I Don’t Get It.

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So, like, the Sharks won last night? An elimination game? In the PLAYOFFS?

This does not make any sense.

Predictions, Whatever.

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The second round is upon. Let’s see who’ll win, shall we?


They’re not getting eliminated any time soon and besides, they’re playing the Sharks. Those poor Sharks won’t know what hit them.


I’m really, really on the fence about this series. If Luongo plays really well and those creepy Sedins keep the offense going, I think the Canucks will win. But Chicago could win easily too.


1.) They have to win. Like, my sanity is riding on this.

2.) Holy crap, have you SEEN Halak? It’s crazy. I don’t know how he does it.


I really could not care less about this series. There’s no way I could be less disinterested. The only redeeming quality this series has is that it’s one giant middle finger to NBC. That being said, I feel like Boston might not have the upper hand. It’ll change if/when Savard comes back and Rask has to play really well, but I feel like the Flyers are trying to seek revenge on all of us for making fun of them.

The West Has Feelings Too!

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Now, everyone always talks about an East Coast Bias in this league….and I’m no exception to it! Keeping that in mind, I will proceed to pick the winners of the Western Conference first round series. They will all be wrong. I won’t say how many games because I’m always more wrong with those.


Because let’s face it, the Sharks are never getting out of the first round.


They’re a pretty darn good team from what I’ve seen, and besides, the team that will beat them is….


Phoenix, I’m really, really sorry. This sucks. You deserve so much better.


I’m basing this solely on Henrik Sedin. Like, that is the only thing affecting my choice. Whatever.

I’ll do the east later today/tomorrow. Because those predictions will be just as valuable as these!

And That’s The Season.

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Indulge me for a moment and allow me to be the 800th person to comment on how it seems like the season just started. I really can’t believe the playoffs are already here, but they are. Woo!!

The Sabres went out with a bang, pulling Lala who proceeded to crash into the ref and go right into the boards. That seems somehow fitting for what will most likely be his last game in Buffalo. Good luck, Patty. You always seemed like a nice guy.

Buffalo did, however, lose, which means they get Boston in the first round.

1.) This will most likely be the most boring series in the history of the world.

2.) I know that Boston hasn’t been too good this year but Raask has been playing really well and I am a little worried for Buffalo. Miller will be fine barring some sort of meltdown (please God, NO) but it seems like the Sabres just can’t seem to score against Boston. This could be problematic.

I’d like to think that the Sabres will win and I’m trying to be optimistic, but this is the Sabres. I think it really could go either way.

I’m totally over the whole Richard thing. For Alex to keep it that close while missing ten games is really impressive in and of itself. And the season for the team was so magical that it really just would have been extra frosting on the cake, and even I, the frosting queen, know there is such a thing as too much frosting.

The Capitals will be playing the Canadiens in the first round. Montreal has had a few really good stretches this season and Halak had been awesome and I seem to recall Theo having a meltdown in that one came up in Montreal, but I feel like the Caps should be able to get this one done.

Ottawa is playing Pittsburgh, which is convenient because that means one will go home. I can’t decide which team I hate more but I feel like it would be better if the Pens got knocked out first. Thomas Vanek OWNS the Sens now!! The Sabres can beat them!! Their mindtricks will work no more!

I have faith that San Jose will perform their annual chokejob, and I feel really bad that Phoenix has to play Detroit. If they beat the Wings then they truly are blessed.


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Both the Sabres and Caps went to overtime. The Sabres lost. (Let’s not talk about it, Tyler.) The Caps won because Lars Nicklas Backstrom is so good at hockey and I don’t even know what words to use to describe him anymore.

For yesterday: the baby pictures made my life, I’m really sorry but I love Pavel Datsyuk, and Jochen Hecht played an amazing game. Too bad he couldn’t look like that more often.

Today: I love Nicki, I love Nicki, Flash and Fehric are really good together, and I love Nicki.

I’m not even going to say anything about Alex’s hit on Campbell. It looked like Soupy toe-picked. In one angle it looked like Alex got his back and from another angle it looked like he got his arm. I really don’t know. There’s no consistency in the NHL so it could go either way. The one thing I don’t like is Alex being compared to Matt Cooke. They are so completely different.

This game was really huge, because if it turns out it is a Stanley Cup Finals preview, I think Washington won the mental war today.

I’m not going to be able to see either game on Tuesday since I have a concert, but I already know what’ll happen for Buffalo: Atlanta will win. MacArthur and Max are probably going to have career nights too. At least the Sabres are predictable.

I Am Going To Watch The Game Tonight.

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I feel bad.  I’ve neglected the Sabres as of late.  I didn’t see any of the game last night (although when I checked the score it was 3-0 Minny, so, uh, yeah) and I didn’t see the one last Friday night and I didn’t watch much of the one from Wednesday.  But tonight I will watch the game in its entirety.  I won’t be distracted by something on another channel.  I won’t be distracted by the pile of work I have to do.  I won’t start playing a game on my phone and look up all of a sudden to see that the game ended.  It won’t happen.

Tonight will be a really good game since the Sabres might not actually be that good and the Red Wings are trying to make the playoffs.  I’m looking forward to it.  I’m also looking forward to seeing Candy Corn Head again.  I do love my Candy Corn Head.

Poor Patrick Lalime.

I will also be watching the Caps game tomorrow afternoon.  I have arranged my weekend around it, because afternoon games quite often throw wrenches in my plans.  This game will be quite good.  I hope Theo starts for the Caps.  I hope Alex does something about Sidney now leading the league in goals.  I hope Lars Nicklas winks after playmaking.

Oh, and I just pulled out the paper to read while I was on the computer (because apparently that’s how I multitask) and ROBI’S ALIVE!!  I WAS SO WORRIED ABOUT HIM!!  I’ve sort of been running with this theory lately that he’s dead and the Sabres won’t tell us.  Get well soon, Robi.  All the best.

But, um, at the risk of sounding like a terrible person, the article seems to imply that the painkillers would make him say things that don’t make sense.  Would this be, uh, some sort of change from what he said before the accident?

Happy Veteran’s Day!

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  • No school = awesome. Just remember that, kids.
  • The Sabres are playing the Oilers tonight. I think I’m pretty sure I already mentioned that they need to pull it together, win, etc., so I won’t say it again. But they better.
  • The Caps play the Islanders. If they choke against them AGAIN I will punch a baby.
  • Michael Nylander might finally be gone. He seems like a nice guy, but things just got so messy in the end and he really needs a change of scenery. Best of luck with your beautiful Swedish children, Michael.
  • The Red Wings claimed Drew Miller off waivers…possibly…? Well, if they had, at least now they’ll have one Miller. Just not necessarily the one they want.
  • Alex was on TMZ. Ahahahahaha. Hahaha. Ha. Ha. This really amuses me. No specific reason why. It’s just funny. Bless his little Russian heart.

What A Mess.

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The Sabres played the Bruins tonight.  They needed to rebound after a poor showing against the Flyers.  They needed to show they can win in front of their backup.  They needed to show they can play good teams and not just bad ones.  (Although I don’t know if I’d necessarily call the Bruins a “legitimate contender” so far this season.)  They needed two points taken in convincing fashion.

Too bad no one told them that.

This game was not fun.  The Bruins were last in the league on the power play and Buffalo let them score more than once with the man advantage.  Jhonas didn’t get a win.  They kept showing Pie and it made me very sad.  The Sabres let an “offensively challenged” team score four.  It was a mess all around tonight and I’m starting to worry that this is where it all starts to go downhill.

Toronto beat Detroit 5-1.  I don’t even know what to say to that.  I’m speechless.

The Caps beat the Panthers 7-4.  Smiley face!  The Caps were winning then they were tied then they were losing then they were winning then they were tied then they won.  The Lars-Flash-Mikey line was intense.  They were scoring and assisting and being general badasses.  Supposedly 13 Caps had points tonight.  That’s spectacular, especially considering that Alex is still, alas, wounded.  That’s not spectacular is that Semin didn’t have any.  You suck, Sasha.  I don’t like you.

Michael and Alexander were unable to play tonight, however, we were provided our fix of them thanks to Michael’s Twitter:

53287fb703e8db1247190b1b6686cbe1_viewThey’re too cute.

Michael has his stupid skinny tie on again.

I always liked that pink shirt of Alex’s.

He’s looking a little chunky.

I miss him.

We’ve got a few days off until the Sabres play again, and I’m really hoping they figure things out and decide who they want to be and all that sappy garbage.  I don’t want them to fall apart.  I like when they’re good.  It’s more exciting.

I’m Worried.

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Before the Sabres game Tuesday night, I was terrified that the Red Wings would completely humiliate them.

We all saw how that turned out, and I couldn’t be happier.

I’m hoping that by worrying in the same way for the Caps game tonight, they’ll be able to handle the Sharks in the same way the Sabres handled the Wings.

I’m not optimistic.

That Was Awesome.

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To say I was apprehensive going into this game would be a pretty accurate statement. Yes, the Sabres hadn’t lost yet in overtime, and yes, Detroit hasn’t looked quite as lethal as they have in years past, but still. I’m a Sabres fan, therefore I’m realistic.

That game rocked.

Like, it was so enjoyable to just watch the Sabres completely manhandle the opponent. As I’ve already said, the next week and a half are crazy for me. It was so nice to be translating Latin passages and to look up after each sentence to find that the Sabres weren’t playing with their eyes closed. They actually looked really good, specifically in the second period. Ryan Miller was pretty solid and he stopped a penalty shot (the most exciting play in hockey!). We got offense from the players who were supposed to provide offense. Tyler Myers continued to look great. I know it’s WAY too early to start thinking about things like this, but would it completely shock me if he at least challenged for the Calder? No. It would not.

Thomas Vanek’s health is definitely a concern, and I hope keeping him outbqas just precautionary. We really need him. The world without Thomas is a scary, scary place.

Patrick Kaleta was just so darn cute after his goal.

Derek pleased me tonight. I hope he has another killer season.

As a bit of a Chris Osgood fan, I’m a little sad we chased him. But not that sad.

The next game is against the Islanders. 1.) They better beat them. 2.) I probably won’t be able to watch, and after seeing how they handled a good team, I would love to see them play a crappy team.

Then again, they might do a typically Sabre thing and play an absolutely horrific game. It wouldn’t surprise me if that happened.

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