I Knew It.

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When I sit on the right side of the room in my Caps jersey during the game, they usually win. Note the usually, this way I’m not making an absolute statement and I avoid a jinx.

Tonight was no exception. Alex scored, his arm didn’t fall back off, and Bloody Brads got the game winner. That always makes it a good night. He pretty much owns Pretty Henrik at this point.

Seeing Varly play well makes me happy.

Seeing the Caps score on the power play also makes me happy. This is a team that is supposed to score when they have the man advantage. I expect that from him.

I don’t know what the Caps would do without Brooksie.

I miss Mike Knuble, however, I’m glad Perreault gets to stay up. He’s spectacular. I pretty much adore him.

I hope everything’s ok with Jose. I five him a lot of crap but he’s been through a lot over the past few months.

I’m glad Alex scored. It was about time.

Lars got a penalty after a scrum along the boards. I’m sure it’s from forgetting to say please and thank you, or eating with his elbows on the table, or something along those lines.

If Lala doesn’t play tomorrow night, I will NOT be amused.

In other, non-hockey news, DICK JAURON GOT FIRED!!!!! Ralph, it is about effing time. They’re certainly not going to be any better, but Dick was at least a portion of the problem. Woohoo!

Obligatory (If Delayed) T.O. Post

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My grandmother is 86.  We all love her dearly, and my cousin and I marvel at how even though she forgets what we ate not five minutes ago at dinner, she can remember every single detail about a boy.  (Example: at church on Christmas Eve this year, one of my closest guy friends came in with his family.  I’ve known him since we were three.  We waved at each other.  Since Grandma is hard of hearing, she asked very loudly, “Oh there’s Andrew!  So do you still like him?”  I told her that I hadn’t liked him as more than a friend since I was seven.)  

Grandma has been a Bills fan forever, and one of my wishes is that she could see them win the Super Bowl.  I realize that this is somewhat unlikely.  Since she does care about the team, however, I asked her Saturday night what she thought of this whole, “Terrell Owens signing with Buffalo” thing.  This is what she said:

That Terrel Owens.  Isn’t he very naughty?

Yes Grandma.  He certainly does have the reputation of a naughty boy.


Tonight’s game is on Versus.  I hate the Versus broadcasts when Joe’s not doing them, but since it’s the only time I get to see the Sabres in HD I can’t complain too much.  I’m rather intrigued by what they’ll do during tonight’s broadcast.  As Ryan Miller isn’t playing, what will they talk about?  Will they seriously keep mentioning that he went to Michigan State and won the Hobey Baker?

Lala’s starting tonight last I checked, further proving that Lindy thoroughly enjoys riding goaltenders.  WHEN are we going to get to see my Trendy Euro Sabre in action?!?!

Guy Carbonneau got fired.  I was really surprised.  I never had any issues with Guy and I never considered him to be one of the coaches in danger of losing his job.  

Just in case anyone was wondering, while Little Ryan feels terrible that Regular Ryan got hurt, there’s also a tiny part of him that’s so glad the Sabres are struggling while he’s out of the lineup.  Little Ryan remembers all too well what happened last March when the Sabres were struggling and Regular Ryan was in net.  He still has nightmares about it, the poor thing.


Things That Are Ridiculous And/Or Funny

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  • The final score last night.  12-11?  For reals?  Yikes.  We actually missed the first half of the third period, because, hello!, the SAG Awards were on.  I went 10-for-10.  During the Golden Globes, I predicted the correct winner for every single category.  It’s crazy, man.  But, uh, anyways, back to the All Star Game.  Heh.  I don’t know why I even watch it.  Those poor goalies don’t try to stop the puck half the time.  It’s all ridiculous and high-scoring.  I love high-scoring games, but not when the defense is non-existent.  I would rather see the Sabres score ten goals in one game while the opposing team’s defensemen scramble around trying to look like they’re actually doing something.
  • Gary Bettman.  Did everyone catch right near the end when they showed him coming down to ice level?  Because when he stood up on his tip-toes because he couldn’t see around the people on to the ice, it might have been the funniest moment all night.
  • Props to the Montreal fans for booing him, by the way.
  • I can’t believe they actually went to a shootout last night.  I figured one of the goalies would just let a puck in right at the end.
  • I also can’t believe that Alex scored in the shootout.  I love the guy, and I certainly see him play a lot, but that was the honest to goodness first time I ever saw him score in a shootout.  I always wondered what it would look like…
  • Not really funny or ridiculous, but I thought Kovalev as MVP was a good decision.  He got two goals, scored in the shootout, was the captain, and is a Montreal player.  The fans would have gone absolutely bonkers if a Montreal player hadn’t been named MVP, but I had no problems with  Kovalev being chosen.
  • Evgeni Malkin’s English.
  • Remember back over the summer when I couldn’t decide if I loved Malkin or not, and then I was all, “Oh HELL no” after finding out he and Alex were ex-besties?  Well, I’m back to a state of confusion.  They were all cuddly and “I love you” over the weekend (dinner dates?  Geno being the first one to congratulate Alex after the shootout? the Breakaway Challenge?), but my friend Kristen thinks they’re going to go back to hating each other.  I hope they do, because then I would just be able to hate Malkin in a show of solidarity.  I mean, Malkin’s a total man-skank and his teeth are screwy and he’s beating everyone in the points race and he plays for the Penguins, but at the same time he’s kind of adorable.  You just want to make him cookies and teach him proper English.
  • A penalty was actually called.  I bet the referee forgot it was an All Star Game.
  • How did no one score on that power play?  I thought these were the best of the best.
  • It’s really cute how my Latin teacher thinks we’ll actually read 80 pages in our review book this week.  We’ve already learned everything covered in it, according to her.
  • I can not believe Carey Price actually called his mom.  That made my night.
  • I’m pretty sure Brian Engblom broke the record for saying a player has smooth hands the most times in one game.
  • One of my teachers in school.  We kind of hate this teacher because he’s absolutely terrible, has no idea what he’s talking about, and is a total asshole on top of it all.  One of my friends thinks he got the honors position because we’re the gifted kids and can figure it out on our own.  Even the parents think he’s a jerk.  He’s also a total jock, so instead of teaching he likes to spend his time talking with the jocks in the class.  Apparently, if we talk amongst ourselves while he’s talking to kids, we’re “rude.”  It’s really funny.  He tells all the other teachers in the school how rude we are, writes it on the instruction sheets for the subs (last month a sub actually told us at the beginning of class, “Yes, your teacher tells me you are the rudest class he has ever taught.”), and even tells his other class at our level how rude we are.  He decided that the fact that he let us pick our own seats was the reason we were so rude, so he decided to put us in alphabetical order today.  Only problem is, the chatty kids are all next to each other when he does that.  Jill and Maggie are next to each other in one row, Justine is in front of me and Ally’s to the side of us in the other, Gena and Leah are both next to the window.  He realized this and then spent the next fifteen minutes trying to separate us all so that we couldn’t talk.  It was kind of one of those, “you had to be there” moments, but if you had been there you would have been cracking up.  Andrew and I were.  It was so ridiculously funny.  I can’t believe he actually did it.  Now I’m right next to the door and get to leave the class first.  It’s quite nice.
  • This blog got hit about eight kazillion times yesterday, and approximately four kazillion of those hits were on my post from yesterday.  Hmm.  That’s kind of cool.
  • The Savard-Ovechkin-Chara commercial.  “This guy can’t beat me.  This guy can’t beat me either.”
  • I’m actually probably going to watch the West Coast games this week.  It’s quite irresponsible of me, but then again, so is only studying for one of the exams I have.  I haven’t seen the Sabres in ages, and I’m sort of starting to miss them.
  • I still can’t stop thinking about Thomas Vanek’s hair.  I think he let his son do it for him.

Today Is A Good Day

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And when I say a good day, I mean an AWESOME day.  You have no idea.  Because not only did I a) do a great job on my test, b) the Sabres beat the Penguins last night.  I was so happy, you have no idea.  The Sabres needed that win, Ryan Miller needed a solid game (because he found out that I had been secretly considering making Gerbe my new Sabres Boyfriend, even though I don’t usually go for the shorter guys) and looked great most of the night, and the penalty killers were so outrageously good I don’t even know what to say.  What makes it even better is that Pittsburgh scored the only power play goal while I was brushing my teeth, so I missed it.  In Frostee World, the Sabres gave up no power play goals last night.  

I was getting a little pissed out at Thomas Vanek’s decision to try and break the world record for most penalties taken in a game, but then he scored the game winner (and the first twentieth goal by any player in the NHL!!!) so it was all good.

Dear Versus,

Sidney Crosby is kind of a whiny bitch and Evgeni Malkin is a slut.  Can we PLEASE talk about somebody else for like five minutes?  Good God.

With Love,


P.S.  Brian Engblom, your hair is still perplexing and kind of ugly.

Now, I had always suspected Russians were kind of crazy (but don’t worry, Alex, ILY!), but this is just ridiculous.  I don’t care where in Russia it is.  I don’t care if Russians are “a tougher breed.”  Holding an outdoor hockey game ANYWHERE in Russia in January is a really, really bad idea.  Russia has won battles because of their winters, for goodness’ sake!  If there is one thing I will ever remember from my sixth grade social studies class (other than that “no one” are two separate words), it is that the Russians have one of the best weapons out there, and that is the Russian Winter.  My teacher spent close to twenty minutes talking about how great it was to have a Russian Winter on your side in a war.  So…yeah.  Bad idea, KHL.

I forgot to mention it yesterday, but how relieved was I to read in Sunday’s (Saturday’s?  Friday’s?) paper that the coach is not the Sabres’ problem, and that it is the players?  Very.  Very, very relieved.  I heart Lindy Ruff.

Tonight I get to watch the Capitals take on the Bruins while I make a map of Southeast Asia and prepare a debate on Kashmir (apparently my opinion is that Pakistan should get Kashmir).  Last year when I watched the Capitals play the Bruins, Alex scored a hat trick.  I’m hoping for a repeat performance.

What to Watch?

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I am seriously conflicted, Dear Readers.  I have no idea what to watch later today.  We’re having a bunch of Time Warner victims over to watch the football game, and I want to watch that too, but what about the Sabres?

Normally I would just skip off to watch the Sabres without a care in the world, but now that I am suddenly in love with the Bills, I really want to watch them too!   [Totally unrelated, but it’s on TV: Oooh, there’s Sidney!  You stretch those thighs, Sid!]  You know, ever since I fell in love with the Bills they have been winning.  I can’t let the boys down now!  And the Sabres are playing a good team, too!  If they were playing the Florida Panthers I couldn’t care less, but these are the Red Wings!  Henrik Zetterberg!!!

Whatevs.  I’ll just run up and down the stairs.  It’ll burn more calories that way.  

P.S. The walk this morning was totally awesome, except for near the end when my 10 year old cousin told me that not only is he going to the game on November 1st, he is also convinced that Alex is bolting for Russia after this season.  I promptly threw a tantrum, since I’m obviously very mature.

P.P.S.  I am so over the Rangers.  Whatevs.  But I totally miss Brian Engblom’s mullet.  It was so terrible it was funny.

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