10 Straight! 10 Straight!

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The Caps beat the Bolts today to tie their franchise record at ten straight games.  Boys, I expect y’all to make history against Boston on Tuesday.  Ima watch and everything.

The Senators currently have a nine game win streak going on, but I’m counting on the Sabres to BEAT THEM on Wednesday and that will be the end of that.

I will miss the game tomorrow as I will be getting more in touch with God.  While I’m gone I expect the Sabres to also BEAT PITTSBURGH and not let Sid score any goals.  Don’t make me angry, boys.

I’m watching the Grammys and they legit have another Michael Jackson tribute?  Yeesh.  There have been tributes up the wazoo.

The second semester starts tomorrow and I have a monster research paper due a week from tomorrow and then I have to do an oral version of the presentation.  Ew.  At least I only have two more weeks until Winter Break.  And, more importantly, the OLYMPICS!!!!  I’M SO EXCITED!!!!!  But I’m really bummed that the NHLers won’t be in the opening ceremony.  I love the opening ceremony and I love when I recognize athletes and I was planning on acting like a lunatic when they showed all the Swedes and Russians and Ryan Miller.  Guess that won’t be happening.

Toronto traded a s***load of players and I can’t even remember all their names, but they got Phaneuf and Giguere in return.  It will be interesting to see Phaneuf up close.  I was always under the impression that he’s not as good as people had made him out to be.  I shall miss Vesa Toskala greatly.

Time to go make sure I tracked down all the things I need for school tomorrow and put them back in my bag.  Ew.

The Leafs Make Me Laugh(s).

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The last time the Caps played the Leafs, it was embarrassing for the Caps.  This time when the Caps played the Leafs, it was still embarrassing…but for the Leafs.  I know I’ve been saying it a lot lately (because for the most part, the teams I like have really been spoiling me), but that game was SO MUCH FUN.  I’ve just been having so much fun watching hockey lately and the hockey has been so much fun to watch and I love hockey.

Theo played very well.  I’m quite proud of him.  Alex also played a great game.  It’s probably one of the best games I’ve seen him play all year.  It seems sort of like he’s evolving into a passer while Lars is evolving into a shooter.  I’m not sure how I feel about that.  I like when Alex scores insane amounts of goals.

I still think Brooks should have gotten the C (yeah, I know, I need to get over that), but Alex has grown on me as captain.  I just can’t help it.  Sorry.

Mike Knuble is totes awesome.  Love him.  Awesome pickup, GMGM.  Now that his finger appears to be healed, he’s once again been doing exactly what the Caps need him to.

Confession:  I have a crush on Tomas Fleischmann.  He’s been really good this year and his impression of Jim Carey in “Dumb and Dumber” cracks me up to the point where I do it every time he scores.  You go, Flash.  Just keep doing what you’re doing.

I get the feeling Ron Wilson hates his team.  A lot.  I certainly don’t blame him, but it must really suck having to coach them every day.  I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of playing against Vesa Toskala.

I still don’t like Jason Chimera.

The Sabres are on Long Island tonight.  Ricky is in net for the Islanders.  I hope Buffalo puts up eight on him.

They’re So Good.

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Even when the Sabres play a totally boring game and even when I miss half of it watching 30 Rock (those were two pretty funny episodes. I’d certainly have a threesome with James Franco and a pillow.), they still manage to win it. Royzie is becoming something of a good little overtime player. The Thrashers continue to be bad. I continue to find it adorable.

All in all, a nice strong start to the road trip. I hope they don’t try to pull anything stupid tomorrow night.

Tonight the Caps play the Leafs. I have a pretty decent track record watching my teams play the Leafs on Friday night and I hope tonight is no disappointment. Toronto, despite winning last night, is also very bad. I don’t find tuis adorable, I just think it’s funny.

The Capitals’ Equivalent to the Leafs.

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As we all know, the Sabres have now beaten the Leafs approximately 87 straight times. This might be a slight exaggeration, but you get the idea.

If the Caps beat Tampa Bay tonight, it will be their thirteenth straight win against them. I think it’s fairly safe to say that Buffalo Sabres are to Toronto Maple Leafs as Washington Capitals are to Tampa Bay Lightning.

The Southeast Division is so cute. I just want to squeeze its cheeks and bake it cupcakes.


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They sure don’t call ’em the Laffs for nothing!!

This game was highly entertaining.  TYLER scored two goals, the Sabres collectively were very good on the power play, and their penalty kill was spectacular they didn’t kick around the short bus kids too terribly much.  Seriously, though, at one point I just sat there and laughed while the Sabres were on the penalty kill.  God bless those Leafs.  They sure do try.

I don’t think the Sabres are ever going to lose again, and I certainly don’t think they’ll ever lose to the Leafs.

That Phil Kessel has been, uh, pretty darn good lately!

Brian Burke said “lovely” on the radio yesterday.  I was not aware that that word is in his vocabulary.

Dude, Kevin just reminded me that the Leafs traded away Tuukka Rask.  AHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH IT JUST GETS FUNNIER!

If Tyler Myers does not win the Calder Trophy, I will be even angrier than I will be if Alex does not win the Maurice Richard Trophy.  And trust me, guys, that is so angry no one will want to be in a ten-mile radius of me.

Last night the Caps stuck it to the Senators, wahoo!  Nicki got two (WHERE is his EXTENSION?) and Alex finally got one.  Yay, happy, joy, smiles.  Semyon Varlamov will never play hockey ever again, however.  Poor Varlaay.

Apparently my mom almost got into a fight with a drunk Leafs fan at the game.  That would have made my life, because my mother is not exactly the type of person who gets into fights at hockey games.

Tyler, you’re just the cutest.  But I’m pretty sure you were never “peewee.”

I like how everyone was legitimately concerned that the Leafs would tie it up at the end.  Guys, two things:

1.)  I realize the Leafs were “putting on the pressure” and the Sabres couldn’t even get the puck, but they’re the Leafs.  They are the LEAFS.

2.)  We had Ryan Miller in net, playing against the Leafs.  Ryan does not choke against the Leafs.

Ryan Miller just said “take the punch like a man.”  There is a reason I love this man.  Although there are a few signs that he actually might be a psychopath after all…

All in all, the Sabres have won six straight and they’ve been all sorts of games.  Come from behind, 1-0, lots of goals, “cutting it close at the end.”  I love every single one of them so very much.  I think they might actually possibly be good at hockey.  It’s a really cool feeling.

Scintillating Commentary.

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I’m so tired. I had six million tests today and I have forty-three million over the three days of class I have next week. One of those tests is on material we have not ever learned. None of this paragraph is an exaggeration.

I’m really glad the Sabres beat the Leafs because I’m too tired to come up with anything better to say. Toskala makes me L.O.L.

Stupid Vancouver just effing tied it up. And then Lars lost a faceoff, making it even worse. Chris Clark scored while I was in the car. Bless him, he’s shy.

If it turns out Jeff Carter really did sleep Scott Hartnell’s wife, that just might be the best gift I get this holiday season.

If I make it to the Sabres/Caps game (!!!!!!) Wednesday night it will be a Christmas miracle.

Thus ends my scintillating commentary.

Things That Are Good And Things That Are Bad.

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Things that are good:

  • Ryan Miller got a shutout!  And not just a Ryan Miller Shutout, but a real one.  Oh, Ryan.  Your shutouts make me so happy.  I may be freaked out about this spring when you’re so tired you can’t even get your skates on, but I have to admit that I’m completely in love with your badass play right now.
  • Timmy K scoring!  And Jochen scoring!  And Henrik scoring!  Look at all that scoring love right there!
  • Beating the Leafs.  Hahahahaha.
  • Lars getting a three point night.  Larsiepoo, I love you.
  • Jose playing a solid game after having a lot of time off.  Jose, I sincerely hope that you’ve been able to work through your personal issues.  And I’m glad you’re playing well.
  • The Thrashers winning.  I love them.

Things that are bad:

  • Now that I’ve worn out my caps lock, let’s continue in a rational manner.  Oh my good golly gosh, that was awful.  I’ve never seen him in so much pain before ever.  This is so bad.  The Capitals are in deep shit without him.  Team Russia needs him.  I want to see him play live.  Lars needs him.  I can’t believe he would do something so dirty.  Stupid, stupid Alexander.

I’m going to go hang out with Little Ryan, because he isn’t pissing me off right now.  Looks like it’ll be time to get the bobblehead bandaids back out again.

Stupid, Stupid Ottawa

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Games against Ottawa always end badly.  It does not matter who’s in net for the Sabres.  It doesn’t matter what kind of streak both of the teams are on.  When the Sabres meet the Senators, things get ugly.

When Patrick Lalime is in net, it’s just worse.

I can’t remember which goal it was (they all started to blur together), but there was NO ONE screening Lala and he let the puck fly on in over his glove.  It was awful.  It was terrible.  I’m probably going to wake up in a cold sweat at three in the morning because of it.  Oh, Lala.  I love you, I do.  I just wish you didn’t suck.  Sometimes it’s not you.  There are rare occasions when it’s the asshats in front of you.  But sometimes it is you, and that makes me sad.

I switched over to the Caps game because the Sabres were making me angry.  When I checked back a few minutes later, it was 5-3.  ??  I guess I missed a Pommer goal.  That’s a bummer.  I do love when Papa Jason scores.

I hate Ottawa.

The Capitals also played tonight, against the Leafs.  Alex scored first and everyone was happy in the land, then they all forgot to play the rest of the game except Varly.  He kept them alive and he’s the only reason they made it to the shootout.

Why does Bruce put Fehr out in shootouts?  It’s painfully obvious he’s got some sort of shootout jinx.

The Caps play Monday night, but the Sabres don’t play again until Wednesday, when they play…………the CAPITALS!!!  WOOO!!!  I’m so excited, I’m almost forgetting about how mad I am at them.

But I’m still mad.  5-3 to Ottawa is bad stuff, guys.  Pull it together before Wednesday night.

What A Mess.

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The Sabres played the Bruins tonight.  They needed to rebound after a poor showing against the Flyers.  They needed to show they can win in front of their backup.  They needed to show they can play good teams and not just bad ones.  (Although I don’t know if I’d necessarily call the Bruins a “legitimate contender” so far this season.)  They needed two points taken in convincing fashion.

Too bad no one told them that.

This game was not fun.  The Bruins were last in the league on the power play and Buffalo let them score more than once with the man advantage.  Jhonas didn’t get a win.  They kept showing Pie and it made me very sad.  The Sabres let an “offensively challenged” team score four.  It was a mess all around tonight and I’m starting to worry that this is where it all starts to go downhill.

Toronto beat Detroit 5-1.  I don’t even know what to say to that.  I’m speechless.

The Caps beat the Panthers 7-4.  Smiley face!  The Caps were winning then they were tied then they were losing then they were winning then they were tied then they won.  The Lars-Flash-Mikey line was intense.  They were scoring and assisting and being general badasses.  Supposedly 13 Caps had points tonight.  That’s spectacular, especially considering that Alex is still, alas, wounded.  That’s not spectacular is that Semin didn’t have any.  You suck, Sasha.  I don’t like you.

Michael and Alexander were unable to play tonight, however, we were provided our fix of them thanks to Michael’s Twitter:

53287fb703e8db1247190b1b6686cbe1_viewThey’re too cute.

Michael has his stupid skinny tie on again.

I always liked that pink shirt of Alex’s.

He’s looking a little chunky.

I miss him.

We’ve got a few days off until the Sabres play again, and I’m really hoping they figure things out and decide who they want to be and all that sappy garbage.  I don’t want them to fall apart.  I like when they’re good.  It’s more exciting.

That Was A Close One.

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Both of my teams went to overtime last night, but only one of them came out alive.  In the grand scheme of things, I think it’s worse to lose to the Maple Leafs in overtime than it is to lose to the Islanders.  But I’m still mad at you, Caps.  You don’t play defense, Tom Poti still sucks, and you greatly angered me last night.

Okay, now that I got that out of my system, on to the Sabres!

They managed to win in overtime.  This is a good thing, as Little Ryan probably would have lost his head if they haven’t.  Dudes, how many times do we have to go over this?  YOU CAN’T GIVE UP GOALS TO REALLY BAD TEAMS IN THE LAST MINUTE OF THE PERIOD.  IT IS GENERALLY FROWNED UPON AND IT WON’T GET YOU ANYWHERE IN LIFE.

Drew got a goal for this birthday, so happy birthday again, little buddy!  He also informed us, via Twitter, that swine has wreaked havoc on their team Halloween party.  That’s a major bummer.  Do you think I could get some quotes for my article?

Timmy also continued to be a badass and scored two goals, including the OT winner.  I especially liked the one in overtime.  You’re a good player, Timothy.  You’re a really, really good player when you’re not hurt.

Timmy K continued to further embed himself in my heart by being awesome and gritty and too cute for words.  He’s a good one, that Timmy.  I like having him around.

Ryan Miller saved the Sabres’ collective backsides last night.  He’s be great to this point in the season and I don’t want him getting tired out.  That would be bad.

I’m fairly confident the Sabres will lose tonight for several reasons:

1.)  It’s the second night of a back-to-back.

2.)  Lala will hopefully be starting.

3.)  It’s the Islanders, and therefore we can’t count on the Sabres to win.

4.)  The Islanders will be riding on the “emotional high” of beating a team that was on a six-game winning streak in overtime.  Argh.

Happy Halloween, kids.  Enjoy the game if you stay in and watch it, enjoy the candy if you go get some.  Make sure you check every piece before you eat it!

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