcusable to fix the games.  Uh, NHL, Sid hasn’t been all that spectacular in this series.  And the thing that bugs me about that is that he has to attribute it to “bad bounces.”  You know, it wouldn’t kill him to just come out and say that it’s because Rafalski, Lidstrom, and Zetterberg have been doing an amazing job defending him.  Stop giving yourself so much credit, Sidney.

Hossa has been a complete non-factor in this series, which is good for Pittsburgh and bad for Detroit.  I really want to see him come alive tonight not to spite the Pens fans but just because that’s what he’s supposed to do.  Either way, it is going to be one awkward handshake line tonight.

Go Red Wings!!

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