Poor MAF

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I like Marc-Andre Fleury.  I really do.  He seems like a good guy, he can be a great goalie, and his accent is fantastic.

I also happen to absolutely adore Marc-Andre Fleur Butt Goals.  And Leg Goals, because apparently those are in this year too.  I felt genuinely bad for him last year when the Cup-clinching goal went in off his ass, but this year it was just kind of funny.  Sorry.

You can say that Detroit won thanks to a couple lucky bounces, but they made those lucky bounces happen.  Even without a Hart Trophy finalist playing, they were able to win.  Henrik Zetterberg shut down Crosby, and Malkin only got one assist.  It’ll be interesting to see what happens tonight.

I’m not sure if I’m a huge fan of the back-to-back nights idea, so we’ll have to see.  Everyone keeps pointing out that Pittsburgh came back from being down 0-2 against Washington (and it’s KILLING me. STOP REMINDING US), but Detroit is a bit different than Washington.  Unfortunately for Caps fans.

Dear NBC,

We realize that Sidney Crosby is the BEST PLAYER THE NHL HAS SEEN IN YEARS, but there are a ton of other insanely talented players in this series, both on the Red Wings and on the Penguins.  Could we maybe, possibly hear about them, too?

With Love,


Heeeeere We Go!

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I thought about it, and I realized that I actually am leaning towards the Red Wings winning this series.  Come on, guys.  It’s the Red Wings.  This series is by no means going to be a blow-out, but I think the Wings will come out alive.  So, Detroit in seven.  Partially because, as I said, this series will be wicked close.  Partially because a seven-game series would work best with my schedule.  Game Seven would be on a Friday and I’ll be able to pay close attention to it.  Five games would work too, but a six-game series would be awful.  If that were the case I might have to miss the last game. 

Candy Corn Head is out again tonight, which worries me that his injury is quite serious.  We can only hope that when he does return, it’s with oodles and oodles of goals.  Please, Candy Corn Head.  Your lack of scoring is killing me.

Rematch City

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Detroit finished off Chicago to advance to play Pittsburgh in the Stanley Cup Finals, a rematch everyone had pretty much accepted.

I will be rooting for Detroit in this matchup – sorry, Hawks fans! – for 3 reasons:

1.  If I have to see Sidney Crosby lift the Cup and know that he eliminated Alex and Lars to do it, I will become violently ill.

2.  If I have to see the Penguins win the Cup after spending a good portion of the season in tenth place, I will be violently ill.

3.  If Marian Hossa ends up winning the Cup with Detroit, which was his goal all along, and beats the team he ditched in the process, it would be SO amusing.  I would love it.  

Last year I really didn’t think Pittsburgh had a chance.  They were a great team, but they were inexperienced.  This year, I’m not so sure.  It’s become really apparent that they’ve learned a lot from Detroit and this series has the potential to turn into the student teaching the master.  I hope not.  It’s not even that I love love love Detroit (although, um, in the interest of full disclosure, I actually do like watching them in the playoffs…), it’s that their entire organization is great and a model for every sport.  

I can’t even really pick a winner in this series because I think it’ll be really close.  Detroit definitely needs Lidstrom and Candy Corn Head back if they want to be able to play with the Pens, and they definitely need Candy Corn Head to play the game that got him a Hart Trophy nomination.

This series looks to be one of those close, intense, exciting matchups.

Then again, one of the teams might explode and walk all over the other one.  It could be a bloodbath.

I Was Right!!

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Remember when I said yesterday that I kept having these random visions of the Caps descending into chaos if Feds bolted for Russia?

Well, cue chaos.  This is totally crazy.  Now steroids?  Yeesh.

Oh, and Pittsburgh swept Carolina in the Eastern Conference Finals and are now waiting for a rematch of last year waiting to see who wins the West.  But you already knew that.


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I was QUITE alarmed today when I received a text from Cari informing me that Sergei Fedorov is headed for Russia and the evil KHL.  Um, let me get this straight.  After defecting to the NHL many years ago, he’s DEFECTING BACK?

I may not talk about Sergei all that much here, but he’s sort of my creepy, inappropriate, old-enough-to-be-my-father crush of the NHL.  I’m almost ashamed to admit it, but unfortunately, it’s the truth.  I love him and I love the role he’s played for the Caps.  They always talk about how he’s a great veteran presence in the locker room and he’s almost like a player-coach (which makes me think of “Slapshot,” which makes me laugh) and he’s been mentoring the Russians a lot.  Forget my selfish reasons, if he leaves for Russia then not only will it screw up the Russian Five they could have had in Washington, but they’d be out a mentor/veteran presence!

I also have these images of the Capitals descending into anarchy without him, most noticeably with Alexander Semin sitting in the corner of the locker room rocking back and forth.  Which doesn’t really make that much sense, what with Cap’n Clark to hold down the fort.

Then I went online and started checking around.  The first thing that I saw was that it was a done deal.  Then I saw that Viktor Kozlov was headed back home with him, which didn’t upset me all that much.  I’m not Kozie’s hugest fan.  Then I saw that it wasn’t decided yet, then it said that Feds’s agent was talking to the Caps, then I got confused.  Sergei, just make up your mind.  You made a big deal about wanting to stay in Washington and now you might leave.  Listen, I get that you’re a greedy player and you want all the money you can get, but dude, come on.  You’re 39 years old.  You’re a valuable asset to a team, but $4 million?  Especially with Michael Nylander’s salary screwing everything up?

Sigh.  Maybe if we sent Max over in Sergei’s place…?

Oh, Chicago

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I hate to say it (because I don’t want my Hawks fans to kill me), but I never thought Chicago would get out of this series alive.  Yes, they’ve been great this year, but they’re still a young team without a lot of playoff experience.  And Detroit is Detroit.

Yesterday’s game really proved that.  The Red Wings showed why they’re the Stanley Cup champions and why they’re so good.  They kept playing even when they were up 6-1 and they kept calm. 

Chicago, unfortunately, completely imploded.

The end of the season is drawing near for Chicago, but they can take a lot of valuable lessons from this series.  They’ll learn that they can’t start fighting and taking stupid penalties when they’re down, they’ll learn that when they don’t like a call they’ll just have to deal with it and move on (seriously, Q? Worst call in sports history?), they’ll learn how to compete and keep their composure.  To have made it to the conference finals at all was a huge accomplishment for them this year, and it’s just another step in the right direction.

Um, how hilarious would it be if/when Detroit beats Pittsburgh for the Cup the second year in a row?  Because I think it would be awesome.  It would be even better if Hossa scored the series-clinching goal, since I’m mean and think a slap in the face like that would be amusing.

We Appear To Be Good Luck

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Last night I watched the Blackhawks/Red Wings game with the fantabulous Cari and Clare.  When the Hawks were up 3-0 we commented on how watching the games together appears to be the spark they needed.  Then Detroit scored three goals.  Then Khabby got hurt (?) and Huet came in.  I don’t exactly have the best history with Mr. Huet.  Yes, I love, love, LOVE his cheer – hip, hip, Huet!!! – but the Capitals fan in me was thoroughly disgusted when he bolted for Chicago.  Yo, Cristobal, we got stuck with JOSE THEODORE.  But then he imploded in the playoffs and we got Varly.  I guess I can’t totally hate you.

But then it went into overtime and the ladies I was watching the game with threatened to punch me because I predicted that Soupy would cough up the puck and Detroit would score.  But then Sharpie scored!  Woo, Sharp!  And so the Blackhawks are technically still alive.  But it’ll be a hard climb for them.

I hope Khabby’s not too seriously hurt.  😦  It’s okay, Khabby.  Russia (and Clare) still love you.

And Martin Havlat got NAILED into the boards.  He looked like he had been Umberger’d.  Poor dear.  I hope he’s okay too.  I love his tweets.

Also, I’m currently trying to figure out how I could get out to Las Vegas on June 18.  My last final is the day before that so the only issue is getting a flight out there/getting to the red carpet.  I’m sure it won’t be a problem.


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I miss the Sabres.  I do, I do.

But I also get the feeling that I won’t put up with another non-playoff season from them.  Remember, Sabres, I love the Capitals and I’m not afraid to root for them.  I have a jersey.

If the Sabres aren’t comfortably in the playoffs by January, I suggest a straight up trade: Lindy for Bruce.  People are saying that his lack of defense is a bad thing – and as true as that is, if Bruce gets fired I don’t think I could survive – and that he’s in a bit of trouble.  I know I used to be firmly against firing Lindy, but I changed my mind.  That’s why I think we should trade with the Caps.  Lindy will bring defense to Washington and Bruce will bring offense and funness to Buffalo.  It’s a win-win situation.  The teams get what they need, and I don’t have to watch either of my favorite coaches get fired.

Not that Darcy ever takes my advice.

What’s That?

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It was Soupy’s turnover that led to Detroit’s overtime-winning goal?  He just handed the puck over and then wiped out?  Soupy?  Brian Campbell?

Aw, Soup.  I knew there was a reason I didn’t want you in Buffalo anymore.

Not The Best Of Ideas

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Scene:  Frostee and Michael are sitting at a table together.

Frostee:  Ugh, I swear, I just want to stop showing up at school.  The teachers are getting annoying and my finals schedule sucks ass.  I have to take a test on the entire Middle East and all of its problems and then a week later sit down and get tested on the entire history of the world.  And that’s just for one of my classes.  Honestly, I wish it could just end now so that I could sit around and watch hockey and not worry about tests or papers or presentations.  Which I have a million of coming up.

Michael:  Frostee, why are you stressed out?  You can totally do that!  Look at me!  I stopped showing up and just sat around my new apartment eating eggs since it’s all I know how to cook and watching the other playoffs games.  The Caps turned out fine!  Showing up for the rest of the school year and taking your finals is completely unnecessary.

Frostee:  Uh.  Yeah.  Okay.  I have to go study.

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