Nothing Has Changed. NOTHING. (WAIT! A Trade!)

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The Sabres played a typically Sabre-like game last night and lost to Pittsburgh. Patrick Lalime will one day retire with 199 career wins.

They also haven’t made a trade yet. The deadline is in less than an hour. Does Darcy even remember the concept of deadline deals?

Washington has (so far) made two deals. They brought in grit, which they need, but no stay-at-home defenseman yet. Come on, George. Don’t let me down.

There really haven’t been any huge deals yet. I’ll be interested to see if that changes before the deadline.

I’m going to the Sabres/Caps game tonight!! Wee!!

IMPORTANT UPDATE!! Darcy has traded Patches and a pick for Raffi Torres!! THAT wasn’t supposed to happen!! Darcy, you sly fox.

I’ll always remember the time I was at Chef’s and I though Royzie was Patches so I made a bunch of “Derek Roy is fat” jokes. Sorry for that one, Derek.

UPDATE #2! Clarke MacArthur is gone! What the HELL, Darcy?

Heh, I just realized I’ll see him in Washington. That’s cute.

Washington also got Corvo and reacquired Jurcina. That pisses me off. One, there are too many forwards. Two, so the trade ended up being Chris Clark and a pick for Chimera? Those little effers.

You Know What?

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I could rage and scream and stomp about and proclaim that Ryan Miller is the WORST GOALIE EVER and that he SUCKS MAJORLY after he let in that penalty shot last night, but I was watching Sabres hockey on TV and they won and Goose was the captain.  Really, I have nothing to complain about at all.

I didn’t pay all that much attention to the game since I was reading, but I had it on and saw all the goals.  Good job, Sabres.  You looked a little questionable in the third, but all in all, you got the win.

Word on the street is that Patches might get moved to forward.  Even though we have like six bajillion forwards as it is, I endorse this move.  I always thought he made a better forward anyway.

How DARE Cody McCormick try to look good so he could stick around?  Where did he get the audacity to do such a thing?  We don’t want him!!

Knuble scored twice, Alex scored twice (aaahh my love!!) and Lars added a goal (whee!!), which means I get to use one of the pictures I took at the game last Thursday:

P9170210Awww right.

I think I’m finally going to get around to posting my season previews this weekend.  (That’s right.  I did two.  Woo for secondary teams!!)  A note of warning:  They’re not very good.  I wrote them back over Labor Day weekend, and I’ve come to find that when I write a post and save it to use later, they’re always pretty bad.  It’s the ones I bang out in about ten minutes that are a bit funnier.  So I’ll reread them and decide if I want to show them to the public.  I probably will, just for the heck of it.


Whoa, Danny. I just…wow.

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As today was a conference day and the last thing I wanted to do was study for eight straight hours, the lovely Cari from Sabre Chaser and Clare from All Hawks Hockey and I decided to go to the Sabres practice this morning.  We had a wonderful time watching the man child fall, Miller and Jaro play baseball (badly) and discussing the Blackhawks.  After we decided to hit Chef’s for lunch, because we were hungry and we thought the Sabres might be there.

Now, Cari was quiet disappointed that neither Timmy nor Derek practiced.  When we pulled up to Chef’s we looked for their cars.  Timmy’s was already parked there and we saw Patty getting out of his.  Excited, we went into the restaurant to see what we would find.

(I should probably mention at this point in the story that I have never seen any hockey players out and about in Buffalo, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.)

We walked into Chef’s, and the very first thing I saw right in front of me was Reggie Sekera in all his bald glory (unfortunately, I could not tell if he had his metallic pants on).  To his left was Timmy, in a hat and his douche bag jacket from his contract extension interview.  I was puzzled by the man to Reggie’s right, however.  He was gorgeous and I couldn’t recall seeing him before.  

You know who it was?  One Mr. Daniel Paille.  He may have had The Look we all love so much, but he also happened to be totally hot.  The man child is beautiful in real life.  It still blows my mind.

The three of us were led to our table, where we quickly sat down and began frantically giggling and tweeting.  We were the picture of subtlety, Dear Readers.  Pkaleta walked in behind us and sat down next to Timmy.  We all kept looking over there despite the text messages telling us not too, and Cari and I both called our  mothers to tell them.  

After several minutes, we realized that Timmy, who had finished eating and was leaning back in his chair, was watching us all.  Leering would actually be more appropriate.  You know that grin he has?  Well, he was shooting it our way.  We’re pretty sure that he was just waiting for one of us to go over and talk to him.

While we were looking over at Timmy I made another startling discovery.  I know I tweeted about it but I have to ask again.  Daniel Paille, where have you and your broad shoulders and incredibly muscular back been all my life?  Hot damn, boy.  That’s crazy.

At that point Kim (also of Sabre Chaser) walked in and we no longer had any excuse for staring over in that direction.  Did we stop?  No.  I was highly amused to discover that Patty had to concentrate on his plate of pasta as he ate, and studied each forkful intently before consuming it.  At one point another player walked in, but as he had his hat on and the angle he was sitting at was bad, we assumed it was Patches.

Cari called Anne of Sabretooth’s House, and while we waited for her to arrive we continued to, err, gawk over at the players.  Timmy continued to grin back until he, Patty, and (sigh) Danny got up to leave.  Reggie had left a few minutes ago.  (Mind you, this was very shortly after Patty K had arrived.  I thought I was a fast eater, but no.  He scarfed that plate of pasta.)  After Patches (or so we thought) paid the bill, he got up to leave.

That’s when we realized it was Princess D, and that’s when I made a few jokes about him writing down his calorie in-take in a notebook.  We also hoped he hadn’t heard when we (loudly) explained to Kim that Clare had brought cookies to use to taunt Derek on the ice.

Anne showed up then and we hung out for a while.  After paying we got up to leave, and as we were walking to the cars we saw several familiar-looking guys walking into the restaurant.  It was hard to place them in their beanies and coats, but we were sure they were Flyers.  We proceeded to shout, “Let’s go Buffalo!” before getting in the car.

We headed over to Starbucks then (with a brief drive-by of Derek’s house, during which we learned that Kyle was there) and hung out while we waited for Anne.  When she came, we all poured over Clare’s iPhone trying to figure out who the Flyers were.  We’re pretty sure one was Knuble and one was Parent, but we don’t know who the third was.  Maybe a trainer?

So…that was my day.  It was a ton of fun, and we’re thinking of making going to the practice and Chef’s a tradition when Clare and I don’t have school (but seriously, Cari, we’re treating next time).  I love those Sabres, even the creepy ones who appear to be contemplating having sex with us.  What would we do without Timothy?


I feel it is my duty as Alex’s Biggest Fan to touch on the whole celebration thing from last night.  Dear Readers, you know how much I love his celebrations.  It’s refreshing to see a player get so excited and I was furious when Don Cherry said those things.  

All that being said, I still think he took things a tad bit too far last night.  I’m psyched that he finally got his fiftieth, but what he did with his stick afterwards was a bit much.  Jose, stop suggesting Alex pretend his stick is hot, hot, hot.  Michael and Nicklas were kind of right to decide not to do it, and I’m glad Bruce had a talk with Alex.  I don’t want him to stop celebrating goals, but I do think he needs to be a little less excessive.  That’s all.

If I Wasn’t A Sabres Fan I Would Be Laughing My Behind Off

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Actually, I am still chuckling to myself.  I think it’s because last night I accepted that the Sabres will not make the playoffs, so now I can just take a very casual stance on the rest of the season.  I’ll still root for them, but I won’t freak myself out over the standings and points and games in hand. 

I actually had a really awesome post all planned out for today, but then I got slammed with three hours of homework and a test next Friday in my HARDEST class.  This test will involve Chinese agricultural inventions and how they evolved into that John Deere lawnmower you’ve got out in your garage, just to give you an idea.  And my parents are dragging me along as a third-wheel to their anniversary dinner.  I have no idea what they’re going to do when I leave for college.  So, super-fast:

  • Lydman is outrageously bad.  I really couldn’t believe it.  He stays out for the longest shift of his career and then coughs up the puck.  I don’t blame Patty for that goal.  I blame Lydman.
  • Jason Pominville is so bad at hockey I couldn’t believe it.   WHAT is going on with him?
  • Two Canadian guys were sitting behind us and the more they drank, the more pronounced their accents got.  Listening to them say “Timmy” was fantastic.  Listening to them mispronounce “Kotalik” and “Tallinder” was not.
  • That shorthanded goal completely changed the game.  It was pretty quiet in there after that.
  • That third goal was disgusting.  I could not believe Patty let that in.  He was just sitting in the left side of the crease while the Anaheim player walked in.
  • We left before Goose rearranged Getzlaf’s face so I have no comment on that.
  • There were two highlights to my evening last night:  The first was hearing the drunk Canadians behind us call Giguere a slut at the beginning of the third.  The second was seeing Miller and Patches up in the press box before the game started.
  • Lala is now sick, and Enroth appears to be our started.  This is the reason for the title of my post.  It’s really funny when you think about it.
  • Read this. 
  • I just want to thank everyone for the birthday wishes.  It was really sweet of you guys.  Jill, that deCAPitate thing was hilarious.  Clare, you should start a business making those for stalkers across the nation.

The Nathan Paetsch Experiment

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When they were scrolling the lines at the bottom of the screen last night I thought it was a mistake when it said Paetsch on the wing.  I was even more confused when he wasn’t listed in a defensive pair, and then I saw Pie and Petey were scratched so I was quite perplexed.  Then RJ or someone else said something about Patches playing on the wing and I wondered if Lindy was on crack.  Sure, it’s a really smart idea having a seventh defensemen dressed in case Jaro got hurt again, but Patches?  Playing the wing?  Ever since that New Jersey game in December I have disliked Nathan.  Maybe he’s been playing better these past few games, but he was so craptastic that night that I just didn’t ever want to see him play again.  I would have rather seen Pommer go back on D for a few shifts.  (I’m still waiting for that, Lindy.  Why must you taunt is by telling us Pommer might play defense but then keep him on offense?  It’s cruel.)  

Patches proved that he actually could play a good game of hockey.  On offense.  And he scored a lovely goal.  Sure, it wasn’t like the Timmy goal, but that pass was great and the one-timer was awesome.  Woo, Patches!  Lindy said in the postgame press conference that he might just keep Nathan up front. I realize he might have been joking but that line last night was probably the best one out there.

Ryan Miller is certainly justifying his contract, if you ask me.  He has been ridiculously good.  I’m glad we decided to keep him.

Tim Connolly is amazing at hockey.  End of story.

Heh.  Jaro’s goal made me happy.  See, Sabres?  Just take a shot!  You never know when you’ll catch the goalie by surprise and get a goal!  (The picture on the front of the Sports section today in TBN made me all fuzzy inside.  Jaro looked so happy!)

I really wish the Sabres would just shoot on the freaking power play.  Did they have any shots with the man-advantage last night?  I really want to just make them all sit down and watch footage of a team that actually SHOOTS THE PUCK on the power play.  That’s really my only complaint from last night.

Patty K was hitting everything that moved last night.  He’s such a great guy to have in the lineup.  I keep forgetting to mention it, but I absolutely love Patty killing penalties.  It’s so awesome. 

That whole game last night was awesome.  Beating Toronto was great because it was their first game back after a long road trip and they needed to get the confidence and momentum, but last night was huge because it was a team above them in the standings.  They’re only four points out of fourth place.  If Boston beats Philly this afternoon and then Buffalo beats Ottawa, the Sabres will be in fifth place.  One point behind Montreal/out of fourth place.  Tonight’s game is huge.  Absolutely huge.  Ottawa is terrible but Buffalo is terrible on the second nights of back-to-backs.  

Dallas beat the Rangers 10-2.  That.  Is.  Hilarious.  Oh, how the mighty have fallen.  Remember when everyone thought the Rangers would win the Cup after like two games?  That was amusing.  There are lots of rumors swirling around that Sean Avery is headed back to the Rangers.  Last night no one on the postgame show thought he would go back to New York, but if I were to take an unbiased stance on all this I would say it was an excellent idea.  From what I’ve seen of the Rangers, all they really have that keeps them from being a terrible team is Henrik Lundqvist.  Sean Avery would definitely add a little pizazz to the lineup.  (Did I just say pizazz?  In regards to Sean Avery?)  They had a better record with him in the lineup than without him last year, and while I think standing in front of goalies and waving your stick is absolutely moronic he definitely knew how to get the team going.  

The Caps are playing the Panthers tonight so I have double the reasons to root for Washington.  I love it when they win and we need them to do us a favor and keep Florida from getting two points.  The Panthers handed the Caps their first regulation loss in the Verizon Center way back when, but I have faith in the Caps.  Won’t they be desperate for a win after that LA game?

Pittsburgh won.  Boo.

Is Petey coming back in the lineup tonight?  This could really go either way because obviously you might want him in there after last game, but I’m thinking Lindy might want to keep in the players that win him the games…

Shutouts and Super Bowls

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Last night’s Sabres game was awesome.  Just great.  I loved the game against Edmonton because, um, who doesn’t love it when their team scores TEN GOALS in one game?  The game against Calgary put me in a poor mood, but yesterday had been going so well for a hockey fan that I hoped the Sabres wouldn’t disappoint me.

They didn’t.

Where do I start?  With Ryan Miller and his REAL shutout, which was great?  I really think it’s all mental with him.  People in Buffalo like to beat him up for being a mediocre goalie, but he really just has to flip that switch.  He looked great last night.  I always got the feeling that he doesn’t do shutouts, but he’s already got four on the year.  Woo!

Speaking of Ryan Miller, that article in the paper was really great.  The picture on the front was a liiiittttllle creepy, but other than that I liked it a lot.  Hearing what his parents had to say about him was nice.  I know what it feels like to lose someone really close to cancer, and it really sucks.  I think it’s incredible that he managed to turn that into a successful charity.  It’s all very cool.  I fully expect a call from my grandmother this afternoon reminding me that Ryan really is “a very nice boy,” and that I should DEFINITELY marry him.  I absolutely love how my 86 year-old grandmother has a crush on Ryan Miller.  It’s even cuter than her crush on Michael Phelps.  (And just for the record, Grandma?  You know I would marry him!  He’s just a little old for me.  It would be a lot less creepy if Alex and I got married.  Plus there’s that thing Mom has with his eyebrows.)

You know who else is totally amazing?  That would be Derek Roy.  That pass last night was beautiful.  He did a great job just throwing that puck to Pie to set up that goal.  He was getting knocked down so there was a really good chance that the puck would go flying the wrong way or Pie would miss it, but the fact that Derek managed to get it to him and Pie managed to score was great.  I got all excited and started jumping around after that goal.

Pkaleta came back and got in a fight!  I was so excited that he was back in the lineup, but I freaked out when he got in that fight.  PATRICK.  You have been walking around in a NECK BRACE for the past two months.  BE CAREFUL.  He lost, but, you know, a fight is a fight, and I’m just glad he didn’t fall apart.

Jaro and Jochen did, however, fall apart.  I hope they both get better quickly.  I don’t want to hurt Jochen’s feelings, but I’m a little more worried about Jaro.  Aside from the fact that our defensive corps consists of like two players at this point, Jochen hasn’t really been a huge contributor out there.  He’s kind of been getting on my nerves this season.

Patches’s fight was really cute.  That’s the only way I can describe it.

I have a confession to make.  Tim Connolly is really good at hockey.  See, I have this mental state where it’s easier for me to just loathe Timmy, because then when he gets hurt I can say, “Oh, well, he’s a loser and I dislike him strongly so whatever.”  But Dear Readers, Timmy is really, really good at hockey.  When he’s healthy and playing like he’s been playing these past few games, he’s such an asset to the team.  The Sabres really can’t keep him because there’s such a risk of him getting hurt, but can you imagine if he was always healthy?  I get excited just thinking about it.  Maybe Darcy could sign him for a lot less?  Because If we could get him for a bargain it would be great to have him around…he’s just such a liability.  He has to realize that he couldn’t make as much as he’s worth though because of his injury history.  Hmm.  This will be tough.  As it’s the second half of the season, I’ve been thinking a lot about which UFAs the Sabres should keep.  Max is gone, but I almost think they should keep Al, even if for no other reason than to have him around for shootouts.  Timmy..I don’t know about him.  There would be pros and cons if he stuck around.

The Leafs beat the Pens last night (thank you Luke Schenn and your amazing hitting powers), so now there’s a four point cushion between the Sabres and the Penguins.  Only three points between the Sabres and the Panthers, and the Hurricanes somehow managed to sneak back in and are only two points behind.  It’ll be another huge game in Anaheim tomorrow night.  The Sabres need all the points they can get.

One quick question:  Why does Wayne Gretzky always look so EXTREMELY peeved when he’s coaching?  If he’s not careful, his face is going to freeze with him looking majorly pissed like that.

Tonight we will all be settling in to watch the Super Bowl.  I am rooting for Arizona for two reasons:

1.  I love a good underdog.  I rooted for the Giants last year because I wanted the underdog to win.  (I also rooted for them because I love the Manning brothers unconditionally and because Tom Brady is a douche, but that’s not important now)

2.  Remember the teacher I mentioned a few days ago, the one we all hate?  Well, he has a major man-crush on Ben Roethlisberger and absolutely loves the Steelers.  To put it in perspective:  his love for Big Ben makes me look like I’m mildly interested in Alex Ovechkin.  He had tickets to a Steelers game a few months ago and was actually kissing them before the bell rang.  His computer desktop is a huge picture of Ben Roethlisberger.  (Frostee’s Mom:  Well, you have a picture of Alex on your desktop, and you have tons of pictures of hockey players on your walls.  Frostee:  Yeah.  I’m also a teenaged girl.  Not a 30 year-old married man.  Frostee’s Dad:  *snorts on his water*)  He even got into a huge argument with one of the kids in class on Monday when the boy suggested that the Cardinals would win this year because they’re the underdogs like the Giants were.  My dear teacher spent a good ten minutes yelling about how this Super Bowl will be won by the team with the best defense, and that is OBVIOUSLY the Steelers.  It was absolutely hilarious watching him.  

So, Cardinals!  May the best defense team win!  I will be watching the Sens/Caps game working on my debate and helping with the pizza bread until then.  (Yesterday’s post game interview was SO CUTE because when Alex was talking about why 12:30 games suck he mentioned “sleeping before…in a bed.”  Oh, Alex.  What would we do without you always clarifying where and why certain things happen?)

Yeah. Nice Try, Hockey Gods

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Last night’s Sabres game was AWESOME.  I can’t even come up with enough adjectives to describe how much fun I had watching it.  The Sabres scored TEN GOALS, and it wasn’t even against a bottom-feeder like Atlanta.  Staffy with the tour du chapeau (ever since I watched the French feed of a Montreal game back in December, I have called hat tricks by their french name because it’s funny), Royzie and TV with three point nights, Timmy with two goals, Patches with a goal (!), Spacek with a goal, Hecht with a goal.  (And did everyone notice how after Hecht scored last night, they showed Roy sitting on the bench?  My theory is that they have absolutely no idea who Hecht is and just showed a random Sabre.)  The commentators were all, “We love Buffalo!” the whole night, which was quite nice.  I was amused by how even when the score was 6-1 Sabres, they still thought the Oilers could make a comeback.  That was cute.

The Sabres game last night was definitely one of my favorite of the season, but that doesn’t mean I’m just going to forgive the hockey gods and forget what happened.  You see, as the Sabres game didn’t start until nine, I decided to tune into another game at seven.  The Caps/Bruins game last night looked to be a pretty good one, so I thought I’d check in and see what happened.  Greenie started the scoring, both teams looked good, it was a fun time.  Then, in the second period, Alex came roaring down the wing with Chara right behind him.  As Chara could think of nothing else to do to prevent Alex from scoring, he hooked him.  Alex then lost his balance and FLEW SHOULDER FIRST INTO THE BOARDS.  HE THEN STAYED ON HIS BACK WITH HIS EYES CLOSED FOR A REALLY LONG TIME.  Dear Readers, saying I freaked out would be a complete understatement.  See, as a hockey fan I realize that getting hurt is part of the job.  Injuries to the Sabres may or may not have cost them a Stanley Cup a few years ago, and right now defensemen are dropping like flies.  Still, I expect injuries.  That doesn’t mean I don’t worry when they happen, because last week when Teppo was lying face-first on the ice I had a panic attack, but it’s not like I’m taken completely by surprise.  Um, Tim Connolly plays on my favorite team.  I’m used to injuries.  See, the thing is, Alex doesn’t do injuries.  There’s a long list of games where he got hurt and bounced right back up and kept playing.  Seeing him lie on the ice with his eyes closed was really scary.  Then, when he slammed both of his gloves on the ground and threw away his helmet – with his left hand! – I got really worried.  I was all set to change the pink sheets on my bed to a more masculine, er, purple so that I could tuck him in and give him the ice pack I used after my Gardasil shots and make him cookies and let him flip through old Seventeen magazines and nurse him back to health when he came skating back out in the third period.  Alex, if you were fine, then WHY DID YOU SCARE ME LIKE THAT?!?!  Good grief.

And in the post-game interview, Alex claims that he forgives Chara.  They showed him talking to Chara in the third and Alex just shrugged, but I couldn’t figure out if he was saying, “Hey, that’s hockey, no hard feelings,” or “Yeah, I called the Russian Mafia, but they haven’t called me back yet.  I’d lock your door tonight if I was you.”

The hockey gods realized how insanely furious at them I was, so they sent me a good Sabres game.  I haven’t forgiven them, but at least the Sabres got two important points and an even more important confidence boost.  These Western Conference road trips usually give me nightmares, but the Sabres look like they might actually do good this time around.  Woo, Sabres!  Just keep this positive mindset going into tonight’s game, and you’ll be fine.

What’s that?  Zetterberg signed a 12-year contract?  Worth $72 million?  Yikes.

-28 Is A Funny Number

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That’s Brind’Amor’s plus/minus.  He is a -28.  It’s the worst in the league.  I’m kind of amused by that.

Solid effort last night by the Sabres.  Ryan got himself a Ryan Miller Shutout. Thomas got two assists, and Timmy scored two goals.  I’m quite proud of him.  The past few days I’ve been wincing whenever anyone skates near him.  This was a huge game, and the one tomorrow night in Florida is just as big.  The Panthers are only two points behind the Sabres, so it’s the same situation as last night.  (I doubt I’ll be able to watch all of the game, though, because I have to DVR The Secret Life and watch Gossip Girl.  But I really don’t know why I watch The Secret Life.  I think it’s because it’s so bad it’s almost funny to watch?)  Florida USED to be the butt of all my jokes, but then they got good, so now it’s Tampa Bay and Pittsburgh.  

Teppo is out with a facial injury…my mom is devastated.  She absolutely adores Teppo, and I must say, it’s much better than two years ago when she loved Thomas Vanek.  That got…a little awkward.  The bad part is that Patches is coming back in Since Weber is hurt.  Guys, I was at the game against New Jersey, and I can say as an eye-witness that Nathan Paetsch looked absolutely horrendous.  This is not good.

The Capitals beat the Bruins in regulation.  Ha!  Take THAT, Boston!  Great goals by Green and Semin.  Alex didn’t get any points, so he’s still two behind Sid.  He did, however, have his jersey untucked at the beginning of the third period.  It was kind of odd.  Jose looked pretty solid after Semin scored to lock up the win, but I’m kind of liking the rumors that the Wild should trade Nick Backstrom to Washington.  Not only would there be TWO Nick Backstroms on ONE TEAM, but that would turn Washington into an absolute beast.  Even more than they are now.

Our Chinese house guest arrived last night.  I don’t think he knows any English words other than “yes.”  When I introduced myself that’s what he said.  Apparently he told my mom his English isn’t very good.  He’s still up in his room, which probably isn’t the best idea for his jet leg.  Since Twihard and I are incredibly politically correct, we were texting last night about mutually assured destruction and nuclear warfare.  During the third period I received this little gem from her: “chinese government want look at this fanatical fan.  why she love russia so much?”

Heh.  Maybe I was the only one who found that funny.  

Dear Readers, you wouldn’t happen to know where one could find current graphs and data tables involving the Asian economy, would you?

Thursday Ramblings

October 23, 2008 at 5:02 pm | Posted in Alex Ovechkin, Chris Drury, Jason Pominville, Nathan Paetsch, Randomness, Tim Connolly | 2 Comments

Dear Readers, I just thought I should let you know that you are now reading the blog of a ferocious badass.  You want to know how badass I am?  I’m skipping religion tonight so that I can watch the hockey game.  Technically, it’s because a) I have a really bad cough (I actually diagnosed myself with asthma, and every time I laugh I have an asthma attack.  I was a wreck in Latin) and b) Kristen, my partner for the African country project, might call me tonight if she needs me to email her any more information on Ghana for our poster, and I need to be available.  This is the story I’m sticking with, but when I told my dad I was going he said “Oh, you just don’t want to miss the hockey game, right?”

Psh.  No. Duh.

In other news, Pommer updated his blog!  The latest entry is just more proof to me that I have a TON in common with the Buffalo Sabres.  For example, when asked who the best dancer was, Pommer replied “”I’d have to say myself.   No, I’m just kidding.”   If I was asked who the best dancer was in my group of friends, I would probably say “Duh, me!   No, no, I’m totally shitting you, I’m terrible at dancing.”  It’s like the same thing, except Pommer can’t swear in his because the guys might see it and tell his mommy!

Just for the record, two years I would have LOVED reading his answer to the last question.  Timmy?  Dressed up like Chris?  As a Little League player?!?!  That’s awesome!!  (And also hilarious, since Timmyho is called Timmyho, and two years ago Chris Drury was a model-citizen).  Just in case you were wondering what Mr. Drury looked like after becoming a Little League World Series Champion, here ya go!  (Thanks to Anne at Sabretooth’s House for the picture!)

But now that Timmy is dead to me and Drury is a whore, I find that utterly immature.

(“No, no, I’m totally shitting you, I’m terrible at dancing I still think that’s hilarious.”)

P.S.  Patches, please don’t suck tonight!  I’m not going to suggest punishment if you play poorly, because we all saw how that turned out, but please, for the love of the hockey gods, don’t suck.

P.P.S.  Whoever found this blog searching “alex ovechkin sucks,” LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE.  We don’t serve your kind around here.

My (Male) Teacher is a Puckbunny, Talkin’ Defenders, and Ryan Miller’s Arm Will Get Cut Off

September 19, 2008 at 4:55 pm | Posted in Andrej Sekera, Brian Campbell, Buffalo Sabres, Chris Drury, Craig Rivet, Daniel Briere, Derek Roy, Frostee Does Predictions!, Henrik Tallinder, Huh?, Jaroslav Spacek, Jason Pominville, Mike Weber, Nathan Paetsch, Ryan Miller, Teppo Numminen, Toni Lydman | 2 Comments

Today in math, quite a few of the kids were wearing Sabres gear (including myself) in honor of the start of training camp, and my teacher jokingly asked one kid if he wanted to buy a Drury jersey.  Naturally, the boy recoiled in disgust, and Mr. Senn promised that he was just joking.  He then went on to say, and I quote, “Nah, I’m just going to take off the three and put on a nine and turn it into a Pominville jersey.”  I know.  My married, male, football coach math teacher is planning on wearing a Pominville jersey to games.  WTF?


When I opened up the depth chart today online, I realized that I don’t pay one bit of attention to defenders on the ice, unless his name is Toni Lydman and he sucks.  Therefore, this analysis is not going to be very good, and I promise that I will pay more attention this year.  (This might be because I haven’t seen Sabres hockey since freaking MARCH.  That is TOO LONG)

Henrik Tallinder

Last season was: AWESOME when he faked out Marty, but otherwise a bit frustrating.

This season should be: solid defense.

I will admit, I can not get too mad at Henrik after the shootout against New Jersey.  Honestly, I haven’t seen anything quite as badassed as that in a very long time.  But he needs to learn how to defend the freaking goalie the rest of the time.  I vaguely remember being mad at him for not doing that.  

Jaroslav Spacek

Last season was: ….. (how the fuck am I supposed to do that?  I can not remember ANYTHING from last season other than hating losing.  Not making the playoffs is not good for me.  Jaro, tell me, what did you do last year?  I remember you scoring the first goal of the season, but I also remember the Sabres losing that game.  WHAT DID YOU DO?!!?)

This season should be:  solid defense.

Just…don’t leave Crunchy alone.  I get that he sucked out loud most of the time last season, but sometimes it was because YOU and YOUR FELLOW DEFENDERS were not doing their JOB.  

Toni Lydman

Last season was: sucky.

This season should be:  solid defense.  (see a theme?)

Toni Lydman does not know how to play defense.  I lost all faith in him last year, and he better be AMAZING in the first game this year, because that’s all I’m giving him.  Three periods to prove me wrong.

Craig Rivet

Last season was: spent in San Jose.

This season should be:  solid defense, and veteran leadership.

I tacked on the veteran leadership for him because that’s supposedly why we got him.  God knows we need some more on-ice leadership.  We also need some solid defense.  Craig, you better DELIVER.

Nathan Paetsch

Last season was:  ehh

This season should be:  I’m not really sure.

Nathan Paetsch is another one of those guys I don’t really care about.  I also know that if Mike Weber was to replace him on the roster then he would have to clear waivers before he could go to Rochester Portland, and everyone keeps talking about how we can’t risk that, but are they serious?  Because, from what I can remember, (fuck you, Sabres, for not making the playoffs.  I have enough to remember without having to remember how NATHAN PAETSCH, of all people, played last year), losing him doesn’t seem like it would be SUCH a travesty.  But maybe that’s just my opinion.

Andrej Sekera

Last season was: totally awesome.

This season should be:  totally awesome.

After showing just how awesome he is during the end of last season, Andrej Sekera is most definitely feeling the love.  I have complete confidence in him.  I’m not worried at all.

Mike Weber

Last season was:  also pretty awesome.

This season should be:  pretty awesome.

Time to tell you all a secret:  I actually don’t really care all that much if Nathan Paetsch gets snatched up on waivers (because he’s such a hot commodity), if it means that Mike Weber makes the roster.  I LOVE Mike Weber.  In spite of his awkward interviews, I still think he is the shiz.  And that peanut heaven comment only made me love him more.  (Since The Buffalo News is RETARDED, they don’t have archives going back that far.  Maybe they didn’t want evidence of that EMBARRASSING loss to Montreal [it’s actually the one that forced us to put Little Ryan on the deck].  Or maybe they just don’t want easy access to archives.  I bet it was Bucky’s idea.)

Um, why is Teppo Numminen not on the depth chart?  Hmm???  

Teppo Numminen (take THAT, sexy depth chart)

Last season was: spent with his chest cracked open.

This season should be:  all Teppo, all the time!

I love Teppo Numminen just as much as I love Mike Weber.  He’s old, but he’s a foxy type of old, like Harrison Ford.  When he almost cries, it’s hilarious and endearing at the same time.  (quite unlike when Ovie cries, because then I usually fall out of my chair due to my hysterics)  Now that he’s all healthy, he can be more of that solid defense and veteran leadership we need.  He’ll also probably give Pommer a run for his money in the captain competition.


So, I mentioned in the title of the post how Ryan Miller will probably lose an arm.  I actually have a perfectly logical explanation for that.  You see, my dad and I were talking earlier about the upcoming season (just like in Crunchy’s house, my dad is the hockey expert here.  The only difference is that I don’t call my  dad by some cutesie name.  I just call him Dad).  I pointed out that this will be a massively confusing season for Sabres fans.  We have no players who need heart surgery.  All our key players are under contract.  What will we do without contract situations to stress about?  Who will we talk about if no one needs a heart valve replaced?!  We have NOTHING to distract us from hockey.  What the HELL are we supposed to do?  I’m a relatively young fan, and I’ve always had to worry in the offseason.  Two years ago it was the whores formally known as Drury and Briere, last year it was Teppo and the whore formally known as Soupy, and even Crunchy!  (at least, I was worried about Crunchy.  I don’t know about anyone else).  EVERYTHING has been going swimmingly thus far, and therefore something very bad is going to happen very soon.  My money is on Crunchy losing an arm, Royzie having a majorly bad hairday, and Pommer breaking his neck.  Nothing this good can last.  


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