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Both the Sabres and Caps went to overtime. The Sabres lost. (Let’s not talk about it, Tyler.) The Caps won because Lars Nicklas Backstrom is so good at hockey and I don’t even know what words to use to describe him anymore.

For yesterday: the baby pictures made my life, I’m really sorry but I love Pavel Datsyuk, and Jochen Hecht played an amazing game. Too bad he couldn’t look like that more often.

Today: I love Nicki, I love Nicki, Flash and Fehric are really good together, and I love Nicki.

I’m not even going to say anything about Alex’s hit on Campbell. It looked like Soupy toe-picked. In one angle it looked like Alex got his back and from another angle it looked like he got his arm. I really don’t know. There’s no consistency in the NHL so it could go either way. The one thing I don’t like is Alex being compared to Matt Cooke. They are so completely different.

This game was really huge, because if it turns out it is a Stanley Cup Finals preview, I think Washington won the mental war today.

I’m not going to be able to see either game on Tuesday since I have a concert, but I already know what’ll happen for Buffalo: Atlanta will win. MacArthur and Max are probably going to have career nights too. At least the Sabres are predictable.

I Am Going To Watch The Game Tonight.

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I feel bad.  I’ve neglected the Sabres as of late.  I didn’t see any of the game last night (although when I checked the score it was 3-0 Minny, so, uh, yeah) and I didn’t see the one last Friday night and I didn’t watch much of the one from Wednesday.  But tonight I will watch the game in its entirety.  I won’t be distracted by something on another channel.  I won’t be distracted by the pile of work I have to do.  I won’t start playing a game on my phone and look up all of a sudden to see that the game ended.  It won’t happen.

Tonight will be a really good game since the Sabres might not actually be that good and the Red Wings are trying to make the playoffs.  I’m looking forward to it.  I’m also looking forward to seeing Candy Corn Head again.  I do love my Candy Corn Head.

Poor Patrick Lalime.

I will also be watching the Caps game tomorrow afternoon.  I have arranged my weekend around it, because afternoon games quite often throw wrenches in my plans.  This game will be quite good.  I hope Theo starts for the Caps.  I hope Alex does something about Sidney now leading the league in goals.  I hope Lars Nicklas winks after playmaking.

Oh, and I just pulled out the paper to read while I was on the computer (because apparently that’s how I multitask) and ROBI’S ALIVE!!  I WAS SO WORRIED ABOUT HIM!!  I’ve sort of been running with this theory lately that he’s dead and the Sabres won’t tell us.  Get well soon, Robi.  All the best.

But, um, at the risk of sounding like a terrible person, the article seems to imply that the painkillers would make him say things that don’t make sense.  Would this be, uh, some sort of change from what he said before the accident?

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words (#64, #65)

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The NHL Awards concluded not too long ago, and while the choices for musical entertainment were a bit, uh, questionable, I highly enjoyed myself for the most part.

The NHL does this wonderful thing each year at the awards where they bring the nominees in for a photo shoot while they’re all dressed up and looking nice.  The results are usually fantastic, and the pose choices for this year were no exception.

alex tie

I thought I’d start off with a picture of Alex, since, you know, he’s a ferocious badass and won three awards.  That’s actually why the last two reasons are being used up tonight.  Because, um, three awards gets you two reasons for love.  My math skills are rad.

But poor math aside, once again this was Alex’s night.  (Because, alas, Candy Corn Head could not wrestle the spotlight away from him.)  Since I’m apparently a terrible fan I never realized that his grandfather had actually passed on, so when he said that in his speech I got all choked up.  I think he did too.  Can I just say, that if he had started crying, I would have been sobbing.

When he and Malkin went up for their scoring hardware, I was highly amused when Geno congratulated him.  He turned to the right even though Alex was on the left, and when he turned back Alex shifted over.  Maybe you kind of had to be in my head, but it was hilarious up there.

Then he won the Hart trophy and did his hot stick celebration with it.  Don Cherry’s gonna be pissed.  Then he promised a Cup in DC next year.  I like a man with confidence, I really do.  I hope that’s the case next year, because I have little hope in the Sabres pulling it together that quickly.

But back to the picture.  One of the popular poses tonight was adjusting your tie, as Alex is.  He also has a cute little grin/smirk thing going on, and you can still see the red in his hair.  Maybe it’s because I’ve been mad at him for the past week and tonight made me forgive him, but I think this picture is just goofy enough to work.  And as my mother will be quick to point out, you can’t see his missing tooth.


Maybe it’s just me, but good ol’ Geno looked kinda pissed at first when Alex won.  His girlfriend also looked kind of skanky, but again, maybe it was just me.  I do, however, like this picture, although only because it’s so bad.  I think the photographer was looking for a tough, manly, crossed-arms pose, but what he got was Malkin going, “Like this?  I put arms on elbows like this?”


I’m kind of sad Kris didn’t win, even though he was up against hard competition in Mason, but this picture makes up for it.  I think the point of this pose is to put us in awe of the players’ strong build and tall bodies, but all this does is make Kris look a tad bit confused.  And a little bit angry.  I love the tie, but the hair has got to go.  Sorry, Kris (and Cari).  I just don’t think it works on you.

But I really appreciate his decision to not wear Lacoste.  I was ready to fly out there and punch him if he did.


Oh, Michael.  Michael, Michael, Michael.  There are so many things wrong with this picture, but at the same time so many things right.  It isn’t exactly a secret that I have been furious with Michael since the playoffs started, but when he showed up on that red carpet with his stupid mohawk and his smart little bowtie, my heart kind of melted.  Damn you for making me love you again, Michael.  Damn you.

I was really surprised to see Chara take home the Norris because I figured that even if Michael didn’t win, Lidstrom would.  Whatever, Michael.  You didn’t deserve the award.

However, I do think he managed to pull off a successful picture.  Unlike some players (coughMalkincough) he seemed to understand how to cross his arms, and that and the slight bend in his knee is enough to give the picture a sassy tone without being too sassy.  I also actually kind of like the facial expression.  It looks like he tweezed his eyebrows again before hitting the show.  I think he was trying to go for an alluring face.

And I’m glad his mommy could be there with him.

niklas backstrom

I consider this picture to be a win, even if the player in it didn’t do that.  He’s got the right amount of smile and the right amount of folded arm, but it’s not too in your face.  I’m also a huge fan of his suit.

And his name is Niklas Backstrom, and we all know how much I love men with that name.


In this pose, we have Mr. Parise attempting to put his hands on his hips.  While his smile definitely gets a ten (as the puckbunnies who make bumper stickers on Facebook would say, “his face was crafted by angels”), I’m not so sure about the rest of it.  It just doesn’t seem like a natural pose for Zach.  It almost comes off cute, in the “aww look at the little boy trying to pose” kind of way.  And it definitely looks awkward for him.

candy corn head

And then there’s Candy Corn Head.  Oh, Candy Corn Head.  I simply adore you.  I’m so happy you got to take home two trophies and I loved your speeches.  You’re such an eloquent speaker, even though your English is “short.”  (And, did you tell the rest of the Russians to inform us that their English, too, is short?  Because it seems like they all were saying it.)  There’s nothing you could do to make me stop loving you, unless you defected to Russia.  You seem like the nicest guy, and very humble.  I wish you nothing but happiness.

Speaking of defections, WHY was everybody all, “Yo, Sergei, we love you, we’re letting you present the Hart Trophy, we’re calling you a Capital.  It’s all good”?????  He is signing with Russia. That’s what he wants to do.  It was so annoying seeing him sitting there and just looking so happy when all along he was probably thinking happy thoughts about the KHL.  He is supremely annoying.

And the sad thing is, if for some reason he should end up with the Caps next year I’ll probably love him again.

But all in all, I thought the awards were fun.  TimTom was all cute for both of his awards, Jarome Iginla further convinced me that when I win the lottery and buy the Sabres I have to bring him in to be captain, and somehow Richard Zednik didn’t win the Masterton.  That was the only one that truly perplexed me.  Dude had his throat cut open and almost died last season and came back to play this season.  But whatevs.

Now we get to look forward to the draft and, more importantly, Free Agency Day!!

Awards Night!!!

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I’m a huge fan of award shows in general.  In the weeks leading up to the Oscars my cousin, my mother, and my grandmother and I have deep discussions about all of the nominees.  We try to see as many as the nominated movies as possible, and after the Oscars are over we see the rest and pick them apart.  The Tony’s are cause for celebration, as are all the other shows during awards season.  The NHL Awards are no exception.  Yes, I get that they can be a bit awkward, but you know what?  I’ll take awkward!! If it means getting to see the players all dressed up and coming out to read teleprompters and look uncomfortable while making acceptance speeches before they all leave for the summer, I’ll sit through it!!  And I’ll overanalyze it just as much as I overanalyze the Oscars, thank you very much.

So, yeah.  I’m excited for tonight.  I hope Alex wins all of his awards but I hope we still get an acceptance speech from Candy Corn Head.  As much as I hate Michael at the moment and as much as I find his current behavior intolerable and think it shouldn’t be rewarded, I kind of want to see how many times he would say “whatnot” in his acceptance speech.  I want to see Nick Lidstrom’s kids again.  I’m sad that Lars isn’t nominated for anything, because last year when he was there in his adorable little tux, I didn’t love him as I do now and therefore couldn’t enjoy the evening properly.  I don’t even remember who the nominees for coach of the year are.  For Cari’s sake I want Steeger to win the Calder, but I think it’ll go to Mason.

Enjoy the awards tonight, everybody!  I know I will.  Ha.

P.S.  It occurred to me at the Jack’s Mannequin/The Fray concert  last night that instead of spending his money on hookers, Alex should be spending it on piano lessons.  Every single time I see Jack’s Mannequin I’m reminded of the fact that my future husband simply must play the piano.

It’s Only Monday

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Huh.  It’s only Monday morning.  It feels like it should be a LOT later in the week than that.  That’s lame.  Wednesday night/all day Thursday/Friday are going to pretty much rock, but apparently I have to get through today and tomorrow first.

Guess what!!  Alex is back in the U.S. right now!!!  Unless he’s a little liar and was making it up when he said he was coming back on June 14 with a friend since he had never been to Vegas before.  I worry about him all alone in Vegas.  I wouldn’t want him to get into any shenanigans before the big day.

I don’t even remember who the other nominees are.  We’re going to get a Candy Corn Head, “I want to make speech long, but English shot” acceptance speech, right?  Who else will we get to see in a tux?

Now I’m so excited!!  I know a lot of people don’t like the NHL Awards, but I ADORE them.  I’m always a huge fan of award shows.  My house pretty much shuts down for the Oscars.  I don’t find the NHL Awards boring at all.  Players in tuxes reading awkwardly off teleprompters?  Yes!!  I love it!!

Another. Game. Seven.

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There have certainly been a lot of sweeps this year in the playoffs, but GOOD GRIEF have there been a lot of seventh games.  But I’m pretty sure Game Seven in the Stanley Cup Finals is about as intense as it gets.  And while I didn’t want this series to go to seven games, the timing is actually perfect.  While New York State does a lot of bad, bad things, one good thing it does is regents exams.  They’re quick, they’re easy, they replace real exams, and they require studying the day before.  Therefore, I have absolutely no schoolwork to do during the game tomorrow night.  The last time I didn’t have a paper to write or a project to work on or a test to study for during a game was spring break.  I think.

I really, really want the Red Wings to win the game tomorrow night.  50% of that is rooted in my genuine like of the team.  The whole organization is amazing!   This is what all teams wish they could be like!  They’re successful with low draft picks!  They have Pavel “Candy Corn Head” Datsyuk!  What’s not to love?!  25% of it is my dislike for the Pens, and 25% of it is the fact that if Sidney Crosby wins the Stanley Cup before Alexander I will jump off the Peace Bridge.

Marian Hossa has basically been a non-factor in this series, crushing my hopes that he’ll get the series-clinching goal.  Of course, he could come alive in his desire to prove to the Penguins that he knew exactly what he was doing when he bolted for Pittsburgh.  I realize that Pens fans think what he did was awful, but really, he passed up money and a long-term deal for a shot at the Stanley Cup.  You’ve gotta admire that.  

While Candy Corn Head came back and asserted himself as my fourth favorite third favorite Russian in the league (I refuse to believe that Sergei Fedorov is “still negotiating” with the Capitals.  He’s gone.  He has abandoned me and the Caps.  It hurts to think about it), Henrik Zetterberg has also kind of been stealing my heart.  This boy is good at hockey.  And he’s Swedish.  Swedish hockey players are almost as awesome as Russian hockey players, FYI.

So tomorrow night the hockey season ends.  The NHL dragged it out as long as they could.  If the officiating is slanted in Pittsburgh’s favor again, I hope the fans at the Joe give the refs hell.  And I won’t be all that surprised if it is.  You all saw Gary Bettman’s face when the Pens were getting blown out of the water in Game 5, didn’t you?

Elsewhere in the hockey world, Brent Sutter left the Devils, Dany Heatley wants out of Ottawa, Emery’s with the Flyers, Tippett got canned, and Nylander might be headed to the KHL.  If Sutter’s done with the Devils, well, looks like we won’t be seeing his angry glare more often.  

I’m not sure how I’d feel about Dany Heatley leaving Ottawa, because he’d be taking with him the punchline to all of the dumb jokes we tell in my family.  It’s really lame, and you kind of have to be there for it to be funny, but every time someone says they hate something, whoever’s near enough adds “But not as much as Dany Heatley.”  Example:

Grandma:  “So what do you think of that Miley Cyrus?”

Me:  “I hate that bitch.”

Mom:  “But not as much as you hate Dany Heatley.”

Part of it is because it’s funny, and part of it is because we hate Ottawa and he plays for Ottawa.  Leaving the Senators might permanently kill our joke.

I laughed for about ten minutes when I saw that Emery signed with Philadelphia.  Guys, I sincerely doubt that a year in the KHL has changed Emery.  There’s a very good chance that the Flyers will drop in the standings next year, either because Emery plays badly or because he completely implodes.  But I will be happy to have the “Eeeemmmmmeeerrrryyyy” chants back.  Those were one of my absolute favorite cheers.

Dave Tippett got fired.  Dallas was in the conference finals last year and didn’t make the playoffs this year.  That’s all.

While I’m definitely against players leaving the NHL for the KHL when they currently have contracts here, I’m actually kind of sort of hoping that Nylander does end up over here.  I do not like Michael Nylander.  He hardly ever plays and he’s not that good and he eats up cap space faster than an SUV eats up gas.  The Caps need to get Semin and Lars locked down, and the last thing they need is wasted cap space.  Bye, Michael!!

Heeeeere We Go!

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I thought about it, and I realized that I actually am leaning towards the Red Wings winning this series.  Come on, guys.  It’s the Red Wings.  This series is by no means going to be a blow-out, but I think the Wings will come out alive.  So, Detroit in seven.  Partially because, as I said, this series will be wicked close.  Partially because a seven-game series would work best with my schedule.  Game Seven would be on a Friday and I’ll be able to pay close attention to it.  Five games would work too, but a six-game series would be awful.  If that were the case I might have to miss the last game. 

Candy Corn Head is out again tonight, which worries me that his injury is quite serious.  We can only hope that when he does return, it’s with oodles and oodles of goals.  Please, Candy Corn Head.  Your lack of scoring is killing me.

Monday Ramblings

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  • Yesterday’s game was pretty enjoyable.  As much as I love Chicago, though, I really don’t think they’ll make it past Detroit.  The Red Wings just have too much experience.
  • Every time someone on Detroit scores, I get insanely angry that it wasn’t Pavel Datsyuk.  His lack of scoring really angers me.  Every time the Wings score, I scream something along the lines of, “CANDY CORN HEAD.  YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO SCORE.  WHERE HAVE THE GOALS GONE?”  Maybe it’s the shape of his head, maybe it’s his poor knowledge of English, maybe it’s his Russian background, maybe it’s his all-around badassedness.  I have a total soft spot for Pavel.
  • My aunt tried to make me promise to root for Carolina in the east, and even though I told her I did I was lying.  Shh!!  I’m so apathetic about this series.  I could not care less about either team even if I tried.  It wold be so much nicer if we could just declare both of those teams losers and move on and give the Cup to Detroit.
  • My phone has been dying a slow, painful death, and today it got even worse.  I feel like the poor little thing has cancer and progresses to more severe stages.  Now the screen keeps disappearing and text messages come through in weird characters, which is even worse than when it just wouldn’t make calls.  It’s so sad.
  • Mike Milbury was trying to get Sid to admit to misbehaving in school.  Mike, I don’t think you’re going to get anywhere with that.
  • I had my speaking test today in French with hilarious results.  One of my teacher’s questions kind of threw me and I just started randomly spitting French words out.  It was pretty great.
  • I’m not sure how much attention I’ll pay to the series tonight because 1) as I mentioned before, this series annoys me and 2) “Gossip Girl” and “One Tree Hill” season finales.  It’s almost summer!!
  • Also, as it’s a school night, I can’t really play the Staal Brothers Drinking Game.

This Post Is Kind Of Nonsensical

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WOOO!!!  The Capitals WON last night, everyone!!  I can’t even remember the last time I got to see one of my favorite teams win a playoffs series.  It’s been ages. *narrows eyes at Sabres*

The Caps looked like crap for the first two periods and I was so worried and I was trying to study while I was watching and it wasn’t doing any good.  But then they won.  SERGEI scored the game winner!!  Oh, Sergei.  Stop this right now.  My crush on you is so inappropriate, and you scoring the series clincher did nothing to help it.

Alex was so over his interview with Chris – oh, I’m sorry, Christine Simpson – last night.  It was funny.  It made me laugh.

But he said a baaaad thing in the interview in the locker room.  Alex, we told on Albert in third grade when he said “Jesus Christ” for a reason.  It’s bad.  Don’t say it, or we’ll tell on you and then the teacher will take you out in the hall and talk to you and you’ll have to sit out for ten minutes during recess.  These are the lessons I take away from elementary school.

I have to make a poster tonight, and that’s it.  It’s odd knowing I don’t really have to study.  Okay, well, I do have a few quizzes coming up, but that’s what homeroom’s for.  

I didn’t get a chance to mention it, but, uh SUCK IT, SHARKS.  Everyone was getting on my case when I picked the Ducks to win but then they DID.  Ha.  See, people?  Frostee is not as crazy as you all thought!

Upon reviewing my first round predictions, it would appear as though I guessed the correct winner for every series except the Vancouver/St. Louis one.  I was just off on the games it would take.  Like, really, really off.  I really thought Boston would need six to knock out  Montreal?

This whole, “Dan Girardi and Marc Staal are a couple” thing is highly amusing.  Glen, I’m thinking if we didn’t already know about it the boys were trying to keep their love affair hush-hush.  Way to completely out them.

CHRISTOPHER returned last night!  Chris Clark, my BFFL, played last night.  I may not have realized it until halfway through the first period, but at long last, the Capitals’ captain has come back!  I also realized that he and I found each other and then lost each other way before I started calling players by their full first names instead of nicknames, so Chris = Christopher.  FYI.

I’m really proud of myself, or ashamed of myself, depending on how you look at it.  I skipped right over the Alex interview tot he Chris one when I went on the Caps’ website today.

Also, Alexander = Alexander Ovechkin.  When I’m talking about Semin, I either call him Semie or call him Sasha in a rather disdainful tone.  Just so y’all know.

I found a Russian I don’t like!  (aside from Max, of course)  Viktor Kozlov is lame.  I’ve suspected it all season long, and this series confirmed it.

If any of the fans who were sitting behind the Rangers bench are reading this, those signs and those rain ponchos were absolutely brilliant.  I loved them.

Alex, Geno, and Pavel are the Hart finalists.  I totally heart Pavel, but I don’t really think he has a chance.  Also, in a completely non-biased way (because nothing I ever say is biased on this here blog), I think Alex has the best chance to win this.

The Capitals, however, don’t appear to be the team that will win this playoffs series.  It makes me sad, but it’s a fact of life.

Sucks for the New Jersey fans.  I did think Carolina would win the series, but the way in which they won is really harsh.

My mom has a really funny – and COMPLETELY wrong – Swedish impression.  She coined it when trying to lift my spirits after the Game 2 loss when they were interviewing Henrik, and when the handshake line showed him and Nicklas last night she did it again.  It’s so bad.  It’s so funny.  I wish I knew how she possibly came up with it.

In gym we’re playing floor hockey and I recently discovered that the reason I’ve been sucking on left wing is that I’m actually a natural defense(wo)man.  It’s wonderful.  No one every wants to play goalie so all we have are these little blocks, and I did an excellent job defending the net.  I was a +12, but I got yelled at every time I tried to join the rush.  It was an interesting situation, as my gym teacher kept yelling at my partner and I to run around and get active, but whenever our forwards controlled the puck and I wanted to run down and help them, she yelled at me to stay put.  Thus is the extent of damage Brian Campbell has inflicted upon me.

My phone exploded last night when they won.  It’s very sweet of everyone who texted me.  It’s very funny that people who work with my parents somehow got a hold of my number to congratulate me.

Pittsburgh is very close to Buffalo.  My parents have been toying with my emotions about going to one of these games, because apparently they know people who could get tickets.  I think they’re just doing it to crush me, as parents are wont to do, but, um, there’s a game Friday night next week.  I get out of school at two.  Just sayin’.

This post is very long and ramble-y.  I’ll stop now.  Time to make my seating arrangements.  Just in case anyone was wondering, a dinner party with Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, Aung San Suu Kyi, and Deng Xiaoping is actually really boring.

Monday Ramblings: Ankle Edition

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Dear Ryan Miller’s Ankle,

Screw you.

With Love,


Dear Buffalo Sabres,

As you know, tomorrow is my birthday (checks should be made out to Frostee, gift cards should be to either Forever 21 or the iTunes Store, and cold hard cash is always appreciated).  It also happens to be the night you play the Anaheim Ducks.  I am trying to take a positive attitude about this whole thing, but I’ll be honest.  It’s not easy.

First there’s the matter of this whole Miller-having-a-high-ankle-sprain thing.  Being raised by hockey fans, there were two things I have been taught my entire life.  The first is that the Philadelphia Flyers are bad and should be openly loathed (hey, my dad grew up going to Rangers and Islanders games).  The second is that high ankle sprains are probably one of the worst injuries hockey players could get.  Groin injuries are also pretty bad.  See, Miller is most likely out until the end of the season unless the hockey gods do us a solid and throw a miracle our way.  Patrick Lalime is now your starting goaltender and you called up Jhonas Enroth today.  I’ve given this a lot of thought, and there are two possible outcomes from this scenario:

1)  You, the Buffalo Sabres, band together in an incredible show of team unity and play in front of Patty as you have never played before, guiding yourselves into the playoffs.

2)  You completely implode and get an early summer for the second year in a row.

I’m trying to be optimistic about all this, Sabres, I really am.  It’s just that the way you depend on Ryan Miller to always save your collective asses and the way you suck in front of Lala has me worried.  Who knows.  Maybe we dedicated fans will be rewarded with Outcome #1.  Maybe we won’t.

Then there’s the matter of your birthday greetings policy.  As you know, people put birthday wishes up on the jumbotron at games.  Yesterday when we were all preparing lunch, my dad came downstairs and told me that he’s really sorry, but HSBC has a policy that you have to call at least three days in advance to get a birthday greeting.  As he called only two days in advance, there would be no special surprise for me.  I actually can not tell you how devastated I was to hear this.

So, Sabres, I really need you to win this game tomorrow.  I haven’t been to a good game since November 1.  I may have had fun at the one at the end of December, but that’s because I liked the other team enough to overlook the fact that you apparently sucked balls.  The one in the middle of December was pretty bad too.  Then there’s also the matter of the critical two points you could pick up.  And, of course, a win on my birthday would be simply marvelous.

With Love,


  • Tom Renney got fired.  It was only a matter of time.
  • The Alex Ovechkin/Sidney Crosby bitch fight made ESPN this morning.  Personally, I thought the wave was amusing.  And personally, I’m going to side with Alex and Bruce and the rest of the Washington Capitals.  Sid kind of needed to shut his mouth yesterday.  Personally, I prefer Alex’s playing style to Sidney’s because I love me a man who can score goals AND throw hits.  A friend of mine is a Penguins/Crosby fan and even she admitted to me today that he’s kind of a wuss. Personally, I think it’s really funny how none of the Penguins want to stick up for Crosby.  Personally, I’m just glad the Caps won.
  • I told my mother that if she went with me to the game tomorrow night we would have to go down during the pre-game skate and shout inappropriate things at Ryan Getzlaf, but since it’s looking like Papa Frostee will be going with me instead, we’ll just heckle Chris Simpson.
  • I won’t go into details, because the details are hilarious but time-consuming, but there’s this one kid who’s been in several of my classes for the past few years.  He’s a total creeper in addition to being incredibly rude.  He does this weird thing where he’ll get a crush on a girl and just follow her around for several days.  He back-talks to teachers on a regular basis.  He doesn’t like me or any of my friends, and just to prove how nice he is he told us that he would kill us in our sleep.  This charming young man also happens to be a Red Wings fan, an insufferable one at that.  He thoroughly enjoys trash-talking the Sabres, and when the Wings won the Cup last season we knew he’d be awful to be around.  The next day he wore his signed Pavel Datsyuk jersey (I was so jealous) to school, and I informed him that while Candy Corn Head is a great player, I still prefer Mr. Henrik Zetterberg.  The kid started screaming at me about how Henrik is probably the most overrated player in the league and he’s not any good and Pavel is easily the best player on the team and the best in the NHL.  It was really funny.  Now, last week I started getting Facebook Mobile texts informing me that he was trying to add me as a friend on Facebook.  Since I, well, don’t like him, I rejected him.  Four times.  I finally just gave up and added him.  Today he commented on a picture I have.  Not only does this prove he was Facebook stalking me, but it also confuses me slightly.  See, he commented on the picture of me with Mini Alex that I took last year during the playoffs.  His comment read, “seriously ovechkin?  jk jk jk he’s clearly the best russian player in the league.”  Hmm.  This is the same kid that informed me in no uncertain terms that Pavel Datsyuk is the best player in the world.  I kind of want to shake him and shout, “But what about PAVEL?!??!  You told me PAVEL! was the BEST PLAYER in the WORLD!”
  • Speaking of Alex, I’m choosing to ignore that picture of him over at Puck Daddy.
  • Alexander Semin is following me on Twitter.  This is kind of awesome.
  • TV is back skating with the team.  Woo!  
  • COMPLETELY unrelated to hockey, but what do you think the chances are of my teacher figuring out I made up 100% of what I wrote about the North Korean economy?  There was nothing on the websites she told us to use.  I bullshit on projects regularly, but this is just plan making stuff up.  Thank goodness we only have give the website.

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