The DC Adventure, Day 1, Part II.

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No disrespect to the Sabres and their fans and HSBC Arena, but that was the loudest arena I’ve ever been in and one of the liveliest. Maybe it was filled with bandwagoners, but they sure knew how to party. It was so much fun.

I was thirty feet away from it and I saw replays from other angles, and trust me, Armstrong got his arm up in plenty of time to hit Matty P. That’s what they’re trying to get rid of.

Alex didn’t score because I was there. I’m serious, guys. It’s an actual curse.

I don’t even want to think about what drugs the Capstronaut is on.

More later, but I have to say, the Phone Booth is one awesome place to see a game. And an awesome place to buy yet ANOTHER #8 shirt, because apparently I don’t have enough already.

I refuse to believe that the Sabres lost to the Leafs with Miller in net, because things like that don’t happen in real life.

I Swear, I Really Am Alive.

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Sorry for the lack of posting recently. School has been crazy and when I finally get a minute it’s usually spent sleeping instead of blogging. I apologize.

To recap the past few days:

The Sabres/Caps game was hella boring, but Washington won and so I was able to see both the secret handshake AND the chestbump in person. Both are QUITE adorable. Sorry Sabres. The Caps had the rust excuse. You guys just suck.

Once again, Alexander did not score for me. He did, however, sing and dance in the warmup. Champ.

The Caps then beat Tampa Bay, and thank the merciful heavens for that. Their penalty killing against the Lightning is atrocious. The new guy scored two goals. Mike Knuble continues to be totally deserving of my love. In one of the best defensive sequences I’ve seen all season, Lars Nicklas blocked THREE straight shots. Without a stick. Epic. He can score and play defense, kids. My mom now wants me to have his children because she wants “defensively responsible grandchildren.”

Tonight the Sabres played the Flyers. I hate the Flyers. It’s a genetic thing. I, however, chose to go to the mall instead of watching. It made me feel empowered. The Sabres then won in overtime. Fear not, I saw the highlights (and bought several adorable new outfits in case the snow ever melts). Tim Connolly got lucky there in overtime. Adam Mair makes me laugh. I hate Mike Richards. Ryan shaved his crack whore beard.

I think I got everything. The Sabres continue to infuriate everyone, while the Caps make sure their fans get wings.

Called It.

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I knew it would happen but I was forced to go to the game anyway. The Sabres were not very good. The second period was fun, but that was it. I felt like I was watching a bad team, not a (for the time being) division-leading team. Gross.

Tyler, however, continued to be FABULOUS. PLEASE BE OKAY.

Thomas Vanek sucks.

The guy sitting behind the Bruins bench acting like a chicken every time Chara skated by was actually hilarious.

Thank goodness we’re almost at the Olympic break.

Oh Marty. (And Other “Insightful” Commentary)

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Not to sound cocky or anything, but I knew they’d win if I was there. And it wasn’t even for selfish reasons. Ottawa has been playing really well lately and Buffalo needs to keep getting two points.

Hecht’s shot in the shootout was hilarious. He schooled Marty. Jochen’s success in the shootouts amazes/amuses me to no end.

The first period was pretty boring, but it was huge that the Sabres didn’t fall behind. New Jersey isn’t exactly an offensive firepower, but they’ve got one of the best goalies ever and it’s harder to come back against them.

Speaking of goalies, I was asked last night by one of the people I was with who “that goalie for the other team is.” I was really patient when I explained the shootout but I had to inform everyone that he’s arguably the best goaltender in the history of the NHL.

I’m still in shock that Ryan let that goal in. Ryan. I thought you would have that one.

My seat was pretty insane. Center ice, club level. I’ve never sat there before so it was lots of fun.

Lindy’s got to go with Lala tomorrow against Boston. Ryan needs a rest and Lala needs to get his confidence back up. Boston isn’t exactly a huge threat so it would be a good time to play him.

Washington won 5-1. I heard it was a great game. They’re pulling away and I doubt the Sabres or Devils will be able to catch them. The ease with which they’ve been winning is kind of scary. There’s so much offense there. Cripes.

On the subject of Ilya Kovalchuk going to Washington, I personally don’t think it’s the best idea (and I also feel like there are other teams that would go after him way more aggressively). Yeah, he’s got a crapload of offense, but the Caps have proven that they don’t really need any extra goals. It wouldn’t be worth giving up what Atlanta would probably want in return and screwing up the chemistry they’ve got going for a rental, and I feel like a line with Alex and Kovy might not work. I know Alex has adopted a “pass first” mentality since being named captain, but that’s just too much offense and too much crazy Russian on one line. If the Caps get one thing at the deadline, I would rather it be a physical defenseman (yeah, their defense doesn’t suck as much as people say it does, but they still could use one). And, of course, that 40-year extension for Lars.

As for Buffalo, Kovalchuk would be the pure goal scorer I still wish Buffalo had (I don’t trust scoring by committee when none of our players has 20 goals. I just don’t like it), but defense is a weak part of Kovy’s game and Lindy would probably put a bullet in his head.

So yeah. There are my thoughts on the matter, for what it’s worth.

More Happiness.

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Woo!!  Yay!!  Hurray!!  I know it’s been said in several other players, but dude, are the Sabres ever going to lose again?  They’re so awesome and lovable and good right now.  Sabres, you guys are the bestest.

The first two and a half minutes of the game last night were the best, especially since I was sitting a few rows behind the net where the first three goals were scored.  It was pretty cool.  Goosie makes the best faces.

I have a confession:  When Vinny scored I looked over at a couple friends sitting a few sections over and we all made little hearts with our hands.  Yeah, we went there.

Jochen Hecht looked rather zippy.  I guess wanting to make the Olympics is really good motivation to play the best hockey you possibly can…Mike Green.

Sometimes low-scoring games can be fun if they’re fast and exciting, but when I’m actually at the game, I judge the awesomeness by how many times I get to stand up and cheer for a goal.  I stood up five times last night, therefore it was a pretty awesome game.

The Sabres have won every game I’ve gone to this year except the preseason game.  This is much better than last year and the year before that.

My jersey thoroughly enjoyed its first meeting with HSBC Arena.  It hopes to become better acquainted with the arena, but understands that twice a year my other jersey gets to head on over for the game.

Just watch this.  What a doofus.  I love them all.  Except maybe Mike Green.  Um, Michael, what were you doing with your legs when you were sitting down there?

I also finally watched that NHL Network special on Alex’s goals.  Guys, that’s pretty much why I fell in love with him.  He is RATHER good at hockey, I’m not sure if you’ve noticed.

I hope the Sabres blow out the Leafs tomorrow night.  That would be fun.  I would also appreciate it if the Caps actually win the second game in a row tonight, since losing three straight is enough losses for now, thanks very much.

Things That Are Good And Things That Are Bad.

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Things that are good:


Thing that are bad:

  • Still having to study for the reading quiz I’ll have if school isn’t canceled tomorrow.

Things that are good:

  • Ryan Miller.  Holy HELL, is that man good at hockey.  It was totally awesome when Sabretooth was bowing down to him.  He’s so good.  My jaw dropped multiple times.  Ryan, I want to thank you for redeeming yourself this year and making it less embarrassing for me to love you (because I don’t really broadcast it anymore, but I do still love him).  You’re so good at being a goaltender.  Just don’t burn out on me, ‘kay?

Things that are bad:

  • Getting shut out by the Sabres.  Um, Caps, you saw tape from their last two games, right?  Yikes, you need to learn how to score on elite goaltenders.

Things that are good:

  • Chris Clark totally looking at me three times.  Love ya, Christopher.

Things that are bad:

  • Fehric trying to flip me a puck and failing miserably.  Things Eric Fehr is not good at:  Shootouts, flipping pucks to dedicated fans during the pre-game skate.

Things that are good:

  • The Sabres killing off that power play the Caps had early on.  Wowzers, Sabres.  I know you have a great penalty kill, but the Caps have a great power play.  Y0u done good, boys, you done good.

Things that are bad:

  • Jose Theodore.  Varly, please get well soon.  (I realize he made some great saves, but all three goals he let in were really, really bad.)

Things that are good:

  • Alex coming over right in front of me and rattling the boards during the pre-game skate.  There were only a couple other fans by me at that time and they all had Sabres stuff on.  Alex, I love you.  I know I said this last December, but you’re HUGE in person.  And your hair is gross.  Yeah, I went there.

Things that are bad:

  • Alex playing arguably the worst game of his career.  First there was missing the WIDE OPEN NET by four feet.  Then there was the dive.  (My mom said Rob Ray didn’t think it was much of a dive and she didn’t either, but it happened right in front of me, and, well, it was pretty embellished.  Oh, Alex.)  Then he whined at the refs, and then he broke his stick.  That was just embarrassing.  I put up with so much crap from him, and then he broke his stick, and then I screamed “I STILL LOVE YOU ALEX” while he was getting a new one because I’m just trying to be a good fan.

Things that are good:

  • The Gerbe Derby got his first NHL goal!!  Yay!  Nate-dogg, I do love you so.  Congratulations, little man.  You earned it.  I’m glad you survived your collision with Tyler Myers, and I have to admit that it was pretty darn adorable.  Also, darling, picking on David Steckel is not the wisest idea since he’s twice as big as you.

Things that are bad:

  • Monty stealing Nathan’s first goal so he only got one instead of two.  Steve, that was not so nice.

Things that are good:

  • Henrik Tallinder’s goal.  Like, when the eff did he learn how to do that?

Things that are bad:

  • The Caps allowing Henrik Tallinder to score a goal like that.

Things that are good:

  • The first period.  That was an exciting period of hockey, folks.

Things that are bad:

  • The third period.  That was a really sloppy period.

Things that are good:

  • Lars’s hair.

Things that are bad:

  • I, uh, nope.  Got nothing.  Just look at that HAIR!

Things that are good:

  • The Sabres coming out after two crappy games and playing a really solid, great effort.  Way to bounce back, boys.  Y’all make me proud.

Things that are bad:

  • The Caps win streak ending.

Things that are good:

  • I got to see the secret handshake!!!!  Guys, it is even cuter in real life.  I laughed for about fifteen minutes.

Things that are bad:

  • I don’t get to see these two teams play each other in person again until March 😦


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    The Sabres won!! Ryan got a shutout!! Paul got a goal!! Huzzah!!

    This game was fun. Marty Biron was a goalie gone wild and attempted to beat up Patty K. Patty survived it, thank goodness. They scored on the power play and (obviously) killed penalties. Nice job, boys. I’m very proud of you for not choking like you are inclined to do.

    I’m not talking about the Caps, and I haven’t watched Alex’s interview yet so I can’t comment on it. It sounds like they seriously, seriously suck. This isn’t good.

    They Won! They won!!

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    Last night I was at the Sabres game, and for the first time this season, they won. I realize it was only their second game of the season, but it felt the way it did last year when Buffalo would lose 32 straight games and then finally pull out a win. There’s been lots of hockey this past week, the Sabres just hadn’t been involved in it.

    The win itself was a pleasant surprise, as the Sabres do not usually win when I go to games. The actual game, however, was kind of boring. Yes, Patrick Kaleta tried to kill Petr Prucha, and yes, Thomas Vanek’s goal was beautiful, and yes, I thought Tyler Myers was dead on the ice. But other than that there wasn’t really anything remarkable about the game. The Sabres had about six bajillion chances and failed to score on any of them. They didn’t make anything happen on the two four-minute power plays they had either. (In general, their power play frustrated me to no end.) However, they won in the end and obwas watching the game in good company.

    The Caps are never winning again, Lars is now going to try and win the Art Ross, Theo wants me to suffer. Thus concludes my summary of the Caps game.

    I know absolutely nothing about Nashville, so I’m going into the game tomorrow night with an open mind. Go Sabres!!

    Poor Sabres/Woo Caps!!

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    Oh, Sabres. I know it’s just the preseason, but it would have been nice to see you pull out a win./Awesome job, Capitals!! I know it’s just the preseason, but it’s always nice to see a win.

    Don’t feel too bad, Sabres. Timmy K got a goal, Drew played pretty darn well, and if this game had actually counted for anything in the grand scheme of things, you would have at least walked away with one point!/You should be proud of yourselves, Caps. This game may not have counted for anything in the grand scheme of things, but Varly played a great game and seeing Brian Pothier get the OT winner always makes me feel warm and fuzzy. Just one question, though: Why was Jeff Schultz getting so much ice time?

    Like I already mentioned, this game doesn’t count for anything in the grand scheme of things. It was still, however, a hockey game, and I had an amazing time. Hockey is hockey, Dear Readers, and hockey is back.

    One of the better parts of the evening took place during the warmup. As you know, Cari was kind enough to make me a sign so that I could share with the world my love for Alexander and my hope that he would have a happy birthday. However, I didn’t want to look like the dumb chick who thought Alex would be there, so we took a Sharpie and wrote on the back that I knew ge wasn’t there, and that I loved Chris Clark too. Christopher and I do, after all, have a little inside joke, and I thought he could use some love. And I didn’t feel the need to list that he’s actually my fourth-favorite Capital. (Although after last night, I think he made the jump to #3)

    When the warmup began I took my sign down to the ice and flipped it back and forth so that the team could see both sides. I suspected that he was looking my way, and sure enough, he was eyeing my sign. I waved. He looked me straight in the eye and smiled. I about died.

    Then, a few minutes later, when he and Mike Knuble were standing in front of me, I distinctly heard him say, “Hey, look at that sign.” Then he pointed.

    So, Dear Readers, that was the highlight of my evening. Just thought I’d share it with you.

    I Have Returned!!

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    Dear Readers, I am safely back at the kitchen desk, happily tapping away on the laptop once again.  My trip was very enjoyable, but like always, it’s good to be home.

    We started off our vacation visiting friends in Rhode Island, but other than seeing a few Lucic shirts and getting a nice tan, nothing remarkable happened there.

    On Wednesday we headed to Boston.  I won’t go into major details, but suffice to say we saw everything historical in the whole city, stood over Paul Revere’s grave, ate seafood, saw all the big colleges, and went to a Red Sox game at Fenway Park.  Oh, and I saw BJ Novak walking down the street and I fell in love with Nick Green, Red Sox playah.

    I’m not a huge baseball fan so I don’t really feel as though I can comment on the game.  It was definitely exciting, and I can’t say for sure but I don’t recall hearing too many baseball games ending 1-0.  Our seats were far out but we could see the diamond, and the guys sitting in front of us were heavy duty Bostonians and absolutely terrifying.

    Time for pictures!!

    P7090079This is Paul Reveah’s house.

    P7090093This is the view of TD Banknorth Garden from the top of Bunkah Hill.

    P7100120This is Fenway Pahk.  The Bahston Red Sox play heah.

    During the seventh inning, the Red Sox faithful got a nice, loud “Yankees suck!” chant going.  It was hilarious.

    P7100150This is my new boyfriend Nick Green at bat.  He struck out this time.  Sob.

    P7100152These are my beloved Nick Green’s career statistics versus Kansas City.  I’m, um, not quite sure if I should be in awe of them or disgusted by them.  I understand how baseball is played, but I don’t understand the specifics and different statistics.  I’m just going to assume these are mindblowing because it makes dear Nicholas even more lovable.

    Now, are you ready for the best part?  I saved the best picture for last!!

    The tall ships were in Boston this week (it was a complete coincidence that they were there when we were), and guess whose ship I saw on Friday?



    A whole mess of things happened in the past week and I’m not going to rehash them all, since I’m sure you heard about it already.  Just a few things:

    • The Caps got a second-line center!!  At least, they got someone to compete for the spot.  This is exciting.
    • The Sabres signed some defenseman who spent last season in Sweden.  I was less than impressed by his statistics.  I hope he’s just here to fill roster space in Portland.
    • Chicago was a complete mess and then they quickly signed all their RFAs.  There is an excellent chance they completely implode next summer when it comes time to sign all the RFAs.
    • Kovalev signed with Ottawa.  That must suck for Montreal fans.
    • Jay McKee SOLD OUT and signed with Pittsburgh.  I’m sure you’ve heard me tell this story a hundred times, but Jay McKee signed an autograph especially for me right before he left Buffalo in which he said he’s my friend.  Clearly he was lying, because no friend of mine would sign with Pittsburgh.
    • Alexander was named some sort of ambassador for the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi.  This could get awkward if Gary decides to pull the plug on NHL players at the Olympics.
    • Trendy Euro (the original one) signed with Rangers.  This is heartbreaking news.
    • Lindy Ruff has no problem standing pat.  That really upsets me.  Lindy, I don’t care if your team only finished two points out of the playoffs this year, and I don’t care if deep down, we all know a huge part of that was Ryan Miller’s injury.  A non-playoff team is a non-playoff team no matter how close you get, and I think the players we have don’t cut it.  If you don’t feel that way, it makes me sad.

    And now, to spend the night playing with my new iPhone.  I don’t know if anyone’s told you, but these things are pieces of art.  I’m in love with mine.  I don’t know how I functioned before I got it.

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