10 Straight! 10 Straight!

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The Caps beat the Bolts today to tie their franchise record at ten straight games.  Boys, I expect y’all to make history against Boston on Tuesday.  Ima watch and everything.

The Senators currently have a nine game win streak going on, but I’m counting on the Sabres to BEAT THEM on Wednesday and that will be the end of that.

I will miss the game tomorrow as I will be getting more in touch with God.  While I’m gone I expect the Sabres to also BEAT PITTSBURGH and not let Sid score any goals.  Don’t make me angry, boys.

I’m watching the Grammys and they legit have another Michael Jackson tribute?  Yeesh.  There have been tributes up the wazoo.

The second semester starts tomorrow and I have a monster research paper due a week from tomorrow and then I have to do an oral version of the presentation.  Ew.  At least I only have two more weeks until Winter Break.  And, more importantly, the OLYMPICS!!!!  I’M SO EXCITED!!!!!  But I’m really bummed that the NHLers won’t be in the opening ceremony.  I love the opening ceremony and I love when I recognize athletes and I was planning on acting like a lunatic when they showed all the Swedes and Russians and Ryan Miller.  Guess that won’t be happening.

Toronto traded a s***load of players and I can’t even remember all their names, but they got Phaneuf and Giguere in return.  It will be interesting to see Phaneuf up close.  I was always under the impression that he’s not as good as people had made him out to be.  I shall miss Vesa Toskala greatly.

Time to go make sure I tracked down all the things I need for school tomorrow and put them back in my bag.  Ew.

Filling The Void.

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(I’ll get to the Sabres game in a minute, which, by the way, was hella boring.  But first I have an important announcement.)

If you spent any time around this blog last spring, you’ll know that I had something of an inappropriate crush on Sergei Fedorov.  I couldn’t help it.  He was a great leader, he helped Alex Semin hugely, and he won the first round series for Washington.  And he was slightly attractive, in that Russian way.  When he left for Russia, I was heartbroken and really had no desire to find a new Creepy Old Man Crush.  I figured I’d stick to the youngins for a while.

Enter Mike Knuble.  Back over the summer I thought he was a great addition, and now, halfway through the season, I will gladly proclaim him to be the BEST OFFSEASON SIGNING EVAH.  Look at him!  I can’t even remember the last time he didn’t score in a game, and almost every time he does score it’s a two-goal game.  He crashes the net!!  He teaches the Caps that it’s an okay thing to do!!  Did you SEE Lars Nicklas’s goal last night?  Chances are he never even would have tried that if Mike Knuble hadn’t been there to lead the way.  He’s a veteran leader.  Remember that one game back that one time?  I don’t even remember, but I do remember that he single-handedly killed off a penalty.  He’s hilarious.  (My mom still mentions swollen feet at the most random times and it ALWAYS cracks us up.  God bless him, he’s such an old man.)  He helps out charities.  He has cute kids.  He thinks Alex and Nicki are two of the best players in the world.  He looks beyond ridiculous in hard hats.  He has questionable taste in music.

Yes, Mike Knuble is my new Creepy Old Man Crush.  He’s old enough to be my father, but every time he scores a goal from three inches away from the net, I simply don’t care.  Mike Knuble, I don’t know how the Caps won games before you came to town.

I know that  we’re not supposed to act like spoiled fans and we’re supposed to be grateful that the team wins and brings in two points, but the Sabres game last night was still something of a snoozer.  The one Wednesday night was too, but I was there with friends and overtime and the shootout were exciting (did I really just say the shootout was exciting?) so I didn’t mind as much.  Sitting at home on the couch, it wasn’t like there was much happening.  It was fun to see Henrik Tallinder get a goal, and Thomas Vanek might break the twenty-goal mark yet, but the Bruins proved yet again that they make games boring.  The two points still were critical though, especially with Ottawa coming up this week.  They’re closing the gap and it’s not like we can count on the Sabres to beat them.  Pittsburgh on Monday will be a tough game too, but the Sabres are technically a better team and they should win.  I like beating Pittsburgh.  It’s fun.

Ryan Miller looked great again last night.  I was getting a little worried about him out west, but maybe he’s righted the ship.  I’d still like to see Lalime out there this week.  Maybe Monday?  Since he’s played really well against Pittsburgh this year?  I get worried about Ryan burning out.

I’m not going to comment on Mike Green’s hit because it could go either way.  He definitely got the elbow up there, but the NHL is so inconsistent with their discipline it’s not even like we can predict what will happen.  They have spoken about cracking down on headshots more recently though, so you’ve got to wonder if a suspension will come just to reinforce that point.

Oh Marty. (And Other “Insightful” Commentary)

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Not to sound cocky or anything, but I knew they’d win if I was there. And it wasn’t even for selfish reasons. Ottawa has been playing really well lately and Buffalo needs to keep getting two points.

Hecht’s shot in the shootout was hilarious. He schooled Marty. Jochen’s success in the shootouts amazes/amuses me to no end.

The first period was pretty boring, but it was huge that the Sabres didn’t fall behind. New Jersey isn’t exactly an offensive firepower, but they’ve got one of the best goalies ever and it’s harder to come back against them.

Speaking of goalies, I was asked last night by one of the people I was with who “that goalie for the other team is.” I was really patient when I explained the shootout but I had to inform everyone that he’s arguably the best goaltender in the history of the NHL.

I’m still in shock that Ryan let that goal in. Ryan. I thought you would have that one.

My seat was pretty insane. Center ice, club level. I’ve never sat there before so it was lots of fun.

Lindy’s got to go with Lala tomorrow against Boston. Ryan needs a rest and Lala needs to get his confidence back up. Boston isn’t exactly a huge threat so it would be a good time to play him.

Washington won 5-1. I heard it was a great game. They’re pulling away and I doubt the Sabres or Devils will be able to catch them. The ease with which they’ve been winning is kind of scary. There’s so much offense there. Cripes.

On the subject of Ilya Kovalchuk going to Washington, I personally don’t think it’s the best idea (and I also feel like there are other teams that would go after him way more aggressively). Yeah, he’s got a crapload of offense, but the Caps have proven that they don’t really need any extra goals. It wouldn’t be worth giving up what Atlanta would probably want in return and screwing up the chemistry they’ve got going for a rental, and I feel like a line with Alex and Kovy might not work. I know Alex has adopted a “pass first” mentality since being named captain, but that’s just too much offense and too much crazy Russian on one line. If the Caps get one thing at the deadline, I would rather it be a physical defenseman (yeah, their defense doesn’t suck as much as people say it does, but they still could use one). And, of course, that 40-year extension for Lars.

As for Buffalo, Kovalchuk would be the pure goal scorer I still wish Buffalo had (I don’t trust scoring by committee when none of our players has 20 goals. I just don’t like it), but defense is a weak part of Kovy’s game and Lindy would probably put a bullet in his head.

So yeah. There are my thoughts on the matter, for what it’s worth.

Haha, Islanders.

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I probably shouldn’t laugh, because the Islanders beat the Sabres in a shootout not too long ago, but last night’s game was amusing.  The Caps are being rather ridiculous lately, with all this goal scoring and insane power play work and (with the exception of last night) awesome penalty killing.  The Islanders just sort of rolled over and died in that one.

In the manual they give guys when they get signed in the NHL, one of the rules should be to never block a slapshot with your face, especially when the shot is coming from Alex Ovechkin.  Chances are it won’t work out in your favor.

I don’t like Alex Semin, but holy cow, he’s been fantastic lately.

We’re getting the Caps game in HD tonight but I won’t be here to see it.  Frowny face.  Why is it always in HD when I can’t watch it?

The Sabres crapped out near the end of their road trip and tonight they’re playing in what one could definitely argue is one of those “four point games.”  They and New Jersey are right up there behind Washington (who is starting to pull away).  This is a game Buffalo needs to win, and not just because I want to keep the streak with me in attendance alive, and not just because if they lose and I have to hear about how it’s so hard coming back from the West Coast and turning around and playing a game, I’ll scream.  Yes, players, your lives suck.  You make millions of dollars chasing around a little piece of rubber.  It must be awful to be you.

I know Lala was less than awesome in his last start but Lindy can’t start riding Ryan again, especially with the Olympics coming up.

Oh, and I hate Kerry Fraser.  That’s all for today.

I’m Procrastinating.

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I have my first midterm at eight tomorrow.  I have yet to actually make an effort to study for it.  This could make things interesting.  I will not be watching the game tonight, but I’ll be going to the game on Wednesday so we can try to keep this win streak with me in attendance alive.

Vancouver very realistically could crush them tonight.  They manhandled Chicago and Buffalo is starting to get homesick.

I’m glad everyone has covered the Furry Convention.  Those pictures were some of the funniest pictures I’ve ever seen.  Ryan Miller, Drew Stafford, you’re a couple of funny kids.

I enjoy Drew’s Twitter immensely.

Time to go learn.  Yay for oodles of extra credit!

Comcast Was Much Better.

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Tuesday night, the little I heard of the Sabres game wasn’t very impressive as far as the announcing was concerned. Thursday, I had to listen to FSN and I wanted to put my fist through the TV. I slept through the Sabres game that night but I’ve heard the LA team before and I really like them. Last night we got the Sharks Comcast feed, and it was great. They knew what they were talking about, they had done their research on the Sabres, they were complimentary of Lindy, and they even gave a shootout to the fans watching back here in New York. I only made it through two periods but I hear that when Pommer scored they mentioned the population of Pominville. That’s cute.

I was too tired to form any sort of opinion while I was watching last night, but it seems like the Sabres are sort of falling apart. They haven’t won since Phoenix on Monday and they haven’t been getting the points they needed. Monday night isn’t going to be easy. Vancouver is a great team. I hope this isn’t the hockey gods’ punishment for that whole playoff tickets pricing thing.

The pictures from the Furry Convention are beyond hilarious.

The Caps took down the Coyotes 4-2. Yay!! I figured they’d crap out after the last three games so I’m glad they pulled it together. Phoenix is lucky they could handle Washington’s power play, otherwise they would have been in even more trouble. Washington has been fantastic on the power play lately.

Alex Semin had a really good game. I don’t like him, but four points really isn’t anything to sneeze at.

FSN Sucks.

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The two worst parts of last night’s (first) game?

1.) Crosby scored.

2.) I had to listen to FSN. For the whole game. It was awful. They were blatant homers, they went out of their way to bash the Caps, and they had no idea what they were talking about as far as Capitals. Tomas Fleischmann isn’t a dirty player, and Kris Letan was out a shift later. Get over it.

Other than that, the game was a ton of fun. I know it’s just the regular season and last year the Caps beat Pittsburgh three times in the regular season and it doesn’t amount to anything, but it was kind of cathartic to win. Take THAT, Penguins.

I’m 99.9% sure I won’t be able to watch the game next time they play each other. I’m pissed.

As for the Sabres, they lost again. This time it was the shootout, so they at least got a point. I conked out before the game even started but it sounded like a really good game. Hopefully the Sabres will play another good game against San Jose but win on Saturday?? I’ll be watching that one. I hope they win. Washington is gaining ground.

Guys, It’s Just A Regular Season Game.

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Everyone has been FREAKING OUT about the Caps/Pens game tonight.  Like, OMGOMGOMG SID AND OVIE ARE PLAYING EACH OTHER!!  AND THEY’RE BOTH CAPTAINS NOW!!  AND HEY, DID YOU KNOW THAT THE PENGUINS BEAT THE CAPITALS IN THE PLAYOFFS LAST YEAR???  I, for one, was shocked to read all about the hype surrounding the game.  I was not aware that there was a sort of rivalry and a bit of history between these two teams.

I’m certainly excited about the game tonight, but in a, “Gee, this is going to be a really good game and a good measuring stick and I can’t wait to see what happens.”  Sort of like when the Sabres came back against Pittsburgh.  It was fun and I looked forward to it, but it was still just a two-point game.  A win will not move you on to the next round.

That being said, I’ll probably turn into a raving lunatic during the game.  It won’t help that I’m stuck with the FSN feed.  (WHY, hockey gods??  WHHHHHHYYYYYY?????)

I would love to see the Sabres play the Kings tonight, but it won’t be happening.  I’m a little sad.  I just hope the Sabres don’t wet the bed in the first period like they did against Anaheim.  That…was a little embarrassing.

I also realized while flipping through my new Sabres calendar the other day that in a few months I’ll have to see Pie, open mouth and everything.  It brought back a lot of memories :(.


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Last night the Caps played like garbage for 99% of the game and Theodore was like, “Hey, what if I bail my team out? I think I’ll try it!” and then Matt Bradley was like, “Eff this, I feel like winning” and they won. It was insane. They had no business winning but they did.

Then the Sabres started playing. It was 2-0 when I left the room the game was on into go to bed and it was 3-0 when I got to my room. One of my friends stuck out the first period and claims it got to 4-0. Ew. The Sabres can’t win every game, but the few minutes I saw did not look good. Lala got no support but he didn’t make the saves he needed to.

So now the Caps are number one and the Sabres are number two. I’m happy for Washington but I’ve kind of liked the better Sabres this year. Can we just tie at the end of the year? Please?

I Love Hockey!

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It’s the end of January. If it wasn’t an Olympic year we’d be gearing up for All Star Break. You know where the Sabres currently sit in the Eastern Conference?

First place. Shyeah. I know.

This might not last. Yes, they’ve looked pretty darn good (last night’s game was SO MUCH FUN. AGAIN!). And I get that there’s always that chance for burnout. And they’re ahead of my other loves. And we could theoretically finish the season without a twenty goal scorer. But right now I love the Sabres. They’re really a sweet bunch, once you get to know them.

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