I Need This Olympic Break.

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I think the Sabres and I need this Olympic break.  I’m pissed as hell at them and we need to regroup.  I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to watch them this week since I’m insanely ridiculously busy (last week before break, whoop whoop), but this might not be the worst thing.  I mean, they lost to Carolina last night.  The Carolina Hurricanes.  And Ryan Miller was terrible.  And he’s playing every game at the Olympics.  We’re screwed.

However, one glance at the schedule right after the Olympics proves that it’s not exactly going to get better, what with the Sabres playing Pittsburgh and Washington (I’ll be there!  I’ll be there!) back-to-back.  Yikes.

The Caps, however, continue to be SO AMAZING AND FUN AND EXCITING.  FREE CHICKEN WINGS FOR EVERYONE!!  I encourage all of you to take a gander at the league leaders stat page on NHL.com.  It is HIGHLY ENJOYABLE to do so.

Lars Nicklas and Sidney Crosby are tied for points.  Just throwing that out there.  CLEARLY Sidney is the better player, though.

My parents were at the Sabres game last night and I’ve never seen them come home from a game as pissed as they were last night.  It was a mess.  I need to stop fuming about it.

Tonight the Sabres travel to Columbus to take on my beloved Chris Clark.  I still feel a dull ache when I think of him despite how ridiculous Alex has been since he got himself the C.  I, however, will be missing the game as I will be attending a party.  Oh, Christopher.  Know that you and your classiness will be on my mind.

If I check my phone at 9:30 tonight and find that the Sabres lost to Columbus too, I might have to do something drastic.

Sad Times.

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Last night the Capitals lost to the pukey Hurricanes 6-3.  Eric Staal had a FIVE POINT night.  Let that all sink in, kids.  6-3.  To the Hurricanes.

Bruce and Brooks and everyone else keeps going on and on about how finding out two hours before a game that two teammates/friends/the captain had been traded wasn’t the reason for their total disinterest in the game.  I know they’ve got to say things like that.  And part of that game was Theo sucking and Erskine sucking and then both of them sucking together.

But part of it was the trade.  You could tell.  The guys looked on the verge of tears in the postgame interviews.  I don’t understand why the trade had to be made RIGHT THEN.  If it had been in the works since September, it could have been done after the game or long enough before that the guys weren’t all in shock on the ice.

I just hope this game isn’t an indication of how things are going to go out in California.  That…would be bad.

At one point last night I read somewhere that they wouldn’t rush to name a new captain out of respect for Christopher.  Um, two things:

1.)  I get that, but right now your team is captainless and after the game last night, they need someone to stand up and tell them they all suck and get them motivated.

2.)  You’re really talking about respect for him right after you traded him?  For reals?

I’m taking this trade much harder than I probably should, but I’m on break so it’s not like I have other things to think about.

I can’t be mad at Lars Nicklas for taking a double minor because I still can’t stop laughing that he actually high-sticked a guy and did so hard enough to draw blood.

Andrej Sekera made the Slovakian Olympic team.  Woo, Reggie!  I’m not a huge fan of him and his bald head, but congrats.  Gooo Olympics!

I decided that if Paul makes Team USA I might have to splurge and get a Gaustad Team USA jersey.  Otherwise I’ll just get an Ovechkin Russia one or a Backstrom Sweden one.  My birthday is, after all, in the midst of all the Olympic fun.

If the Sabres fail to score on 17 power plays like they did last time they played Pittsburgh I will flip shit.  They also better win this game.  I looked for Sidney Crosby when I was at the mall yesterday but alas, it would appear as though he has filled his shopping quota for the month.


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The Sabres beat the Blackhawks.  2-1.  In regulation.  With Patrick Lalime in net.

I think we can consider this mission a success.

I was watching a game with a friend, ergo, I did not pay the best attention.  However, early in the game they were showing the shots on goal, and were the Blackhawks really leading 12-2?  That made me a wee bit concerned.  In the end, Thomas Vanek and Clarke MacArthur scored their ninth goals (didn’t TV have like forty at this point last season?) and the Sabres nearly shut out the ‘Hawks.

Chicago is a very good hockey team.  Beating them is huge.  I’m so proud of our slugs.

My thoughts are with Mike Grier.  That’s just so sad.

Did Soupy get booed?  I couldn’t hear.  I sincerely hope so.  Just suck it up, Soupster.  Did you really think we were just going to forget everything that happened?

The Caps fell behind 2-0 to the Hurricanes, took the lead 3-2, let EFFING GLEASON score a shorty, then Michael ended it in overtime.

1.)  Jose Theodore has me very, very worried.  Get.  Back.  Soon.  Varly.

2.)  If you did not see Lars’s pass to set up Michael’s game-winner, go watch the highlights right now.  Holy moly, that was beautiful.  I want to have fat blond slick-handed Swedish babies with him.

Alexander Semin also had an excellent night, but, uh, I really don’t feel that way about him.

I’m sitting on children again tomorrow night, so I don’t know how much hockey I’l get to watch.  I do know, however, that the family has CBC, so once the kids have been tucked into bed, I will be enjoying the Caps on HNiC.  Of course I’ll watch the Sabres, but the Rangers make me ill for no apparent reason even though I love Hank.  We shall see how the night progresses.  Another two points are on the line for them, both within the division and the conference.

I can’t believe it’s not even Christmas and I’m already watching the standings.  Stupid Sabres, look what you’ve done to me.

P.S.  The Blackhawks are now 0-1 with me wearing a ‘Hawks shirt.  Sorry about that, guys.

TWO Comebacks!!

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The Sabres spent much of their game down 1-0 to the Hurricanes.  The Caps scored two goals and then gave up three in a row to the Canadiens.  Thankfully, both of my teams ended up winning.

The Sabres looked like a pile of poop for the first two periods.  The game was boring and they couldn’t get anything going and Tyler Myers was trying to kill me.  Ryan Miller appeared to be the only player on the team who seemed to care about the collective sanity of Buffalo, and it’s a good thing that he does.  He needs to be in the Vezina talks to this point of the season.  I don’t understand how he couldn’t be.  He’s been the best player on the team, end of story.  Yes, I did think Lalime should have played tonight, but Miller has been beyond fantastic.  RJ was right; we are not worthy.

In the fifth period the Sabres finally figured things out and remembered that they’re playing the Hurricanes on the road, a place they have not yet won a game.  Losing at home to the Hurricanes, especially via shutout, is about as embarrassing as it gets.  You might as well go home after that.  Vanek finally got around to scoring a goal, and it’s always lovely to see Mike Grier contributing.  Yo, the Sabres even scored on the POWER PLAY.  That doesn’t happen very often.

The Caps game went like this:  Alexander and Eric score, Canadiens score (let’s not talk about the traitor formally known as the Caveman), Caps score on the power play with eleven seconds left, Michael DOESN’T completely screw things up in overtime, Lars is a hero in the shootout, Caps win.

1.)  I got pretty scared when Michael was allowed near the puck in overtime.  I’m very proud of him for not killing anyone or gift-wrapping any goals.

2.)  Alex looked much more like himself tonight – aside from that one part where he tripped over himself six times in a row – which is reassuring.  I think he’s finally getting back to his pre-injury state.

3.)  Lars has been a bit off this month.  He looked awesome Wednesday night, and a shootout winner might not boost up his point totals or anything, but I think our dear little Swede has gotten his game back.  Yay!!

P.S.  The Thrashers beat the Flyers 1-0.  I would just like to remind everyone that I loved them even back when they sucked.

The Flames Were In Town Tonight.

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I was out to dinner and consequently missed the first period.  I hear it was wonderful.  It certainly sounds as though it was.  They finally scored on the power play?  Wooooo!!  The second period was fast, but I was not at all pleased with the lack of shots and the plethora of penalties taken by the Sabres.  Then Sir Christopher had to stand up for Ryan, as he’s a chivalrous soul and protecting his goaltender is one of his money duties.  Then the Flames tried to beat up Clarkey, then Goosie beat up Phaneuf.  I liked the last one a lot.  I don’t like Phaneuf, and I do like Goose, so I enjoy seeing the latter punch the first.  Serves you right, Dion.

It was really great getting to see Jarome Iginla.  He’s an incredibly talented player and we don’t ever get to see him because he’s aaaaallll the way on the west coast.

The Sabres took sixteen too many penalties tonight.  Good heavens, they looked like last year’s box-loving Caps.

I thought RJ was going to stroke out in the last thirty second of overtime.  Rick, you are not as young as you used to be.  Don’t overexert yourself.

The game ended up in the shootout, and, miracle of miracles, the Sabres pulled out the win.  Oooh!! Aaah!!  Weee!!  Good job, Sabres.  You ended up with a grand total of six shots on goal (going from the two periods I saw), but you managed the win.  Excellent, excellent.  I know this is asking far too much of you, but a win tomorrow night would be superb.  Philly is a scary, intimidating team, but I have complete faith in you.  Put your mind to it, boys, and you can do it.  All in all, though, tonight you played a highly entertaining game.  Much better than Wednesday night.  Thank you.

There’s no way Lala starts tomorrow night.

The Caps played the Wild.  Perrault continued to be badass.  Mike Knuble broke his finger and is out 3-4 weeks and I am very sad.  I love Mike Knuble.  Mike Knuble is a good leader and he’s good at killing penalties and he liked my sign.  Poor Mike Knuble.  Varly is slowly working his way back into my good graces.  The Caps have issues to work out, but they’ve looked pretty darn good over the past few games (aside from giving up 3 quick ones to the Islanders and then borderline choking in the final minute against them and taking eleven rounds of the shootout to beat them).  I like it.

The Hurricanes lost their 14th straight game.  It used to be really funny when everyone was wondering if they’d make it to ten.  Now it’s just sad.  Should we send in aid?  Is there something we can do to put them out of their misery?

The Thrashers beat the Kings 7-0.  This is totes awesome.  Thrashers, you rock.  I love you.  Ilya, Evander, AND Zachity Zach all scored.  That’s what we call an awesome game.  I should have watched it.  I’ve never tried watching three games at once before.  I mis try this some time.  Atlanta is certainly worthy.

I got tapped last minute for  babysitting gig tomorrow night.  I’ll be able to watch the Sabres after the kiddies go to bed and they get CBC, but I will be unable to see the Capitals.  This pretty much guarantees that Alex will come back and score a hat trick.  Awesome.

I Was Right!!

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Remember when I said yesterday that I kept having these random visions of the Caps descending into chaos if Feds bolted for Russia?

Well, cue chaos.  This is totally crazy.  Now steroids?  Yeesh.

Oh, and Pittsburgh swept Carolina in the Eastern Conference Finals and are now waiting for a rematch of last year waiting to see who wins the West.  But you already knew that.

Monday Ramblings

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  • Yesterday’s game was pretty enjoyable.  As much as I love Chicago, though, I really don’t think they’ll make it past Detroit.  The Red Wings just have too much experience.
  • Every time someone on Detroit scores, I get insanely angry that it wasn’t Pavel Datsyuk.  His lack of scoring really angers me.  Every time the Wings score, I scream something along the lines of, “CANDY CORN HEAD.  YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO SCORE.  WHERE HAVE THE GOALS GONE?”  Maybe it’s the shape of his head, maybe it’s his poor knowledge of English, maybe it’s his Russian background, maybe it’s his all-around badassedness.  I have a total soft spot for Pavel.
  • My aunt tried to make me promise to root for Carolina in the east, and even though I told her I did I was lying.  Shh!!  I’m so apathetic about this series.  I could not care less about either team even if I tried.  It wold be so much nicer if we could just declare both of those teams losers and move on and give the Cup to Detroit.
  • My phone has been dying a slow, painful death, and today it got even worse.  I feel like the poor little thing has cancer and progresses to more severe stages.  Now the screen keeps disappearing and text messages come through in weird characters, which is even worse than when it just wouldn’t make calls.  It’s so sad.
  • Mike Milbury was trying to get Sid to admit to misbehaving in school.  Mike, I don’t think you’re going to get anywhere with that.
  • I had my speaking test today in French with hilarious results.  One of my teacher’s questions kind of threw me and I just started randomly spitting French words out.  It was pretty great.
  • I’m not sure how much attention I’ll pay to the series tonight because 1) as I mentioned before, this series annoys me and 2) “Gossip Girl” and “One Tree Hill” season finales.  It’s almost summer!!
  • Also, as it’s a school night, I can’t really play the Staal Brothers Drinking Game.

On To The Conference Finals!

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But first, a few things from the Caps’ locker clean out.

When they were interviewing Jose Theodore the goaltending position came up.  Jose was pretty much, “I may have been benched from the second game of the playoffs on, but that #1 job is mine, bitch.”  What he actually said when asked about Simeon is “Well, he’s the goalie of the future.”  

Dear Hockey Gods,

If you provide us with a major bitch fight between Simeon Varlamov and Jose Theodore during training camp next year, I will never say anything against you ever again.

With Love,


Alex was wearing the same shirt he wore in Beijing last summer.  It says Sochi 2014.  I stared at it or a good five minutes before I realized where I had seen it before, and then I hurried to check my archives.  Don’t judge me.  I have a freaky memory when it comes to clothes.  I could probably tell you what you were wearing last time I saw you (if I’ve ever hung out with you before).  It’s weird.

And he’s leaving for Moscow tonight?!?  SOB!  I’m so sad that he’s not going to be on this continent.  Can they make him come back and do another intermission report during the Stanley Cup Finals?  That was horrific awesome.  Why do I love European players so much?  They only leave me for Europe in the summer, and I am left alone in this country.  What does Russia have that we don’t?  

Dear Alex,

I appreciate your decision to not go to Turkey since it’s “bad for you.”  Heh.  We wouldn’t want you getting into any trouble.

With Love,


Dear Sergei Fedorov,

As you’ve stated your desire to play next yera, and the entire Washington Capitals organization seems to have a massive man crush on you, you’ll totally come back next year, right??

With Love,


Okay, on to the Game Sevens last night.

Detroit won – big surprise – and so did Carolina.  Wow.  I was definitely rooting for the Hurricanes, but I didn’t think they’d actually come out alive.  Cam Ward is now undefeated in Game Sevens in his career.  Nice stat, Mr. Ward.

As much as I’d like to think Carolina could beat Pittsburgh, I just don’t know.  They’re going to have to be fantastic to beat the Pens.

I really want the Detroit/Chicago series to be like one long string of Winter Classics.  That game was highly enjoyable, and I’m hoping for an exciting series.

My picks for the Stanley Cup Finals are….drum roll…Detroit and Pittsburgh.  Rematch of last year.  I just don’t see anyone beating Detroit, and I think Pittsburgh will come out alive in their series, unless Eric Staal manages to score in four straight games.

Dear Detroit Red Wings,

If you beat Pittsburgh for the second year in a row to win the Stanley Cup, I will love you forever.  This is not an exaggeration.  

With Love,


Laying Down The Law

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Okay, Caps.  Last night, for the second game in a row, you lost.  It was bad.  It was ugly.  I spent most of the game peeking out from between my fingers.  My shirt is apparently unlucky, so I won’t wear it again during the game tonight.  Although, I am wearing it now.  It’s very comfortable.

While Christopher’s goal filled me with joy (Christopher!  Look at you, scoring in the playoffs!), and seeing Lars score for the second game in a row made me quite proud, Alex’s lack of shots and Simeon’s lack of saves was not good.  Caps, you know who you looked like last night, continually pulling within one only to give up a terrible goal and lose momentum?  The Sabres.  You looked like the Buffalo Sabres.  It made me want to jump off a tall building.

There are big reasons why you can’t lose this series:

1.  Giving up a 2-0 series lead and then losing the series is bad.  Really, really bad.  If the Rangers do it, it’s okay.  They are, after all, the Rangers.  When you do it, it’s really bad.

2.  Bragging rights, and the fact that if you lose this series all the Pittsburgh/Crosby & Malkin fans will say that they won because let’s face it, Sid and Geno are better than Alex.  This can not happen.  I couldn’t handle it.

I never like seeing players get hurt, but if Sergei Gonchar’s out the Caps at least have a chance.  May I remind you how bad Pittsburgh was when Gonchar was out this season.  They weren’t even in the playoffs.  

Washington, even if you can only win on home ice in this series, you stand a chance.  You have home ice advantage, which means Game 7 will be played in your arena, in front of your fans.  

It’s going to be hard, and there are a lot of things that need to be changed.  Right now.  But you know what, Capitals?  Stupid fan that I am, I still believe.  You’re still in this series, and if you fight hard, you can still prevail.  Don’t let me down.

Also, WHAT has happened to the Bruins and TimTom?  They looked awful last night.  How awesome would it be if the Hurricanes knocked them out in five games?  It would be quite awesome, if you ask me.

A Recap Of Last Night’s Game, In Case You Missed It

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The puck dropped last night, and the Capitals were on fire.  They looked fantastic, and thanks to a terrible play by Fleury (I could practically see the *facepalm*) Alex got the first goal.  Then, at the ten minute mark, the Caps all decided to go to a bar in Pittsburgh to watch the Boston/Carolina game.  Simeon doesn’t speak English, however, so he didn’t know they were leaving.  He continued to play his life out for the rest of the game while the few remaining Caps took penalties and just generally looked like a mess.

(Yes, I realize that the Caps looked like complete crap last night, but there were still several non-calls.  There were definitely a few times Pittsburgh should have been penalized.  I’m just pointing that out.)

Then, with only a few minutes left in the third, after I had spent the whole night swearing and screaming at the TV, they showed a couple sitting at the game.  They were noticeable for several reasons:

1.  They weren’t participating in the white-out.

2.  The woman’s hair was a crazy maroonish afro, and clashed with her berry-colored jacket.

3.  The guy was wearing a jacket that may or may not have been made of pleather.  Trust me, I know what pleather looks like.  My friend wore ill-fitting pleather pants for Halloween a few years ago, and I’ve never forgotten the stuff.

Being the catty, judgmental, overly-critical person I am, I proceeded to point all of these out to my dog.  I know that I wasn’t being nice, but the chances of them ever finding out are slim to none.

Then Doc informed me that I was being a tad bit mean to Mr. and Mrs. Malkin.  And then Geno scored.

And at that point I was feeling pretty miserable, but then a penalty was FINALLY called on the Penguins and Lars had just finished watching “Mamma Mia!” for the sixty-eighth time (what can I say?  he loves the ABBA tunes) so he decided to come out and score a goal.  And at that point I figured the Caps would win the game in overtime because a) they could ride their momentum from the comeback and b) they sort of reminded me of the Sabres last night, and the Sabres would win the game just to piss me off.

The Capitals did not, however, win the game.  They certainly looked awful, but as David was kin enough to remind us of after Game 2, you’re supposed to win at home and split on the road.  Hear that, Caps?  Win at home, SPLIT on the road.

Carolina also scored in overtime.  Congrats, ‘Canes.

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