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Both the Sabres and Caps went to overtime. The Sabres lost. (Let’s not talk about it, Tyler.) The Caps won because Lars Nicklas Backstrom is so good at hockey and I don’t even know what words to use to describe him anymore.

For yesterday: the baby pictures made my life, I’m really sorry but I love Pavel Datsyuk, and Jochen Hecht played an amazing game. Too bad he couldn’t look like that more often.

Today: I love Nicki, I love Nicki, Flash and Fehric are really good together, and I love Nicki.

I’m not even going to say anything about Alex’s hit on Campbell. It looked like Soupy toe-picked. In one angle it looked like Alex got his back and from another angle it looked like he got his arm. I really don’t know. There’s no consistency in the NHL so it could go either way. The one thing I don’t like is Alex being compared to Matt Cooke. They are so completely different.

This game was really huge, because if it turns out it is a Stanley Cup Finals preview, I think Washington won the mental war today.

I’m not going to be able to see either game on Tuesday since I have a concert, but I already know what’ll happen for Buffalo: Atlanta will win. MacArthur and Max are probably going to have career nights too. At least the Sabres are predictable.

Who Are These Little Punks?

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The Sabres lose a couple games, win a couple games, and look poopy all the while. Then they play the same night that the Caps are in HD and every time I flip to the Sabres game the Stars tie it up. So I try to stay away. Then they win 5-3. Not. Cool. Sabres, I didn’t want to miss that. I love Tyler. Why are you doing this?

I still don’t get this team. Are they good or are they bad? I just don’t know.

P.S. I think it’s really adorable that the Capitals clinched the division a few minutes and didn’t even play tonight. Thanks, Thrashers. That was very thoughtful of you.

I Need This Olympic Break.

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I think the Sabres and I need this Olympic break.  I’m pissed as hell at them and we need to regroup.  I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to watch them this week since I’m insanely ridiculously busy (last week before break, whoop whoop), but this might not be the worst thing.  I mean, they lost to Carolina last night.  The Carolina Hurricanes.  And Ryan Miller was terrible.  And he’s playing every game at the Olympics.  We’re screwed.

However, one glance at the schedule right after the Olympics proves that it’s not exactly going to get better, what with the Sabres playing Pittsburgh and Washington (I’ll be there!  I’ll be there!) back-to-back.  Yikes.

The Caps, however, continue to be SO AMAZING AND FUN AND EXCITING.  FREE CHICKEN WINGS FOR EVERYONE!!  I encourage all of you to take a gander at the league leaders stat page on  It is HIGHLY ENJOYABLE to do so.

Lars Nicklas and Sidney Crosby are tied for points.  Just throwing that out there.  CLEARLY Sidney is the better player, though.

My parents were at the Sabres game last night and I’ve never seen them come home from a game as pissed as they were last night.  It was a mess.  I need to stop fuming about it.

Tonight the Sabres travel to Columbus to take on my beloved Chris Clark.  I still feel a dull ache when I think of him despite how ridiculous Alex has been since he got himself the C.  I, however, will be missing the game as I will be attending a party.  Oh, Christopher.  Know that you and your classiness will be on my mind.

If I check my phone at 9:30 tonight and find that the Sabres lost to Columbus too, I might have to do something drastic.

They Just Never Stop!

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Last night the Caps won their twelfth straight game. I’m starting to feel like they’ll never lose again after coming from behind the way they did last night. That wouldn’t be the worst thing ever.

Excuse me for a minute, but ALEX GOT HIS 500TH CAREER POINT!! AND HE’S STORMING BACK TO TAKE THE LEAD LEAGUE!! Did you SEE his second goal? He’s insane. He’s so good at hockey. I don’t know why I’m still surprised when he does stuff like that.

Not to be lost in all of that is Nicki’s five-point night. He’s not too bad. Maybe we should keep him around, George?

The Sabres are playing the Hurricanes in what could be the most painful game ever tonight. If they lose I’m officialy pronouncing them dead.

The Thrashers finally ended the Kovalchuk saga and sent him to New Jersey. I always liked Kovy but I’m starting to change my opinion a little after the way things went down. He’s a great player and he was that franchise, but he was asking for so much money when he doesn’t even know what defense is. It’s clear he wanted out of Atlanta. I just feel bad for the Thrashers fans of the world.

And Ilya does realize the Devils play a trap, right? That never really seemed like his thing.

They’re So Good.

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Even when the Sabres play a totally boring game and even when I miss half of it watching 30 Rock (those were two pretty funny episodes. I’d certainly have a threesome with James Franco and a pillow.), they still manage to win it. Royzie is becoming something of a good little overtime player. The Thrashers continue to be bad. I continue to find it adorable.

All in all, a nice strong start to the road trip. I hope they don’t try to pull anything stupid tomorrow night.

Tonight the Caps play the Leafs. I have a pretty decent track record watching my teams play the Leafs on Friday night and I hope tonight is no disappointment. Toronto, despite winning last night, is also very bad. I don’t find tuis adorable, I just think it’s funny.

They’re Baaaaaack!

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After what seemed like an incredibly long break (seriously, guys, WHERE is the condensed schedule everyone has been freaking out about?), the Sabres play tonight. They’re playing the Thrashers. I have something of a soft spot for Les Thrash, so I don’t really feel bad saying they suck. It’s just a fact. I think it’s cute.

What’s not cute is how Ilya is something of a greedy whore and is going to jump ship because Atlanta simply can’t pay him the buckets of money he wants, but that’s another story for another day.

Hey, remember that time the Sabres beat the Thrashers 10-1? Wink wink, nudge nudge.

Last night the Capitals played yet another highly entertaining game, but this time the WON! Flash was the shootout hero!! Alex scored for once!! Neuvy had another sucky night! Michael wet his pants!!

It was fun. But they need to learn how to play in the first period. I already had to put up with that from the Sabres, and it is NO FUN.

Background Noise.

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Sooo last night the Sabres battled from being down two goals twice and after some poor play they managed to make it into the shootout.  It was intense, full of suspense, lasted eleven rounds…and Buffalo lost.  Oh well, I guess they had to lose some time.  It was just good that they got at least one point before hitting the road.  Don’t forget your toothbrushes, boys.

Tyler Myers is still amazing and wonderful.  I love him.  He had Anderson beat and he just sort of lost the puck.  But I forgive you, Tyler.

I wasn’t really sure what Lala was doing half the time in net last night but he still got the team a point so I’ll let it slide.

Mayhaps Thomas Vanek is (finally) busting out of his slump?  This would be marvelous news, because he’s been bugging me.

I might finally get to go ice skating Thursday night.  I haven’t been yet this winter and it makes me sad.

The Capitals, on the other hand, beat the Thrashers 8-1 for Bruce’s 55th birthday.  Yay, Caps!  The game was actually kind of boring which is odd since they scored eight goals, but whatevs.  I’m glad it happened.  Mikey Knuble got two and Sasha got two, which was fun.  I still don’t like you Sasha.  You also happen to eat like a slob (more on that in a second).  The most impressive part about last night’s game was probably that Alex only had one assist.  But I’m a little mad at him for not scoring.  Not cool, man.

It’ll be interesting to see which team Ilya jumps ship for.  I do not understand at all why Chicago is in the conversation, because they’ve already got a bazillion long-term contracts and I don’t see how they can afford another $10 million next year.  And he’s not worth it as a rental.

The Caps’ post-game locker room video once again does not disappoint with the background actions.  We’ve got what kind of sounds like Brooks during Schultz’s interview, naked Brian Pother and naked Eric Fehr, which is GOOD, while Neuvy is being interview, and we also have naked Alex (eww) and naked Sasha shoving food down his throat at an alarmingly fast pace.  Dude, slow down.  No one is taking it from you.

The Sabres don’t play again for a long time, so enjoy your break, Sabres!  Just don’t get too rusty.


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Here’s the deal: Yes, I’m very happy the Sabres came back and won that game, and yes, I feel really bad for Hedberg. Poor thing. He deserved better. But while I still get giddy thinking about the comeback against the Penguins, this game just bugged me. Why the eff can’t this team show up in the first period? Eventually they’re going to run into a team they can’t come back against. I don’t understand.

I’m glad Ilya and Evander scored, I’m sad Zachity Zach didn’t. I do love those boys.

I know the Sabres are second in the conference, but I just don’t feel like they’re a good team. How can you do so well when you have no offense and your power play sucks most of the time?

Paul Gaustad seemed very pissy. I would imagine it has something to do with him not making the Olympics. I’m rather upset that he didn’t. Other than that, I wasn’t too surprised by the roster. They’re going to need a miracle to do any damage. And I don’t mean that as a pun.

The Winter Classic was cool to see, but the game itself was kind of boring. I’m glad there was a fight and the ending was interesting, but that’s all. I’ve already gotten to see the Sabres in one, how much longer until the Caps get theirs?

Speaking of the Caps, I’m a fan of the commercials. They better right the failboat today.

Time to go do work. Ew.

Things That Are Good And Things That Are Bad.

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Things that are good:

  • Ryan Miller got a shutout!  And not just a Ryan Miller Shutout, but a real one.  Oh, Ryan.  Your shutouts make me so happy.  I may be freaked out about this spring when you’re so tired you can’t even get your skates on, but I have to admit that I’m completely in love with your badass play right now.
  • Timmy K scoring!  And Jochen scoring!  And Henrik scoring!  Look at all that scoring love right there!
  • Beating the Leafs.  Hahahahaha.
  • Lars getting a three point night.  Larsiepoo, I love you.
  • Jose playing a solid game after having a lot of time off.  Jose, I sincerely hope that you’ve been able to work through your personal issues.  And I’m glad you’re playing well.
  • The Thrashers winning.  I love them.

Things that are bad:

  • Now that I’ve worn out my caps lock, let’s continue in a rational manner.  Oh my good golly gosh, that was awful.  I’ve never seen him in so much pain before ever.  This is so bad.  The Capitals are in deep shit without him.  Team Russia needs him.  I want to see him play live.  Lars needs him.  I can’t believe he would do something so dirty.  Stupid, stupid Alexander.

I’m going to go hang out with Little Ryan, because he isn’t pissing me off right now.  Looks like it’ll be time to get the bobblehead bandaids back out again.

TWO Comebacks!!

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The Sabres spent much of their game down 1-0 to the Hurricanes.  The Caps scored two goals and then gave up three in a row to the Canadiens.  Thankfully, both of my teams ended up winning.

The Sabres looked like a pile of poop for the first two periods.  The game was boring and they couldn’t get anything going and Tyler Myers was trying to kill me.  Ryan Miller appeared to be the only player on the team who seemed to care about the collective sanity of Buffalo, and it’s a good thing that he does.  He needs to be in the Vezina talks to this point of the season.  I don’t understand how he couldn’t be.  He’s been the best player on the team, end of story.  Yes, I did think Lalime should have played tonight, but Miller has been beyond fantastic.  RJ was right; we are not worthy.

In the fifth period the Sabres finally figured things out and remembered that they’re playing the Hurricanes on the road, a place they have not yet won a game.  Losing at home to the Hurricanes, especially via shutout, is about as embarrassing as it gets.  You might as well go home after that.  Vanek finally got around to scoring a goal, and it’s always lovely to see Mike Grier contributing.  Yo, the Sabres even scored on the POWER PLAY.  That doesn’t happen very often.

The Caps game went like this:  Alexander and Eric score, Canadiens score (let’s not talk about the traitor formally known as the Caveman), Caps score on the power play with eleven seconds left, Michael DOESN’T completely screw things up in overtime, Lars is a hero in the shootout, Caps win.

1.)  I got pretty scared when Michael was allowed near the puck in overtime.  I’m very proud of him for not killing anyone or gift-wrapping any goals.

2.)  Alex looked much more like himself tonight – aside from that one part where he tripped over himself six times in a row – which is reassuring.  I think he’s finally getting back to his pre-injury state.

3.)  Lars has been a bit off this month.  He looked awesome Wednesday night, and a shootout winner might not boost up his point totals or anything, but I think our dear little Swede has gotten his game back.  Yay!!

P.S.  The Thrashers beat the Flyers 1-0.  I would just like to remind everyone that I loved them even back when they sucked.

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