East “Predictions.”

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Yesterday I inaccurately predicted what will happen in the first round out west. I hope I’m a little bit closer with my predictions in the east, since at least I see these teams on a more regular basis.


I certainly don’t think this will be some quick and easy series like some people do, but still. Even if the Caps don’t win the Cup this year they sure as heck better not get eliminated by Montreal. *scary eyes*

New Jersey.

It sounds like they sucked against Philly this year, but let’s be realistic: WHO is currently the goalie for Philadelphia? I’m not even sure I know.


If I absolutely had to pick which team I hated more between Ottawa and Pittsburgh I think I’d have to say the Penguins, which means that by default they’ll win.


Okay, so here’s the deal: I’m picking Buffalo because I really want them to win (obviously). That being said, I’m really worried about them. Miller obviously can carry them, but can he carry them for a whole series? And I know regular season stats don’t count for anything and blah, blah, blah, but I really don’t like how things went against the Bruins. The Sabres are lucky Savard is out. I’m a little scared. I still don’t think I trust them 100%.


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And there’s my important news announcement for the evening.

I feel really bad about the crummy posting job I’ve been doing lately. I love this little blog and I hate how I’ve neglected it, but I’ve been so busy that whenever I get a minute I’m too tired to come up with anything to say. I’m sorry. I suck. I promise I’ll post six times a day over the summer and then you’ll all be sick of me.

The Sabres game tomorrow is pretty big against Montreal. They could really get business done between tomorrow and Ottawa on Friday, however, I try to be realistic about this team so I know it’s foolish. Sigh. Sometimes they play awesome games like on Sunday, and sometimes they make me think they’re the worst first-place team in hockey.

I know a lot of people have already mentioned it and it’s not like I’ve got anything earth-shattering to add to the discussion, but from where I’m sitting in March, this whole Torres thing seems like a little bit of a bust. Maybe things’ll change in the playoffs. Maybe he’ll just be another awful rental. Sighx2.


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If I was willing to even talk to the Sabres right now I’d say they owe the city of Buffalo. But I get the feeling that even that is asking too much of them.

Getting swept by Ottawa in the first round after they lose the division to them is going to hurt a lot this spring.


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(I’m still not talking about the Sabres game ever again for as long as I live.  Especially since they play Ottawa tomorrow night.)

The Caps just won their eleventh straight game!!  They made HISTORY!!  They beat the Bruins!!  Weeeee!!!!  (I’ve been amused by the suckiness of the Bruins this year.  They…are not very good at hockey.)

The Caps fell behind early, but they rallied for the win in front of their fathers and brothers.  Mike Knuble (<3) got a goal, as did Brooksie, as did Gordo (!!) as did Alex, with his obligatory empty netter.  The real story tonight, however, is Jose Theodore.  I don’t even really know what to say.  Last night Ryan Miller made me suicidal with his horrendous play, but tonight Theo was stellar.  I just…wow.  Some of those saves were breathtaking.  I guess this is the goalie who won the Hart Trophy.  If he could keep playing like that, I don’t even know what the Caps could do.

They could very realistically finish the season with a thirty point lead in their division.  This is so many different kinds of hilarious.

The Sabres, on the other hand, very realistically could lose their division if they keep giving up important games like the one I’m forgetting even existed.  Ottawa has been on a tear lately and they’re only a few points behind Buffalo.  Tomorrow night is huge.  When If Buffalo loses, to Ottawa, they’ll loose serious ground.  And even if they do manage to keep Ottawa back, it’s getting harder and harder to catch New Jersey, even if they did get shut out by the Leafs tonight.  (Did I just write that the Devils got shut out by the Leafs?  Um, what?)  And they can’t expect to just ride Miller after the Olympics.  It’s a messy situation.  They need to get back to the – gulp – system they were using back when they had so much success.

Tyler was named Rookie of the Month for January!!  Congratulations, Tyler!!  You’re the bestest.

As Was Expected.

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I’m not that upset about the Sabres game since I went into it anticipating a loss.  If anything, I’m glad they at least managed a point.  It was almost funny seeing how long it took for their first shot on goal.  The Sabres simply cannot play a good game against the Senators, and that’s that.  Not really anything else to say.

Derek Roy hasn’t done much of anything this year, but I still hope his injury isn’t too serious.  Although it does open up a spot in the lineup if Patty K really is ready to come back.

This team would be so frighteningly bad without Ryan Miller.

The worst part about last night is that my jersey is now 0-1 and got pulled halfway through the second period.  Although taking it off looked like it might pay off for a while; right after the Sabres scored their two goals.

We need someone who can score in the shootout.

We need a reliable scorer.

The Caps, on the other hand, won a huge statement game against the Devils.  This is the second game in a row they put up four or five goals on an elite goaltender and they didn’t even choke like they usually do when they’re playing New Jersey.  Alex had another three-point night so now he’s only four back of the lead league for points.  He’s ridiculous.  Lars Nicklas had himself a three point night as well, giving him his 200th point and 202 points in 202 games.  That’s…crazy.  I don’t understand why he hasn’t been re-signed yet and Semin has.

What a nice segway for me to use into Semin’s contract.  Um, what?!?  One year?  $6 million?  I don’t get it.  GMGM says it’s what the player preferred and gave him more flexibility.  I still don’t get it.  Players like him don’t sign one year deals.  Moreover, how can he sign a deal for $6 million?  Can they afford that?  Where’s the room to keep Nicki?  If there’s one player who needs to stay it’s him.  He’s just as important to this team as Alex.  Sasha is a great player when he wants to be, but I never saw him as indispensable.  Is George just trying to get him a contract so that he can trade him after the season and not have to worry about that?  They could get a pretty decent return for him, especially if he’s already got a contract.  I’m sure there are plenty of teams who would want him.  I’m just perplexed by the whole situation.  And a little bit angry.  Neuvirth has been really solid the past few games so I’m sure they could trade Theo if they wanted, which would open up more cap room, but there’s still another contract to be signed.  And isn’t it contract year for Flash as well?

Hmm.  It’s just all a little odd.  We shall have to wait and see how it all plays out.

Tonight the Sabres are playing the team of Sir Christopher’s hometown, and hopefully he’ll be able to play.  I’m not sure who Lindy benches to make room for him.  I know he’s the captain, but I’d almost say Rivet after the way he played the past few days…but he is the captain.

Team Sweden announced their roster.  I hope Henrik Zetterberg is back in time to play for them.  They always put together a good team and this looks like another one.  I am a little surprised Henrik Tallinder made the team, but I guess now that his rape case is all cleared up he’s a valuable asset.

Happy Boxing Day!!

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I hope you all enjoyed your day yesterday, whether you celebrate Christmas or Festivus or any other holidays that fell over the past few days.  I know I did.

Santa didn’t bring me as many hockey-related gifts as he did last year, but I did get a Sabres calendar, a fleece blanket in Sabres colors (to go with the fleece blanket in Caps colors I had already gotten), and, of course, my new jersey.

It’s so pretty.  It’s a third jersey, because the slugs are ugly and I don’t want to wear them and supposedly they’ll be gone after this season.  It’s blank.  I’m toying with getting it customized with Tyler’s name and number, because I kind of adore him (and it only made me love him more when he ran into Alex Wednesday night and bounced off), but I might just leave it blank because it’s kind of cool like that too.  Now, I just have to get to a few Sabres games that the Caps aren’t playing in so I can actually wear the thing to HSBC Arena.

Team Russia’s roster was announced late Thursday night.  It was rather exciting.  The original list I saw freaked me out a bit because Alex’s name was the second last, but fear not, it was there.  It also made me laugh because for Varly it said “Semen Varlamov.”  Semen and Jizz, together for the Olympics.  Even if he doesn’t see any ice time, which I doubt he will, it’s still really exciting that Varly made the team and will be able to get invaluable experience for Sochi.  I don’t know too much about the KHL players on the team, but I do know that the offense is really, really scary.  Holy cow.  Watch out, everyone.  These guys are loaded.

Will Lala be starting tonight?  I’m sure the Sabres will lose either way, so they might as well give Ryan the night off.  Especially after he gave up five goals Wednesday.  It seems like we’ve been seeing an awful lot of the Senators lately even though this is only the third game against them this season.  The Senators have been getting a lot of press-time lately, between partaking in poisoning opponents and arson and getting engaged to Carrie Underwood.  (Has everyone seen the rock?  It’s huge.  She’d sink straight to the bottom.) Alfie and Spezza are out and Heatley is gone so the Sabres won’t have to deal with that, but I still have no faith in them against this team.

After the way the Caps manhandled the Sabres and put five past Miller, I’m looking forward to seeing how they handle Marty Brodeur tonight.  If they get swept by the Devils I might cry.

Now, off to go eat all the leftover Christmas cookies.

Yeah, I Know.

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I knew the Sabres would lose last night, but getting SHUT OUT by Ottawa? Really? That was bad on so many levels I don’t even want to talk about it. When Brian Elliot has a 6-0 record against your team, that’s pretty gross.

Apparently a bunch of the guys had food poisoning. That definitely sucks. Sorry, boys. It’s just further proof that Ottawa wants to do you in.

I am beyond disgusted that Ruutu isn’t being suspended. I had to rewind the hit to show my family when they got home and…it was even worse than when it actually happened. That wasn’t even a guy throwing a check and ending up getting him from behind. That was Ruutu coming out of nowhere and blatantly using his elbow to nail a guy in the head. There is absolutely no need for that in the NHL.

I’m really not too worried about the game against Toronto, but things could get interesting on Saturday. I know how well Lala played against Chicago, but putting him in against Pittsburgh seems awful bold of Lindy. I guess when you’re in his good graces, you’re in his good graces.

An Unfortunate Truth.

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Tonight the Sabres are playing the Senators. I know how good they’ve been lately, but I’ll be really surprised if they win. The Senators are just not a team that is beaten easily by Buffalo. They’ve got our number.

It sucks, but it’s true. And that’s part of why I really hate Ottawa.

Stupid, Stupid Ottawa

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Games against Ottawa always end badly.  It does not matter who’s in net for the Sabres.  It doesn’t matter what kind of streak both of the teams are on.  When the Sabres meet the Senators, things get ugly.

When Patrick Lalime is in net, it’s just worse.

I can’t remember which goal it was (they all started to blur together), but there was NO ONE screening Lala and he let the puck fly on in over his glove.  It was awful.  It was terrible.  I’m probably going to wake up in a cold sweat at three in the morning because of it.  Oh, Lala.  I love you, I do.  I just wish you didn’t suck.  Sometimes it’s not you.  There are rare occasions when it’s the asshats in front of you.  But sometimes it is you, and that makes me sad.

I switched over to the Caps game because the Sabres were making me angry.  When I checked back a few minutes later, it was 5-3.  ??  I guess I missed a Pommer goal.  That’s a bummer.  I do love when Papa Jason scores.

I hate Ottawa.

The Capitals also played tonight, against the Leafs.  Alex scored first and everyone was happy in the land, then they all forgot to play the rest of the game except Varly.  He kept them alive and he’s the only reason they made it to the shootout.

Why does Bruce put Fehr out in shootouts?  It’s painfully obvious he’s got some sort of shootout jinx.

The Caps play Monday night, but the Sabres don’t play again until Wednesday, when they play…………the CAPITALS!!!  WOOO!!!  I’m so excited, I’m almost forgetting about how mad I am at them.

But I’m still mad.  5-3 to Ottawa is bad stuff, guys.  Pull it together before Wednesday night.

I Knew It.

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I wanted Lindy to play Lalime.  I had a bad feeling about this game, and Ryan needs the rest.

Instead, he played and he gave up five goals.  To Florida.  Dominic freakin’ Moore scored one of them.  Remember when he used to play for Buffalo?  All the way back then?

This game kind of sucked.  The Sabres did not look good and they were not fun to watch like they were over the weekend.  Sabres, I’m very disappointed in you.  No gold stars, and that’s final.

I’m really scared for when they play Ottawa this weekend.  Bad things happen against the Senators.

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