Harry Potter!

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In honor of Harry Potter’s 29th birthday, I thought I’d dedicate a post to him.

There are very few things I love more than hockey in this world.  I think the only ones that rank higher are my parents (and my brother, when he’s not being a git), my dog, reading in general, and the Harry Potter series.  To be perfectly honest, I am completely obsessed with Harry Potter.  I consider JK Rowling to be one of my heroes.  I’ve been reading the Harry Potter books for my entire life, and after the seventh one came out I cried not only for the deaths in it, but because of the realization that I would never get to go to Borders at midnight to get a new book.

In addition to all seven books and the first five movies (the movies are never, EVER as good, but I buy them because I’m a good fan), I also have two wands, a set of robes, and a gray pleated skirt like the ones the girls wore in the first two movies.  It doesn’t fit me anymore, but I wore it both years I went as Hermione.  I also have Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and Quidditch Through the Ages, and two posters relating to the series.  Possibly three.  I’ve eaten Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans and I had an acid pop once.  After the seventh book came out I was interviewed about it on WBEN.  I am a Harry Potter nerd in the first degree.

Before the sixth movie I reread the sixth and seventh books, and now I’m rereading the fourth book.  I’ll move on to the fifth next, and I can’t decide if I want to reread the first three books too.  I actually kind of want to watch the fourth movie, but I’m not sure if I can put up with Daniel Radcliffe’s hair for two and a half hours.

So…yeah.  Happy birthday, Harry Potter!!  (And a happy birthday to JK Rowling, too!)


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Now, I realize that this will be the third post in a row that doesn’t have anything to do with the Sabres, but since the Sabres are hibernating bears this offseason, there’s really nothing to say.

I, however, have a bit of exciting news: today, when I checked my Top Search Terms, “nicklas backstrom” led the pack.  Huzzah!!

In honor of this little piece of news, I would like you all to click this link.  This video is fantastic for four reasons:

1)  Lars!!  ‘Nuff said.  (Just for the record, he looked about 15.  God bless him.)

2)  Lars using a potty mouth.  Although I did appreciate him saying “bum” instead of something vulgar, like “ass.”

3)  Brooksie acting in a typically Brooksie fashion: eagerly helping Cabbie speak Swedish and hook up with the Swedish ladies.  Am I the only one who thinks that Brooks asked Lars to teach him Swedish since he wasn’t having any luck with the North American ladies?

4)  Mo showing up so they can all swear in Russian.  Mo is one of my favorites.

My New Shirt

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Today I got my new Toews t-shirt. The fabulous Clare purchased it for me when she was in Chicago for the Blackhawks Convention.

I’m not a huge ‘Hawks fan, but this shirt is awesome. I absolutely love it.

Oh… My… Goodness

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So, if you’ve spent any amount of time around this blog, you know that I have a bit of a thing for Alexander Ovechkin.  Over the past few weeks days I’ve been trying to talk more about the Sabres and less about him and the rest of the Captials.  I always feel a bit guilty when I talk about my Capitals loves on my Sabres blog, but today I’m making an exception.

There’s a fabulous blog I enjoy checking every few days to see what Alex is up to.  It’s a great place to keep up on his schedule and see what shenanigans he’s getting in to.  It’s also a place I can always go if I hear Alex gave an interview or something like that and I want to see the video.

Today, however, I came across a picture in which Alex strikes a pose very similar to that of one Mr. Robert Pattinson.  He actually does look quite a bit like him in said picture.  Now, I’m definitely not a fan of Rob (I find him to be an insufferable douchebag, and even back in his Harry Potter days I didn’t think he was that great of an actor, but that’s just my opinion) but after seeing this picture I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t just making it up when I said it was pretty much the exact same pose as Alex is striking in his photograph.  After spending 25 minutes going through page after page of Google image search results, I finally just stole a similar picture from Flickr.  (If this is your picture, thanks for letting me use it!  If you’d like me to take it down, just let me know.)


3704034474_00e011d4ebNow, techincally Rob is smiling in this picture and he’s wearing a jean vest.  That’s because I couldn’t find the one of him in the leather jacket with the brooding face.  If you happen to have it and want to email it to me so I can provide the proper comparison, you’ll be my best friend.

And I would just like to point out that while most teenaged girls would relish the chance to spend half an hour looking at pictures of Rob, it kind of made me want to claw my eyes out.

Now, compare it with this.  I’m assuming it’s the cover of a magazine, but I don’t speak Russian (yet) so I can’t confirm that.

pic45(I tried making it bigger, but it was kind of scary in the huger version so I just kept it this size.)

So…yeah.  I guess this is what Alex does when he’s not busy, you know, being a hockey player.  Where do we begin with this photograph?  Perhaps the look on his face would be a good place to start.  Dear Readers, I have watched a lot of Capitals games and I’ve seen him make a lot of faces, but none of them seem to quite match this intensity.  Wow.  I’m impressed.

Then there’s the hair.  It’s a bit difficult to make out since the background is black and his hair is dark, but it looks like he has that messy “I just got out of bed”/”I don’t wash/style my hair” look everyone has come to associate with Rob.  (As opposed to the “I just got out of bed”/”I don’t cut/comb my hair” look we generally associate with Alexander.)  Oddly enough, this hair works on him.  It works really well.  If he started styling his hair like this more often, I wouldn’t be totally against it.

Then there’s the jacket.  The only reason I put any time or effort into searching for that certain picture of Rob was because I knew in it he had the exact same look, and I knew he was posing the exact same way with a leather jacket.  (Don’t judge me!!  I took out a subscription to Us Weekly for one of my brother’s fundraisers and they have pictures of him in it all the time.)  I’ve personally always been a fan of grabbing your jacket in that manner if you’re taking a sexy picture, and Aelx definitely pulled it off in this one.

Then there’s the huge crucifix and his “8” necklace, but I’m not going to say anything about those.  Other than that they were selling necklaces like his “8” one and I was all set to order it and then I found out it was somewhere in the neighborhood of a hundred dollars.  Sorry, Alexander.  I’m not spending that much.

All in all, however, I consider this picture to be a Win.  A sexy win, but a win nonetheless.

And before you get your knickers in a twist worrying that Alex is trying to become a sex symbol, fear not!  He’s still a total goofball, deep down.



(I can’t believe I actually just spent an hour writing a post about a picture and Rob Pattinson, but I did.  Make of that what you will.)

(I swear, I’m not a puck bunny.  I know what a zamboni is.)

Story Time

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Yesterday, after my mother and I went shopping, we stopped by my grandparents’ house to say hello.  While my mother was helping my grandmother in the kitchen, my grandfather asked me about the recent affairs of the Sabres.  He knows he can always rely on me to keep him up to date.

“So, looks like the Sabres signed a few new fellows yesterday,” Grandpa started.

“Sekera and MacArthur?” I replied.  I had learned (the hard way) that it’s not always wise to use my crazy nicknames with him.

Grandpa nodded.  “Yes, I think those were the names.”

Now, my grandfather is 90, so I know to be very patient with them.  However, he’s been a lifelong sports fan and usually does well remembering names or at least players.  (Example: he occasionally forgets Alex’s name, which is fine because it’s a bit unusual, but always remembers that I like “that Russian fellow.”  And he knows that the Russian fellow in question isn’t “the other one in Pittsburgh with Crosby.”  But I digress.)  I was a bit surprised when he seemed to have never heard those names before the signing was announced.

“Grandpa,” I said gently, “Sekera and MacArthur played for the Sabres last year.”

The look he gave me was priceless.  Reggie and Clarkey weren’t memorable enough for my grandfather, so he just assumed we had signed a few new guys.  I had to remind him that the Sabres almost never sign new people.  It’s not something they do.

Reggie And Clarkey Sign!

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When I woke up this morning and turned on my phone, it pretty much exploded with messages.  Most were from a friend, but one came from the Sabres.  When I saw it contained a piece of Breaking News, I quickly opened it to see what mess the Sabres had gotten into today.

What a pleasant surprise it was to see that the Sabres had signed Andrej Sekera to a multi-year deal and Clarke MacArthur to a one-year deal!  Woo, Sabres!!  Look at you, standing pat!!  Go Sabres!!

I figured it would be a good idea to keep Reggie around, since I saw him at Chef’s and he and Alex are buds, but I was a bit peeved with Clarke after last season.  A one-year deal is probably for the best.  My only concern with Reggie is how he’ll play without Spacek.  Wasn’t the Caveman his mentor last season?

The Sabres wanted to stand pat and figured that was the way to win the Cup, so standing pat it is.  Oh, Sabres.  I can always count on you to be consistently bad.


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Today I dragged myself out of bed at 10 because I had to get ready for a baptism.  That’s waking up early for me.

I’m telling you this because the Sabres have done absolutely nothing worth talking about and I therefore have nothing else to say.  Sometimes I really hate them.  Happy July 19th, everyone.

Little League Baseball Is Bad.

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So I’m sitting here at my brother’s Little League playoff game, and I don’t want to offend him since he’s a great hitter, but I kind of want to claw my eyes out.
Last week I was at a Red Sox game. This is a bit of a step down in my humble opinion. Sigh.


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Please enjoy the Capitals prospects touring Washington. It’s not very long, and in my opinion, the highlight is when Jake Hauswirth is explaining what happens at the Capitol.  “It’s like where they put bills in…to get passed.”

Dear Sabres,

Please take the Baby Sabres on a tour to Niagara Falls next summer and put video of it up on the website.  Make sure you mic one of the prospects.  “It’s like where water comes down…from up higher.”

With Love,



July 16, 2009 at 11:38 am | Posted in Buffalo Sabres, Happy!!, Washington Capitals | Leave a comment

December 9th and March 3rd.  Mark ’em down!!

Also, I don’t want to jinx it because it’s all very, very premature, but there is a slight chance that maybe, possibly, I’ll be heading down to DC on April 1st for the Capitals game against the Thrashers.  But don’t jinx me!!!

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