See You In A Week! (Eh)

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Tomorrow morning I will be leaving for a weeklong vacation in our northern neighbor.  I will confess that I was much more excited for this trip before the events that took place both last February (I randomly thought about the Olympics earlier today and I just got this terrible, awful feeling.  I really wanted them to win that gold medal) and this previous spring, but I’m nonetheless looking forward to seeing some of Canada other than Toronto.  We’ll be in Ottawa (fear not, I won’t wear Sabres apparel in an effort to protect myself), Montreal (fear not, I won’t wear Capitals apparel in an effort to protect myself), and Quebec City.  I plan on doing very little this week other than eating poutine and various foods drenched in maple syrup.

One downside of this vacation, however, is that I’ll only have access to the Internet in wireless areas.  Normally I wouldn’t mind this in the summer, but Free Agency Day falls while I’m away.  I’m sure I’ll hear what happens since I will, after all, be in Canada, but I won’t be able to fully partake in the ridiculous wackiness and dumb deals that I’m sure will happen (although I’m completely underwhelmed by the free agents this year as opposed to years past).

I also won’t be able to update the blog while I’m gone.  Oh well.  Enjoy July 1, everyone!!  Here’s to hoping Semin gets traded for Volchenkov’s rights!

Wait, who just said that?

Schedule Problems.

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So originally I was quite excited about the schedule because the Caps were coming here at convenient times so I would be able to enjoy both the Sabres and the Capitals at the same time without having to worry about school or projects or tests the next day.

Today, however, I finally got around to looking at the schedules in some detail, because plans need to be made.  Since the Sabres are here, whenever I get offered tickets I can just check my schedule, decide hockey > homework, and go.  To see Washington, however, takes a bit more planning since travel is involved.

After the success that was the DC Adventure back in April, it was decided that we must find a way to get back for another game this year.  (And there were also a few promises made about making the trek again if the Caps were to make the Cup Finals, but I don’t want to talk about it to jinx anything.)  However, this is made somewhat problematic by the non-compressed schedule this upcoming season.  Last season it was game after game because the league needed to fit them around the Olympic break.  This season, there are breaks of several days without games.  I usually like it this way.  In the past, when I’ve just about had it with the Sabres, I enjoy the break and don’t even think about them and then come back refreshed and ready to try tolerating them again.  Breaks in play usually work out well for me.

For the Caps, however, the roomier schedule means less games during weeks and weekends when I have a break, and this means problems.  February break?  They only play one game at home at the tail end.  (Although this game’s timing – a day after my birthday – might work in my favor.)  Christmas break?  Well, they play Pittsburgh our first day of it and then after that they’re off for several days.  April?  Our only vacay is later in the month, meaning that it’ll already be playoffs.  The only other time we have a few days off is the opening weekend in October, when my school has generously scheduled a superintendent’s conference day the Friday before Columbus Day.  So, if I am to see the Caps in their home environment this year, it’s looking like it will either be New Jersey that weekend or the Rangers in February.  We shall have to see how this plays out.

Despite the frustration the schedule provides, I must admit, planning road trips for games is FUN.

A For Effort!

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Well, maybe not an ‘A.’  Because Jay Mohr was terrible.  But you know what?  I have now watched the NHL Awards twice through (I’ll explain) and once again I’m reminded of how much I love this sport and this league.

Last night I missed half of the acceptance speeches because we were LOLing too hard (after Ryan’s, we proceeded to thank Noureen for all the other guys when they gave their speeches) and we were complaining too much during Jay Mohr’s stuff to completely appreciate it.  We did, however, enjoy the Bobby Ryan/Ryan Getzlaf skit.  Genius.  It was funny, it was entertaining, even my mother cracked up.  I love things like that.  These guys have such great personalities and the league really should showcase that.

Today I watched my recording of it, which was fantastic.  I could fast-forward through all the awkward banter and bad musical performances and just watch the acceptance speeches and player bits.  It was quite nice.

I’m always down for a good “Alex Ovechkin looks like a caveman” joke, but Bigfoot?  Really?  I also thoroughly enjoyed his acceptance speech.  I’ll be honest, I was surprised he won the Ted Lindsay award.  I knew there was always the chance he’d win but I didn’t actually think he would.  And while him winning that made me think he really did have a shot at the Hart, I’m okay with the way things turned out.  Alex was voted most valuable player by his peers (I pointed this out ad nauseam to my Sidney Crosby fan friend last night around two in the morning until she threw a pillow at me), Hank got recognition from the media for what really was a great season, and Sid got the “we feel bad that we don’t have any other award to give you so we’re giving you this award” award.  HA.

But I must admit, Sid did look completely out of his element last night.  Poor kid.

I have a theory that it was actually Daniel accepting the awards tonight, and I’d like to keep it that way in my mind.

I love Tyler even more for his speech but the poor thing needs a little work on the hair.  God bless his soul, I can’t wait until he wins ten Norris trophies.

Ryan Miller can work skinny ties like it’s nobody’s business.  I’m very picky about who wears skinny ties, but he gets my seal of approval.

Mike Green, this is what you get for being a fatty and a crappy defenseman.  Yay Duncs!

I cried when Theo was accepting his award.  I have no problem admitting that.  What a guy.  I hope he ends up somewhere good next year.

(Seriously, Darcy, I’ve been saying for at least a year that you need to get him here to back up Ryan.  He’d be a great backup!!)

I think I’m going to hunt down Pavel Datsyuk and get him ordained so he can marry me or give a speech at my wedding or something.  That guy is hilarious.

Patrick Kane is going to get herpes before he’s done in Vegas if he’s not careful.  Good grief, Kaner.

Bad News.

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I will be taking in tomorrow night’s NHL Awards with some friends while we celebrate the end of our academic school year and will be sleeping over, which means there most likely won’t be incessant tweets from me and there definitely won’t be a post-Awards post right after the show is over.  I know you’re really cut up about this.  So enjoy the Awards, and rest assured that I’ll be busily making “Mike Green is fat jokes” and cooing over Tyler and Millsie and cringing over Alex.

P.S.  I haven’t had a chance to look at the entire schedule yet but judging by when the Caps and Blue Jackets are in town, it’s like the hockey gods are just trying to make me happy.

Listen Here, Darcy.

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In The Buffalo News today, there’s an article about how the Sabres dislike drafting Europeans.  Now, there are some perfectly legitimate arguments made in this article.  There’s definitely a risk today with young Europeans who want to stay at home or want to sign with the KHL.  I’m not disputing that at all.

But one of the examples is Dennis Persson, who played in Sweden for a few years before heading over here.  Okay, I get it, you want to get use out of your picks.  But you know who else stayed in Sweden for a year before coming over to the NHL?  Lars Nicklas Backstrom.  Yes, that’s right.  And in my humble opinion, he turned out okay.

It Has Slipped My Mind.

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I had some (semi) important point to make on here but then I watched some golf and “10 Things I Hate About You” and I forgot. My apologies. But now that it’s almost Awards time, we can whip out all of our “Hangover” jokes!! Yay!!

They gave out rings at the holocaust?

The Poker Tournament Sees The Light of Day!!

June 16, 2010 at 7:18 pm | Posted in Alex Ovechkin, Huh?, Randomness | Leave a comment

(I know. Two posts in one day!! But I don’t have any more exams until Tuesday, so what the hey.)

So remember last year how everyone was talking about that charity poker tournamet various NHL personalities (including locally beloved Alex Ovechkin) were taking part in while in Vegas for the NHL Awards and how it would be on TV and then it NEVER WAS?

WELL, I flipped over to NHL Network to see what was on and lo and behold, it was the NHL Charity Shootout Poker!!! I know!!

I don’t usually play Texas Hold ‘Em when I play poker so I really have no idea what’s going on. But Alex is being ridic and there’s actual commentary, so I just might make it through a few more minutes before I give up and flip over to E!.

This is the craziest thing ever. Did you know there are professional poker players out there?!

IMPORTANT UPDATE: JR is about to shank Eddie O. This is what I call entertaining television.

Regents Exams: A Love Story.

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I’ve been somewhat negligent when it comes to this blog lately, and for that I apologize.  School always gets crazy at the end of the year and I’m right in the midst of final exams.  (I’m actually supposed to be studying for my afternoon one today right now, but since I haven’t really started yet, I don’t see why I should now!)

I’m a high school student in the great state of New York, and as a consequence when it comes tie for final exams, I get treated to these wonderful little tests called “Regents Exams.”  Seriously, they’re the best.  New York has been doing these for approximately 652 years, and they’re just wonderful.  Basically, it’s a standardized state test that all the students in the state have to take when we finish certain courses (algebra, geometry, algebra 2/trig, all the sciences, certain history and English ones, and languages).  We’re required to take them and, in fact, we need certain amounts of Regents credits in various areas to graduate.  I’ve been taking Regents exams since eighth grade (they let kids take algebra I instead of eighth grade math) and I’ve really come to enjoy it.  Regents exams can be tricky (it might be because I went shopping instead of studying, but the Earth Science Regents is probably top five as far as hardest tests I’ve taken) but for the most part, they’re a piece of cake.  This is because even if you take the AP version or the honors version of a course and do more challenging things all year, you’re still required to take the Regents.  In May I took the test for the college level European history class I took (AP Euro) and last year I took my school’s honors version (I’m something of a history geek), and yet yesterday afternoon I sat the same exam every single other kid in the state took.  After the ridiculous history tests I’ve taken over the past two years, it was not hard.  At all.  It was cute.  My grandma keeps trying to tell me that Regents were really challenging back in the 1930s, but I’m not sure if I can believe her.

So right now instead of studying for my biology final Living Environment Regents Examination, I’m telling you about it.  Because since everyone needs to pass the exam, they put massive curves on them.  Why bother study when you know your exam will get a 15 point curve?

New York gets a lot of crap and a lot of it is deserved.  But if Regents exams mean I don’t have to study (because after you’re done studying for your APs you’re just done studying for the year) for my finals, that’s just fine by me.

Yay for Regents!

I Have Some Shame.

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Over the past few years I’ve come up with a rule for myself. After my favorite teams are eliminated, I don’t wear their apparel until the playoffs are over. I just don’t want to be that guy in the Sabres shirt in the middle of the conference finals, you know? This usually is highly inconvenient, because my weekend attire when I’m hanging around the house is quite frequently a hockey shirt. This year was particularly rough because all of my hockey shirts except one got knocked out in the first round. Now that Stanley has been awarded and I’ve spent the day out and about and sitting finals in a Toews shirt, I can go back to lounging around in my Backstrom shirt. (And thank the hockey gods for that, because it’s the most comfortable tshirt I own)

So, congratulations to the Blackhawks for winning. It’s all quite exciting and it was only a matter of time. I’m of the opinion that they should just not carve Hossa’s name on the Cup to piss him off. I’m also a little sick seeing Campbell and Huet get it, but like the case of swine flu I had last June, it’ll pass eventually. It kind of felt like a now-or-never situation for Chicago since their cap is a mess, and I like enough Hawks fans to be the bigger person and congratulate them. We’ll get Stanley next year! (I hope)

In regards to my prediction, I personally believe that I had a pretty good chance of being right. Philadelphia managed to keep it close in several games and looked great in the games they won. Kane’s goal was a fluke and if Leighton wasn’t so bad he might not have even scored it. So whatever. I have no regrets.

But seriously, guys, it makes for a nice story and all, but sometimes waivers goalies AREN’T the answer.

Hey, I Still Write This Blog.

June 9, 2010 at 4:47 pm | Posted in Chicago Blackhawks, Philadelphia Flyers, Randomness | Leave a comment

Sorry for the lack of posts recently (again). Today was the last day of classes so I’ve been spending the past week sitting around watching TV. Now, however, I need to study for finals, but then I’ll be done!!

The Stanley Cup might be awarded tonight. I hope it isn’t. I’d love a Game 7 just for fun. I think Philadelphia can win tonight because they’ve been owning at home but I don’t know how they could win a game in Chicago. And that’s pretty much the extent of my commentary on the series at this point.

Chelsea Dagger is 100% stuck in my head. It’s pretty annoying.

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