I Apologize.

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I realize that my predictions yesterday were a bit Debbie Downer.  I think it’s just my subconscious trying to keep me from getting too hopeful that the Sabres will make the playoffs.  If I think they’ll lose and they do lose I can be very meh about it, but if they end up winning I can be pleasantly surprised.

But, um, I did just look at the standings again and I couldn’t help but notice that Boston is the team the eighth seed would be playing…Boston would be an ideal team to play in the first round when you think about it.

Not that I’m saying the Sabres could get in and would actually stand a chance against the Bruins.  I’m just making an observation….

Studying < Internet, So Here’s How The Next Week Will Play Out.

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The quarter ends on Friday and I have like six kajillion eight tests this week, but why study when the house is empty and the computer is sitting right in front of me?

I’m totally pissed at the Sabres, because last night I realized that I actually kind of want them to make the playoffs.  Like, really badly.  I want them to win.  Watching them lose is no fun.

That being said, I’m predicting them to lose 5-3 on Wednesday to Atlanta (!!!), 3-1 on Friday to Washington (!!!!!!!), scrape out a win 2-1 in the shootout on Saturday against New Jersey, and lose 4-2 to Detroit.  These are mathematically calculated randomly guessed predictions.  Sort of.  I can even tell you who will score some of the goals:  Ilya Kovalchuk (!!), Colby Armstrong, Zach Bogosian, and Brian Little will score for Atlanta (Zach’s going to score his goal just to impress me, Ilya’s going to have a two-goal night); and Michael, Alex (<3), and Eric Fehr will score for Washington.  I’m not sure who will score for the Devils but I’m feeling Zach Parise.  Miller will stop all the shootout attempts and Drew Stafford will get the shootout winner (Toni will try to repeat his success but will not be able to put one past Marty).  Candy Corn Head, Henrik Zetterberg, Nick Lidstrom, and Marian Hossa will score for Detroit.

Tomas Vanek will not score in any of these games, because Thomas Vanek has apparently decided that he’s done scoring this year.

As you can see from the data I have collected above, the Sabres are not going to make the playoffs.  The sad thing is how sad this makes me feel.


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I do not care if the Sabres don’t make the playoffs this year.  Toni Lydman scoring the only goal of the shootout is officially my Sabres Highlight of the Year.  I wish you could have seen me when Toni came over the boards.  I had been lying on the couch and literally sat up and threw my hands over my face.  I am not kidding.  Then I cursed the hockey gods.  Then Toni scored and I cracked up.  FYI, Toni has never missed a shootout goal in his career.

After Pommer missed on his attempt I saw him say the F-word.  Jason, that kind of language is NOT ALLOWED.  I am WASHING YOUR MOUTH OUT WITH SOAP.

Miller stopped every single shot in the shootout.  I’m so glad I wore my Miller shirt yesterday.  We were watching the HNiC pre-game show and I found it quite interesting when they showed Ryan and Carey getting ready.  Carey had a really tight wife beater that appeared to be made of under-armor material.  It showed off his tanned, muscular arms quite nicely.  Ryan had one of his baggy Sabres hoodies on.  He is so the emo kid on the team.

If there aren’t any suspensions after that hit on Patty I’ll personally start a riot.  That is a DANGEOUS HIT TO THE HEAD, NHL.  GET ON IT.

I’m pretty sure Buffalo got called 18 times for “playing against Montreal” last night.  That’s the most popular penalty in the NHL right now.  Tampa Bay got called for it a ton of times on Thursday.

Goosie got a Gordie Howe Hat Trick on Friday?  Sweet!

I would just like to let everyone know that the Atlanta Thrashers won 6-3 last night after trailing to Ottawa.  I was on the phone with my mom when they scored the sixth goal on the power play and I dropped the phone and yelped excitedly.  Ilya got his fortieth goal!!!

I still don’t believe that the Sabres will make the playoffs (although if they won both games of a back-to-back thanks to Toni Lydman, anything is possible), but I do feel myself warming to them again.  I’ve always loved them, but now I can like them again.

I Like It When Both Of My Teams Win

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I really thought the Sabres were going to lose last night.  Well, actually, I thought they were going to win when it was 4-0, and then when it was 4-3 I thought they were going to lose.  At the very least, I thought Miller would get a Ryan Miller Shutout.  Oh well.  They got two points.  So did the Capitals.  All in all, it was a good night for me last night.

Here’s the thing, though.  The Sabres are not going to win tonight.  If they beat the Montreal Canadiens tonight I will be more surprised than if they make the playoffs.  This year’s edition of the Sabres does NOT win on the second night of back-to-backs.  It’s just not something they do.  No matter how important the game is, they somehow manage to completely screw it up.

Goosie and Pie scored.  It made me really happy.  I love when Pie scores.  It fills me with such joy.

The amazing thing about the Maple Leafs goaltending last night was how craptastic CuJo managed to be after playing amazingly on Tuesday.  He came in cold with less then a minute left in regulation and was a rock until they won in the shootout.  I guess some goalies are just inconsistent like that.

Ryan and Paul were giving each other some serious love last night.  It was so cute.

Several people at TFF Headquarters have reason to believe the whole, “Teppo Numminen has an ankle infection” thing is a conspiracy.  I think that would be kind of mean, but their reasoning is actually pretty good.  Poor guy.  And poor Frostee’s Mom, for having to see her favorite player scratched every night.

Speaking of Frostee’s Mom, I realized about ten minutes ago that when she goes out of town it’s good luck for the Sabres.  Consider this:  She left with my grandparents Wednesday morning for South Carolina and the Sabres won.  She’s still down there and they beat the Leafs last night.  The last time my mother has gone on a vacation without us during the hockey season was in May of 2007 (she usually ends up going to visit my great-aunt in July).  She was gone for three days and you know what happened when she was watching a playoff game against the Rangers in the airport and we were at home?  Chris Drury scored with seven seconds left and Max won it in overtime before partaking in the famous penguin slide.  I just figured that out.  We’re going to have to send her on a vacation more often.

The Caps also won 5-3.  It was awesome.  Alex scored two goals, added two assists, and reached the 100 point mark.  The game-winner was Brian Pothier’s first since returning from a concussion.  Nicky got two goals and reached the 20-goal mark for the first time in his career.  Brooksy should have gotten his first 20th goal ever, but the referee waved it off on incidental contact.  It was probably the biggest bullshit call I saw last night.  Nylander hardly even bumped Tampa Bay’s goalie, and he did it a good four seconds before Brooks even touched the puck.  If the ref had actually blowed the whistle when Nylander bumped him and called goaltender interference it would have been an entirely different story, but Nylander was nowhere near him when the goal was scored.  What made it even worse was that a few minutes later some Bolt bowled over Jose and didn’t get called.

After all their talk of retribution, the Lightning did very little to get back at Alex for “embarrassing them.”  Does that mean we can FINALLY move on?

As I said earlier in the post, the Sabres will not win tonight.  If for some reason they should, there would still be that tiny hope that they could make the playoffs.  I still don’t think they will, and if they lose tonight it’s pretty much over.

Now, while everyone enjoys this beautiful weather and gets ready for the games tonight, I would like to invite you all to take place in a little challenge.  Today in TBN, there was a fail of epic proportions.  I’ll give you a hint about where it is:  the Sports section.  It has to do with hockey.  Pride, glory, and a Reader Award will go to the first person who can correctly find it.  I laughed for a good five minutes when I saw it before completely giving up on the writers of The Buffalo News.  Good luck!

One Week!

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The Sabres should not, under any circumstances, look ahead past this weekend.  If they can’t beat Toronto and Montreal, they don’t deserve to be in the playoffs and certainly won’t be.

But just because they can’t look ahead doesn’t mean I can’t!!  That is because on Friday, the third of April, one week from tonight…..

The Sabres play the Capitals!!!!! 

I’m so excited.  It’s ridiculous.

And, as an added bonus………

They play the Thrashers the game before!!

The Thrashers, I would like to remind everyone, rallied from a 3-goal deficit to beat the Rangers in the shootout last night.  It was fantastic.  Drury had a goal disallowed because he used a high stick.

And even better than the Sabres playing the Thrashers and the Capitals, my tertiary and secondary teams, respectively, in the upcoming weeks is…..

Miller’s back!!!  I don’t care that the Sabres aren’t going to make the playoffs.  I’m really, really excited that Ryan’s finally healthy again.  I wanted to wear my Miller shirt today but then I overslept, and didn’t have time to dig through my drawers, and the jeans I was wearing would have clashed with it…suffice to say, if I had had the time I would be wearing a Miller shirt right now.

Pogge got called up because of Gerber’s suspension.  It’s a pretty cruel joke on the part of the hockey gods to call him up right in time for a Buffalo game.  The poor kid does not have the best track record against us.

That Was Kind Of Fun.

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I won’t lie; seeing the Sabres win last night was INCREDIBLY refreshing.  I get to use my winning tag!  I got a happy Sabres text!  Max scored an empty netter!  A backup goalie ACTUALLY WON!!!

Last night put me in a good mood and made me soften a bit towards the Sabres again, but after sleeping the win off I still realize that the Sabres aren’t going to make the playoffs.  This win was kind of like their swan song for the season.  The Sabres gave us one last win, one last good game and one happy memory, before going home for the summer.  It’s okay.  I’m okay with it.  I’ve been saying for weeks how chill I am with the Sabres missing the playoffs, but now I realize just how cool with it I am.  It wasn’t meant to be, and who am I to mess with karma?

Seeing Craigory standing up for his teammate like that was awesome, if I may quote Lindy.  If that’s not a suspension I have no idea what is.  The hit on Max was so uncalled for, not to mention dangerous.

Speaking of Max, no one is EVER allowed to get on my case about Alex and his English.  Did you hear that interview with him last night?  It basically sounded like “you know” sandwiched between a couple weird noises.

Trendy Euro’s interview, on the other hand, was wonderful.  He has become so team-first and it’s adorable.  What happens to him Friday when Miller comes back(!!!)?  I haven’t really looked into the situation, but does he get waived or sent to Portland or scratched?  I hope he’s just a healthy scratch.  I want to keep him around.  

Richard Zednik should be allowed to skip every game played in Buffalo from now on.  The hockey gods are trying to send him a message.

I never got to touch on the Caps game Tuesday night.  The first two periods were incredibly boring, and then the end of it was incredibly exciting.  I’m glad Gerber got suspended; hitting a referee is not cool.  The best part was seeing how CuJo came off the bench after sitting all night and saved his team’s ass.  Washington had approximately eight kazillion chances to score in the last ten seconds of regulation and overtime, but he was solid.  

Tomorrow night’s game will be interesting.  I’m really intrigued by if the Sabres can carry the momentum over and then if Miller can have a Brodeur-like return.  That would be nice.

Ryan Miller. Stop It.

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I read Ryan’s new blog post.  I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again:  I love his blog.  So much.

And, you know, it’s bad enough reading your favorite Sabre’s blog while he’s hurt, but then he has to go start talking about my favorite player in the NHL.  Ryan, are you TRYING to KILL me?

Now, by this point I’ve just been telling people, “Please, CHILLAX, he loves the sport, it was a bit much, the players on Tampa Bay didn’t do anything about it, get over it.  There are bigger news stories in the hockey world to cover,” but I’m very intrigued by the points Ryan brings up.  He’s totally right; that’s what Don Cherry does and he does it well.  When you really think about it he is a lot like Alex and is just a total ham.  I still maintain that if the hot stick was pre-mediated it was a little excessive, but I love all the rest of Alex’s celebrations and his pure love for the sport.  It’s his love for hockey that first attracted me to him, and he’s not doing it just to rub it in the opposition’s face.  You have to admire an athlete these days who loves his game as much as Alex does.  I would imagine Don Cherry is a lot like that, albeit slightly more xenophobic.  At the end of the day, they seem like two guys who would walk home and go to bed loving hockey.

I wasn’t going to bring up the stick again, but Ryan made a few very nice points.  I figured if he can still talk about it, I certainly can still talk about it.

P.S. to Ryan Miller:  I COMPLETELY agree about the suits.  We always run the fashion police during Coach’s Corner and 99.9% of the time Tim Gunn would NOT approve.

Thank You, Search Engine Terms

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I checked my Search Engine Terms today as I do from time to time.  I don’t usually have any laugh-out-loud funny ones, but today I did.

“does alex semin date guys or girls”

I don’t know.  Maybe it’s because it’s a Monday and I’ve been up for a long time, maybe it’s the wicked cold I caught, maybe the Sabres’ suckitude is starting to get to me.  (But now that I’ve accepted that they’re terrible, I kind of want to see just how low they can drop in the standings)  Regardless of what caused it, I find this one highly amusing. 

And just an FYI, I have no idea if Mr. Semin prefers the men or the ladies.  Good question.

I Did Not Watch Hockey Last Night*

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*This is a lie.  But more on that later.

So yesterday after Shea’s and dinner out, we were driving home when my mother suggested we get a movie on Pay-Per View.  I had been hoping to lie around watching the Sabres and Caps, but since I really wanted to see Milk I agreed to watch it with them.  I did watch the first sixteen minutes of the Sabres game while we waited for my mom to finish whatever had caught her attention upstairs.  I had a sort of sinking feeling when we turned it off as it was 1-0 Rangers.  It was still scoreless in the Caps game, and I was just hoping that it wouldn’t be an exciting blowout.

We went down into the basement and watched the movie.  It was really good.  Even when James Franco plays gay I love him.  I can’t decide if this has replaced Brokeback Mountain as my favorite involes-a-gay-couple-movie.  It’s tough.  

When the credits were rolling, I pulled out my cell phone to check the final score.  Heh.  Rangers win, 5-3.  I was a tad bit disappointed to miss a Pie goal, but did I really want to see the Sabres lose 5-3, and see Patty get pulled?  No.

I went over to the Center Ice channel that shows the scores and I discovered that the Capitals also lost, 4-1.  Ew.  That’s GROSS, Caps.  Then I watched the second Don Cherry.  (Dear Readers, I would like to point out that while Malkin has more points, you don’t see Alex throwing his elbows around when it’s entirely unnecessary.  Not that elbows are ever necessary.  Even if I hated them both, I would say a real MVP doesn’t partake in dangerous hits to the head.)

After that I wasn’t sure what to watch.  Flipping through the Center Ice Channels, however, I discovered that the Thrashers were still on, and tied with Tampa Bay!  Since I lurve the Thrashers, I watched the overtime and shootout of that game.  The Thrashers won.  I love them.

It’s really sad that my favorite team in the NHL is the Sabres, my second favorite team is the Capitals, and I had to rely on my THIRD favorite team, the THRASHERS, for a win last night.

But I am kind of excited that we might have an exciting end to the season after all.  If the Sabres completely implode, it might be kind of funny.

Can We PLEASE Get Some Talent On This Team?

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Maybe if we had a few more good players (other than Vanek, Miller, Connolly, and Butler [first NHL goal!  awww!!!]), we could actually win a few games.

But I’m still okay with last night’s loss.  Accepting that the Sabres won’t make the playoffs makes it so much easier to watch them suck.

Poor Lindy.  I wish he could coach a good team.

Sabres, even though I hate you, you’re still all invited to my playoffs party.

There’s still room on the Washington Bandwagon.  You can even get started tonight!

In retrospect, I wish I had whacked Knuble with my purse when I saw him yesterday.  If that was a legit goal, then he shouldn’t have gotten credit.

I actually agreed with Harry Neale during The Whip last night.  It was weird.

Can we please bench Pominville?  Pleeeeaaaasssseee?

I know a lot of people do, but I don’t miss Danny Briere.  I was able to get over him pretty quickly after he signed with Philadelphia.

Pkaleta’s hit on Carter was funny.

The Sabres play the Thrashers two days before they play the Capitals.  I’m so excited.

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