I Promised Myself I Wouldn’t Do This.

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However, it has to be said:

1.) I picked Montreal. Yep, I did. I can’t link it because I’m on my phone but you can go see it for yourself.

2.) Karma’s a bitch, huh, Pittsburgh?

Something I previously had trouble doing was give Montreal credit. The Habs played out of their minds in both series and I won’t be surprised to see them in the Finals. Which is crazy, but something clicked with them.

Halak is going to be a really, really rich guy this summer.

The Caps may have choked away their series (although like I said, you have to give Montreal credit), but Alex statistically had a better series than Crosby (I’m pretty sure he had more points than Crosby and Malkin combined, but we’ll leave that for another day), so enough from you Pittsburgh homers/Ovechkin haters. Alex also didn’t board anyone in the first minute of his game 7, so, yeah.

I could be a lot meaner and a lot more of a homer than I already am being, but those people piss me off so I’ll stop.

I just have to say this: Gonchar looked like Mike Green on that one goal. He just gave up. Yikes.

And I have to admit: Halak it! Halak it a lot!!

Predictions, Whatever.

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The second round is upon. Let’s see who’ll win, shall we?


They’re not getting eliminated any time soon and besides, they’re playing the Sharks. Those poor Sharks won’t know what hit them.


I’m really, really on the fence about this series. If Luongo plays really well and those creepy Sedins keep the offense going, I think the Canucks will win. But Chicago could win easily too.


1.) They have to win. Like, my sanity is riding on this.

2.) Holy crap, have you SEEN Halak? It’s crazy. I don’t know how he does it.


I really could not care less about this series. There’s no way I could be less disinterested. The only redeeming quality this series has is that it’s one giant middle finger to NBC. That being said, I feel like Boston might not have the upper hand. It’ll change if/when Savard comes back and Rask has to play really well, but I feel like the Flyers are trying to seek revenge on all of us for making fun of them.

East “Predictions.”

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Yesterday I inaccurately predicted what will happen in the first round out west. I hope I’m a little bit closer with my predictions in the east, since at least I see these teams on a more regular basis.


I certainly don’t think this will be some quick and easy series like some people do, but still. Even if the Caps don’t win the Cup this year they sure as heck better not get eliminated by Montreal. *scary eyes*

New Jersey.

It sounds like they sucked against Philly this year, but let’s be realistic: WHO is currently the goalie for Philadelphia? I’m not even sure I know.


If I absolutely had to pick which team I hated more between Ottawa and Pittsburgh I think I’d have to say the Penguins, which means that by default they’ll win.


Okay, so here’s the deal: I’m picking Buffalo because I really want them to win (obviously). That being said, I’m really worried about them. Miller obviously can carry them, but can he carry them for a whole series? And I know regular season stats don’t count for anything and blah, blah, blah, but I really don’t like how things went against the Bruins. The Sabres are lucky Savard is out. I’m a little scared. I still don’t think I trust them 100%.


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And there’s my important news announcement for the evening.

I feel really bad about the crummy posting job I’ve been doing lately. I love this little blog and I hate how I’ve neglected it, but I’ve been so busy that whenever I get a minute I’m too tired to come up with anything to say. I’m sorry. I suck. I promise I’ll post six times a day over the summer and then you’ll all be sick of me.

The Sabres game tomorrow is pretty big against Montreal. They could really get business done between tomorrow and Ottawa on Friday, however, I try to be realistic about this team so I know it’s foolish. Sigh. Sometimes they play awesome games like on Sunday, and sometimes they make me think they’re the worst first-place team in hockey.

I know a lot of people have already mentioned it and it’s not like I’ve got anything earth-shattering to add to the discussion, but from where I’m sitting in March, this whole Torres thing seems like a little bit of a bust. Maybe things’ll change in the playoffs. Maybe he’ll just be another awful rental. Sighx2.

Real Quick.

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I am SO BUSY this week it’s not even fair. Two quick thingies:

1.) WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! They WON!! They WON!!! They were down 4-1 and they came back and BEAT PITTSBURGH!! NOW who’s growing up??

Watching the game after I recorded it was even better because I knew they would do it. I love them all. Even that punk Alex who decided to FINALLY score a hattrick when I wasn’t home. Thanks, man.

I think I’m starting to warm up to him as captain.

2.) My dad is making me go to the Sabres game with him tomorrow night since no one else can/will. (Normally I love going to games even when I’m mad at them but I’ll be bringing so much work to do in the car. Eff.) I’d say my presence will be a good thing since they always win when I’m there this season, but I’ve always tried to avoid going to games against the Bruins because they’re always insanely boring and then the Sabres lose in the shootout.

Sorry in advance for tomorrow night, guys.

10 Straight! 10 Straight!

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The Caps beat the Bolts today to tie their franchise record at ten straight games.  Boys, I expect y’all to make history against Boston on Tuesday.  Ima watch and everything.

The Senators currently have a nine game win streak going on, but I’m counting on the Sabres to BEAT THEM on Wednesday and that will be the end of that.

I will miss the game tomorrow as I will be getting more in touch with God.  While I’m gone I expect the Sabres to also BEAT PITTSBURGH and not let Sid score any goals.  Don’t make me angry, boys.

I’m watching the Grammys and they legit have another Michael Jackson tribute?  Yeesh.  There have been tributes up the wazoo.

The second semester starts tomorrow and I have a monster research paper due a week from tomorrow and then I have to do an oral version of the presentation.  Ew.  At least I only have two more weeks until Winter Break.  And, more importantly, the OLYMPICS!!!!  I’M SO EXCITED!!!!!  But I’m really bummed that the NHLers won’t be in the opening ceremony.  I love the opening ceremony and I love when I recognize athletes and I was planning on acting like a lunatic when they showed all the Swedes and Russians and Ryan Miller.  Guess that won’t be happening.

Toronto traded a s***load of players and I can’t even remember all their names, but they got Phaneuf and Giguere in return.  It will be interesting to see Phaneuf up close.  I was always under the impression that he’s not as good as people had made him out to be.  I shall miss Vesa Toskala greatly.

Time to go make sure I tracked down all the things I need for school tomorrow and put them back in my bag.  Ew.

FSN Sucks.

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The two worst parts of last night’s (first) game?

1.) Crosby scored.

2.) I had to listen to FSN. For the whole game. It was awful. They were blatant homers, they went out of their way to bash the Caps, and they had no idea what they were talking about as far as Capitals. Tomas Fleischmann isn’t a dirty player, and Kris Letan was out a shift later. Get over it.

Other than that, the game was a ton of fun. I know it’s just the regular season and last year the Caps beat Pittsburgh three times in the regular season and it doesn’t amount to anything, but it was kind of cathartic to win. Take THAT, Penguins.

I’m 99.9% sure I won’t be able to watch the game next time they play each other. I’m pissed.

As for the Sabres, they lost again. This time it was the shootout, so they at least got a point. I conked out before the game even started but it sounded like a really good game. Hopefully the Sabres will play another good game against San Jose but win on Saturday?? I’ll be watching that one. I hope they win. Washington is gaining ground.

Guys, It’s Just A Regular Season Game.

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Everyone has been FREAKING OUT about the Caps/Pens game tonight.  Like, OMGOMGOMG SID AND OVIE ARE PLAYING EACH OTHER!!  AND THEY’RE BOTH CAPTAINS NOW!!  AND HEY, DID YOU KNOW THAT THE PENGUINS BEAT THE CAPITALS IN THE PLAYOFFS LAST YEAR???  I, for one, was shocked to read all about the hype surrounding the game.  I was not aware that there was a sort of rivalry and a bit of history between these two teams.

I’m certainly excited about the game tonight, but in a, “Gee, this is going to be a really good game and a good measuring stick and I can’t wait to see what happens.”  Sort of like when the Sabres came back against Pittsburgh.  It was fun and I looked forward to it, but it was still just a two-point game.  A win will not move you on to the next round.

That being said, I’ll probably turn into a raving lunatic during the game.  It won’t help that I’m stuck with the FSN feed.  (WHY, hockey gods??  WHHHHHHYYYYYY?????)

I would love to see the Sabres play the Kings tonight, but it won’t be happening.  I’m a little sad.  I just hope the Sabres don’t wet the bed in the first period like they did against Anaheim.  That…was a little embarrassing.

I also realized while flipping through my new Sabres calendar the other day that in a few months I’ll have to see Pie, open mouth and everything.  It brought back a lot of memories :(.

Ah! It Went In!!

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I’ve never seen Alex score on a penalty shot before, and I rarely see him score on shootout attempts, so that was highly enjoyable. It was actually a pretty nice goal too. But I’m going to have to agree with Joe B. and Locker that Brooks Laich was the best player in that game. He’s been slumping and he definitely seems like he’s insanely hard on himself so it was great to see him get two goals and an assist. The shortie was magnificent.

Mike Green actually made an awesome defensive play taking Scott Hartnell off the puck. Maybe he’s not hopeless after all.

Sasha also had two really great plays in a row. I still don’t like him, but if he starts playing like that consistently I’d consider my open hate of his new deal.

As for the Sabres, I missed the first half of the game and got home just in time to see Staffy tie it up. Lindy probably would have killed him for missing that. Ryan was less than stellar in the shootout but the team needs to learn that they can’t always rely on him. He’ll bail them out most of the time, but they need a contingency plan.

After tomorrow’s game in Phoenix I probably won’t see any of the Sabres games until Saturday. It’s too late to stay up when I have to go to school in the morning, especially right around midterms. I’m hoping the Sabres get a regulation win tomorrow. They played really well against the Coyotes earlier in the year (I was there!) but Phoenix was a different team back then. The Caps, however, are playing Pittsburgh on Thursday. I’m not sure if I’m more excited or nervous for this game. The Penguins have been off their game lately but this is still an important game for Washington.

Buffalo better play well out west or Ima be pissed at them.

So. Much. Fun.

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It probably won’t come as a surprise to you that I don’t like the Penguins.  At all.  I hate them.  Part of it is that I don’t like how they were forced down our throats, part of it is that I’m still bitter from the Winter Classic, and part of it is that, hello! I’m also a Capitals fan.  No Pens love here.

That being said, I was none too pleased when it was 3-0 last night.  The Caps had dug themselves in a similar hole last night, my jersey was about to go 0-2, the players all looked like crap, and even worse, Ryan Miller looked like crap.  I’ve reconciled myself with the fact that our team isn’t all that special, but we have an insanely good goalie.  When even our insanely good goalie is playing badly, I get a little angry.

Then Drew Stafford got a penalty shot.

I know pretty much everyone else has already said it, but that was huge for both him and the team to go out and score on the penalty shot.  And it was even bigger for him to score another goal.  And then, after I spent the past few games yelling at Jason, it was big for him to go and score another goal.  And, of course, Goosie.  It was so ridiculously awesome to watch that game and the comeback.  These are the games that are so much fun while you’re watching them, and then weeks or months later it’s fun to bring them up.  Yes, I do remember when the Sabres came back and kick the Penguins’ collective asses in regulation!  Yes, that was an awesome game!

This might have been the highlight of the game.  Tyler, you simply are the best.

Steve Montador is kind of wonderful, guys.  I’m just throwing that out there.  Maybe Darcy totally knew what he was doing.

Patrick Lalime’s numbers since his “little trip” to Portland (Jason, you’re too cute) have been kind of stellar.  It was really cool not having to freak out about the backup letting in sixteen goals after the starter let in three soft ones.  Patrick Lalime has been very, very good.  I love it.

I sort of feel like this whole “getting pulled and then throwing a temper tantrum” is something we’ll have to tread lightly around with Ryan.  After the way he looked on the bench, I certainly would be too scared to ask him about it.  Be careful on NHL Live today, guys.  This is, after all, the guy who mentioned stabbing Scott Gomez.

This was definitely the best game of the season.  It was also my favorite game of the season.  And these two points are so important since they will be losing to the Thrashers Friday night.

On the Capitals side of things, Jason Chimera wants me to like him.  Sorry, Jason.  I like that someone is swearing his head off in the background (Michael?) and I love how stupid Alex is (did you know he collects players’ sticks?  He’s such a wackadoodle), but I simply cannot love you.  Score the Stanley Cup clinching goal and we’ll talk.  But for now, we are enemies.

And don’t you dare hug Karl Alzner like that.

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