Happiness All Around.

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So much winning and excitement happened last night…while I was doing school work. Vomit. The Caps finally snapped their yucky losing streak (coincidence that it happened as soon as Alex was made the official captain??) and, more importantly/exciting, Team USA won!! Woo!! Take THAT, Canada!! I only saw a few minutes of the third, but it sounded like a really fun game. I’ve actually never been all that into World Juniors (yeah, I know), but if I had the time I definitely would have watched this one. Especially since I was actually cheering for Team USA for once.

Sloan and Steckel were extended by the Caps. Holy hockey gods, when is Nicki getting his extension?

I will be journeying to HSBC Arena for the Sabres game tonight. It will be interesting to see how things play out since the Sabres have yet to make it to a five game win-streak (I’m pretty sure. I haven’t actually fact-checked this.), but with the exception of a preseason overtime loss they’re undefeated with me in attendance. Either way, I get to wear my new jersey for the first time and I’m very excited about that.

Hey Look, Personality!!

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During the first intermission tonight, we were treated to an interview in which Drew Stafford discusses Festivus.  I was really impressed by this video for two reasons:

1.)  Videos like this are pretty much the norm for a lot of other teams, but one gripe I’ve always had about the Sabres is that after a crappy game or when I’m in the mood for warm and fuzzy Sabre-love, there aren’t any hilarious/ridiculous/cute videos to watch.  I like that we get to see a guy’s personality for once.

2.)  The biceps.  Two tickets for the gun show, please!!

(Lindy didn’t hurt at the end either:  “I don’t even know why you would ask me such a stupid question.”  Lindy, you’re not so bad.)

On the other side, Alex was dancing along to some techno music at the end of the game.  I sincerely hope someone gets it up on Youtube.

While the intermission was rather enjoyable, the game itself was crap for the Sabres.  They sucked in the first period, they played a great second period, and then they sucked/spent too much time in the box in the third period.  Ryan Miller looked like the Miller of old on the first two goals, and if we’re going to start seeing more of that I will scream.  The penalty killing didn’t hold up when they needed it the most.  The power play continues to suck major ass.  I can’t even articulate how bad it is.  I…..it…..nightmares….

AND they play Ottawa next, so, you know, kicks and giggles, sunshine and lollipops.  I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see Lala start after Miller gave up five goals tonight, and also since December 26 is the most popular day for backups to start.  (That’s one of my favorite statistics, by the way.)

The Caps, on the other hand, played a really great game.  They started quickly, they didn’t lose their heads when the Sabres cut it down to a one-goal lead, and the finally managed to get something going on the two-man advantage.  Their 5-3 was horrible Saturday night and their power play wasn’t much better up in Canada, so to see them get two goals with the advantage when they needed it was nice.  Unfortunate it had to happen against the Sabres, but at least it happened.

I don’t get to see these two teams play each other again until March.  Frowny face.

Neuvy was pretty good last night.  He didn’t see any action in the first period, but he was rather solid in the second.

Lars scoring makes me all warm and fuzzy.

It’s about time Tim Connolly tried to make something happen.  I really like how he’s been working hard and justifying his contract.

I enjoyed all the faceoffs Goosie and David took against each other.  I’d have to check the actual statistics, but I think Paul had the upper hand this time.

Steve Montador is only a little gross without his fake tooth in.

LOL moment of the night:  Mike Green saying he likes blocking shots.  Sure thing, Michael.  Whatever you say.

He’s so cute when he tries to pretend he actually gives a crap about defense.

Have a very safe and happy holidays, everyone, and enjoy Festivus!!  Thanks again for reading.  You’re all the bestest.

Things That Are Good And Things That Are Bad.

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Things that are good:


Thing that are bad:

  • Still having to study for the reading quiz I’ll have if school isn’t canceled tomorrow.

Things that are good:

  • Ryan Miller.  Holy HELL, is that man good at hockey.  It was totally awesome when Sabretooth was bowing down to him.  He’s so good.  My jaw dropped multiple times.  Ryan, I want to thank you for redeeming yourself this year and making it less embarrassing for me to love you (because I don’t really broadcast it anymore, but I do still love him).  You’re so good at being a goaltender.  Just don’t burn out on me, ‘kay?

Things that are bad:

  • Getting shut out by the Sabres.  Um, Caps, you saw tape from their last two games, right?  Yikes, you need to learn how to score on elite goaltenders.

Things that are good:

  • Chris Clark totally looking at me three times.  Love ya, Christopher.

Things that are bad:

  • Fehric trying to flip me a puck and failing miserably.  Things Eric Fehr is not good at:  Shootouts, flipping pucks to dedicated fans during the pre-game skate.

Things that are good:

  • The Sabres killing off that power play the Caps had early on.  Wowzers, Sabres.  I know you have a great penalty kill, but the Caps have a great power play.  Y0u done good, boys, you done good.

Things that are bad:

  • Jose Theodore.  Varly, please get well soon.  (I realize he made some great saves, but all three goals he let in were really, really bad.)

Things that are good:

  • Alex coming over right in front of me and rattling the boards during the pre-game skate.  There were only a couple other fans by me at that time and they all had Sabres stuff on.  Alex, I love you.  I know I said this last December, but you’re HUGE in person.  And your hair is gross.  Yeah, I went there.

Things that are bad:

  • Alex playing arguably the worst game of his career.  First there was missing the WIDE OPEN NET by four feet.  Then there was the dive.  (My mom said Rob Ray didn’t think it was much of a dive and she didn’t either, but it happened right in front of me, and, well, it was pretty embellished.  Oh, Alex.)  Then he whined at the refs, and then he broke his stick.  That was just embarrassing.  I put up with so much crap from him, and then he broke his stick, and then I screamed “I STILL LOVE YOU ALEX” while he was getting a new one because I’m just trying to be a good fan.

Things that are good:

  • The Gerbe Derby got his first NHL goal!!  Yay!  Nate-dogg, I do love you so.  Congratulations, little man.  You earned it.  I’m glad you survived your collision with Tyler Myers, and I have to admit that it was pretty darn adorable.  Also, darling, picking on David Steckel is not the wisest idea since he’s twice as big as you.

Things that are bad:

  • Monty stealing Nathan’s first goal so he only got one instead of two.  Steve, that was not so nice.

Things that are good:

  • Henrik Tallinder’s goal.  Like, when the eff did he learn how to do that?

Things that are bad:

  • The Caps allowing Henrik Tallinder to score a goal like that.

Things that are good:

  • The first period.  That was an exciting period of hockey, folks.

Things that are bad:

  • The third period.  That was a really sloppy period.

Things that are good:

  • Lars’s hair.

Things that are bad:

  • I, uh, nope.  Got nothing.  Just look at that HAIR!

Things that are good:

  • The Sabres coming out after two crappy games and playing a really solid, great effort.  Way to bounce back, boys.  Y’all make me proud.

Things that are bad:

  • The Caps win streak ending.

Things that are good:

  • I got to see the secret handshake!!!!  Guys, it is even cuter in real life.  I laughed for about fifteen minutes.

Things that are bad:

  • I don’t get to see these two teams play each other in person again until March 😦

    Lindy Knew It.

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    Judging from the article in today’s paper, it would seem as though Lindy had a pretty good idea that the Sabres would not win the game last night.  Well, at least he didn’t get his hopes up or anything.

    I did not pay the closest attention to the game, but from what I did see, the Sabres looked disinterested and lazy.  Bad Sabres.  BAD.  Go sit in the corner in timeout.  Pommer finally tried to get something going with a minute left, but it wasn’t enough.  Whatevs.  I’m just disappointed that Ryan can give up two goals and the Sabres lose.  I guess we don’t have quite as much offense as we thought.  Or we used it up against the Canadiens.

    The Capitals, on the other hand, had offense galore last night.  Again, I didn’t see too much, but the first time I flipped to that game it was 3-1 and I saw them make it 4-1, the second time I flipped over it was 7-1, and the last time I checked it was 8-2.  Welcome back, Laviolette!  I know everyone’s saying that Bylsma lost his first game coaching the Penguins, btu wasn’t that in the shootout?  The Flyers completely rolled over and died.  Michael had two goals and two assists, Lars had five (FIVE!!!) points, they went 4-8 on the power play (against a team that’s supposed to be good on the penalty kill.  Oops), and David Steckel FINALLY scored his first goal.  David, it was about effing time.

    It amuses me how the Caps have scored 14 goals over the two games that Alex has been suspended.  The Sabres better watch out Wednesday night.  Playing Washington and Chicago in a row and then going to play the Rangers again on the second night of a back-to-back is actually going to be a really good test for them.  I look forward to seeing how they play.

    I saw the YouTube video of Carcillo punching Matt Bradley.  It was awful.  What a douchebag.  Poor Brads.  I hope that didn’t upset his pregnant wife too much.  (She hasn’t had the baby yet, has she?)

    I will be missing most of the games tomorrow night, but then I get to see both of my teams in person on Wednesday!!  Yay!!

    A Post Previewing the 2009-2010 Washington Capitals

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    Watch out, Pittsburgh. We’re coming for blood.

    (Also, Michael, get your act together; Sasha, for the love of vodka, don’t get hurt; David, I love you unconditionally and can’t wait to see you win EVERY SINGLE FACEOFF you take; Lars, y’all gonna be crazy good this year; Varly, I have faith that you’ll be the starting goalie; Mike Knuble, I’m counting on you to make the top line [Ovechkin-Backstrom-Knuble] the most insane line evah; the defense, collectively, please play a teeny tiny bit better [read: learn how to play defense]; Alex, score 60 goals, repeat with the Hart and Maurice Richard trophies, and steal that Art Ross away from Geno.)

    Let’s go Caps!

    Just Some Videos And Things

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    Word on the street is that our own Drew Stafford has signed a contract extension, but since the Sabres haven’t confirmed it yet and I haven’t gotten a text yet, I’m not going to comment on it.

    Other than that they better not be overpaying the inconsistent little jerk.

    I’ve been back to school for two whole days…and I’ve already started my count down till next summer.  Heh.  The best part so far was in our Welcome Back assembly when they told us that the best way we can get involved is by dressing up for Halloween and Homecoming week.  Wow, I never knew giving back to your school was so easy.

    I was going to put up my Sabres preview this weekend, but I think I’ll wait and post it next weekend.  Sorry to let you all down.

    Alexander is returning to the US of A tomorrow, which is very exciting.  Supposedly Lars is already back, which is also very exciting.  On Wednesday, Alex will be in the Big Apple to promote his video game.  He’ll be arriving by zamboni.  Yes, I know, he can’t drive.  It is for this reason that my mother suggested I blow off school and we drive on down, because apparently even she would drive seven hours and then turn right back around if it meant seeing Alex driving an ice-resurfacer down the streets of New York.  Alas, I have two tests on Wednesday and I’m babysitting that night, so I shall be unable to go see him.  Blast.

    The hockey game I want to go to in DC is the Inaugural Club Scarlet Night.  Methinks that would be an excellent game to be at.

    I’m not liking the Sabres’ chances this year.

    Let’s do some fun videos.

    Zachity Zach!! Oh, how I have missed thee.  And did you get a haircut?  (As I was writing this post, I realized that I don’t have a Zach Bogosian tag.  What the HELL is wrong with me??)

    Okay, which part of this video is the best part?  David showing how to play safely by showing up in flipflops?  David discussing his career shootout stats against Slapshot?  I can’t decide.  But oh, how I love David.  You’re going to be so badass this year.

    Hands off, ladies. He’s spoken for.  (It took me a really long time to get that link to work because the video was in Russian.  Lots of guessing and random clicking involved.)

    And finally, this one:

    (This was the only video I could actually embed.)

    Ha.  Hahaha.  Oh, Cabbie.  You know how to make me LOL.  You really do.

    Ryan, thanks for being the first to just come out and admit that yes, you’ve done yoga.  There’s no shame in it.  Yoga is so great, and you feel so happy and peaceful after.  Really.  I thought I was going to skip yesterday when I finished.

    Joe:  “I’ve gotta admit, I’ve gone once or twice.”  Joe, just say that you go weekly and that you can’t imagine life without it.  We see right through you trying to be all coy.  It’s really cute, but we know the truth.

    “Are your pores just leaking Grey Goose?” = Best line in the video.

    (Author’s note:  Trust me, you sweat it out in hot yoga.  Like, it pours off you.  But I haven’t gotten lightheaded yet.)

    Don’t fight it, Joe.  We know you were looking.

    Jonny, you are SUCH a typical 21 year-old.  “I had to!”

    Joe Thornton seriously cracks me up.

    So that’s about it.  I realize that this post had absolutely no pattern or reasoning behind it.  But that’s okay.

    Schedule Day! (The Bad Kind)

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    Yesterday I got my schedule for the year in the mail.  For the most part it’s okay, but my math partner/BFF from last year isn’t in my class this year, and while I finally have a class with one of my good friends, I only have one with one of my others.  And I have to wait until eighth period every day for Latin.  And it’s exactly the same all year because all of the classes I’m taking are year-long.  And I have a lunch once every six-day cycle.  I’ve never had a lunch before in high school.  I’m kind of scared.  Who will I sit with?

    Schedule Day meant that we had to go get my school supplies which meant that I had to get a binder for every single class except orchestra.  Yo, I’m in locker bay.  All of these binders are not going to fit.  My teachers will just have to suck it up when I use folders.

    The Sabres signed another guy.  Woopie.  I think they’re quite keen on beefing up for this season.

    Bruce threw out the first pitch at the Nationals game the other night.  Go Bruce!

    Jose Theodore’s two month-old son died.  I was completely shocked/completely depressed.  I may give Theo a lot of crap, but I would never wish this on anyone.  Caps, I think you need to come together and win the Cup for your backup goalie this year.  If anyone deserves it this year, it’s him.  It’s absolutely tragic.

    NHL.com was having another 20% off sale for t-shirts but they’re still out of all of the smaller sizes of the Backstrom shirts.  This is causing me distress.

    I have no idea what movie to watch tonight.  Which game is it of the Caps series?  If it’s Gam Six, I’ll watch that.  I love watching David Steckel be all sexy and heroic.  And Bruce’s reaction was beyond priceless.

    Lars Tours The Swedish Embassy!

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    But first, thoughts on last night’s game.


    Okay, I’m better now.

    But, seriously?  Game 7, Washington?  If you were going to win – and win in overtime, at that! – why couldn’t you have done it already and just ended this stressful series?  I can’t take much more if it, I simply can’t.  That game was one big mess of scoring and lead changes and me literally jumping around in my seat because I couldn’t sit still.  It was awful.  I was a wreck in overtime, and then then they scored my reaction was similar to Bruce’s.  Bruce’s reaction, in case you didn’t see it, was absolutely priceless.

    And, whoa, DAVID STECKEL!!  I was so pissed at David but then he went and scored an overtime winner to keep the series alive.  Apparently it’s just what the doctor ordered.  And apparently he was totally torn up about missing the WIDE OPEN NET back in Washington?  Hmm, maybe I feel a little bit bad about being so mean to him.

    I got to do my impression of Tomas Fleishmann doing an impression of Jim Carey in “Dumb and Dumber” when he scored last night.  It’s so bad but I love doing it.

    I had just finished putting a pox on Viktor Kozlov’s house and he scored.  Then, when I was explaining the aforementioned pox to my mother, he scored again.  Must remember this tomorrow night.

    Semin got a goal, but I still haven’t seen the old Michael we all know and love.  I fear that his terrifying mohawk has addled his brains.

    Watching David Steckel drink a water bottle is a lot like watching Chis Osgood eating a banana:  totally terrifying.  He devoured that thing.

    Chicago killed Vancouver to clinch the series and move onto the conference finals.  Congrats, Blackhawks!  Thanks for proving me wrong in my predictions!


    Yesterday the Cisco All-Access Pregame show featured this video.  In it, our very own Lars Backstrom takes a tour of the Swedish embassy.  Seriously, Dear Readers, just watch this video.  Watch it several times, actually, and let it all sink in.

    Let’s start at the beginning.  Dear Readers, when I was in seventh grade I took a trip to Washington, D.C.  Amongst other things, we took a tour of the Ethiopian Embassy.  (I’m actually not positive if it was Ethiopia, all I remember is that it was an embassy from that area of the world.  So I just tell people it was Ethiopia.)  We all liked the concept of being on that country’s soil while you were in the embassy, so at the door we all announced that we were in the United States, took a step, and then said that we were in Ethiopia.  Some of us, myself included, even stood with one leg in the U.S. and one in Ethiopia.  This is the exact same thing Nicklas is doing, except he isn’t thirteen years old.

    Next Lars discusses the view (which, by the way, is gorgeous).  I can’t even really explain it, but you know how in videos or commercials sometimes they’ll show a character saying the same thing over and over again to emphasize it?  Well, that’s what Lars is doing.  He keeps talking about the view, because he loves it that much.

    After being treated to the view, Lars is taken on his tour and is asked to point out his home town on a map of Sweden.  We used to do this in preschool.  “Okay, now, we all live in Orchard Park, and so we’re going to take turns finding it on a map.  Next, we’ll take turns reciting our phone numbers since it was your homework last night!”

    I was actually just as surprised as Lars was to learn that the design of the Coke bottle came from Sweden.  That’s kind of cool.  Just listen to his reaction.  Rewind it and listen to it again.  “Whoa!”

    At this point I just shook my head and said, “Yes, Lars, it is very Swedish in the Swedish Embassy.”

    When Lars reminded the ambassador that they had to behave because “we have the camera on,” I just chuckled because that lucky ambassador just got out of an afternoon of potty jokes.  

    Two things from when he sits down at the desk:  First, awww look at that grin!  Second, I used to like sitting at my dad’s office desk when I was a little kid and pretending that I was the boss.  It was fun.

    And that concludes Lars’s tour of the Swedish Embassy.


    This video made me realize four things:

    1.  Lars Nicklas Backstrom is adorable.  He is the Pie of the Capitals, if you will.

    2.  I really like the idea of players taking tours of their embassies.  The NHL should do this more often.

    3.  The Sabres need to get cracking on really good videos next year.  I’m dying for “Ladies Man” and “Roommates.”

    4.  I really miss the Sabres.  I love the Capitals, but I wish I could still watch the Sabres play.  Frowny face.

    A Recap Of Last Night’s Game, In Case You Missed It

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    The puck dropped last night, and the Capitals were on fire.  They looked fantastic, and thanks to a terrible play by Fleury (I could practically see the *facepalm*) Alex got the first goal.  Then, at the ten minute mark, the Caps all decided to go to a bar in Pittsburgh to watch the Boston/Carolina game.  Simeon doesn’t speak English, however, so he didn’t know they were leaving.  He continued to play his life out for the rest of the game while the few remaining Caps took penalties and just generally looked like a mess.

    (Yes, I realize that the Caps looked like complete crap last night, but there were still several non-calls.  There were definitely a few times Pittsburgh should have been penalized.  I’m just pointing that out.)

    Then, with only a few minutes left in the third, after I had spent the whole night swearing and screaming at the TV, they showed a couple sitting at the game.  They were noticeable for several reasons:

    1.  They weren’t participating in the white-out.

    2.  The woman’s hair was a crazy maroonish afro, and clashed with her berry-colored jacket.

    3.  The guy was wearing a jacket that may or may not have been made of pleather.  Trust me, I know what pleather looks like.  My friend wore ill-fitting pleather pants for Halloween a few years ago, and I’ve never forgotten the stuff.

    Being the catty, judgmental, overly-critical person I am, I proceeded to point all of these out to my dog.  I know that I wasn’t being nice, but the chances of them ever finding out are slim to none.

    Then Doc informed me that I was being a tad bit mean to Mr. and Mrs. Malkin.  And then Geno scored.

    And at that point I was feeling pretty miserable, but then a penalty was FINALLY called on the Penguins and Lars had just finished watching “Mamma Mia!” for the sixty-eighth time (what can I say?  he loves the ABBA tunes) so he decided to come out and score a goal.  And at that point I figured the Caps would win the game in overtime because a) they could ride their momentum from the comeback and b) they sort of reminded me of the Sabres last night, and the Sabres would win the game just to piss me off.

    The Capitals did not, however, win the game.  They certainly looked awful, but as David was kin enough to remind us of after Game 2, you’re supposed to win at home and split on the road.  Hear that, Caps?  Win at home, SPLIT on the road.

    Carolina also scored in overtime.  Congrats, ‘Canes.

    The Things I Know For Certain

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    • Last night’s game was hugely entertaining.  Completely nerve-wracking, but so much fun.
    • Alex’s tour du chapeau was better than Sid’s because Alex’s won the game.
    • Simeon Varlamov is really good at bouncing back from bad goals.  I like that in a man.  He’s reliable.
    • Trendy Euro has abandoned us for the evil KHL.  As I have a sinking feeling about Lala, I was thinking the Caps should ship Jose up here.  He’s pretty, and it’s not like Lindy’s going to ever play him, so we wouldn’t have to worry!
    • David Steckel may be a douchebag, but just as Brian is Stewie’s douchebag, David is mine.  (I actually don’t know if he’s a douchebag, it’s just this random assumption I made.  If you happen to know one way or another you could let me know…or not.  I kind of like just going around thinking he’s a lovable douche.)
    • Christine Simpson would be a fascinating subject for a mental study.  She really, really would be.  I’d probably end up in therapy, but I would love to know what goes on under that perfectly made up blonde head.
    • Christine Simpson needs to realize that not every North American player she interviews is Sidney Crosby.  His name is David Steckel, Christine.  He plays for the team that won and he’s from Milwaukee.  His name is not Sid.
    • I think I’ve managed to figure out what Simeon’s appeal to me is.  Aside from the badass goaltending and the charmingly boyish good looks, he’s a man of mystery.  I know very little about him other than that he’s a goalie, he’s Russian, has a good sense of humor, and the first English word he learned was “awesome.”  That must be what intrigues me.  For all I know, he could be a Latin scholar who loves baking cookies and whiling away rainy days with a book.  
    • Simeon, don’t you dare be a Latin scholar who loves baking cookies and whiling away rainy days with a book.  That would be SO not cool.
    • I was worried that hanging my Caps banner in the front door would jinx them, but it didn’t.  Woo!
    • I’m kind of in favor of suspending Kunitz for trying to behead Simeon with his stick, but I doubt it will happen.  The league has been quite inconsistent with suspensions during the playoffs this year.
    • I just paid $22 for a “Got Ovechkin?” t-shirt.  I’m so excited.  I’m putting it on the moment it comes.
    • I applaud Alex for cracking jokes in a language he isn’t completely comfortable with yet, but sometimes I don’t even know where they come from.  “I’m afraid to go home.”  Does that mean your fans will be rioting excitedly out in front of your house?  Does it mean that you fear another egg being left in your driveway?
    • Reporters need to accept the fact that Alex isn’t going to talk about Simeon.  Please, people. Just understand that and move on.  Stop asking him.  It’s a tad bit annoying.
    • Also, can we please get over this whole Alex-LeBron thing?  Yes, they’ve met each other.  Yes, LeBron sent him a jersey.  We know.  You’ve only told us a million times.
    • What they’ve left out every single time they tell it, however, is that Lars was also there that day.  Poor boy.  Everyone always forgets Lars.
    • I feel a clarification is necessary, as many people (read: my brother) have been asking me over and over again why just because I love Alex, I have to hate Sid.  Here’s the deal:  Long before I even cared about Alex, I disliked Sidney Crosby.  It’s just always been there.  I can’t even fully explain it.  (Well, no, I can.  It just takes a while and I don’t feel like going into it.)  I didn’t start disliking the Penguins until I started liking the Caps.  That’s all.
    • Evgeni Malkin can always be relied on to choke in the playoffs.  Did he miss the flight to DC?
    • Will being back in front of their home crowd give the Penguins a huge lift tomorrow night?  Absolutely.  
    • Is a 2-0 series lead in Washington’s favor huge, and hard to overcome?  Hell, yes.  I’m not making any predictions and I’m not saying anything.  I’m just…sayin’.

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