I’d Wish You A Happy Halloween, But It Isn’t Really All That Happy

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Fuck this shit.  I DO NOT care that I get to see Alex Semin, who is currently “the best player in the league!”  I DO NOT care that he could have gotten injured instead and still have missed the game.  I DO NOT think that this is just like going to a game against Pittsburgh and not seeing Sid because he’s hurt, because the way I feel for Sidney PALES IN COMPARISON to the way I feel for Alex.  It DOES NOT MATTER that we have Harbor Club passes for before the game.  I DON’T GIVE ONE SINGLE SHIT that now I don’t have to make a poster.  I really, really don’t care.  Ovie is in motherfucking Russia (which, BTW, I plan on nuclear bombing, so if you have any plans to travel there in the next few days, I suggest you try to get a refund), and I don’t get to see him.  (Frostee’s Mom:  “It’s really not that bad.  You get to see him on TV all the time!”  Frostee:  “Tell Dad that I actually am not exaggerating when I say that if I don’t get tickets to the game in December, I will burn this house to the ground.”)

I just…I wanted to…been looking forward to it since May…tears slide down face…UGH.


The only part of last night’s game that I saw was the interview with Pommer after when he was talking about The System, and I think it’s safe to say that that was probably the only good part.

The Sabres now have no choice but to win tomorrow.  If Ovie was playing I was going to allow them a loss, but since he’s in fucking Russia (sniffles), they will have no excuses for sucky games.


At the last minute, I decided to go as a hockey player for Halloween, and I must confess, I look pretty awesome.  I’m working my dad’s old jersey, and I even have a black eye.  (It appears to be very convincing, as my friend Aly freaked out when she saw me today in school).  I haven’t decided if I’ll wear Dad’s old hockey shorts too.  It’s kind of hard to move in them.  I think I will have to pull a baseball cap down low and mumble about how if we stick to The System and play a solid sixty minutes, we’ll be able to come away with two points.  I was going to talk with a terrible Russian accent all day, but it got too sad for me.


Today In Gym I Caught A Volleyball With My Face

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No joke, Dear Readers.  It was not fun.  (And it was even less fun since the hot guy in my class is the one who threw it.  Accidentally, of course)

  • Fuck it, Bruce!  According to him, Ovie is not playing Saturday.  Apparently if Alex had already talked to George McPhee about returning, it was not discussed with him.  Fuck, fuck, fuck.
  • Dear Sabres,  Even though I will not be watching tonight, please play really, really well.  I promise you won’t hurt my feelings if you win when I can’t watch.  With Love, Frostee.
  • Um…I have no idea how I’m going to be able to get all my studying done.  This is no fun, Dear Readers.  No fun.
  • Happy Birthday, Drew!  (Am I the only one who thinks it’s kind of fitting that his birthday is the day before Halloween?)
  • Congrats to the Phillies for winning the World Series.  I actually really couldn’t care less, but one of my good friends and sworn enemies (because she totally loves the Flyers and Nick Jonas, and both of them are YUCK) is a huge fan, so congratulations.
  • Did I mention that Alex Ovechkin, the LOVE OF MY LIFE, is mostly likely NOT playing Saturday?  WTF!!!   (But in all seriousness, isn’t a whole week an awful lot of time for a hockey player to miss when he isn’t sick?  Don’t get me wrong, it’s terrible that his grandfather is sick, and I know exactly what he’s going through, but it still seems like a lot of time.)
  • I’m sad again.

(Um, I Just Thought I Should Let You Know That I Am A Major Drama Queen And Therefore I’ve Been Seriously Milking This Whole, “Ovie might not be at the hockey game that I asked for tickets to in May because his grandfather is sick” Thing. But I Still Am Really Sad)

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You guys are all kind of lucky that you don’t go to school with me/hang out with me after school/live with me, because then you’d have to listen to me walking around all day moaning about how my true love is in Russia.  I’ve actually been coming up with some very witty lines to describe how I’ve been felling (“I am Juliet and he is my Romeo, banished to Mantua.  No, wait, I mean Moscow), but I’m only kidding when I say every thirty seconds that I plan on killing myself on Saturday if he’s not back.  

While I may be exaggerating a wee bit, that doesn’t mean that when we were talking about Muscovite mica, I just smiled and grinned.  I got all sad and quiet.  It’s probably hilarious for anyone else to watch.

All right.  Well, now that I’ve gotten “I miss Ovie” out of my system, I should be good for about 20 minutes before I start getting sad again.  So, a few things I wasn’t able to say on Monday or yesterday:

  • Um, kind of delayed, but what was up with the Bills on Sunday?  That game was…very unpleasant. 
  • Sabres, I’m still totally pissed at you for losing to Ottawa.  That was absolutely terrible.  I won’t be watching the game tomorrow night, since I can’t skip religion for hockey twice in a row, but that doesn’t mean you can suck.  I’d actually appreciate it if the opposite happened.
  • If anyone has sent me an email in the last 48 hours, I haven’t gotten it.  The family laptop decided to crap out again and we had to erase the memory to get it working again, but since everything was backed up this time it isn’t that much of a problem.  We just have to re-set the wireless internet and mailboxes (seriously though, Dear Readers, invest in a Time Machine for your Macbooks.  Because I am speaking from experience when I tell you that losing 1000 pictures and 600 songs is not fun).
  • Whoa, Adam Mair!
  • Goose is playing tomorrow night!  *sounds of rejoicing*
  • Twihard figured out yesterday that Patrick Kane plays for the Blackhawks, not the Sabres.  We are really, really proud of her.
  • We’re going to the memorial thing tonight at Roswell for my grandma, and I am trying to figure out what the chances of Ryan Miller being there are.  He is, after all, very involved at Roswell.
  • *sighs*  Is Alex back from Russia yet?

My Day Sucked Because…

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  • My unweighted 93.28 average in global is going to take serious drop after the test on Tuesday and Wednesday next week, because apparently getting in the eighties brings your average down about ten points.  Ehh.
  • The Sabres forgot to show up last night and lost to the Senators.  They lost, 5-2, to the Ottawa freakin’ Senators.  That game was so terrible that instead of watching the third period, we watched One Tree Hill.  (Dear Sabres, You sucked last night.  Learn how to play hockey.  With Love, Frostee)
  • We had to play volleyball in P.E. today.  Let’s just say that Misty May won’t have to worried about being replaced any time soon.
  • Ovie is still in Russia.  All the way on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.  


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Scene: Frostee is getting off the bus and walking in the front door.  She is in a good mood, because it was made official that Buffalo will host the 2011 World Junior Championships.  She sent a text message to her father to remind him that tickets to a few of the games would be nice.  [and does anybody know if they do host families, as he had suggested?  Because, you know, I’d totally be up for hosting some studly young hockey player and showing him around the ‘hood Orchard Park.]  Frostee and her mother are sitting at the kitchen table talking about their days when Frostee’s cell phone goes off.

Frostee:  Hmm, it appears as though I have a message.  From Dad.  (reads aloud)  “Did you hear?  Did mom tell you?”  (narrows eyes)  What were you supposed to tell me, Mom?

Long silence.  

Frostee’s Mom:  Oh, so your dad wants ME to have to tell you?


Frostee’s Mom:  No, he’s not hurt, his grandfather is sick and he had to fly back to Russia to be with him.

Frostee:  (begins sobbing uncontrollably [um, I actually DID cry])  NO!!  Alex!!  Not my baby!!  And his grandfather?!?!  He’s sick!!!  How the HELL did this happen to me?!?!  I’m such a good kid!!  I always do my homework and I’m polite to all my teachers and I’m never bad!  HOW DID THIS HAPPEN TO ME.

Frostee’s Mom:  Well, the game is on Saturday, and that’s…well…


Frostee’s Mom:  Well, you know, anything can happen.  And there’s still a remote chance he’ll be able to play.

Frostee:  My life is RUINED!!!  RUINED, I TELL YOU!!!  (frantically texting her dad) “Tell whoever has the December Caps tickets that if they value their life at all, they will give them to us.”  (reading reply aloud) “Too late for that.” 

Frostee’s Mom:  At least now you won’t have to make a poster!!

Frostee:  *death glare*

Crunchy:  Whoa, she can do that almost as well as I can!

Frostee’s Mom:  Well, you could always let your brother go to this one-

Frostee:  NO!!  I AM GOING TO THIS FREAKING GAME.  (cries and moans for her beloved Alex and his beloved grandfather)

Fuck you, Hockey Gods.  I have no idea why you would do this to me.

Super Saturday: The Morning After

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(Just in case you were wondering, we did end up getting the Flyers/Devils game.  It kicked on about thirty seconds before puck drop)

  • I seriously have a hockey hangover.  It might not be as bad as the one I had after the Great Playoff Binge of ’08 (last spring, while my parents were at Shea’s seeing Jeff Dunham and my brother was spending the night at a friend’s, I literally watched hockey from seven at night till two in the morning.  It was ridiculous), but it’s still there.  Last night was intense.  
  • I have decided to file this post under every category I have that’s related to games, because I figured with all 30 teams playing last night, it would apply somewhere.
  • Everybody keeps talking about how the Sabres lost 2-1 in the shootout last night, but I’m not sure where they’re getting that from.  Uh, Fans of Buffalo?  The Sabres won 1-0.  Crunchy even got a shutout!  (He was so obviously interfered with on that goal.  Smyth lifted his stick right off the ground!)
  • Um, who didn’t love that JM Liles interview?  His smile is intense.
  • Caps won!  Woo!!  Less than a week till I see Ovie!!  But my parents decided to be totally mean and when they showed him sitting on the bench at the start of the game, and my dad announced that “He really is hideous.”  But then he almost redeemed himself later, when after we learned that Ovie had fetched the puck for Fedorov after his goal, Dad decided that when he gave Sergei the puck he probably told him “Enjoy it, ’cause that puck is going to be mine pretty soon.”
  • My mom thinks we are obnoxious when we watch hockey.  She has no idea.
  • Colorado must have a terrible penalty kill if they’re 39th in a league with 30 teams.
  • Did anyone else catch when the announcers at the Detroit/Chicago game mentioned how great the tandem of KOEWS and TANE are?  It was like earlier yesterday when I was talking about The Office and said something about “Pim and Jam.”
  • When Brian Campbell did a spin-o-rama, I wanted to puke.
  • We decided that we’re going to have to agree with the fans at the Rangers/Penguins game that Crosby does, in fact, suck.  So do the Penguins.
  • Henrik Lundqvist does not suck.  Neither does Joel.  *swoons*
  • Philly fans are terrible.  Would any other fans in the world throw a stink bomb/flare thing on the ice?  I didn’t think so.
  • Montreal lost in regulation.  Ha!
  • We actually did get Hockey Night in Canada at the Montreal feed, and were treated to Don Cherry.  His blazer kind of gave me a headache.
  • We have decided that Comcast is terrible at broadcasting sports.  We kept trying to count the guys on the ice to see if anyone had a power play.
  • I’m not a huge fan of the Winter Classic jerseys. But I love the looks on Koews and Tane Toews and Kane’s faces when they’re modeling them.

Preparing For Super Saturday

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That’s right, Dear Readers.  In mere minutes, Super Saturday will begin, a day when all 30 teams in this great league of ours play on the SAME NIGHT.

I will admit, there are already a few glitches with this awesome concept.  First of all, all the games are on at the same time.  Sure, one is starting in just a few minutes, at four, but other than that it’s a solid block of hockey going on at seven and seven-thirty, with a few games thrown in at eight (OVIE!), one at nine (go Sabres!) and then a few at ten.  Our thumbs will be numb from all the channel flipping we will be doing.  The second problem is with Center Ice.  Three of the games won’t be broadcast!  I don’t need the home AND away feed of the Pittsburgh/New York game.  I’d rather get the Ottawa/Toronto feed.  It’s not fair that that game and the Vancouver one will be on NHL Network, as we do not yet get that channel.  (I miss NHL Network so much.  I loved watching Vintage Games).  How lame is that?  The third problem is that tomorrow there will be no hockey, but since there will be football (go Bills!  You can do it!  Beat Miami!) I’m not all that worried.

So go feed your dogs, print your essays (I finished ’em!), and get a nice, cold drink.  It is Super Saturday, Dear Readers, so go watch some hockey!

P.S.  We don’t get CBC yet, so if Don Cherry says anything particularly wacky, send me an email to let me know!


It is 4:05, and we are not getting the Philadelphia/New Jersey game on the channel it is supposed to be on.  WTF?

Saturday Ramblings

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  • My arm hurts like HELL.  Geez.  It figures that when I go to get my flu shot, I get the same bitchy lady who gave me my second Gardasil shot and doesn’t even know how to properly administer a shot.  Ugh.
  • I love that freaking pigeon.  And I also loved that ten stupid questions segment!  It proves that Crunchy and I are SOUL-MATES.  We both love chocolate.  He likes brunettes, and I am a brunette.  He sucks at poker, but I’m really good at it and could kick his ass.  We both would choose going out with friends.  Soul-mates, Dear Readers.  Soul-mates.  (And who didn’t love him explaining to Lalime who Ginger and Mary Ann were?)
  • Speaking of Crunchy, I have decided that since he is okay with scoring a goal on his own net, I’m okay with it too.  He just wanted to make me love him more, since he knows that I am crazy for goal-scorers.
  • P.S. to Crunchy: If you hug your BFF after the game tonight, that would be totally awesome.  Just an idea.
  • Danny Briere is out for a couple weeks.  HA!
  • Center Ice is amazing.  Last night we sat around watching hockey, and we’ve already got our game plan for tonight set up.  It’s going to be hectic, with all 30 teams playing, but we think we’ll be able to see a bit of every single game, which is our goal.  (I just hope we won’t have to resort to charts, the way we almost had to last year during the playoffs.  It’s hard keeping all the games you’re watching straight!)
  • Poor Manny.
  • While we were watching the Blues/ Kings game, we decided that my dad has to dig up Jay McKee’s number and send him a nice, friendly text.  We totally miss Jay.
  • Is anyone else, like, totally excited that we’re getting the World  Juniors?  I LOVE international play!!!
  • My dad and I are psychic.  Thursday night I absolutely called Royzie getting the game-winner, and last night my dad showed off a bit of psychic skillz.  We had been watching other games but flipped to the Anaheim/Ottawa one to see the final score.  The Sens had called a time-out and the fans were cheering like crazy.  They weren’t showing the score on the top of the screen.  Frostee: “Stupid Sens fans.  Don’t they realize their loser team is going to lose?”  Frostee’s Dad:  “You never know.  It might be 4-3 or something.”  Then they showed the score, and it was 4-3.  If you need us to call anything, send me an email.  Tonight I will be sitting on the couch, and every time Ovie touches the puck I’m going to shout,  “Oh, I bet ALEX OVECHKIN is going to SCORE A GOAL NOW.”
  • Quakers won last night.  Go OP!!!

*And There Was Much Rejoicing Throughout The Land* (Thank You, Hockey Gods, Part II)

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Wow.  Those hockey gods must have really forgiven me.  Because guess what we all just found out here at TFF Headquarters.




OMG Thank You, Hockey Gods!

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(BTW, you just missed Bitchy Frostee.  She had to rush off to her Bitches Anonymous meeting after her math homework because Mr. Senn is such a freaking RETARD, but it’s probably best that she’s not here, because let me tell you, she was NOT in a good mood.)

I had my whole post for today planned out.  Last night, when there were about four minutes left in the game, I left the family room and went to the bedroom with every intention of then going to bed.  The Sabres were going to lose, and my self-diagnosed asthma was getting pretty bad, so I figured I might as well hit the hay.  While washing my face, I figured that today I would just post the transcript from the phone call I was going to make to Crunchy.  After those last two goals he let in (or rather, the one goal he let in and the one he scored), I figured that maybe he needed some time off so that he could get his thoughts straight and get back to being a ridiculously good goalie.

Then I walked back into the room where the game was on and told my dad I was going to bed.  He asked me to look at the score.  It said 3-2.  I didn’t even have time to pommerdoodle before my BOYFRIEND, Thomas Vanek, scored.  By now I’m sure you’ve all heard how the game ended.  (OMG, Royzie, I’m sorry I ever worried about you!!!)  And while seeing that the Sabres can even rally against a great defensive team like Minnesota was awesome, the best part was realizing that the hockey gods have forgiven me.  I actually don’t know what I did, but I have come to the conclusion that I, along with the whole city of Buffalo, must have done something really bad to piss off the hockey gods, because other than sucky defense, sucky special teams, and sucky goaltending, that’s the only real explanation for last year.  The hockey gods have forgiven me, and I have forgiven them.  All is right in the world.

(It’s also really cute that the hockey gods are so worried about my relationship with Crunchy.  They obviously like the two of us as a pair and realized that if the Sabres lost last night, that solid relationship was about to get really rocky.)

(Has anyone checked out the league standings lately?  Because not only are they awesome at the top, the very bottom is pretty satisfying too.)

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