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I was QUITE alarmed today when I received a text from Cari informing me that Sergei Fedorov is headed for Russia and the evil KHL.  Um, let me get this straight.  After defecting to the NHL many years ago, he’s DEFECTING BACK?

I may not talk about Sergei all that much here, but he’s sort of my creepy, inappropriate, old-enough-to-be-my-father crush of the NHL.  I’m almost ashamed to admit it, but unfortunately, it’s the truth.  I love him and I love the role he’s played for the Caps.  They always talk about how he’s a great veteran presence in the locker room and he’s almost like a player-coach (which makes me think of “Slapshot,” which makes me laugh) and he’s been mentoring the Russians a lot.  Forget my selfish reasons, if he leaves for Russia then not only will it screw up the Russian Five they could have had in Washington, but they’d be out a mentor/veteran presence!

I also have these images of the Capitals descending into anarchy without him, most noticeably with Alexander Semin sitting in the corner of the locker room rocking back and forth.  Which doesn’t really make that much sense, what with Cap’n Clark to hold down the fort.

Then I went online and started checking around.  The first thing that I saw was that it was a done deal.  Then I saw that Viktor Kozlov was headed back home with him, which didn’t upset me all that much.  I’m not Kozie’s hugest fan.  Then I saw that it wasn’t decided yet, then it said that Feds’s agent was talking to the Caps, then I got confused.  Sergei, just make up your mind.  You made a big deal about wanting to stay in Washington and now you might leave.  Listen, I get that you’re a greedy player and you want all the money you can get, but dude, come on.  You’re 39 years old.  You’re a valuable asset to a team, but $4 million?  Especially with Michael Nylander’s salary screwing everything up?

Sigh.  Maybe if we sent Max over in Sergei’s place…?

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