Things That Are Ridiculous And/Or Funny

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  • The final score last night.  12-11?  For reals?  Yikes.  We actually missed the first half of the third period, because, hello!, the SAG Awards were on.  I went 10-for-10.  During the Golden Globes, I predicted the correct winner for every single category.  It’s crazy, man.  But, uh, anyways, back to the All Star Game.  Heh.  I don’t know why I even watch it.  Those poor goalies don’t try to stop the puck half the time.  It’s all ridiculous and high-scoring.  I love high-scoring games, but not when the defense is non-existent.  I would rather see the Sabres score ten goals in one game while the opposing team’s defensemen scramble around trying to look like they’re actually doing something.
  • Gary Bettman.  Did everyone catch right near the end when they showed him coming down to ice level?  Because when he stood up on his tip-toes because he couldn’t see around the people on to the ice, it might have been the funniest moment all night.
  • Props to the Montreal fans for booing him, by the way.
  • I can’t believe they actually went to a shootout last night.  I figured one of the goalies would just let a puck in right at the end.
  • I also can’t believe that Alex scored in the shootout.  I love the guy, and I certainly see him play a lot, but that was the honest to goodness first time I ever saw him score in a shootout.  I always wondered what it would look like…
  • Not really funny or ridiculous, but I thought Kovalev as MVP was a good decision.  He got two goals, scored in the shootout, was the captain, and is a Montreal player.  The fans would have gone absolutely bonkers if a Montreal player hadn’t been named MVP, but I had no problems with  Kovalev being chosen.
  • Evgeni Malkin’s English.
  • Remember back over the summer when I couldn’t decide if I loved Malkin or not, and then I was all, “Oh HELL no” after finding out he and Alex were ex-besties?  Well, I’m back to a state of confusion.  They were all cuddly and “I love you” over the weekend (dinner dates?  Geno being the first one to congratulate Alex after the shootout? the Breakaway Challenge?), but my friend Kristen thinks they’re going to go back to hating each other.  I hope they do, because then I would just be able to hate Malkin in a show of solidarity.  I mean, Malkin’s a total man-skank and his teeth are screwy and he’s beating everyone in the points race and he plays for the Penguins, but at the same time he’s kind of adorable.  You just want to make him cookies and teach him proper English.
  • A penalty was actually called.  I bet the referee forgot it was an All Star Game.
  • How did no one score on that power play?  I thought these were the best of the best.
  • It’s really cute how my Latin teacher thinks we’ll actually read 80 pages in our review book this week.  We’ve already learned everything covered in it, according to her.
  • I can not believe Carey Price actually called his mom.  That made my night.
  • I’m pretty sure Brian Engblom broke the record for saying a player has smooth hands the most times in one game.
  • One of my teachers in school.  We kind of hate this teacher because he’s absolutely terrible, has no idea what he’s talking about, and is a total asshole on top of it all.  One of my friends thinks he got the honors position because we’re the gifted kids and can figure it out on our own.  Even the parents think he’s a jerk.  He’s also a total jock, so instead of teaching he likes to spend his time talking with the jocks in the class.  Apparently, if we talk amongst ourselves while he’s talking to kids, we’re “rude.”  It’s really funny.  He tells all the other teachers in the school how rude we are, writes it on the instruction sheets for the subs (last month a sub actually told us at the beginning of class, “Yes, your teacher tells me you are the rudest class he has ever taught.”), and even tells his other class at our level how rude we are.  He decided that the fact that he let us pick our own seats was the reason we were so rude, so he decided to put us in alphabetical order today.  Only problem is, the chatty kids are all next to each other when he does that.  Jill and Maggie are next to each other in one row, Justine is in front of me and Ally’s to the side of us in the other, Gena and Leah are both next to the window.  He realized this and then spent the next fifteen minutes trying to separate us all so that we couldn’t talk.  It was kind of one of those, “you had to be there” moments, but if you had been there you would have been cracking up.  Andrew and I were.  It was so ridiculously funny.  I can’t believe he actually did it.  Now I’m right next to the door and get to leave the class first.  It’s quite nice.
  • This blog got hit about eight kazillion times yesterday, and approximately four kazillion of those hits were on my post from yesterday.  Hmm.  That’s kind of cool.
  • The Savard-Ovechkin-Chara commercial.  “This guy can’t beat me.  This guy can’t beat me either.”
  • I’m actually probably going to watch the West Coast games this week.  It’s quite irresponsible of me, but then again, so is only studying for one of the exams I have.  I haven’t seen the Sabres in ages, and I’m sort of starting to miss them.
  • I still can’t stop thinking about Thomas Vanek’s hair.  I think he let his son do it for him.

It WAS Funny! I DID Laugh! (#55, #56)

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From the red carpet, which DID NOT disappoint:

Best interview of the year, right there:

Gary (That’s his name, right?): So, Alex, do you know what you’re going to do tonight?

Alex  (Looking SPECTACULAR in his Dolce suit and red tie): Yeah.  It’s gonna be funny. 

Gary  (Looking supremely confused):  Uh-huh.  Well, ladies and gentlemen, with Alex-

Alex:  Funny.  Fun.  You’re gonna laugh.

Our kids will be so articulate.  It’s ridiculous.  I’m positively giddy with the thought of it.

  • Reader Award to anyone who can find me a hockey player with an ugly kid.  I am so in love with hockey players’ children, it’s not even funny.  TimTom’s daughter, with her pink jacket and fur-trimmed hood, clutching his hand, positively killed me.  Adorable. 
  • Thomas Vanek, what the FUCK did you do to your hair?
  • Ryan Getzlaf was WORKING that tie.
  • Henrik Lundqvist is so pretty.  
  • I have officially fallen in love with Carey Price.  There is nothing that boy man could do to make me stop loving him.  That suit?  The tie/shirt combo?  Saying he’s looking pretty good for a boy from the farm?  LOVE!
  • Poor Pkane appears to be suffering from a breakout.  Aw.  Pkane, might I suggest Biore?
  • Speaking of Patty, are he and Jonathan Toews now interchangeable?
  • Whoa.  Jarome Iginla, where have you been all my life?
  • Ditto for Dan Boyle.
  • Zdeno Chara, what’s up with that scarf?

From the Superskillz:

84439672Yeah.  I know.

Just a warning, every single post on this  blog might revolve around this picture from now on.  I haven’t decided yet.


Um, does this picture (and the Twitter updates?) mean that Alex and Evgeni actually ARE friends again?  Because screw pressure from the Russian media.  You don’t do this unless the guy is your BFF.


Why Yes, I DID Rewind Multiple Times (#54)

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  • Dear Readers, I have documented before how the immortal words “Why you quit?” have had a serious impact on my life.  I love Alex for saying them, and that quote is definitely in the top five of my favorite Alex quotes.  Last night, as soon as my parents left and I decided I was due for a “study break,” I rushed over to the TV and rewound to see if they interviewed Alex earlier.  The man – whose name I STILL can’t remember! – did in fact interview him, and the first thing he brought up was The Interview, in Dallas two years ago.  Dear Readers, ALEX mentioned up how he had told the man he would talk to George about getting him a coaching job for the Caps, and the man reminisced about teaching Alex that coaches are fired and that they don’t quit.  I…just…love him.
  • Pkane was looking AWESOME, if I do say so myself.  I wouldn’t mind seeing him get a little trim, though.  And Man Whose Name I Can’t Remember, I agree with you wholeheartedly.  Pkane and Mr. Toes Toews have beautiful faces.
  • Oh Sid.  You’re such a good person.  You knew the minute you dropped out that you would still come up to Montreal, but that you didn’t want to steal any of the attention from the other players.  He has to realize that merely by being there he’s stealing attention.  He is, after all, Sidney Crosby.  And you also bashed two of the best players in the NHL.  It may have been inadvertent, but was I the only one who got the feeling that he was secretly thinking, “Ha, I am Sidney Crosby, the master of hockey, and I come to All Star games even when I’m hurt.  Unlike those weak Red Wings”?
  • Carey Price is hot.  Like, really, really hot.  Smokin’ hot.  I knew there was a reason I picked him as my Playoffs Boyfriend in the second round last year.  (Hey, I warned you I would get fangirl-y this weekend)
  • Yeah.  Sure.  I refuse to believe that the biggest bitch fight since Serena and Blair, season one, is over.  It would be just like the NHL/Russian newspapers to make it seem like their two Russian stars are once again BFFs.  I, for one, think it’s much more interesting when they’re at each other’s throats.
  • I really think it’s stupid that the NHL makes such a big deal about the All Star Game.  In the long run, wouldn’t they rather have their star players healthy for the playoffs and the second half of the season?  Yeesh.  Don’t make them sit a game.
  • From what they’ve shown on the NHL Network so far, it looks like Montreal did a great job getting ready for the weekend.  All those interactive games are like the ones they have at the Hall of Fame in Toronto, and they’re a lot of fun.  Props to the batshit crazy fans of Montreal for putting on a good party.
  • I have a paper cut right on the top of my left pointer finger and it hurts to do EVERYTHING.  Typing this right now is killing me.  The sacrifices I make for you people…
  • Studying?  Is not fun.  I would much rather watch Mamma Mia! six times and then watch the All Star coverage.

Taking A Break

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I love hockey for a lot of reasons.  I love how in general, the athletes seem like better people than most other athletes in different sports.  I love breathtaking saves and penalty kills and I get positively giddy when tic-tac-toe passing leads to a goal.  Good clean hits are wonderful (when they don’t hurt my boys), and exciting games that have you on the edge of your seat are fantastic.  The Sabres make a comeback?  I’m in a chipper mood until the next game.  They beat Atlanta 10-1?  The next morning I proudly wear my Sabres t-shirt and coo to Little Ryan.

That being said, I feel as though I should tell you that my reasons for not completely loathing the All Star Weekend are purely fangirl-driven.  I love the cuddly interviews and the stupid skills events and the videos of muscular men in under armor singing happy birthday and, of course, the red carpet.  (Question: Is there anything in the whole wide world funnier than hockey players in suits on a red carpet?  Answer: No.)  The actual game is the stupidest thing ever.  I love high-scoring games, but not when the players aren’t even trying to be defensive.  Hasn’t it been like twenty years since someone took a penalty at an All Star game?  The hockey is pointless.  Some people argue that it only makes the players susceptible to injuries, but I don’t even agree with that.  The chances of someone getting hurt in a game like that are slim.

So this weekend, when I’m not frantically studying, I’ll be watching the All Star coverage.  I will act like a total puckbunny.  I will talk about how the players dress and how they look and what they talk about in the interviews and the introductions (“Hi, I’m Pete Kane…”), but I’m not going to sit around analyzing the actual hockey that is played.  It’s cute and cuddly, but absolutely meaningless in the grand scheme of things.

Question #2: How much did I love getting a Twitter update during the review saying that Alex and Feds went on a man-cation to Miami?  Answer #2:  A lot.

(More) Things That Are Bad

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  • The Sabres.
  • The injuries to the Sabres defensemen.
  • The Rape of Nanking.
  • AIDS Day.  You know that scene in Mean Girls when the gym teacher says, “If you have sex, you will catch Chlamydia and die”?  That was what today was.  “If you don’t wear a finger condom, you will catch HIV.”  And if that guy said “girl fluids” one more time, I was going to throw my French binder at him.
  • My teacher’s story about Alexander Mogilny.  One of her friends was engaged to him but broke it off when she decided that his rules of having no friends and always obeying him weren’t the greatest.  After she dumped him he ended up with a nice Russian girl who doesn’t speak any English.  You know what?  I…refuse to believe that my Alex is like that.  I would rather continue living in my own little fantasy.
  • Sidney dropping out of the All Star Game.  But only bad for NHL.  What are they going to do without their star player two years in a row?  (And, uh, does this mean that Alex will get bumped up to the starting line?  Or would they not do that to protect him?  ‘Cause, you know, with Geno and everything…)
  • The “Flora and Ignatius Should Be A Couple” Bandwagon.  Get off it, people.  I don’t care if our Latin class has a history of setting people off.  Get off that bandwagon right now.
  • Losing to the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Honesty Is The Best Policy

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(check out the update at the bottom)

And that is why I’m going to be honest with you.  I did not watch the Sabres game last night, Dear Readers.  I didn’t.  And you know why?  Because EVERY SINGLE TIME I FLIPPED OVER the Sabres were either NOT SCORING ON A SIX MINUTE POWER PLAY or Lala was HANGING OUT IN THE FACE-OFF CIRCLE WHILE CHICAGO PLAYERS WERE SWARMING THE NET or LETTING WACKY-DOODLE GOALS IN.  (I don’t know if it’s because he just doesn’t play enough, or if he turned off the game-winning part of his brain over the summer, but Lala has got to change something. Stat.)  Maybe the 55 minutes I didn’t watch last night were different, but the five minutes I did see were craptastically bad.  I’m kind of glad I didn’t watch, because now I don’t have to talk about the pile of poo that is the Buffalo Sabres.  (But, uh, If Rej is hurt, wouldn’t putting Chris Butler back in be the most logical move?)

Maybe the Sabres were trying to punish me for not watching them.  That’s kind of stupid on their part, because I made it quite clear that I would watch the more exciting game last night.  And while the Caps/Pens game was pretty boring in the first and second period, it was outrageously awesome in the third.  Alexxxx scored TWICE to tie Jeff Carter’s league lead, Semie scored, Washington killed off a two minute 5-on-3, Jose wasn’t TOO sucky, Bruce was angry, life was good.  My jersey snapped its losing streak in a big way.  And Pittsburgh?  Not so good at hockey.  Evgeni Malkin needs to lay off Alex, though.  Everyone thought Alex would be the one trying to grind Geno into the ice, but it was the other way around.  I was screaming my head off by the time they finally called that cross-check in the first.  I’m kind of intrigued by the whole Crosby injury, merely because I have no idea how the NHL will react if Sid has to miss the All Star Game two years in a row.  I wonder who they will use to replace him on the top line!  (Frostee’s Dad has a theory that it’ll be Alex Semin, and if for some odd reason that did happen, I think I would die laughing.)

Tonight the Sabres play Dallas.  I’m kind of hoping Dallas can be mature about all this, unlike last  year when the Sabres made the trip to Big D.  Yes, Dallas, we get it.  You beat the Sabres in 1999.  You won the Stanley Cup.  You scored an ILLEGAL GOAL (and people wonder why Buffalo fans bitch about officiating), but you won.  Seriously, though, it was ten years ago.  Get over it.  I’m thinking Miller will be in net?  Which would be good, because right now he’s the only player on that team I trust.  I’ll most likely watch the whole game tonight, because all the teachers today told us to enjoy our FOUR day weekend, and at the bank a few minutes ago my mom overheard someone who works for the school district say there won’t be school tomorrow.  Awesome.  I have so much shit to do.  

Dear Bruce Boudreau,

Congrats on the win last night, Bruce.  You were the better team, and you deserved it.  I was just wondering.

Why in the name of God did you bench Chris Clark??  

No, no, don’t give me that, “Eric Fehr came back and we needed to scratch a winger” crap.  There are oodles of wingers on your team.  Chris Clark happens to be the CAPTAIN.  Since when do you scratch the CAPTAIN, especially if it has “nothing to do with play”??  This has nothing to do with my love friendship with admiration of Mr. Clark.  I just didn’t think benching the captain was something one usually did.

With Love,


Dear Pkane,

Um, calling the other players in the Shootout Challenge “idiots” was probably not the best idea.  Just so you know.

With Love,



So, remember how after the Bite Game I said how Jarkko must be a Twilight fan?  Yeah, well, Sports Illustrated copied me.  I was perusing the new issue and when they mentioned the bite, they mentioned that it was very Twilight-esque of him to do that.  I should have copy-righted that.  

Tuesday Ramblings: Super-Fast Edition

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  • I have decided that since I spent an hour after school reviewing with my teacher and a bunch of other fabulous gals who decided to stop by, that’s one less hour I have to study tonight.  
  • How amused was I when I heard Phil Kessel was placed on IR because he has mono?  Very.  Frostee:  “Who do you think he was kissing?”  Frostee’s Dad:  “Milan Lucic.”
  • Heh.  Apparently Alex is telling the opposition to bring it come Super Skills Saturday.  Excellent.
  • Today in the paper I couldn’t decide if that bit about Ryan Miller and Soupy was supposed to convey his love for his lost friend, or the fact that the spin-o-rama needs to be benched.  I sincerely doubt the Soupster would ever be able to let go of it, so I hope Lala’s up to the task.  (FYI, I do not like Brian Campbell.  I didn’t like him towards the end of his stay in Buffalo either, so it’s not just because he signed elsewhere.  Maybe it’s because he’s NOT THAT GOOD of a DEFENSIVE defenseman, or maybe it’s just because he decided to bail on Buffalo approximately two days before my birthday.  Harsh, Soupy.  Harsh.)
  • Stupid NHL for scheduling the stupid game at 8:30 tomorrow night.  We were all complaining about that today.  Um, after about ten on school nights I’m totally dead to the world, and if I manage to stay up much later I’m usually a cranky little bitch the next morning.  So guess who won’t be able to see the end of the Chicago or the Dallas game?  Me, along with all the hockey fans I was talking to after school.
  • OMG did I mention how tomorrow they are playing Pkane?!?!?!
  • Did I also mention that tomorrow night Alex and his boyz are TAKING DOWN the Pens?  I didn’t?  Well, I did now!
  • Ridiculous trade rumor Frostee just decided to endorse: Vinny to Buffalo for Timmy and Max.
  • High school teachers are greedy.  I do not have the time to just sit and reread ten chapters from Great Expections tonight.  It’s not gonna happen.
  • Twihard started a blog…go check it out.  It’s not about hockey, but she’s doing her darnedest to teach her Dear Readers about the sport.  (Twi, it’s still not letting me comment.  Hrmph.)
  • Captains is featuring Chris Clark on the NHL Network on Thursday at eight…set your DVRs.

The Rosters Are In!

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The East Reserves have been named, and there are no major surprises in my opinion.  Tvan is the only player representing the Sabres, but I’m sure he’ll do us proud.  (FYI: Tvan = Thomas Vanek)

Thursday Ramblings (#52)

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  • SNOW DAY!  And for once they canceled early enough for me to turn off my alarm before it went off six times and fall back asleep for two hours.  Two whole hours.  It was fabulous.  The October Storm aside, I think we broke the record for the most snow days in the shortest period of time.  Three snow days in less than two school weeks?  Madness!   The only bad thing is that now if we get another snow day they’ll chop days off our Memorial Weekend.  Eh.  (But why couldn’t this have happened tomorrow?  I have to swim again tomorrow, and that pool is disgusting.  I scrubbed in the shower last night and I still smell like chlorine.)
  • Mats made his debut last night with the Canucks.  They won, but Mats was held shotless and pointless.  Ah, well.  I can’t wait to see him skate on a line with the Sedins.
  • Oh, the love that is a new Alex interview!  This one is pretty good, Dear Readers.  The guy they dubbed it with sounds kind of like a robot, but you occasionally get to hear Alex’s sexy Russian.  (Speaking of Russian, I was totally jealous of Andre in the second question on my French quiz yesterday.  He had just visited Russia!)  I’m not sure which part was the best: the dancing, the lucky scissors, or the eggs.  Just for the record, while I would probably camp out on his front step or something, I would never do anything as random as putting two eggs on the end of his driveway.  (Kudos to whoever did, however.  That’s a pretty spectacular idea)
  • Montreal beat New York last night thanks to Robert Lang’s tour du chapeau.  The third goal of it apparently came when New York had a 6-on-3?  That’s hilarious.  The Rangers couldn’t score when they had a three man advantage.  Even Atlanta can do that.  Buffalo needs the win tomorrow night, because New York is only six points ahead of them.  All these teams are starting to fall apart!  What is up with that?
  • The standings are really close.  We at TFF Headquarters were studying them last night and decided that it’s going to come right down to the wire.  It’ll be really interesting to see who ends up in and who ends up out.  (Washington is not that far behind Boston, guys.  It’s actually starting to look like they might have a realistic chance to bump Boston out of the top spot.)  We also decided last night that Buffalo has to move up in the standings so that they aren’t playing Washington this spring, because if we are faced with a Washington/Buffalo playoff series, I’m leaving the country.  (My first hockey dream is to one day see the Sabres lift the Stanley Cup.  My second is to see Alex lift that bad boy.)
  • Timmy is coming back on Friday.  We were also placing bets last night on how long he would last.  I’ve got money on him tripping over himself on his third shift and being out for the rest of the season with a broken neck.
  • East All Star Reserves getting named today.  Tvan will be representing Buffalo, I’m sure of it.  If there’s a more deserving player, I have yet to see him.  It will be interesting to see who else makes the cut.  Other than Alex, of course, because the  league needs to have their annual press conference.  You know, the one where Sid and Alex sit together and the reporters ask Sid questions for about twenty minutes and Alex politely sits there and then at the very end they ask him a stupid question about what it’s like “getting a chance to play with Sidney.”
  • Andrew Peters is one of the most politically correct players I have ever heard.  He is saying all the right things throughout this whole bite incident.  And he’s absolutely right, too.  I don’t care if “cannibalism” (oh Lindy, ILY!) is a dirty part of the game that’s kept hush-hush.  Jarkko Ruutu is setting a bad example for all the kids who look up to hockey players.  He’s making the sport look bad, and hockey should be on SportsCenter more often than when someone gets bit.

Never Thought I’d See THAT Headline

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The headlines in today’s paper (the hockey ones) all basically said how Matt Ellis helped power the Sabres over the first-place Bruins.  Huh.  Never thought I’d see that, and I can’t help but wonder if Matt ever thought that either.

I think it’s great that he had the first three-point game of his career and that he’s been playing so well here in Buffalo these past few games.  I watched the Sabres Show this morning, and he seems like a really nice guy.  Danny never told me he and Matt were childhood friends!   I hope he sticks around for a while, especially since he’s one of the players we have who really seems to want to win.  It’s really great for him to get the chance to play here and I’m glad Lindy decided to keep him instead of Gerbe.  (Don’t get me wrong.  I ADORE Nate.  I just agree that he should get a wee bit more seasoning in Portland)

Apparently Max has a “lower body injury.”  Hmm.  Sure thing, Sabres, sure thing.  I’m not going to question it if it means Max comes out of the lineup.  (Just in case there’s any confusion, like there was at TFF Headquarters yesterday, I’m not glad he got hurt.  I’m not that mean a person that I would wish him ill.  I’m just kind of glad that he might not be able to play)  I thoroughly enjoyed yesterday in the first period when Derek was all, “Okay, I’m going to fight CHARA now!” and then Chara just knocked him over.  Sure, Chara probably shouldn’t have punched him several times like he had, but it was kind of funny to see.  Sorry, D.  

Was Harry Neale off his meds again yesterday?  Good grief.  Poor Reggie gets speared and then he goes, “Well, looks like he’ll be a soprano in the choir now!” or something along those lines.  I’m just glad he’s okay and came back out and played.  That could have been a penalty though…

I agree with Bruce, Dear Readers.  It’s definitely “dumb” that Alex didn’t make the starting lineup, but I don’t agree with Tom Renney that there must be a flaw in the system if he didn’t make it.  Those lame-o Habs and Pens fans rigged the balloting, and I like to think that Alex feels the same way that Thomas Vanek does, and that if he can’t be voted to the lineup the honest way, then it’s okay if he’s not voted at all.  (Dear Tom Renney,   I get that you’re trying to be funny, but next time when they ask you how you plan on defending Alex during a game, I’d appreciate it if you’d refrain from telling reporters that you’d kill him.  That’s not so nice.  With Love, Frostee)

All I saw of the game last night was Chris Clark’s fight (Chris!  You PUNCH Redden, boyfriend, you PUNCH him) and the Caps walking off at the end of the second, so this morning I watched the highlights.  First, Alex’s goal was pretty badass  and now he’s tied with Carter for the league lead like I knew he would be and now he’ll be the leader in goals again so life is good (haha sorry for that run-on).  He was also dropping guys like flies.  Dude, you are a beast.  

Second, Semin, uh, got in a fight in his first game back.  As Joe so eloquently put, he was “playing the bongoes.”  

Dear Donald Brashear,

Please teach Semin how to fight.  The poor boy looks ridiculous out there.

With Love,


At least Staal wanted to go with him, unlike a certain Pittsburgh player I could mention from yesterday afternoon. 

P.S.  Last night while we were watching the football game with the friends we had over we were playing Apples to Apples, and when it was my turn to judge and I got “violent” some idiot gave me the card that said “Russia.”  I’m pretty sure it was my brother.  He should know better than that at this point.

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