Never Thought I’d See THAT Headline

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The headlines in today’s paper (the hockey ones) all basically said how Matt Ellis helped power the Sabres over the first-place Bruins.  Huh.  Never thought I’d see that, and I can’t help but wonder if Matt ever thought that either.

I think it’s great that he had the first three-point game of his career and that he’s been playing so well here in Buffalo these past few games.  I watched the Sabres Show this morning, and he seems like a really nice guy.  Danny never told me he and Matt were childhood friends!   I hope he sticks around for a while, especially since he’s one of the players we have who really seems to want to win.  It’s really great for him to get the chance to play here and I’m glad Lindy decided to keep him instead of Gerbe.  (Don’t get me wrong.  I ADORE Nate.  I just agree that he should get a wee bit more seasoning in Portland)

Apparently Max has a “lower body injury.”  Hmm.  Sure thing, Sabres, sure thing.  I’m not going to question it if it means Max comes out of the lineup.  (Just in case there’s any confusion, like there was at TFF Headquarters yesterday, I’m not glad he got hurt.  I’m not that mean a person that I would wish him ill.  I’m just kind of glad that he might not be able to play)  I thoroughly enjoyed yesterday in the first period when Derek was all, “Okay, I’m going to fight CHARA now!” and then Chara just knocked him over.  Sure, Chara probably shouldn’t have punched him several times like he had, but it was kind of funny to see.  Sorry, D.  

Was Harry Neale off his meds again yesterday?  Good grief.  Poor Reggie gets speared and then he goes, “Well, looks like he’ll be a soprano in the choir now!” or something along those lines.  I’m just glad he’s okay and came back out and played.  That could have been a penalty though…

I agree with Bruce, Dear Readers.  It’s definitely “dumb” that Alex didn’t make the starting lineup, but I don’t agree with Tom Renney that there must be a flaw in the system if he didn’t make it.  Those lame-o Habs and Pens fans rigged the balloting, and I like to think that Alex feels the same way that Thomas Vanek does, and that if he can’t be voted to the lineup the honest way, then it’s okay if he’s not voted at all.  (Dear Tom Renney,   I get that you’re trying to be funny, but next time when they ask you how you plan on defending Alex during a game, I’d appreciate it if you’d refrain from telling reporters that you’d kill him.  That’s not so nice.  With Love, Frostee)

All I saw of the game last night was Chris Clark’s fight (Chris!  You PUNCH Redden, boyfriend, you PUNCH him) and the Caps walking off at the end of the second, so this morning I watched the highlights.  First, Alex’s goal was pretty badass  and now he’s tied with Carter for the league lead like I knew he would be and now he’ll be the leader in goals again so life is good (haha sorry for that run-on).  He was also dropping guys like flies.  Dude, you are a beast.  

Second, Semin, uh, got in a fight in his first game back.  As Joe so eloquently put, he was “playing the bongoes.”  

Dear Donald Brashear,

Please teach Semin how to fight.  The poor boy looks ridiculous out there.

With Love,


At least Staal wanted to go with him, unlike a certain Pittsburgh player I could mention from yesterday afternoon. 

P.S.  Last night while we were watching the football game with the friends we had over we were playing Apples to Apples, and when it was my turn to judge and I got “violent” some idiot gave me the card that said “Russia.”  I’m pretty sure it was my brother.  He should know better than that at this point.

That Was Fun (#48)

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Just for the record, I’m trying really, really hard to be upset about last night’s game.  It’s kind of hard.

  • The majority of the first period was rather boring.  It was just back and forth, back and forth, with Frostee occasionally shrieking, “ALEX!!  GOOOO!!!!!  SKATE!!!!!”
  • Andrej Sekera is officially in my mother’s doghouse.  She was less than pleased with his performance last night and announced about halfway through the second period, “I don’t think Andrej Sekera is a very good hockey player.”
  • I really don’t like Harry Neale, but I loved him last night for all his, “Alex Ovechkin is spectacular.  Alex Ovechkin is the best player in the league.”
  • Ha.  I LOVE Crunchy’s skull caps.
  • I am very worried for Thomas Vanek.  I mean, first they had to DRAG HIM OFF THE ICE, and then all the sudden he was back and skating on one leg, and then he scored.  Is he becoming the Tiger Woods of hockey?
  • I was kind of looking forward to a Petey/Brashear fight, but I guess that’s not going to happen.
  • My jersey is huge.  I love it, but it is ridiculously large.  I will be able to wear it for the rest of my life.  (Dear Washington Caps,   If you change the logo again, we’re going to have some serious problems.  With Love, Frostee)
  • I really enjoy hearing RJ get all pissy about the guys who do the sirens after goals are scored.  It’s amusing to listen to him talk about how they need to learn to shut the things off when goals are disallowed.
  • Am I the only one who found it incredibly ironic that Max finally scored a goal when he was jumping in the air to try and avoid getting hit?  He’s such a bad player.  
  • Lala looked pretty darn good last night.  It’s too bad the rest of the team sucks.
  • When I went upstairs last night,  I had to put Mini Alex and Little Ryan on opposite sides of the room.  Little Ryan was giving Mini Alex the death glare and I got worried since they’re on a higher shelf and it’s a long fall to the ground.
  • Um, my secret boyfriend is back in the lineup, and I’m assuming he’ll be playing on Tuesday.  Uh-oh.
  • Jason Pominville really needs to step it up.  I feel kind of bad getting mad at him since he’s the nicest, most adorable guy on the team, but this is getting ridiculous.  I really need him to just score a freaking goal.
  • Ditto for Jochen.  He needs to start winning face-offs.
  • The Sabres’ plane is kind of awesome.
  • That goal Mr. Ovechkin scored?  Fabulous.  He just skated right through Tallinder (or Lydman, as Harry Neale likes to call him) and then he fell over and still scored.  Please, enjoy his post-game interview.   I would kill for one of those hardhats.  I would wear it everywhere.
  • Islanders tonight.  Pretty Ricky is back in the lineup and they finally won against the Leafs last night.  The Sabres kind of need a win, since I have absolutely no faith in them winning on Tuesday.

Alex’s Wacky-Tacky Socks

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That game left a sour aftertaste in my mouth.  I should probably hate the Caps right now for the whole “outshooting the Flyers 25-2 in the first period” thing.  Alex was, as usual, a total beast when he dropped three straight guys coming out of the Flyers’ zone, and Brashear had decided victories in all of his fights.  (He never fails to crack me up.  I heart that guy)

I still have one question.

Alex, what was UP with those socks of yours?

84099027Check out the stripes on those bad boys.  

Dear Tvan,

Dude, you need to score approximately THIRTY goals tonight, because Jeff Carter tied your lead today.  That is not cool, Thomas.  You need to do something about that.

With Love, 


I Probably Should Have Been Miserable, But That Game Was AWESOME

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  • Crunchy is the BEST Sabres Boyfriend a girl could ever ask for.  After the game he called me and told me that he got the shutout because he felt so bad that I didn’t get to see Ovie.  
  • I’m really afraid I’m causing tension in the Caps’ dressing room, because Chris Clark was flirting with me during warmup.  Even my dad noticed.  All the sudden I realized that someone was staring at me, and when I looked over he was totally grinning at me/checking me out, but as soon as he saw me looking he quickly looked away.

It was like seventh grade all over again.  The second he caught me looking, he quick turned away before I could take a good picture.  Hmph.  He has an AWESOME smile.

  • Every single time Donald Brashear was on the ice, we cracked up.  We LOVE Brashear.
  • The following conversation took place in between the warm-up and the first period:  Frostee: “So, this isn’t as mind-numbingly painful as I thought it would be, but I still really miss Ovie.  We will have to get tickets in December.”  Frostee’s Dad:  “Yeah, but he could break his leg right before.”  Frostee:  “What are the chances of that?”  Frostee’s Dad:  “Well, what were the chances of him having to go to Russia this week to be with his grandfather?”  Frostee:  “Excellent, since on Sunday night you said at dinner ‘Hmm, I wonder what could possibly happen to Ovie to prevent him from playing on Saturday’.”
  • Mike Green is much hotter in person, I must confess.
  • Who didn’t love that Pkaleta assist on Paille’s goal?
  • Speaking of Paille, he won the “Player Frostee wants to hug the most” Award last night after that interview at the intermissions.  Oh my goodness, is he cuddly/lovable.
  • Um, can we play against Jose Theodore more often?  Please?
  • I heart Harbor Club chicken fingers.  I haven’t had them since fifth grade, when we were at HSBC Arena for a tour.  (My mom and I were talking about it and agreed that it was probably the best field trip EVER.  We ate at the Harbor Club, saw where they kept the Zambonis, went in the press box, sat on the bench, and went in the dressing room.  Then we went to Shea’s)
  • We here at TFF Headquarters would like George McPhee to suck it.  
    We don’t fault Ovie for leaving for Russia to be with his grandfather, but we do kind of fault George for letting him go.
  • Speaking of Ovie, did the fans of Buffalo last night really think it was necessary to chant “A.O.”?  Because, you know, he wasn’t even at the game.  He probably did not hear them.
  • What the HELL is up with Montreal AND Toronto rallying to win?
  • Dear Darcy,   Please fire Timmy.  With Love, Frostee.
  • Some eleven year-old boy with way too much hair gel kept shooting me these dirty looks every time I cheered or shouted at the players.  It was REALLY annoying.
  • I totally love Thomas Vanek.
  • Go Bills!!  Beat the Bretts Jets!


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