And Heeeeeeere We Go!

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While the Chris Pronger trade (I couldn’t believe everything Philly had been asking from Washington in exchange for Pronger.  GMGM, not trading half your team plus Varly for him was a fabulous choice on your part) during the draft was definitely big, the Scott Gomez trade that just happened is, in my opinion, the biggest one yet.  I’m kind of surprised that the Habs took on Gomez, especially if they’re interested in the Sedins and want to trade for Vinny, but whatever.  The Rangers were able to dump that awful contract and now maybe they’ll have room for Heatley..?  Either way, this’ll probably open the flood gates.

Darcy Regier is scheduled to appear on Sabres Lunch Express tomorrow.  Um, I’m sorry, what?  Free agency will have just started.  I don’t care if Darcy has absolutely no intention of signing anyone tomorrow.  He should at least be near a phone in case someone else calls.  Darcy’s really pissing me off lately.  I’m never a fan of signing free agents to huge, lifetime contracts just because it’s Free Agency Day, but I wish Darcy would at least DO SOMETHING.  Obviously, the team we have isn’t cutting it and changes need to be made.  Darcy Regier, you’re on my list.

USA Hockey announced the roster for the developmental camp in August.  Ryan Miller was the only Sabre named to it.  I’m happy for him and I’m excited to see him compete with TimTom for the starting job, but I’m a little sad that Goosie or Stafford didn’t make it.  Oh well.  I’ve been having these terribly anti-American feelings lately that the Russians are going to be amazing this winter.  I apologize for being such a bad American.  I’ll try to be more optimistic about Team USA from this point on.

I’m Supposed To Be Cleaning Toilets

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So do you want to hear something really lame?  All the stores in the area are sold out of the new iPhones.  I had to order mine today and it won’t be in until the end of the week.  This totally screws up my plans to have the phone and the computer working on Wednesday.

And, thanks to a bit of schedule-maneuvering, I can now sit in front of the computer all day.  Last year I had to babysit and I was stranded without any sort of internet access for the majority of the day.  It was awful.

I already miss Jaro, and now I’m worrying about Stafford too.  Sob.

Jaro’s Final Days?

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According to Darcy, our beloved Caveman is looking to test the market this Wednesday.  This saddens me like you wouldn’t believe.  Jaro was our highest scoring defenseman all year and was the one defenseman I found myself consistently able to rely on.  Darcy, offering him a one-year deal and then just letting him walk away is NOT GONNA CUT IT.

I really, really don’t want him to leave, and if he does leave I refuse to believe that it’s all part of the plan to “take a step in the right direction.”  Losing Jaro would totally wipe out the fact that we didn’t draft a single player shorter than six feet.

The only way I could ever possibly even consider getting over this would be if he ended up in Washington.  The Caps are clearly interested in a defenseman, because they had been looking at Chris Pronger, and I could see him fitting in there.  He wouldn’t be the only European player and I’m sure the rest of the team would take good care of him.  Also, once I had forgiven him for leaving, I would be able to root for the team he was on without feeling guilty and I could keep a close eye on him.

But I would still probably cry.

P.S.  Marcus Foligno, please, you know and we know that if – or, hopefully, when – you score your first NHL goal you’ll do the jump.  And, um, you’re prettier than your brother.  Just sayin’.

We Drafted Someone Over Six Feet Tall!!!

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(I added “Tall” at the end of the title of this post because about two hours after I wrote it, I realized it was a bit awkward without it.  But maybe that’s just me being a nerd.)

I kind of wanted a defenseman last night, but when I saw that the Sabres drafted someone who wasn’t five feet tall, I was thrilled.  Positively thrilled.  And a bruiser?  By bruiser, do you mean someone who would hit back after his goaltender got hurt?  Fabulous.  Mr. Kassian, welcome to the team.  We’re happy to have you.  Don’t listen to anything any of the Sabres might have to say, because they’ll only corrupt you.

The draft started off yesterday with Pronger going to Philly.  I personally think the Flyers got jobbed, but maybe that’s just me.  Can they really accommodate Pronger’s salary and a possible extension with Briere’s contract weighing them down?

This morning, Bouwmeester was finally saved from Florida and sent up to Calgary.  I hope for the Flames’ sake that they can get him signed.

It’ll be interesting to see who the Sabres draft today.  They seem to have better luck with later picks.

I Love Crazy Trade Rumors

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The NHL Draft starts tonight, and you know what that means?  Wacky trade rumors!  Huzzah!!!  Although, you know, it actually would make sense to move Vinny.

I’m really into the draft this year not because I’m fascinated by the prospects or anything, but because I really want to see what Brian Burke does to get John Tavares.  And because I want to see the Sabres do something that isn’t completely boneheaded for once.  I had a dream last night that Jaro got traded on draft day, and it freaked me out.  A lot.

Elsewhere in the world, Lindy Ruff was named one of the assistant coaches for Team Canada at the Olympics.  Congrats, Lindy!!

But now I sincerely doubt he’ll get fired this year if things are still going bad (not that I think he’s the real problem here).  How would it look if  member of the Olympic coaching staff got canned?

Good Things And Bad Things

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Well, the good things are that I’ll be well enough to go to the Draft Party tomorrow and I’ll (hopefully) be able to buy a new Sabres hat.  The one I have is in pretty poor shape and I’ve been dying to get a new one for ages.  I’m sick of borrowing my brother’s.

In the interest of full disclosure, I actually remind myself every time I go shopping that I want a new one and then I either forget or end up almost buying a Thrashers hat.  Tomorrow, however, I won’t let that be the case.

The bad thing is that Sergei has officially gone back to Russia.  Sniffle.

Paul “The Goose” Gaustad Has Not Actually Killed A Goose

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I’ll be honest:  I haven’t exactly been paying that much attention to the Sabres Lunch Express this year.  The last time I watched was when Pat Kaleta was on (or Pie, whoever was the second of the two).  Part of that’s because I’ve just been so busy, and part of it’s that I keep forgetting to go on the Sabres website.  When I got the email reminding me that Paul Gaustad would be on, however, I made sure to clear my schedule.

Anyone who ever tells you they don’t see what’s so special about Paul Gaustad is either lying or lacking a soul, because let me tell you something: this man is perfect. No, he is.  In every way imaginable.

Let’s start with that polo.  Seriously, Paul?  Way to show up EVERY SINGLE MAN in Buffalo, most likely in New York State, and possibly even on the east coast.  How does he look that good?  I mean, how can a guy who is teammates with DEREK ROY (speaking of him, I have a little story when I’m done with Paul) be that good of a dresser?  The wonders never cease.

Then, you know, he got asked about his nickname and he had to be all adorable and say how he “wishes he had a cooler story, like killing a goose or something.”  Oh, dear, sweet Paul.  Killing geese isn’t “cool,” and I certainly wouldn’t consider it a cool way to get a nickname.  Fear not, Women of Buffalo, Paul is not a vicious killer of animals.  He is, however, a loving son who had to explain to his mother that he wasn’t being booed, but rather, the fans were cheering his nickname.

I don’t even remember the rest of what he said.  All I know is that I haven’t seen the Sabres since, like, March, and I’ve been all concerned about the Jaro situation (if he’s at the Draft Party on Friday, I plan on getting down on my knees and begging him to stay.  I might even cry a little), so seeing Paul like this was so nice.  Oh, Sabres.  I really have missed you.

Whoever found this blog searching “is backstrom’s first name lars or nicklas” is my new best friend, and that’s not an exaggeration.

My brother was spending the day with my grandfather today, and since nothing brings about bonding like a trip to Wegmans, that’s where they went.  My brother then called me to inform me that he had seen Derek Roy there.  Now, my brother isn’t exactly the hugest of hockey fans, but my grandfather is and recognized Derek and sent my brother over to talk to him.  Bless Ben’s heart, he told Derek that his sister is “a huge fan.”  Derek told him that’s “cool.”

I was a bit disappointed in my brother when he couldn’t tell me what Derek was getting (only that he was in line for lunch) or what he was wearing or if he was with Kyle.  Because, as my kind, loving brother told me, “I’m not a creeper like you are.”

It’s actually probably a good thing I wasn’t the one with Grandpa, though, because knowing him, he’d drag me over to Derek and inform Derek that I’m a huge hockey fan and I just love him, even though “that Russian fellow” is my favorite player.  Because that’s the sort of thing my grandparents do.

On The Mend

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I had every intention of writing a nice post about the Sabres and who sucked and who was a bright spot, but that was back on Sunday when I thought I’d be feeling better yesterday.  Today, however, I’m actually up and hydrating (I’ve been working on a 32 oz bottle of Vitamin Water.  Royzie would be so proud.) and eating so things are looking up.

Lots of good news from Darcy today in the form of his desire to re-sign Jaro and Jaro’s desire to stay in Buffalo.  We’ve heard that party line from a lot of players over the past few years, but I actually trust my little Caveman.  He wouldn’t lie.  Darcy also made is sound like Tyler Myers will be getting seeing some time up here.  Huzzah!!  Our adorable giant will be coming to play with us!!

Lars is on the overseas cover of NHL 10.  I don’t speak Swedish, but I’m sure the blurb underneath is about how fabulous and badassed he is.

I find myself getting really excited for Free Agency Day this year.  Last summer I had to babysit all morning and missed the start of it, but this year I’ll be able to waste an entire day hitting refresh and seeing what crazy deals people are making.  A lot of GMs in this league feel the need to make huge, outrageous deals.  Seeing them react to the pressure is almost fascinating.  It’s like Trade Deadline Day all over again!

Bucky Scared Me

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I’m still sick, so starting off my day by reading Bucky’s thoughts on being GM for a day probably wasn’t the best idea.  I was quite surprised to see that I actually agreed with the majority of what he said.  The Sabres have a lot of dead weight that needs to be dropped and I’m a huge Komisarek fan so I was always in favor of bringing him in.  Getting Bouwmeester would, of course, be fantastic, but I just don’t see that actually working out.

Then I got to the part where he said Jaro simply wouldn’t fit under the salary cap, and I freaked out.


So that’s all I have to say about that.  I am 100% in favor of keeping Jaroslav Spacek next season.

It was bad enough that I had to deal with that this morning.  Then the family took off for my brother’s baseball game abandoning me here.  This actually wouldn’t be too big a deal, except I look like hell.  And the doorbell rang, and it was my neighbor who may or may not be totally into me (and actually is kind of cute now that he had his growth spurt).  My friends have differing opinions on the matter.  Regardless, it wasn’t certainly wasn’t my finest hour, and I could tell from his facial expression he felt the same way.  Awesome.

I realize this means absolutely nothing to any of you.  Time to go find the ginger ale.

Just A Few Things

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I’m really sick.  Last week my brother had a mild case of swine flu virus and he passed it on to me.  He assures me that after one day of feeling kind of crummy and another day of feeling like a piece of crap, I’ll be back to normal.  I can’t wait until tomorrow.  This complete lack of motivation/total exhaustion is annoying.  For example, it took me four hours to work up the strength and drive to drag myself out of bed and downstairs, and that was only because after 24 hours I was finally a little hungry and because my friend wanted me to send her a picture of Alex’s dye job.  But coming downstairs tired me out so I’m thinking I’ll have to rest a few more minutes until I dig up some crackers.

Since I feel as though I’ve neglected the Sabres over the past few, erm, months, I thought I’d watch a few Sabres-themed videos to lift my spirits.  I started with Odd Jobs.

In retrospect, I probably shouldn’t have watched this while I was sick because it made me laugh and then I started hacking/weezing again.  It was really sexy.

Then I watched this for the eight millionth time:

Don’t let his kind smile and love for children trick you, parents of Western New York!!  Sabretooth is a vicious, vicious animal!!

Then I remembered that the tenth anniversary of No Goal very recently passed.  As you probably know, I’m a high school student.  I was rather young when No Goal happened, so I didn’t exactly stay up to watch it.  I do remember how sad everyone was, and I do remember that as soon as I was a bit older, I realized that Buffalo was colossally screwed over.  I’m sorry I couldn’t commiserate with you, Fans of Buffalo.  If it had happened more recently, however, rest assured that I would have been appropriately enraged.

Then I went looking for a good picture of Alex for my friend.  I found this one.

88569525This picture makes me very sad.  That’s all I have to say about it.

sid with the cupThis picture, on the other hand, is actually really cute.  Oh, Sid.  You lead such an exciting, action-packed life.

So, Darcy, did ya sign Jaro to a ten year deal yet?

My head hurts and all this typing has me tired again.  I hate being sick.

Peace out, yo.

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