Open Letter To Alexander Ovechkin

August 30, 2009 at 3:11 pm | Posted in Alex Ovechkin, Chris Clark | 2 Comments

Dear Alex,

It is my hope that this letter finds you in good health, and I trust summer has been treating you well.  It certainly sounds like you’ve been enjoying yourself back in Russia.  Best of luck at Olympic camp!  I’m sure you’ll be fabulous.

I’m writing this letter because as you know, your Capitals will be traveling to Buffalo on September 17th to take on the Sabres in a preseason game.  I’m not usually one to attend preseason games, but since seeing the Capitals live is such a treat for me and since Clare is a wonderful human being and could get tickets, I’ll be there wearing my jersey.  Now, I know that normally players such as yourself don’t necessarily travel with the team for every single preseason game, since your position on the team is already assured and the preseason is really just a chance for the kiddies to show what they’ve got.  Still, I must ask you something:  Please, please, come to Buffalo and play in the game on September 17th.

I know that the 17th is your birthday, and actually, that’s why I ask you this.  What better way to spend your birthday than by playing hockey?  We all see how much you love the sport!  I suppose you could just stay in DC and hit the clubs and party and just have a wonderful time, but really, why would you want to do that?  Chances are most of your teammates – your friends – will be in Buffalo, so who would you go out with?  You wouldn’t want to spend your  birthday alone!  And besides, the Sabres suck so the Caps are almost guaranteed a victory and you’d probably even score a few goals!

I feel as though I should point out something else:  As your #1 fan and true love, I would be able to make your journey to HSBC Arena an enjoyable and memorable one.  I promise to have a marvelous sign for you, advertising to the world that it was your special day.  I would cheer and scream and make a general fuss for you every time you touched the puck.  I would take pictures of you during the pregame skate and make you feel loved.

So please, Dear Alexander, consider coming to Buffalo on September 17th.  I don’t ask that you play for as many minutes as you do during the regular season; that would be foolish.  I only ask that you come, maybe skate a shift or two, and take part in the pregame skate so that I might bring my poster down to the glass and show it to you.  It would mean ever so much to me, and I can’t think of a better way for you to celebrate your birthday.

Plus, while I try to be discreet when it comes to my interactions with one Christopher Clark during the games in Buffalo for your sake, if you’re not there he’s fair game.  So think about that.

With Love,


Aw, Lindy

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90079892Lindy:  So THIS is what a Stanley Cup winning coach looks like.

He’s so pretty.

Hold Up.

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Last night as I was flipping through a magazine, something occurred to me.  The 2010 Trade Deadline for this season had recently been named as March 3rd.  When I heard this I dismissed it, as there were bigger March 3rd-related thoughts racing around my head (“OMG OMG OMG CAPS ARE COMING!!  WOO!! MUST MAKE SURE I HAVE TICKETS!!!  AHH!!!!!”)  What I had forgotten was that March 3rd is when NHL action resumes after the Olympic break.  Now, I’m quite surprised that I had overlooked this detail, as I have been all about the Olympics for the past few weeks.  (Frostee’s current order of thoughts: 1.) I love Harry Potter!  I love Harry Potter! 2.)  Ew, I actually have to go to school soon?  3.)  OMG Olympics this year.  I love the Olympics.  Go Russia!!)  However, I did, and upon realizing my mistake, I began to ponder this.

Leading up to the NHL Trade Deadline Day, one of the craziest/most exciting days of the year, the NHL will be shut down for two weeks.  On the one hand, I suppose this could be a good thing.  If a team is looking to deal a player or wants to deal for a player and that player got hurt, the two weeks would provide time to heal and the teams could see if it would be worth trading.  If a team is trying to sign a free agent by the deadline or else plans on trading that player, it gives management a time for some serious negotiating without worrying about distracting the rest of the team, and gives them time to find a suitable trade partner if they can’t reach an agreement.  So in some ways, having a break before the deadline might be nice.

But think about this:  On March 3rd, teams trying to make last-minute deals won’t have seen the players play since the middle of February.  Yes, they might have seen them play more recently in the Olympics, but that’s entirely different from playing with their team in the NHL.  And that brings me to another point.  The days leading up to the deadline are never as busy as the deadline day itself, but there are always more trades in the last few weeks.  What happens if a player comes home from the Olympics and the GM greets him by saying, “Hey, great job at the Olympics [insert name of player here]!  Bummer that you got squashed by Russia in that game.  That was embarrassing.  Hope you still had fun!  Oh, by the way, we traded you.”

I know the NHL is really just a business and that’s business, but still.  It seems to be a tad bit harsh, at least to me.

And that concludes my ponderings for the day.

Schedule Day! (The Bad Kind)

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Yesterday I got my schedule for the year in the mail.  For the most part it’s okay, but my math partner/BFF from last year isn’t in my class this year, and while I finally have a class with one of my good friends, I only have one with one of my others.  And I have to wait until eighth period every day for Latin.  And it’s exactly the same all year because all of the classes I’m taking are year-long.  And I have a lunch once every six-day cycle.  I’ve never had a lunch before in high school.  I’m kind of scared.  Who will I sit with?

Schedule Day meant that we had to go get my school supplies which meant that I had to get a binder for every single class except orchestra.  Yo, I’m in locker bay.  All of these binders are not going to fit.  My teachers will just have to suck it up when I use folders.

The Sabres signed another guy.  Woopie.  I think they’re quite keen on beefing up for this season.

Bruce threw out the first pitch at the Nationals game the other night.  Go Bruce!

Jose Theodore’s two month-old son died.  I was completely shocked/completely depressed.  I may give Theo a lot of crap, but I would never wish this on anyone.  Caps, I think you need to come together and win the Cup for your backup goalie this year.  If anyone deserves it this year, it’s him.  It’s absolutely tragic. was having another 20% off sale for t-shirts but they’re still out of all of the smaller sizes of the Backstrom shirts.  This is causing me distress.

I have no idea what movie to watch tonight.  Which game is it of the Caps series?  If it’s Gam Six, I’ll watch that.  I love watching David Steckel be all sexy and heroic.  And Bruce’s reaction was beyond priceless.

Fun With Pictures From USA Olympic Orientation Camp

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As I was perusing the blogosphere this afternoon, I came across this post that Amy wrote.  Now, I always enjoy reading what Amy has to say and this was no exception.  I’m a huge fan of NHL photoshoots in general, because they’re usually such a train wreck that the end result is a magnificent piece of artwork.  In the post, Amy said that on Getty Images there were more pictures from the Olympic Camp if you searched “hockey,” and since I don’t have any plans for another two hours, I figured I’d kill some time by doing just that.

Boy, am I glad I did.  These pictures are marvelous.  Looking at them is such a rewarding experience.

First off, for the headshots, it looks like the photographer made a bunch of players do a scary face and then a smiley face.  It’s like when you take group pictures of five year-olds and the only way you can get them to smile nicely for the shot is if you promise to take a silly picture after.  I can totally picture the photographer telling Dustin Byfuglien, “Okay, fine Dustin, I’ll take a picture of you glaring at me like that, but only if you smile nicely first!”

And then there are the poses.  Amy summed it up nicely; the various elements used should never all be featured in the same picture.  Chris Drury agrees.

89855015You want me to do what with a stick after this one?

Let’s see what some of the other players had to say about their pictures.

89855023Guys, I’m totally down with being an adorable Jon Heder look-alike a veteran leader, but could you please turn the fan down?  It’s blowing my hair.

89854976Wait…I thought I was invited to camp to try out for the team!  Not be the stick boy!

89836938All:  Sweet mother of mercy, he’s coming back to play another year!

89855019 17-02-41How many times to I have to ask?  Please turn the fan down!!

89855654I’m going to make Frostee do a triple-take when she’s looking through the pictures because I look just like a kid she goes to school with.

89856083Am I leaning in close enough?

89856076This is embarrassing.

89855021This picture will turn out great!  Now Abercrombie will have no choice but to hire me for their fall campaign!!


Oh, Ryan

August 17, 2009 at 5:06 pm | Posted in Frostee Loves Way Too Many Guys, Happy!!, Olympics, Ryan Miller | 2 Comments

Much like Mr. Miller’s goaltending, my love for him runs hot and cold.  It’s actually rather frustrating, because every time I’m ready to completely abandon hope and burn my Miller t-shirt and throw out my bobblehead, he goes and plays a ridiculously badass game.  You could certainly say our relationship is complicated.

Today, however, I’m feeling the Miller Love, thanks to his interview at the USA Hockey camp.  Maybe it’s because I miss hockey, maybe it’s because this interview means the Olympics are that much closer – when my mom was getting her oil changed today, I spent the entire time squealing about the jerseys the countries will wear – but this interview makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.  Oh, Ryan.  You may be a fragile, anorexic, emotionally unstable, easily exhausted goalie, but you’re our fragile, anorexic, emotionally unstable, easily exhausted goalie.  And for that reason alone, right now you’re on my good side.

(Also, I’m really amused by how fixated Ryan seems to be on wishing personal success for his competitors, but hoping that in the end, the Sabres win.  Aw, Ryan.  You’re too cute.)

I’m Home!!

August 16, 2009 at 1:41 pm | Posted in Huh?, Randomness | 2 Comments

Since we got in late last night and I’m tired, I’ll tell a quick story.  (I realized I tweeted about this when it happened, but whatever, I can’t come up with anything else to say at the present.)

I wear my Capitals hat to the beach when we’re in South Carolina, since it’s pink (Don’t judge me!  10% of the proceeds went to breast cancer research.  And it’s cute.) and matches my bathing suit.  I was walking back to our place to shower and, to my great surprise, the guy ahead of me at the outdoor shower was wearing a Caps hat of his own!  Now, it wasn’t like he was some young, attractive, shirtless beach-goer, but as he seemed to share my love of the DC team, I said to him, “Hey, nice hat!”

He looked up from his de-sanding and after a moment of confusion, realized I was referring to the Washington Capitals hat he was wearing.  Seeing my own Caps hat, he replied, “You too!”

Then he straightened up, handed me the hose, and said, “But I’m not really a Capitals fan.  I’m a Rangers fan; I just like the hat.”

I vomited a little bit in my mouth.

We Have A Lot Of Forwards

August 13, 2009 at 11:06 am | Posted in Alex Ovechkin, Buffalo Sabres, Chicago Blackhawks, Chris Drury, Close Encounters, Contracts, Drew Stafford, Jose Theodore, Mike Grier, Patrick Kane, Semyon Varlamov, Thought-provoking Stuff | 3 Comments

Reviewing the Sabres roster, it would appear as though we have a shitload of forwards, an unsigned Drew Stafford, and a couple Pirates who were hoping to make the jump this year.  I may be a bit late to this party, but the Sabres look like they might need to be making some trades.  I was hoping Nate and Timmy would be able to make the final roster this year, but in light of the current situation, I’m not sure there will be room for them.

I’m really on the fence about resigning Stafford.  They probably do need him in the lineup, but they might be able to trade him for something good.  On the other hand, if the Sabres are right up against the cap it’s not like they’ll be able to trade him away and get something good in return.  I’m quite intrigued by the whole situation.  I’m looking forward to how it all plays out.

Just a few other things:

  • At this point, it’s really old news, but Alex got a tramp stamp.  I’m just not going to comment on that.
  • Even my one cousin, who is far too busy following the Panthers and Gamecocks to pay any attention to another sport like hockey, heard about Kaner getting arrested.  This is a huge deal.
  • Even if when he gets off with just a slap on the wrist, Kane’s still going to have to deal with a crappy reputation.  This whole incident would be a perfect excuse for Chicago to say that with Duncan Keith and Jonathan Toews due contracts next summer too, the ‘Hawks just can’t afford him.  And that’s when the Sabres will swoop in and sign him.  Guys, at some point in his career, maybe even sooner than we thought, Patrick Kane will be a Buffalo Sabre.
  • There’s a huge teeny tiny part of me that wants Chris Drury to come back now that Mike Grier is back.  I know he’s outrageously overpaid, I know he’s underproducing in New York, I know he tried to knock my beloveds out of the playoffs, I know he didn’t like getting harassed by fans at Wegmans, but still.  He fit really well on the Sabres.
  • My dad saw Dan Marino yesterday morning when he was buying a paper.  This is definitely better than the year we saw Jennifer Love Hewitt.
  • Bruce, in an effort to be as cute and adorable as possible, says that Jose enters the camp as the #1 goalie.  Oh, Bruce.  Stop it, you funny old man, you.  Varly has to compete for the starting job?  Really?  Okay, Bruce.
  • Now, I realize that in theory this could be a really interesting competition for the starting job, but really?  I have complete faith in Simeon Simyon.  I believe in him.
  • Speaking of Varly, a while back he changed the spelling of his name.  I understand that he wants people to pronounce it properly, but still.  Dude.  I like the real spelling better.  And now I have to change the spelling on my tag.  (Edit: It’s Semyon, not Simyon.  My bad.)

Patrick Kane, Mike Grier, Joe Biden

August 11, 2009 at 11:11 am | Posted in Buffalo Sabres, Close Encounters, Happy!!, Huh?, Mike Grier, Patrick Kane | Leave a comment

I tried posting right after darling Kaner’s arrest, but between the poor internet connection down here and my phone’s WordPress app deciding to crap out, it didn’t work.  Just a warning, a brief post in which I comment on how proud I am of Kaner for making TMZ might show up here at some point this week.

So, three quick things:

1.)  Um, Patrick Kane got ARRESTED?!?!  Whoa.  Totally did not see that coming.  I mean, I’ve heard he’s a total ego head, but still.  Way to make us proud, Patty.  You definitely are Buffalo’s Favorite Son.

I’m sure there’s more to this story than what we’re hearing, but I also think that this doesn’t make Kaner look too good.  Hasn’t he always been marketed as a stand up guy and the cute little Buffalo Boy who just loves hockey?

2.)  Um, Mike Grier SIGNED WITH THE SABRES?!?!  Whoa.  Totally did not see that coming.  He’ll definitely fill that leadership role the Sabres so desperately need, but still.  Wow.  I freaked out in my aunt’s kitchen when I got my Sabres text yesterday.  The general feel seems to be “OMGAH MIKE GRIER?!?!”, so at least I’m not alone in being completely blown away/perplexed by this deal.

And with that, Darcy has made his Big Move of the summer and can now kick back.

3.)  I wasn’t sure if I should mention it here or on Facebook or Twitter or anything like that (in case it would compromise national security or something), but it came to our attention shortly before we left that Joe Biden and his family were going to be vacationing on Kiawah this week as well.  We had made a lot of jokes about running into him and relaxing on the beach with him and other things of that nature.  We also all said we hoped we’d see him.

Well, two days ago my parents woke up at the crack of dawn to take a bike ride on the beach before the tide came in.  When they got back, they informed us that in one of the houses down on the less-habitated streets of the island, there were two secret service agents posted at the end of the boardwalk, complete with dark sunglasses, earpieces, and guns in their pockets.  There was also a Coast Guard ship in the water right in front of the house.  After establishing that that was where Joe was staying, they decided to get up again the next morning and bike by.  Instead of seeing the secret service guys guarding his house, they saw him.  He said hello to them and everything.

I was quite jealous, so yesterday afternoon I decided to bike over to the street we had determined he was staying on.  I’ve been over that way before, and it’s a serious bike ride.  I did, however, see a big black Suburban in a driveway.

I still wanted to see Joe, as did my aunt and my cousin, so this morning we woke up early and took off down the beach to see if he was out walking again.  Yesterday my parents had to bike down pretty far to see him, but today, after only biking for about twenty minutes, we saw the convoy.

I won’t go into details, because again, I don’t want to compromise national security or anything like that, but I will say that one secret service agent said good morning to me, one chatted me and my cousin up, and Joe Biden, Vice President of the United States of America, flashed us his white smile and said, “Good morning!”

It’s totally lame, but at the same time, totally exciting.  He was four feet away from me.

(And he was shirtless, something my aunt found rather amusing.)

So that’s my exciting celebrity encounter for the week.  Much cooler than when I saw BJ Novak in Boston.

The Problem With A Delicious Seafood Buffet…

August 8, 2009 at 9:25 am | Posted in Huh? | Leave a comment

…is that you’re likely to eat the equivalent of three meals and regret it the next morning.

But those mussels and mac’n’cheese were so good!

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