Listen Here, Darcy.

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In The Buffalo News today, there’s an article about how the Sabres dislike drafting Europeans.  Now, there are some perfectly legitimate arguments made in this article.  There’s definitely a risk today with young Europeans who want to stay at home or want to sign with the KHL.  I’m not disputing that at all.

But one of the examples is Dennis Persson, who played in Sweden for a few years before heading over here.  Okay, I get it, you want to get use out of your picks.  But you know who else stayed in Sweden for a year before coming over to the NHL?  Lars Nicklas Backstrom.  Yes, that’s right.  And in my humble opinion, he turned out okay.

Just Go With It.

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It’s been over 24 hours since the game started, but I still don’t really know what to say about it.  That game was a really surreal experience.  I have to admit that for the mythical “casual fan” it was probably highly enjoyable, and it was.  But it was the Stanley Cup Finals.  6-5 final score?  That’s cahrazy.  I don’t know what else to say about it yet.

All I’m going to say about Ryan Miller is that once again I got that, “OMG I love him I’m so glad he’s Buffalo’s” feeling.  That’s one of my faves.

But I’m not talking about either of those today.  Today, I am bringing to the internet a piece of complete nonsense an opinion I have held for a long time and finally have time to put on here.

I am of the belief that the Swedish hockey player Lars Nicklas Backstrom and the tennis stud Rafael Nadal share a striking resemblance.

Stick with me on this!  I know it’s crazy.  When I first made this discovery at some point last year (I can’t remember which tennis tournament it was during) I was surprised when the thought popped into my head, but I truly believe it’s based on fact.


Rafael Nadal, tennis star, Euro hottie, all-around hunk.

Compare to:

Nicklas Backstrom, Swedish, insanely talented player.

Look at them!!  Long hair!  Round faces (although Rafael’s has gotten a little more chiseled)!  Similar mouths!  They both even have the exact same smile.  I couldn’t find two pictures to compare, so you’ll just have to trust me on this one.

Lars Nicklas is like the ying to Rafa’s yang.  There is a resemblance there.

I apologize for the utter ridiculousness of this post.  I just had to get it out there.


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And it was announced that Nicklas Backstrom had signed a ten year  extension, and there was much rejoicing throughout the land.

This is so, so great.  As much as I trust the Caps to do a good job with the important decisions regarding star players (unlike SOME teams *coughsabrescough*), there was still that part of me that was freaking out that they wouldn’t get him signed before July 1.  The Capitals would end up committing way too much money to him (clarification:  I’d pay him cap maximum if I could, but the salary cap for Washington would be beyond horrific if they ended up straddled with a salary like that), and now he’s all squared away and he and Alex can carry on being besties and having sleepovers and being ridiculously good together on the ice for at least ten more years.

The Caps also signed one of their picks from last year, Marcus Johansson, to an entry-level deal.  I’m going to tell you all a little something about my mind here, Dear Readers.  I really don’t follow junior hockey and prospects and the European kids, so by the time the draft rolls around I really don’t know what to think of the picks when it comes to how good they are and how much time they might need to mature, etc.  I always end up evaluating them on how hot they are and how much acne they have.  For the reasons listed above, I’m sure you can see why the Caps got an A+ for drafting him.

I actually recommend the whole press conference, because it’s filled with warm fuzzies and “we love each other!”s and “we’ll be better next year!” and Ted acting like a sketch.  It’s a very fitting tribute to such an awesome day of signings for Washington.

Gee, I wish the Sabres did stuff like this instead of just throwing money at Drew Stafford and Tim Connolly.

So I Finally Watched The Farewell Interviews.

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It’s been a ridiculously, batshit crazy fairy busy past few weeks for me and I only just got a chance to sit down and watch a few  of the post-elimination/locker room clean-out interviews.  Since my memory of what went wrong has pretty much been reduced to “Where the eff was the Sabres top line?” and *thinks about Halak and runs off to rock back and forth in the corner*, I decided I would only watch one per team so I didn’t reopen any old wounds.

I decided to start with Nicki, because let’s be realistic: if you’re going to be watching something that will depress you merely because of what it is, that adorable ball of fudge will make it better.

I’m glad he seems to realize that they need to get their act together last year.  I hope he realizes how I’ll never be able to take him completely seriously with all that blond hair.  I admire his decision to wear that shirt.  I thoroughly enjoy the part about two and a half minutes in when, after discussing how they need to learn, he goes, “Soooooo….”

If George McPhee does not re-sign him I will personally go to Washington and lead a revolt.

Then I went on over to the Sabres website.  Since the only Sabres I’m currently not mad at for various reasons are Ryan Miller and Tyler Ennis, and I decided I wanted one last moment with the mustache, I picked Miller.

I enjoyed his postgamer because I like his suit, he’s good and pissed and looks like he wants to shank his teammates (I’m still fully on board with him slashing all of them in their sleep) and because he says “post mortem.”  Well played, Mr. Miller.

I only made it forty seconds into the locker room clean out because then he said “autopsy” and I started laughing so I stopped watching.  I feel so bad for that guy.  Yes, he may not have been quite as insanely good as he was during the Olympics, but still, he needed a little more than what he got from his teammates.  I sincerely hope he marches into Darcy’s office and demands some good players who don’t pull disappearing acts in the playoffs.  I ADORE Tyler Ennis, but when he’s your best forward in the playoffs you have problems.

And now going back and watching these interviews makes me miss them all.  D-bags.

I Have To Write Another Happy/Sad Post.

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The Alex/Nicki near-makeout after Alex’s goal will go down as my favorite playoffs moment possibly ever, regardless of what happens in the rest of the playoffs.  I think that’s the best celebration I’ve ever seen.


Those freakin’ Sabres make me so freakin’ angry.  Vanek would’ve made a huge difference, but from what I saw in the third period they looked like a disinterested pile of crap and from what I saw on Twitter it sounds like it wasn’t much different during the first two periods.  Ryan Miller deserves so much better.

Dear Sabres Not Named Ryan Miller,

Has it even occurred to you douchebags that he’s nominated for the Vezina Trophy?  Has it even occurred to you that you could argue that the nomination is in spite of you?

I Don’t Like You Very Much Right Now,


Joy And Sorrow.

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Mike Green is even worse than last year. Yeah, I WENT THERE.

I’m so glad they (mostly) woke up. I was worried.

Sorrow: Deat great and powerful hockey gods, I will do whatever (WHATEVER) you want, just please, please, please, by some miracle, allow Thomas to be okay. We need him. The Sabres need him. The city of Buffalo needs him.

The DC Adventure, Day 3.

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I’m in the car on the way home. I’m tired but I’ll make it back for most of the games and The Ten Commandments tonight, so no complaints. The Sabres have a chance to clinch the division tonight and I’m hoping they’ll get over the temper tantrum they appear to have thrown to rebel against me going to Washington and make things nice and official.

Don’t tell the Sabres, but I’m already thinking I might come back over my February break next year for a game. That was what I had originally wanted to do this year but the Olympic Break got in the way of those plans.

I had previously been excited about the Caps game tonight but dear Chris Clark is hurt so now it’s just another game. Woo. I’m just glad I got to see Lars Nicklas’s thirtieth goal. That was exciting.

I haven’t heard anything to the contrary but I’m assuming Miller is starting tonight. Once they finally do clinch I hope Lala will at least get one more game…let’s not take any chances, Lindy.

My cute story is coming, I just don’t feel like typing it out on my phone.

P.S. There were way too many Penguins shirts in Washington. I’m used to/can deal with all the Sabres support, but Penguins? That’s sick.

So Busy.

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School is interfering with everything.  It’s so lame.  No one wants diagrams of the hearts distracting them from Jason Pominville getting a hattrick.  (And bless him for that, what a good little boy!)

I was pleasantly surprised by the Sabres game Thursday night.  It was fun.  They scored lots of goals.  Until he forgot that this is the 2009-10 season, Ryan was pretty darn good.  That one save on Vinny was wonderful.

I still have no faith in the Sabres to win tonight.  It’s a trust thing.  I started trusting them, they stabbed me in the back, and now I simply can’t trust them.  Plus I would think Lalime would have to start either tonight or tomorrow afternoon, and we all know how well those games go.

The Caps lost in overtime because I complimented Fat Mike (the hockey player formerly known as Michael) earlier in the day and he got rather overconfident and proceeded to make bad decisions near the end of the game.  Eric Fehr, however, continues to be totally awesome.  I wuv him.  He’s so good this year.  I’m especially fond of him playing with Flash.  There was just something about the two of them back when the Caps were here earlier in March.

I’m worried about Varly.  I’m sorry.  I can’t help it.

In a recent episode of Caps Red Line I was watching the other day while procrastinating, Lars Nicklas revealed to us that he likes to talk a lot on the plane.  I feel like he’s the hyperactive little kid on the team who gets all wound up on sugar and starts bouncing off the walls until Uncle Mike Knuble takes him over to the corner and makes him calm down.  It’s a really amusing mental picture.

Lars Nicklas Backstrom is SO GOOD and I don’t know why he hasn’t been re-signed yet.

Yesterday was Mama Ovechkin’s birthday.  We’re a big fan of her over here, so happy birthday Mama O!!


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Both the Sabres and Caps went to overtime. The Sabres lost. (Let’s not talk about it, Tyler.) The Caps won because Lars Nicklas Backstrom is so good at hockey and I don’t even know what words to use to describe him anymore.

For yesterday: the baby pictures made my life, I’m really sorry but I love Pavel Datsyuk, and Jochen Hecht played an amazing game. Too bad he couldn’t look like that more often.

Today: I love Nicki, I love Nicki, Flash and Fehric are really good together, and I love Nicki.

I’m not even going to say anything about Alex’s hit on Campbell. It looked like Soupy toe-picked. In one angle it looked like Alex got his back and from another angle it looked like he got his arm. I really don’t know. There’s no consistency in the NHL so it could go either way. The one thing I don’t like is Alex being compared to Matt Cooke. They are so completely different.

This game was really huge, because if it turns out it is a Stanley Cup Finals preview, I think Washington won the mental war today.

I’m not going to be able to see either game on Tuesday since I have a concert, but I already know what’ll happen for Buffalo: Atlanta will win. MacArthur and Max are probably going to have career nights too. At least the Sabres are predictable.

I Am Going To Watch The Game Tonight.

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I feel bad.  I’ve neglected the Sabres as of late.  I didn’t see any of the game last night (although when I checked the score it was 3-0 Minny, so, uh, yeah) and I didn’t see the one last Friday night and I didn’t watch much of the one from Wednesday.  But tonight I will watch the game in its entirety.  I won’t be distracted by something on another channel.  I won’t be distracted by the pile of work I have to do.  I won’t start playing a game on my phone and look up all of a sudden to see that the game ended.  It won’t happen.

Tonight will be a really good game since the Sabres might not actually be that good and the Red Wings are trying to make the playoffs.  I’m looking forward to it.  I’m also looking forward to seeing Candy Corn Head again.  I do love my Candy Corn Head.

Poor Patrick Lalime.

I will also be watching the Caps game tomorrow afternoon.  I have arranged my weekend around it, because afternoon games quite often throw wrenches in my plans.  This game will be quite good.  I hope Theo starts for the Caps.  I hope Alex does something about Sidney now leading the league in goals.  I hope Lars Nicklas winks after playmaking.

Oh, and I just pulled out the paper to read while I was on the computer (because apparently that’s how I multitask) and ROBI’S ALIVE!!  I WAS SO WORRIED ABOUT HIM!!  I’ve sort of been running with this theory lately that he’s dead and the Sabres won’t tell us.  Get well soon, Robi.  All the best.

But, um, at the risk of sounding like a terrible person, the article seems to imply that the painkillers would make him say things that don’t make sense.  Would this be, uh, some sort of change from what he said before the accident?

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