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So the Bills fired everyone? Guys, this is great! This is where it turns around. It’s all uphill from here! At last, our suffering will be rewarded!!

I Knew It.

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When I sit on the right side of the room in my Caps jersey during the game, they usually win. Note the usually, this way I’m not making an absolute statement and I avoid a jinx.

Tonight was no exception. Alex scored, his arm didn’t fall back off, and Bloody Brads got the game winner. That always makes it a good night. He pretty much owns Pretty Henrik at this point.

Seeing Varly play well makes me happy.

Seeing the Caps score on the power play also makes me happy. This is a team that is supposed to score when they have the man advantage. I expect that from him.

I don’t know what the Caps would do without Brooksie.

I miss Mike Knuble, however, I’m glad Perreault gets to stay up. He’s spectacular. I pretty much adore him.

I hope everything’s ok with Jose. I five him a lot of crap but he’s been through a lot over the past few months.

I’m glad Alex scored. It was about time.

Lars got a penalty after a scrum along the boards. I’m sure it’s from forgetting to say please and thank you, or eating with his elbows on the table, or something along those lines.

If Lala doesn’t play tomorrow night, I will NOT be amused.

In other, non-hockey news, DICK JAURON GOT FIRED!!!!! Ralph, it is about effing time. They’re certainly not going to be any better, but Dick was at least a portion of the problem. Woohoo!

Good Heavens.

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I watched approximately ten minutes of the Bills game yesterday before I had to make a stuffed animal for a Latin project (don’t ask).  At the time, I felt bad that I would be missing the Bills.  Now I’m glad I didn’t watch, because it sounded like such a mess.  I’d probably be suicidal right now.

I think they should fire Dick.

Tomorrow night’s game in Detroit will be one of those fun, nerve-racking “measuring stick games.”  Which means Buffalo will completely choke.  I’m sure Miller’s going to play, but Lala should get the start Friday, right Lindy?  Right?

Tonight the Caps need to win.  Like, just win and get two points.  The next week and a half of my life is going to suck majorly, and if I start it off with another bad loss by Washington, I’m not going to be a happy camper.

Oh, Bills.

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Let’s never speak of that game ever again.

Obligatory (If Delayed) T.O. Post

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My grandmother is 86.  We all love her dearly, and my cousin and I marvel at how even though she forgets what we ate not five minutes ago at dinner, she can remember every single detail about a boy.  (Example: at church on Christmas Eve this year, one of my closest guy friends came in with his family.  I’ve known him since we were three.  We waved at each other.  Since Grandma is hard of hearing, she asked very loudly, “Oh there’s Andrew!  So do you still like him?”  I told her that I hadn’t liked him as more than a friend since I was seven.)  

Grandma has been a Bills fan forever, and one of my wishes is that she could see them win the Super Bowl.  I realize that this is somewhat unlikely.  Since she does care about the team, however, I asked her Saturday night what she thought of this whole, “Terrell Owens signing with Buffalo” thing.  This is what she said:

That Terrel Owens.  Isn’t he very naughty?

Yes Grandma.  He certainly does have the reputation of a naughty boy.


Tonight’s game is on Versus.  I hate the Versus broadcasts when Joe’s not doing them, but since it’s the only time I get to see the Sabres in HD I can’t complain too much.  I’m rather intrigued by what they’ll do during tonight’s broadcast.  As Ryan Miller isn’t playing, what will they talk about?  Will they seriously keep mentioning that he went to Michigan State and won the Hobey Baker?

Lala’s starting tonight last I checked, further proving that Lindy thoroughly enjoys riding goaltenders.  WHEN are we going to get to see my Trendy Euro Sabre in action?!?!

Guy Carbonneau got fired.  I was really surprised.  I never had any issues with Guy and I never considered him to be one of the coaches in danger of losing his job.  

Just in case anyone was wondering, while Little Ryan feels terrible that Regular Ryan got hurt, there’s also a tiny part of him that’s so glad the Sabres are struggling while he’s out of the lineup.  Little Ryan remembers all too well what happened last March when the Sabres were struggling and Regular Ryan was in net.  He still has nightmares about it, the poor thing.


Monday Ramblings

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  • The concert last night was great.  I liked three out of the five bands opening, which I figure is pretty good.  We missed most of The Common Kings because we were chilling with Jeff Czum at the merch table.  (Apparently after my friend took a picture with him, she told him she loved him.  I pointed out to her that he must have thought I was hotter, though, because he actually came out from behind the table and threw his arm around me and pulled me close for our picture.  She told me to go screw myself, and I told her that by Tuesday Jeff can be all hers again.  She realized that was true and dropped it.)  CIWWAF played all my favorite songs, so, you know, life is good.
  • I don’t really have any Sabres news to report other than Timmykins getting sent back down.  Poor Timmykins!  I’m kind of surprised; I thought this one would last longer.  He had looked pretty good Saturday night.  Oh well, maybe this means one of the boys will be coming back!
  • Poor Jay McKee.  I really hope they don’t have to chop off his finger.  (Dear Jay,   This is what you get for leaving Buffalo!  With Love, Frostee)
  • Before I left last night, I teased my mom telling her how she was probably going to just sit around watching the Capitals game without me.  Well, apparently she did.  (I was rather amused by this)  I was helping her put groceries away a minute ago when suddenly she asked me, “Do you know how big Ovechkin is?”  Frostee:  “6’2, 220 pounds.”  Frostee’s Mom:  “Yeah!!  I didn’t realize how big he was until one of the announcers said how his son wanted to meet him and when Alex hugged him, he engulfed him because he was so big.”  Frostee: (whining) “I wanna meet Alex!!!   PLEEEAAAASSSSEEEE!!!!  Get me in to meet Alex!!  I really really really wanna!!!!!!”  Frostee’s Mom:  “How am I supposed to get you in to meet him?  I don’t announce for the Capitals.”  Frostee:  “I don’t knooooowwwwww.  Just do something.”  
  • So, I half-jokingly had been saying that today after I got my shot (it’s my last Gardasil and those always hurt like hell and therefore make me slighty…er…cranky) I was going to make my mom drive me downtown to keep me from getting annoying.  Because is it just me, or does it seem like EVERY SINGLE TIME a Caps player has a funny story about something that happened with the team, they were always “on a road trip in Buffalo”?  I was going to stake out all the hot spots and when he finally showed up (because I trust that Fate would send him walking right by me) I would ever so politely ask for a photograph.  I wouldn’t even ask for an autograph on my jersey unless he had a minute to spare.  Just a quick little picture.  I can’t do that now, however, because my uncle decided to come in for my great-aunt’s funeral today and they’re all coming for dinner.  Blast!  
  • Speaking of great-aunts and funerals, fortunately unfortunately for you, I have to go up north for it tomorrow so you’ll only get a short post from me.  I’m sure you’re crushed that you won’t have to deal with approximately sixty, “OMG OMG OMG IDK WHAT TO WEAR OR WHAT TO DO WITH MY HAIR OR HOW TO STAND THERE OMG OMG OMG WHAT IF HE THINKS I’M A LOSERRR?” posts tomorrow, just one.  We have to go all the way up to North Tonawanda for the funeral (but it was kind of a blessing that she passed, because she was in her nineties and was totally batshit crazy kind of confused in her later years.  and I haven’t even seen her since I was eight), and then we’re just chilling at my grandparents’ until the game.
  • At Town Ballroom last night when they were showing the upcoming shows, it kept advertising “Ryan Miller’s Catwalk for Charity.”  I wasn’t quite sure why they did that, because 95% of the people there won’t even be old enough to get in.
  • Good grief, Bills.  At least that’s over.

If TV Said “You Know” Once More I Was Going To Punch A Hole In The Wall

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Good grief!  Every other word was “you know” in Tvan’s post-game interview.  EVERY OTHER WORD.  I was about to go get Little Ryan and throw him at the television.

Why did it take a shootout to beat the Islanders?  Not only are the Islanders craptastically bad, but the Sabres had a two goal lead with four minutes left.  Hell, they had a one goal lead with TWO SECONDS left.  That was not good.  N.G., as my grandfather would say, “smelly” as my great-grandfather would.  It’s a good thing Ryan delivered in the shootout and that Staffy and Al scored those nice goals.

Max had a two-on-one in the third, and he had a FREAKING EMPTY NET, and he passed the puck back to the BLUE LINE.  WHY DOES HE ALWAYS PASS IT TO THE BLUE LINE?!?!?!  WHY?!?!

Timmykins looked pretty good in his debut, especially since it was in his hometown.  I love the vacant expressions he always had on the bench.  They made him look about ten years old.  I was afraid he would have to leave before overtime so he could get home before his curfew!  His interview after the game was also absolutely PRECIOUS, so now I have all these players vying for the number one spot in my heart.  

The look of relief on Pommer’s face when he scored that goal was priceless.  Seeing him shake his fists to praise the hockey gods and then mouthing “finally” was great.  I don’t like it when Pommer is off his game.  It…confuses me.

Derek, did you get in a fight with Cari or something?  Yikes, you were all over the place last night and you kept fanning on shots and missing empty nets and not getting to the face-off circle in time and then putting the team offside when you were trying to get on the bench.  You need to get back to that badass play.

I’m kind of glad the Habs beat the Penguins.  I know that they’re in the same division as the Sabres, but I just don’t really like it when Pittsburgh wins.  You know, the Penguins are still a good hockey team, but they aren’t the invincible monster that plowed through the playoffs last spring.  And all the Pens fans are going to send me angry emails now claiming that they’ve had a ton of injuries and they just need to get everyone healthy again, but have they seen how many injuries the Capitals have had?  The Caps have lost almost 200 man games to injuries and they’re sitting in second place in the conference, fourth in the league, and they don’t even have a great goaltender like the Pens do!  And, not to be gross or anything, but Sid can’t even spit well.  They showed him on the bench and he was trying to spit but all he ended up doing was drooling.  He looked like my cousin’s daughter.

I’m kind of mad that I forgot to DVR “Miracle” last night.  I haven’t seen it since right after it came out, but I watched the end.  And got very teary-eyed, because not only is it still incredibly how the Americans beat the Soviets, but remembering that Herb Brooks passed on choked me up.  Then you throw those plaid pants in the mix, and forget it.

Completely unrelated to hockey, but just an interesting observation on how the Chinese view us:  My family might be getting a Chinese exchange student for ten days in January.  There are several middle schoolers coming in and we sent in an application since we thought it would be really great to host one.  The woman called yesterday to set up an appointment for us to review the kids’ profiles, and when she and my mom were discussing the kids it came up that while most of the families here didn’t care if it’s a boy or a girl (even though the kid would be following my brother, it would have been okay if it was a girl since Ben does, after all, get along with everybody), the Chinese parents almost always specify that they want their children staying with American kids of the same gender.  I can’t help but wonder if that’s because of an American stereotype in China.  I was intrigued by that, and also convinced that taking the kid with us to see “Rent” right after they get here is probably not the best idea.

And apparently the kids have a very, very basic knowledge of English.  Frostee:  “So, like an Alex Ovechkin-level understanding of the language?”  Frostee’s Mom:  “I think they know even less than him.”  So there’s your frame of reference.

Speaking of Alex, since I’m sure you’re all dying to hear what witty anecdote I prepared about him for today, I thought I would direct you back to the video I linked yesterday.  (I forgot to mention this  since I most likely suffer from short term memory loss.  It’s crazy)  I would like you to pay attention near the end of the interview when Alex takes that fantastic hard hat out of his locker stall.  You’ll notice how everything falls, and he gets this adorable, “Oh shit, here it comes,” look on his face.  Dear Readers, that look is so easy for me to read because I get an identical one on my face whenever I go into my closet.  Stuff always rains down on me.  It’s probably hilarious for outsiders to watch.

I have no faith in the Bills being the spoilers today.  And apparently now Tom and Giselle are saying they aren’t engaged, and that story was made up.  What, TMZ making up a story?  NEVER!

I can’t reveal my sources, because I don’t want to get anyone in trouble, but I was talking with someone the other day who said that most players would play through the kind of injury Tim Connolly has and that he’s something that rhymes with “wussy.”  I was kind of surprised hearing it from this particular person, and highly amused.  Timmy, not playing through and injury that most players would handle?  Shocking!


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Well, school is obviously canceled (and thank goodness for that!), but I’m actually not sure why.  It was a blizzard last night, but right now it’s okay.  I guess they weren’t able to plow the school out yet.  Oh well.  I got to sleep in.

So the Hanukkah Fairy came last night, and TOTALLY SHOOK THINGS UP by bring a $50.  Hmmm.  I am QUITE intrigued by this development.  I’m wondering if today I’ll get a promotional code and have to order the jersey myself?  Not likely. Oh well, if I combine the money with my babysitting  money I could get myself something “real nice,” as my mother put it.

I’m really looking forward to tonight’s game, because not only will I have NO work to do during it, but the Penguins have been kind of sucky lately.  Haven’t those only two wins in the last seven games come against the Islanders and Thrashers?  This will be RATHER interesting.  Thomas needs to start scoring his little heart out, because I don’t really like that he’s second to JEFF CARTER.  (Who, according to one of my neighbors, is gay.  The best part is, he’s only saying this because he’s sour that Carter’s ahead of Tvan.  There really isn’t any solid evidence)

Now, I’m not a Bills fan anymore so I don’t really even care, but what was up with that game last night?  They, like, won.  That totally blew my mind.  Trent, you’re kind of awesome.  My love for you is completely illogical, but it’s there.

Go Sabres!

I’m Really Glad I’m No Longer A Bills Fan

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After we took advantage of the free Starz preview weekend by watching “The Breakfast Club” and “Ghost,” we flipped over to the Bills game.  (Purely out of curiosity, of course)  Heh.  And to think that my mother and I thought for a few minutes that they might actually beat the Jets.  Well, at least I’m not a fan anymore, because if I was, I would probably have to punch a hole in the wall.

BTW, I’m officially in love with Facebook Flair.  Just search Ovechkin, and a couple pages in you’ll see why.

Does anyone else think it would be HILARIOUS if Sean Avery ended up getting traded to Atlanta?

Well, my brother is playing “Eleanor Rigby” on the piano.  Time to go rock out.

Good Thing I’m Not A Bills Fan Anymore

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If I was, I would probably have to murder Rian Lindell.  (Seriously, dude?  Seriously???)

And just for the record, I’m sure Trent doesn’t have a “groin injury.”  He probably has “sucky play-itis.”  But the hobo wasn’t any better, as far as I could tell.  (But not that I was paying close attention or anything.  I’m not a fan, remember?)

Good thing I had a truly sad yet hopeful story about a girl soldier in Cambodia to distract myself.  (First They Killed My Father, by Loung Ung.  Tragic, but a great read.)

Oh, but, what’s up with those white gloves Hank Lundqvist wears under his regular gloves?  I was watching the Rangers at commercials and when he got pulled and took off his gloves, he had those hand-warmer type things on.  Is he OCD and has to wear them?  Because learning that Henrik Lundqvist is OCD would most likely only make me love him more.

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