So Busy.

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School is interfering with everything.  It’s so lame.  No one wants diagrams of the hearts distracting them from Jason Pominville getting a hattrick.  (And bless him for that, what a good little boy!)

I was pleasantly surprised by the Sabres game Thursday night.  It was fun.  They scored lots of goals.  Until he forgot that this is the 2009-10 season, Ryan was pretty darn good.  That one save on Vinny was wonderful.

I still have no faith in the Sabres to win tonight.  It’s a trust thing.  I started trusting them, they stabbed me in the back, and now I simply can’t trust them.  Plus I would think Lalime would have to start either tonight or tomorrow afternoon, and we all know how well those games go.

The Caps lost in overtime because I complimented Fat Mike (the hockey player formerly known as Michael) earlier in the day and he got rather overconfident and proceeded to make bad decisions near the end of the game.  Eric Fehr, however, continues to be totally awesome.  I wuv him.  He’s so good this year.  I’m especially fond of him playing with Flash.  There was just something about the two of them back when the Caps were here earlier in March.

I’m worried about Varly.  I’m sorry.  I can’t help it.

In a recent episode of Caps Red Line I was watching the other day while procrastinating, Lars Nicklas revealed to us that he likes to talk a lot on the plane.  I feel like he’s the hyperactive little kid on the team who gets all wound up on sugar and starts bouncing off the walls until Uncle Mike Knuble takes him over to the corner and makes him calm down.  It’s a really amusing mental picture.

Lars Nicklas Backstrom is SO GOOD and I don’t know why he hasn’t been re-signed yet.

Yesterday was Mama Ovechkin’s birthday.  We’re a big fan of her over here, so happy birthday Mama O!!

Comcast Was Much Better.

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Tuesday night, the little I heard of the Sabres game wasn’t very impressive as far as the announcing was concerned. Thursday, I had to listen to FSN and I wanted to put my fist through the TV. I slept through the Sabres game that night but I’ve heard the LA team before and I really like them. Last night we got the Sharks Comcast feed, and it was great. They knew what they were talking about, they had done their research on the Sabres, they were complimentary of Lindy, and they even gave a shootout to the fans watching back here in New York. I only made it through two periods but I hear that when Pommer scored they mentioned the population of Pominville. That’s cute.

I was too tired to form any sort of opinion while I was watching last night, but it seems like the Sabres are sort of falling apart. They haven’t won since Phoenix on Monday and they haven’t been getting the points they needed. Monday night isn’t going to be easy. Vancouver is a great team. I hope this isn’t the hockey gods’ punishment for that whole playoff tickets pricing thing.

The pictures from the Furry Convention are beyond hilarious.

The Caps took down the Coyotes 4-2. Yay!! I figured they’d crap out after the last three games so I’m glad they pulled it together. Phoenix is lucky they could handle Washington’s power play, otherwise they would have been in even more trouble. Washington has been fantastic on the power play lately.

Alex Semin had a really good game. I don’t like him, but four points really isn’t anything to sneeze at.

So. Much. Fun.

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It probably won’t come as a surprise to you that I don’t like the Penguins.  At all.  I hate them.  Part of it is that I don’t like how they were forced down our throats, part of it is that I’m still bitter from the Winter Classic, and part of it is that, hello! I’m also a Capitals fan.  No Pens love here.

That being said, I was none too pleased when it was 3-0 last night.  The Caps had dug themselves in a similar hole last night, my jersey was about to go 0-2, the players all looked like crap, and even worse, Ryan Miller looked like crap.  I’ve reconciled myself with the fact that our team isn’t all that special, but we have an insanely good goalie.  When even our insanely good goalie is playing badly, I get a little angry.

Then Drew Stafford got a penalty shot.

I know pretty much everyone else has already said it, but that was huge for both him and the team to go out and score on the penalty shot.  And it was even bigger for him to score another goal.  And then, after I spent the past few games yelling at Jason, it was big for him to go and score another goal.  And, of course, Goosie.  It was so ridiculously awesome to watch that game and the comeback.  These are the games that are so much fun while you’re watching them, and then weeks or months later it’s fun to bring them up.  Yes, I do remember when the Sabres came back and kick the Penguins’ collective asses in regulation!  Yes, that was an awesome game!

This might have been the highlight of the game.  Tyler, you simply are the best.

Steve Montador is kind of wonderful, guys.  I’m just throwing that out there.  Maybe Darcy totally knew what he was doing.

Patrick Lalime’s numbers since his “little trip” to Portland (Jason, you’re too cute) have been kind of stellar.  It was really cool not having to freak out about the backup letting in sixteen goals after the starter let in three soft ones.  Patrick Lalime has been very, very good.  I love it.

I sort of feel like this whole “getting pulled and then throwing a temper tantrum” is something we’ll have to tread lightly around with Ryan.  After the way he looked on the bench, I certainly would be too scared to ask him about it.  Be careful on NHL Live today, guys.  This is, after all, the guy who mentioned stabbing Scott Gomez.

This was definitely the best game of the season.  It was also my favorite game of the season.  And these two points are so important since they will be losing to the Thrashers Friday night.

On the Capitals side of things, Jason Chimera wants me to like him.  Sorry, Jason.  I like that someone is swearing his head off in the background (Michael?) and I love how stupid Alex is (did you know he collects players’ sticks?  He’s such a wackadoodle), but I simply cannot love you.  Score the Stanley Cup clinching goal and we’ll talk.  But for now, we are enemies.

And don’t you dare hug Karl Alzner like that.

Lindy Knew It.

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Judging from the article in today’s paper, it would seem as though Lindy had a pretty good idea that the Sabres would not win the game last night.  Well, at least he didn’t get his hopes up or anything.

I did not pay the closest attention to the game, but from what I did see, the Sabres looked disinterested and lazy.  Bad Sabres.  BAD.  Go sit in the corner in timeout.  Pommer finally tried to get something going with a minute left, but it wasn’t enough.  Whatevs.  I’m just disappointed that Ryan can give up two goals and the Sabres lose.  I guess we don’t have quite as much offense as we thought.  Or we used it up against the Canadiens.

The Capitals, on the other hand, had offense galore last night.  Again, I didn’t see too much, but the first time I flipped to that game it was 3-1 and I saw them make it 4-1, the second time I flipped over it was 7-1, and the last time I checked it was 8-2.  Welcome back, Laviolette!  I know everyone’s saying that Bylsma lost his first game coaching the Penguins, btu wasn’t that in the shootout?  The Flyers completely rolled over and died.  Michael had two goals and two assists, Lars had five (FIVE!!!) points, they went 4-8 on the power play (against a team that’s supposed to be good on the penalty kill.  Oops), and David Steckel FINALLY scored his first goal.  David, it was about effing time.

It amuses me how the Caps have scored 14 goals over the two games that Alex has been suspended.  The Sabres better watch out Wednesday night.  Playing Washington and Chicago in a row and then going to play the Rangers again on the second night of a back-to-back is actually going to be a really good test for them.  I look forward to seeing how they play.

I saw the YouTube video of Carcillo punching Matt Bradley.  It was awful.  What a douchebag.  Poor Brads.  I hope that didn’t upset his pregnant wife too much.  (She hasn’t had the baby yet, has she?)

I will be missing most of the games tomorrow night, but then I get to see both of my teams in person on Wednesday!!  Yay!!

Stupid, Stupid Ottawa

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Games against Ottawa always end badly.  It does not matter who’s in net for the Sabres.  It doesn’t matter what kind of streak both of the teams are on.  When the Sabres meet the Senators, things get ugly.

When Patrick Lalime is in net, it’s just worse.

I can’t remember which goal it was (they all started to blur together), but there was NO ONE screening Lala and he let the puck fly on in over his glove.  It was awful.  It was terrible.  I’m probably going to wake up in a cold sweat at three in the morning because of it.  Oh, Lala.  I love you, I do.  I just wish you didn’t suck.  Sometimes it’s not you.  There are rare occasions when it’s the asshats in front of you.  But sometimes it is you, and that makes me sad.

I switched over to the Caps game because the Sabres were making me angry.  When I checked back a few minutes later, it was 5-3.  ??  I guess I missed a Pommer goal.  That’s a bummer.  I do love when Papa Jason scores.

I hate Ottawa.

The Capitals also played tonight, against the Leafs.  Alex scored first and everyone was happy in the land, then they all forgot to play the rest of the game except Varly.  He kept them alive and he’s the only reason they made it to the shootout.

Why does Bruce put Fehr out in shootouts?  It’s painfully obvious he’s got some sort of shootout jinx.

The Caps play Monday night, but the Sabres don’t play again until Wednesday, when they play…………the CAPITALS!!!  WOOO!!!  I’m so excited, I’m almost forgetting about how mad I am at them.

But I’m still mad.  5-3 to Ottawa is bad stuff, guys.  Pull it together before Wednesday night.

To Recap:

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Pommer’s baby’s name is Jayden John. The only way this could be cuter is if little Jayden popped out wearing a beanie with a propeller on the top holding a lollipop.

The Sabres better kick some Islander butt tomorrow night, because while I saw nothing of the last time the two teams played each other, it sounds like it wasn’t pretty.

Usually I don’t mind posting on my phone, but tonight the lack of bullets bothers me. Stupid computer hogs in my family.

It sounds as though the Sabres are recovering from their bout with the swine. That’s always a good thing.

Alex is still hurt and I am still greatly distressed about this. Were they serious when they said two weeks? TWO WEEKS??! Holy hockey gods, that is INSANELY LONG.

His interview from today warmed my heart.

Here’s Mini Alex. He also suffered an upper body injury. (Um, the picture is at the bottom of the post. Sorry. That would be my phone’s fault.)

I’m scared for the Caps to play the Devils tomorrow. It’s going to be a bloodbath.

I’m also scared that Saturday night was the start of a downward spiral. When did the Sabres fall apart last year? Was it because of the Islanders??

Happy Things/Sad Things/Lame Things

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Happy: Pommer’s a daddy!! Aww, congratulations, Jason!  (By the way, this child will most likely be the cutest child to ever walk the face of the Earth.)  (I also happen to love the way Lindy phrased it.  You’re too cute, Mr. Ruff.)  I know I give you a hard time, but I still love you lots and lots and I’m so happy for you.  My friend and I would like to offer our babysitting services, in exchange for tickets.  We provide excellent child care and we’d be willing to teach your baby both French and English.  Think about it.  Talk it over with the missus.  Get back to me.

Sad:  Alex is still hurt.  It’s awful.  I’m distraught.  I don’t want him to rush back because I don’t want him to play hurt and get even more hurt and have that affect him later on, but I shudder to think of a Caps team that doesn’t include him.  In addition to having no defense, half of their offense would be missing too.  Yikes.

Lame:  We’re in the swimming unit in gym.  As an ex-swimmer, I happen to have a very good stroke.  We were swimming freestyle widths today and I don’t need to take a breath for those.  My gym teacher discovered this, became irate, and docked participation points.  This has nothing to do with hockey, but I was flabbergasted at how livid she was.  She took off points in the swimming unit because I know how to swim.  WhatEVER, crazy lady.

Hurray For New TVs!!

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As I’m sure you inferred from the title of this post, we got a new TV.  It’s big and beautiful and I am salivating at the thought of watching hockey tonight.  Both of my teams are playing really bad teams, so I’m sure both the Caps and Sabres will lose.  It’s bound to happen at some point.

Everyone’s feeling the love for Ryan Miller (as am I), and rightly so.  The dude’s been on fire lately.  He’s going to be pretty BAMF for Team USA in February.  I’m choosing not to think about what will happen after the Olympics, when he’s too tired to even make it to the crease.  We’ll get there eventually.

(And just for the record, no one believes my theory that Lindy keeps playing Ryan to exhaust him in an attempt to sabotage Team USA.  Yes, I know Lindy doesn’t like backups and trusts Lala about as far as he can throw him, but still.  He’s the coach of Team Canada.  Ryan is the presumed starter for Team USA.  It’s always possible.)

Jason is one of the several Sabres leading the team in scoring.  I like this.  It made me really, really sad last year when he sucked.

Poor, poor Goosie has the flu.  I hope it’s not swine, Paul!  Feel better soon and beware the pig!

Timmy sat out practice with “minor bumps and bruises” (according to The Buffalo News), which means he’ll be out for the next 6-8 weeks with an undisclosed upper-lower body injury.

Derek Roy needs to get on that whole “I haven’t scored a goal yet” thing stat.  Not scoring goals is BAD, Royzie.  You must fix this immediately, or else.

Happy birthday, Drew!  I always thought it was fitting that he’s an almost-Halloween baby, since he’s kinda, well, out there….and reminds me of Halloween…uh…this sounded better in my head.  I apologize.

I have absolutely no intention of watching the game tomorrow night.  I will be trick-or-treating, because anyone who has an awesome costume and passes up on free candy is lame.

I’m afraid to wear my Caps jersey because last time I did, they were in the midst of that awful, painful losing streak.  They’ve won six straight and I don’t want to jinx that, but like I said.  I want to wear it.  Bad.

I wish my stupid Lars t-shirt wasn’t backordered.  The hockey gods seriously do not want me to own this shirt.

I’m really excited for the first game of the Tyler Myers era.  I sincerely hope that his play over the first nine games had nothing to do with him having to impress the coaches and everything to do with how he normally plays.  (Does that sentence even make any sense?)  I don’t want him to be a fluke.  I want to know that he’s actually a really talented player.

I’m writing an article for the school paper on the swine flu and I’m interviewing my dad for it.  Normally this wouldn’t be a problem, but after his brief appearance on Channel 2 Monday afternoon, he keeps telling me I have to call public relations to get an interview with him.  I plan on hiding the remote right before the Sabres game starts and blackmailing him into giving me some quotes on how the oink-oink can affect a high school environment.

Go Sabres/Caps!  Woo!


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I know that this was exactly how Buffalo started out last year and I know it’ll all start going downhill soon enough (probably around the time Ryan gets completely exhausted at the Olympics), but for now, I’m completely enjoying the Sabres’ success.  They’re winning, and they’re beating good teams.  This is fun.

Marty Brodeur has not looked good this season.  At all.  I’m ecstatic that Timmy got his first NHL goal (AAAHHH!!!  TIMMY!!!  I LOOOOOOOOVE YOU!!), but Marty did not look good at all.

Ryan Miller will soon hurt himself/get too cranky to play well/get exhausted by the Olympics as I mentioned above, but for now, I’m thoroughly enjoying his awesomeness.  Ryan, you’re not so bad when you’re playing well.

We ended up getting the Devils feed for the game which was annoying in that I couldn’t hear Rick and Harry, but was cool in that I could hear what other announcers (namely, Doc) think about the Sabres.  I agree, boys.  Chris Butler was a wonderful find.

I can’t believe Clarke MacArthur already has five goals.  This is redonk.  He’s got to stop scoring at some point.  It’s not like he could get thirty.

I’m pretty sure Pommer got his third of the season in February last year.

Mike Grier and Timmy K playing together continues to amaze me.  I love the two of them.  They’re so good together.  Their chemistry is spectacular.

Lots of NHLers have been struck with swine (or at least are coming clean about when they had it) today.  I hope none of the Sabres catch it.  And I hope Quintin Laing doesn’t get any of my beloveds in Washington sick.

Tonight was Tyler Myers’s ninth game, but there wasn’t seriously any drama surrounding it, was there?  There’s no way they can send him back to juniors.  No.  Way.  I will jump off a bridge or something drastic and (only slightly) unnecessary like that.

Tomorrow night the Caps play the Ilya-less Thrashers.  It will be in HD, which makes me happy.  I’m sad Ilya got hurt, and in a contract year, no less, but his absence makes the Caps’ job a bit easier.  I would love for them to continue this sick-nasty winning streak they’ve got going.

Speaking of contract years, I’ve been feeling rather warm and fuzzy towards one Jose Theodore as of late.  It’s not secret around here that he and I never really got along very well (scroll down to the earlier ones), so this fondness is a new territory for me.  I don’t think he’s the same goalie that won a Hart trophy a few years back, but he’s been the better goalie for the Capitals to this point in the season.  I just hope that IF the Caps re-sign him, he doesn’t start sucking again.  I really hate  when players only play well in contract years.

If/when Buffalo loses to Toronto, I will cry.  I’m just letting you all know.


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I may not have been home when it happened, but I made sure to check the replays.  Tyler Myers scored his first NHL goal!!  Yay!!  Hurray!!!  Go Tyler!!  There’s no way you’ll be sent back to juniors now!

I only saw the third period, but from what I hear, the first period was great and the second period sucked ass.  It irks me that the Sabres gave up that awful goal right after Kaleta’s, but as Mike pointed out, a win is a win is a win.  The Sabres beat the Islanders.  They were supposed to.  They got two points.  That’s what matters.

I know it’s way too early in the season to say anything and I know that the Sabres started out strong last season, but they actually do look really good this year  Maybe they played a crappy period against a crappy team, but they still won and put up six goals.  This is the second game in a row, and the best part about tonight is that the scoring was really spread out.  I’m a huge fan of secondary scoring.  After what happened to the Caps in the playoffs last year, the two most important things for a team to have are secondary scoring and defense.  Tyler Myers is taking care of defense, and at least tonight, we had pretty good secondary scoring.

It’s really impressive that Pominville has played in 256 straight games.  Congrats on the 100th career goal, Pommer!

True story:  I had a panic attack when Ryan Miller was not getting up.

A buttload of my family is rolling into town late tonight for my grandfather’s 90th birthday celebration, so I don’t know how much of the game tomorrow night I’ll be able to watch.  This upsets me as it’s the Thrashers, and more importantly, Ilya, Zachity Zach, and Evander.  So, Sabres, have fun with my third-favorite loves, but don’t have too much fun if I’m not watching!

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