That Was Quite Poetic

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I’ll be honest with you, Dear Readers.  About halfway through the second period last night, I slipped into that mindset I usually enter when I’ve realized that the Sabres are going to lose.  I usually continue to watch the game, but I might start texting a few more people, or get a magazine to flip through.  I enter that mindset when I see the Sabres have decided to not show up.  Last night, the only Sabre who showed up was Ryan Miller.  I was especially disappointed last night, because I realized my open confidence in the team had done nothing and I would have to go back to tough love.  When Roy scored, the sensible part of my brain told myself that the goal only meant that the Sabres wouldn’t get shut out.  There was a part of me, however, that refused to believe that.  A tiny part of me was thinking that maybe, just maybe, the Sabres could pull off a win.

Heh.  I was right!

It wasn’t pretty near the end.  It went into overtime, and it became clear that it would go into a shootout, and then I freaked out because the Rangers are beasts in the shootout.  Al was the only one to score for the Sabres and Miller stopped the first two, but when Chris Drury came out I knew it was over.  Ryan was right when he said in his post-game interview that Drury has “a flair for the dramatic.”  I even vowed to throw our Rock Band drum set at the TV if Drury scored.  If Ryan hadn’t stopped him, my brother would have murdered me.

Now, last night and again in Bucky’s column today they were talking about how poetic it is that the guy who decided to stay in Buffalo managed to stop they guy who decided to leave.  It certainly was poetic justice in that regard, but it was also poetic for another reason for me.  Dear Readers, if Chris Drury was still a Sabre, I can almost guarantee he would have been named Frostee’s Sabres Boyfriend.  It’s a good thing Ryan stopped him, because otherwise things would have gotten awkward.

  • No offense to Steve Valiquette or anything, but it kind of looked like he was having some trouble controlling the puck.  He kept dropping his stick and just flopping on it.  I really would have liked it if the Sabres actually got shots on goal in the first period, because I have a feeling that if they tested him they might have actually scored a few goals.
  • I wasn’t all that impressed by Tim Connolly last night.  I know it was his first game back, but a lot of people I had heard yesterday seemed to think Timmy would just take the ice and win the game for the team.  Maybe it was because we were all too busy making Tim Connolly jokes to notice his good plays.  I’m just surprised he didn’t fall apart when he ran into the net.
  • Thomas Vanek must have heard me complaining a few days ago that he needs to start assisting on goals too, because he seems to have been getting quite a few assists lately.  Nice job, Thomas.
  • I have an inexplicable love for Scott Gomez.  I don’t know why, and I don’t know how.  It’s just there.
  • I really liked Derek Roy’s goal.  He just tucked it in between the legs.
  • I don’t want to talk about the Capitals game. (Although I’m definitely up for talking about how adorably dejected they all looked when they showed the bench at the end.  Alex had his helmet pushed back – why do they do that?  It looks so stupid! – and Nick Backstrom and Semin were sitting a few inches down on  the bench with their backs against each other.  They looked positively heart-broken.)  I have a theory about why they lost.  I think it’s because Alex shaved.  Everyone keeps telling me that he had shaved before the Philly game on Tuesday, but since I was busy trying to convince my grandmother on the phone that I’m not a groupie, I didn’t notice.  I get that it was time for his monthly shave and all, but still.  That scruff was lucky.  He shaved away the luck.
  • Apparently Stamkos was a healthy scratch?  Heh.  That’s kind of funny.
  • Ales Kotalik is really good in shootouts.  He’s really, really good.  I like him in shootouts.
  • It was really, really nice to see Ryan win that game tonight.  He was a BEAST.
  • Detroit tonight.  Will Ryan be starting again?  He’s been on fire lately, but what if he starts getting tired?  It has been a very long time since Lalime started.  Wasn’t it back in Washington?

Crunchy Updated His Blog!

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I’m in a good mood today, Dear Readers.  Sure, I only made it till one last night before I fell asleep and therefore have to find time to cram in 400 pages of reading, but other than that, it’s a good day.  I’m a fan of the new third jersey (other than the random piping).  My pink Sabres t-shirt (my mom got it for me.  I only wear it at home, and only because it’s comfortable, I swear) makes my biceps look bigger, which is totally random but kind of nice.  I did pretty good studying vocab.  Hockey is SO FREAKING close.  We might be going to D.C. for Thanksgiving weekend, which means we will be attending the Caps/Habs game (!!!!!!!!!).  The Bills are playing today. (come on, Bills!  3-0!!!)  It’s a good day.

Since I don’t really feel like doing an in-depth look at the overall Sabres, I wasn’t really sure what to talk about.  I’m not going to squeal about the hat I’m getting from a certain’s Russian’s possibly emo clothing line until we order it, since the website is totally un-friendly towards Americans and we have to wait until tomorrow to call.   I decided to wander over to a Mr. Crunchy Miller’s blog, and saw that, much to my surprise, he had updated it!

I pretty much love Crunchy’s blogs.  They are hilarious, and this one is no exception.  First of all, what does he mean he had to stock the pantry?  It’s not like he eats anything.  And then, since I’m an incredibly mature high school student (who totally cracked up, along with the rest of her Latin class [which contains students from all four grades] when Mrs. Curran said that “erection” is derived from Latin) I made a face when Crunchy mentioned his groin.  EW.  I may love Ryan Miller, but I do not really love his groin.  That’s kind of…ew.

BTW, Tampa Bay beat Pittsburgh.  I don’t really know what to make of that.  It sounds like all of Pittsburgh’s big players were in the game, but none of Tampa Bay’s were.  And, of course, Steve Stamkos scored the game winner.  I’m not sure if I should be glad Pittsburgh lost, or worried that Tampa Bay won.  It’s kind of a mixture.  Overall, I don’t really understand/care about preseason hockey.  It’s entirely different from regular season hockey.  I don’t worry about the preseason.  Stressing out is  bad for your complexion, so I’m trying not to stress until October 10.  Then I’ll probably go crazy.

65 Reasons I Love A.M.O. #26: First Draft Pick

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I’m trying to decide if Steven Stamkos is cute.  It’s tough.

Obviously he’s not going to win Hottest Tampa Bay Player any time soon, what with Vinny playing there and all, but he’s not totally unfortunate, is he?

Yep, I love him.  (Bigger picture here.)

This all got me thinking.  Since the 2003 Entry Draft, I have liked all the First Overall Draft Picks.  Let’s start with 2003.

I LOVE Marc-Andre Fleury.  When my neighbor was giving me grief about the Caps being knocked out of the playoffs and asked if I was going to root for the Penguins, I said I was, because I loved Fleury.  He gave me this weird look and goes, “the goalie?”

How can you not love him?  If you are ever wondering if your female friend is a lesbian, just play audio of him and you’ll know.  His accent is hands down the BEST I have ever heard.  And I have to say, as Frostee’s Playoffs Boyfriend for Rounds 2-4 of the playoffs last year, he pretty much delivered.  I did not regret my choice.

On to 2004:

If you haven’t figured out by now that I like Alex Ovechkin, you can leave.

I defy the Sabres fan stereotype.


*Shakes head* Oh, Sidney.

If you want some Sidney laughs, watch this video.

First of all, that baby picture of him in the Canadiens jersey may be the cutest thing I have ever seen.  Second of all, Sidney still doesn’t shave.  Third of all, I’ll be quite honest with you, Dear Readers:  If the Sidney Crosby in this video was at OPHS, I would probably make fun of him.  I’m just telling the truth. 


Okay, so, I lied.  I don’t like all the first overall picks, since I actually had to google the 2006 Entry Draft.  I can not for the life of me remember this kid.  Sorry.

Well, at least this Erik Johnson punk is American, right?

Other than 2004, my personal favorite first overall pick thus far came in 2007:

If Patrick Kane was to show up at my front door right now and ask me to marry him, I would say yes, no questions asked.  I LOVE him (and that sexy chin-stroking thing he’s got going on), and after the NHL Awards, I walked around telling people that when he made a shoutout to Buffalo, it was actually intended for ME.  (I also told people that when Ovie said “I love you” at the end of his Hart Trophy speech, he quickly texted me from his iPhone to let me know that those three words were actually meant for ME only.  I live in a fantasy world.)

My dad once actually said, when I pointed out that he’s only 19, “Oh, well then the two of you getting married is actually realistic.”  After all, his best friend is ten years older than his wife.  There’s not that much of an age difference with the two of us.  And my grandma would prefer if I married Pkane instead of Ovie.  She prefers Americans. 

Wait, isn’t this supposed to be a list of reasons why I love Alex Ovechkin?  I’d have to start a different list for Pkane!  Uh…Ovie…um…




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