Hey, Another Signing!

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After I had finally started settling down after the Lars Nicklas signing, it was announce that the Sabres had signed Mike Grier for another year. Yay!! I’ve always felt as though Mikey was an important part of the leadership of the team, and we had a pretty interesting discussion about why he should get the C in school today. (God bless high school productivity levels in May.) Part of it is desperation to get the captaincy away from Craig Rivet, but I like Mike Grier. I’d be happy to make him captain.

Old Time Hockey!!

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First I was happy when the Sabres scored the first goal.  Then I was concerned when the Flyers scored two quick ones (Dear Sabres, Work on actually playing for twenty full minutes, not nineteen and a half.  With Love, Frostee).  Then I was cautiously optimistic when they came back, and then I was happy again when they won 4-2.  When you start and end happy, consider it a good game.

Score aside, that was one big chippy chipfest.  Wow.  So much fighting and hitting and players writhing on the ice in pain and me having mini panic attacks.  All in all, I think the Sabres alone ended up with 13 3 casualties?  Patty getting kicked out, Goosie hurting one leg and Craigory hurting two?  Then there was Tyler Myers, but thank the merciful and great hockey gods, he came back.

Both Paul and Craig’s injuries looked serious.  The Sabres will miss having their captain around, but Paul Gaustad has been one of the best players for the team aside from Ryan Miller.  They’re going to miss him a lot.

Mayhaps we can call up Tyler Ennis?  If he’s not too busy with other things?

Tim Connolly had a spectacular night afternoon.  Good on ya for finally doing something, Timothy.

Mike Richards is the slimiest of all the slimeballs in the land, and I don’t like him.  He’s so dirty, and he’ll always get away with it because he’s Mike Richards (cue Pierre McGuire).  I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Patty got suspended for his hit, but no one’s going to do anything about Richards.

Ray Emery is not a very good goalie.  I don’t know why everyone kept thinking he’s the reason the team could actually make a deep run this season.

Killing off all the power players against the best power play in the league was pretty spiffy, boys.  Good work.

Stupid Scott Hartnell felt the need to pick on Timmy K, aka someone half his size.  Keep it classy, Scott.

I don’t like Philadelphia.  This win was very satisfying.

It was also an important win to get, because I’m already nervous about tomorrow night and to go into a game against Carolina with a five game losing streak is a recipe for disaster.

Sabres, please don’t completely embarrass yourselves at home against the Hurricanes.  That would be tragic.

The Caps Are So Good At Hockey!!/The Sabres Make Me Want To Hit Things.

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As usual, I started the game with conflicting feelings. Then Alex scored, and, um, well, you can figure out who I started rooting for after that.

I was really impressed with the Caps tonight. They managed to hold on to a lead in a game that was 1-0 for the majority of it, and they even managed to kill off lots of penalties late. Holy sweet mother of mercy, Mike Green even played DEFENSE. Like, how does that even HAPPEN? It must have been some sort of Thanksgiving miracle. I’m fully confident he will return to suckiness Saturday night. But it was kind of nice seeing him clear the puck out and do various defensive things. Totally weird to watch, but nice.

Varly, you’s a crazy mofo. ILY even if you do think American girls are really fat.

Lars played a very, very good game tonight. Lars has not been as good as he is known to be as of late, so to see him play so well was quite rewarding. He didn’t get any points, but he looked great out there. Just for that, my dear boy, you can have extra pie tomorrow night. Yes, yes, I know how generous that is. But Thanksgiving is a time for not worrying about our muffin tops.

Christopher Sr. continued to be far too shy to actually score a goal with me watching. Bless his heart.

At one point both of my Christophers were on the ice. It was so nice to have all my beloveds in one place.

The Caps played a great game and deserved the win. Pats on the backs for you, Capitals.

The Sabres, on the other hand, make me think that they will never ever play a decent hockey game ever again. How long has it been since they won? Three weeks? Four weeks? Good grief, they looked awful tonight. THEY DO NOT SHOOT THE PUCK. How many times do I have to tell them? SHOOT THE GOSH DARN PUCK, YOU ANTI-PUCK SHOOTERS!

Ryan Miller is keeping this team alive right now. He had absolutely NO support on the Fehr goal. Guys, one of these days he’s going to get hurt again or burn out or have a nervous breakdown, and then what are you going to do? How will you even make it on to the ice if he’s not there to bail you out every two seconds?

The power play sucks so bad I’m not even going to say anything else about it.

Except this: OMG Craigory when you have a five minute power play taking a penalty is so not cool.

(On the flip side, it was totally B.A. how the Caps killed off almost a five minute power play.)

Timmy K’s dad is a cutie-pie.

Ok, so, I guess it’s time to get to that hit. Here’s the dealio, guys: Alex hit Patty K. Yes, he did. Patrick’s head definitely got hit, but he kinda sorta saw him coming. And I don’t think it was a vicious head-hunting hit. The ejection was probably more deserved than not, but I’d be kind of surprised to see a suspension. And not just because of who he is.

Alex also always scores pretty goals against Buffalo. Buffalo seems to bring out both the best and the worst in him.

Andrew Peters tried to kill someone tonight, apparently. Petey, Petey, Petey. New Jersey has changed you. I miss the cute, cuddly body guard you used to be.

Vanek must still be hurt. He’s got to be. It’s the only explanation for why he’s been so bad lately. Oh, Thomas. Just get your booboos fixed so you can return to being an awesome goal scorer.

The anthem singer tonight looked like a mini Mike Grier. It was rather adorable.

Henrik Tallinder was on the ice for Alex’s goal. I totally called that.

Finally, before I wish you a very happy Thanksgiving and thank you all for reading, I’d like to pass judgment on Alex’s new haircut. Well done, Mr. Ovechkin. Usually your haircuts are pretty tragic, but this one looks great. It’s not too short, but you’ve taken care of that sloppy mess on your head. I love it.

But please, sweetheart, next time refrain from picking your nose while the camera’s on you.

Saturday Ramblings

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  • So, last night’s game was fun for the first period.  Even most of the second period was fun.  I had the house to myself, the Sabres scored first, Gerbe almost came up to Tallinder’s shoulder when they were celebrating, life was good.  Then the Sabres failed to score on 5:44 of power play time.  And even better, they only got ONE SHOT.  Boys, you’re going to have to do better than that if you want to win a game.  And Thomas didn’t score 😦
  • I didn’t watch the Sabres show last night, but I did catch the interview with Drew Stafford.  You know what?  Drew Stafford is a TOTAL creeper.  If I saw him walking down the street, I would turn the other way.  That guy scares me.
  • New Jersey killed New York last night and I haven’t yet decided if scoring 8 goals and winning tired them out, or energized them.  I’m really hoping it’s the first one.
  • I don’t even know how the two of us do it anymore.  Not even kidding, Alex Ovechkin scored both of his goals about ten seconds after I flipped back to that game.  It’s kind of awesome.
  • Bruce, if you EVER need a babysitter for Brady, CALL ME!  Oh my goodness, that kid is quite possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen! (Lala’s daughters aside, of course)  Brady Boudreau, Kid Reporter, is probably the best segment ever.  It was hilarious to see Steckel lean down to get to his level and Mike Green (Greenie and Federov were back last night!  Yay!!  And Mike ssscccooorrreeedd!) discuss changing roommates, but my favorite of the interviews was the one with Brooks Laich.  Sure, it was probably the thousandth time hearing him talk about his system for road trips, and how he’s in charge of the room temperature and the blinds, but when Brady asked him if he was still the Ladies’ Man, “like you were in the video last year,” I about died.  Brooks told Brady that if he kept asking him all those questions he would have to stop answering them, and then the best part of the entire interview happened, when he turned it around and asked Brady if he had a girlfriend.  Brady’s response?  “I can’t answer that question.”
  • I think it’s the Buffalo News’s fault that the Sabres only scored one goal last night, because they made a big deal about how if the Sabres scored two goals last night it would be the 1,000th goal in franchise history.  And then I made the jinx worse by saying how it would be the coolest thing ever if the 1,000th goal also happened to be Gerbe’s first NHL goal.
  • Guys, is Craig Rivet becoming the new Tim Connolly?
  • The Senators’ mustaches are ridiculous.  
  • Last night, with thirty seconds left in the second period, my dog Kieffer decided he had to go to the bathroom.  He started giving me attitude when I told him he would have to wait until the period was over, and then he got mad when the Leafs kept icing the puck and he had to wait longer.  He finally got out, and when he came back in I made him sit on the rug so his paws could dry off.  I walked around the corner and into the kitchen, and I was almost back in the family room when I heard him creeping in.  It was really cute, because when I turned around he just had his head sticking around the corner to see if I saw him coming.  As soon as he saw me he ran back to the rug and sat down so he could pretend he had been there the entire time.  It was great.  
  • I am pretty sure I will be watching the game tonight.  I’ll be chillin’ with the grandparents since I haven’t seen them in a while and my grandmother wants to watch that HBO John Adams special, but my grandfather likes watching hockey with me.  Apparently I amuse him when I get really into the games.  The only thing is, he is crazy in love with Hockey Night in Canada and has a huge man-crush on Don Cherry (he actually has one on Mike Robitaille too), so we might have to watch that.  I just hope that CBC decides to play the Caps/Habs game even though the people of Buffalo might rather see the Senators play.  *crosses fingers*
  • Related to hockey but not to last night’s game, I keep forgetting to mention how my mom and Danny Gare are like BFFs.  Waaaaay back when he played for the Sabres she was at a pool party and he was there.  Apparently his legs are redonkulously muscular.  And kind of hairy.

Oh, Whatever Sabres/#45

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Well.  The Sabres actually looked pretty good most of the time last night, but they still lost.  Rats.  That would have been HUGE if they had beat all three “elite teams of the East” in four nights.  A few positives we can take away from the game:

  • Thomas Vanek scored twice, proving that he is, in fact, a BAMF
  • Not related to the Sabres game, but at one of the intermissions for the LA/Chicago game yesterday afternoon, we were treated to this FABULOUS video on Pkane and how amazing it is.  It was complete with baby pictures, footage of him in his bedroom talking about hockey, and him playing some cute little game with his sisters in their driveway.  It. Was. AMAZING.
  • Lala was pretty solid, which was a relief to see.  I was starting to get really worried about him.
  • They managed to kill off full two minutes of a 5-on-3, and Rivet and Lydman did some sexy shot blocking.
  • They booed Rivet.  This may sound kind of crazy, but I was starting to get worried that our team sucked so much that we didn’t have anyone for other teams to boo at.  It was nice seeing that we have someone worth booing.
  • Pkaleta is still walking around in one piece.

Just one question:  Has Tim Connolly officially dropped off the face of the Earth?  Because last night when we were checking line combinations at the bottom of the screen, Timmy wasn’t on the scratched list and he wasn’t in the lineup either, and then this morning they didn’t mention him once in the paper.  Has he disappeared for good?


Um, yes, the Capitals lost.  And I want to apologize to any Caps fans who might be reading this blog, because it’s partly my fault.  With the Caps game and the Sabres game starting at the same time, I wasn’t able to watch too much of the Capitals so Alex wasn’t able to score.  He only scores when I’m watching.  

(But near the beginning of the first period during a stoppage in play, they showed Bruce on the bench and he was kind of dancing around to the beat of the music they were playing in the arena, which confirmed that Bruce is hilarious and the second coolest coach ever [Lindy Ruff will always be the coolest coach in my heart] and that we love him.)

Okay, so last night in the second period of the Caps game (I’m pretty sure it was the second.  It might have been the first), one of the only parts I got to watch was when the Caps were on the penalty kill.  Alex got a semi-breakaway and was roaring down the ice when some defender came out of nowhere and got in front of him.  Did this stop Alex?  No.  He used the toe of his skate to flip the puck over the guy in front of him and then got off a backhand shot.  It was kind of incredible.  All, “oh my God he doesn’t have his shirt on!” and squealing about his awesome personality aside, I really do love Alex Ovechkin because he happens to be one hell of a hockey player.  He transcends on the ice.  I’ll watch him at stoppages in play just because he’s that good.  All those obnoxious fans who walk around saying that not only is he not the best player in the league right now, but he’s not even in the top five have obviously never seen him play.  He does things with the puck that I didn’t even think could be done.


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Paul Gaustad’s grandfather, you are hilarious and adorable and an awesome grandfather.

Referees, I hope you burn in hell.

Sidney Crosby, I would like you to stick that in your juicebox and suck it.

Ryan Miller, you are an awesome boyfriend and I love you.

Evgeni Malkin, just like my Search Engine Terms say, you are a retard.

Craig Rivet, in the first period when Talbot hit you and you went to the bench, we all kind of thought it looked like you were masturbating.  I’m really sorry, but it’s true.

Bulls, I’m mad at you for making me sit out in the freezing cold for three quarters and then starting to  score right after I leave and then losing.

Charles Dickens, I’m mad at you for writing Great Expectations.

Drew Stafford, I still think you’re kind of scary.

Max, someone must have told you this is a contract year.

Dear Readers, Alex Ovechkin has ONCE AGAIN proven his UNDYING LOVE for me by scoring his goal WHILE I WAS WATCHING.  And while his interview is adorable when he explains how important it was to get Jokey Jose the shutout (I didn’t even know he did shutouts.  He doesn’t really seem like the type), I’m mad that he has his freaking under-armor on.

Pkaleta, my parents made a mean comment about how it actually makes sense that I would find you attractive since I do, after all, “have a thing for Ovechkin,” but I want you to know that that comment, combined with your new reputation, does not make me love you any less.

Thomas Vanek, you need to start scoring again.

Buffalo Sabres, I love you all very, very much.

Um, I Was Kidding When I Suggested A Whipping Post

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Dear Buffalo Sabres,

Now, I realize that last year I had developed a bad habit of ordering ten lashes for a player every time he made a mistake.  It’s not like I’m a violent person by nature, I was just getting very frustrated with you last year.  It’s hard watching you guys suck, Buffalo Sabres, hard.

This season has been such a lovely change from last year.  Not only have you been actually scoring goals, but you haven’t been letting the other team do that!!  (But that’s just because a certain goalie wants to prove that he is worthy of my love.  Crunchy, ILY!)  That’s why during the first half of last night’s game, I was getting worried.  Between your poor playing, and me finding out my boyfriend PK had just cheated on me with Phil Kessel (I was heartbroken.  I really thought PK and I were going to go all the way, but then that SLUT Phil messed everything up).  I said some things that I didn’t mean, Sabres.  You should know by now that when you play poorly I say things I didn’t really mean.  If I actually killed you when I threatened to, the Sabres would consist of a pigeon,  Lindy Ruff, and a couple hockey pucks.  Boyz, that’s why I’m a bit concerned about what’s going on in that locker room.  Last night, when I told my mom at the end of the first period that they should install a whipping post in the dressing room, I was kidding.  I didn’t mean that you should beat the players.  I’m especially concerned that if you are in fact beating guys, you’re beating the captain!  That’s not cool, guys!!  Leave Craig alone!  If you have to beat someone, beat Max!  Beat Timmy!  It’s not like he could be hurt anymore.  Don’t hurt our captain/veteran defenseman!

Now that I think about it, it does make sense.  Tim Connolly is out with BACK problems, and if you’re WHIPPING players, that would be the area where they would get hurt.  But last night was just a minor blip.  Beating players this early in the season is entirely unnecessary. 

And beating your players in the KNEE is just random.

Best Wishes!  (And please stop taking me seriously!)


P.S.  Thanks for at least winning in the shootout.  Every time you lose in the shootout, it kills a little bit of my soul.  Crunchy, you were totally badass.  I have no regrets in my decision.

I Don’t Really Like Afternoon Hockey (Sabres @ Islanders, 10/13/08)

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Um, I really don’t like afternoon hockey games.  They really bug me.  I like hockey games on nights when I don’t have school the next day.  I like curling up on the coach in my pajamas, not sitting at the desk trying to do homework and crane my neck at the TV at the same time.


Ah, Kevin Sylvester.  How I have missed you.  The pregame show is on, and I am loving the messy-haired Crunchy interview.  I have this weird love of players with messy, sweaty, post-game hair.  I find it adorable.

Lalime is getting his start this afternoon.  I’m not sure if I should be worried or not.  He was pretty solid in the preseason.  I’m also not sure if I want Rick to play or not.  I wouldn’t mind getting Mr. Back-up if it meant getting to see Ricky without his helmet.  They don’t call him Pretty Ricky for nothing.

Okay, time to work on my Robert Mugabe research.  I’ll update with thoughts at each intermission.  Let’s Go Buffalo!!!

Hmm, sounds like Lindy doesn’t like afternoon games either.  That’s pretty cool.

So is spaghetti for breakfast!  Jealous!  

P.S.  Clare, thank you so much for the picture!  I LOVE it!!!   Reader Award to you!

First Period  1-0, Sabres

(These are basically my thoughts on the period as it was happening.  There is NOTHING on Mugabe’s thoughts on African tribes online)

  • Whoa, Jochen Hecht!  You badass.   Sabres score on the man advantage!  1-0.
  • Geez, Mike.  And just when I thought Hilary had made you go soft.  Leave our boyz alone.  (I think it’s hilarious that Mike Comrie was the highest scorer on the Islanders last year)
  • Ugh.  Just when I thought the Sabres’ power play was getting better, they don’t score in another four minute man advantage.  Nice job, Boyz.

End of period thoughts:  Lalime has looked solid from all the way back here in the kitchen, and it hasn’t sounded like the Sabres have been doing anything too bone-headed.  Time to register for Survey Savvy, then we can start the next period!

Guys, there wasn’t anything uber-important in that Darcy Regier interview, was there?  I was too busy eating a banana to listen.

Second Period  5-0 Sabres

  • Ehmagod I totally love Adam Mair!!!   2-0, Sabres!!!  (McDonald, that was absolutely terrible)  
  • You know what?  Screw working on my book project.  Word is being a retard (or, as Gena likes to put it, a “fucktard”) and the project isn’t even due until the 27th.  I’m just going to watch some good ol’ hockey.
  • Dear Readers, I don’t know about  you, but I think Patrick Lalime has been looking very trustworthy thus far.  Wouldn’t it be so nice if we all didn’t have to freak out about our back-up this year?
  • Whatevs, Al.  Just take a penalty.   At least I get to see “Kaltsy” now!  (I’ve decided that I like Pkaleta on the PK.  It’s almost as nice as Ovie on the PK)
  • 15 shorties, Islanders?  Wow.  You guys really do suck.
  • THOMAS VANEK PUTS A SHORTIE HOME!   WOOO!!!   3-0, SABRES!!!   The verdict is in, Dear Readers:  Frostee is starting to develop a soft spot for Thomas Vanek.  What the hell is up with this?
  • Yet another reason why I love Pkaleta.  Did you see that body slam?!?!  And Craig Rivet, I do not appreciate your attempts at making me love you.  
  • Adam Mair, you are an OUTRAGEOUS BADASS.  
  • EEE now Teppo is being all sexy and captain-y as he fills in for Rivet.  And I feel so bad for Petey!   He was stuck on the bench when the fight started!  (My dad is at work and texted me to find out what happened in the fight and he asked “Omg! Wheres Petey?”)
  • Um, who is the blood from?  Because that’s really gross.  I hope the B-lo Boyz are okay!!!
  • What the HELL.  I am totally in love with Thomas Vanek.  This is so annoying.  Thomas, if you score more goals that Ovie this year, you die.   5-0 Sabres!!!
  • I just missed the last two minutes of play because I was discussing meeting Ovie with my dad.  He thinks Dr. Bisson won’t be able to get me in to meet the Capitals, since it’s the Capitals.  I told him to ask if I could meet the Sabres, and then I could go into the Capitals room and pretend I was dyslexic/illiterate.  Because sometimes I think I am dyslexic/illiterate.
  • Mairsy is back!  And yes, I did just reenact the Kaleta body slam for my dad.  This will be so much easier when we have DVR.
  • Um, why is Thompson going to the dressing room?  I’m really confused.  Maybe I should stop messing around on Facebook and just watch the game.
  • Spacek’s in the sin bin.  Delay of game penalties are lame.
  • Gosh darn it, Pommer.  I wanted you to score there!!!  (Wouldn’t two shorties be so awesomely kickass?)
  • Fuck.  Did I just hear that Paille is hurt?  Fuck.
  • Wait, I’m confused.  Do the Islanders want to lose?
  • Good grief.  Mike Comrie, what are we going to do with you?  *shakes head*
  • Wait, Paille appears to be okay.  He’s sitting up on the bench and everything.  Phew.
  • Dammit, Thomas!  Why are you making me love you so much!!
  • And now we are treated to “sensitive” Al Kotalik.  Awww.

Third Period.  Final score: 7-1 Sabres.

But first, a few more thoughts from the intermission report:

  • Did Kevin Sylvester just say that Adam Mair has an upper body injury?  Because, you know, that’s not very good.
  • Craig Rivet might not play on Wednesday?!!?  The Rangers are undefeated!  We need Rivet!!  No!!!

Okay, third period stuff now:

  • Ehmagod Crunchy just walked by!!  He’s got his skull cap on!!  Yay!!!   
  • My sudden squealing problem is even more concerning than my new-found love of Thomas Vanek.  
  • Whoa, Harry.  She’s probably young enough to be your daughter.
  • My brother just asked why it says that it’s the second period.  Geez.  Get it right, guys.
  • WOOO!!!   Kotalik sends it home on the 5-on-3!   6-0 Sabres!!
  • Whoa, Tony Romo is out for four weeks with a broken pinkie!  Ahahaha.  He has a broken pinkie. 
  • Ah, fudge.  I was hoping for a Lalime shutout.  But the Islanders and their fans don’t actually think that the Islanders are going to make some miracle comeback and win now, do they?
  • Al’s in the sin bin?  Why?
  • And Vanek’s going for goaltender interference?    You know what is the most concerning about all this?  I don’t feel a burning desire to cut of Thomas’s head for taking a penalty.  I just want to hug him and tell him that it’s okay.  I do not like this, Dear Readers. I do not like this one bit.
  • GOAL!!!   That was a GORGEOUS play, Clarke.  Gorgeous.  And it’s good to see that Paille is okay!!  7-1 Sabres.
  • Oh my God, they’re playing the Spongebob theme song.  I’m not gonna lie, that’s totally awesome.
  • Petey just got a roughing, but so did some Isle.  Oh, Petey.
  • I’m starting to remember how much I loved the music they play at Nassau Coliseum.  Now they’re playing “Welcome to the Black Parade”
  • Is it just me, or has this game gotten slightly boring?  There are only three minutes left and there appears to be a lot of skating up and down the ice.
  • Oh, no, wait, Mair just got slashed.  I guess he doesn’t have an upper body injury, then!
  • What the HELL is up with the Islander’s mascot?  It’s like some sort of dragon or something.
  • 146 penalty minutes, eh?  Good.  I kind of like hockey fights.  Not stupid, “we don’t really know how to fight so we’re just going to hug each other for a really long time” fights, but real, sticking up for your teammates, tough guy fights.  And fights with the Pkaleta Body Slam.
  • OMG I LOVE “What I’ve Done”!!!   Can the Sabres play all of their games  in Nassau Coliseum?  Because not only will they win, we will get to hear awesome music.
  • Who are the Islanders kidding?  They’re gonna win the first draft pick in June.  You heard it here first.
  • EEE Crunchy!!!   Happy Crunchy!!   
  • Seriously, Kevin?  “It was probably harder than it looked?”  This is probably one of the easiest wins I’ve ever seen.
  • Dear Readers, I love Lindy Ruff.  He is the awesomest coach.  I can’t believe this is the first post filed in my new “Lindy Ruff” category.
  • Is it just me, or did Lalime look like Crunchy in that first shot of him?  that kind of spooky.  Speaking of guys that look like Crunchy, we decided that Ryan Gosling kind of looks like a wonky brow-less him.
  • Ehmagod, I love Patrick Lalime.  He’s adorable and well-spoken.  
  • Shit I was just thinking dreamily of Patrick Lalime and missed who they said might be out with an injury. Who is it??  I’m panicking!!

I’m just going to have to find out who’s hurt later.  Now I have to go shower so that after my lesson is over I can watch the Caps!!

That was an awesome game, I’m not going to lie.  If the Sabres beat the Rangers on Wednesday, I think I will go crazy.  

I can’t believe they’re undefeated!!   *squeals more* 


Hecht is hurt?  Hecht?!?!  No!!!!!  Yo-yo!!


October 8, 2008 at 4:57 pm | Posted in Craig Rivet, Huh?, Mike Weber | Leave a comment

Um, why is Craig Rivet captain?  I mean, he’s new.  And he didn’t even want to come to Buffalo.  And he likes Hannah Montana.  (I don’t care if you have a six year old, Craig.  Admitting to liking Hannah is inexcusable.)  

And why did his teammates vote for him?  That’s kind of…stupid.  Seriously, guys?  What about Teppo, the resident sexy veteran?  What about POMMER?  He hands out CUDDLES when you do something good.  DON’T YOU PEOPLE CARE ABOUT THE SYSTEM?!?!

Whatevs.  I’m totally over Craig Rivet.  I’ll just have to do a little mental photo-shop on Friday night to superimpose a C on Pommer’s jersey.  It’ll work.

And I’m totally going to miss Mike Weber.  He and I will always have Peanut Heaven.


The very first guy in the video graduated from OPHS last year.  He does a lovely cover of “Yellow.”

Frostee Reads the Media Guide!

September 26, 2008 at 4:19 pm | Posted in Adam Mair, Andrew Peters, Buffalo Sabres, Clarke MacArthur, Craig Rivet, Derek Roy, Drew Stafford, Henrik Tallinder, Jason Pominville, Mike Weber, Nathan Gerbe, Patrick Kaleta, Patrick Lalime, Ryan Miller, Thomas Vanek, Tim Connolly, Toni Lydman | 1 Comment

So since it’s Friday and we had early dismissal I actually had a chance to BREATHE this afternoon, before I dove into the shitload of homework I have, I downloaded the Media Guide.  I have to say, overall, there weren’t too many surprising things in there.  Everyone loves chicken and rice/pasta, U2 and DMB are amazing, their parents are the most influential people in their lives, and they’ve been playing hockey forever. A few notes from my quick read-through:

  • Tim Connolly is smiling.  I…I just don’t understand that. And apparently he would own a winery if he wasn’t a hockey player.  (I really liked seeing what a few of the players would be doing if they weren’t hockey players)
  • WTF, Pkaleta?  Kaltsy?  Kaltsy?  That is the most RANDOM nickname I have ever heard. I’m going to agree with Anne and just assume that the players just take part of their name and add -sy.  But I still think Kaltsy is the most retarded nickname ever.
  • I think it’s really cute that all Patrick Lalime had to say about himself is that he and his wife, Marie-Helene, have two daughters whose names are Liliana and Rosemary.  They sound like names of elves in the Inheritance Trilogy Cycle (which, by the way, I finished.  😥  The first 600 pages were terrible, but the last 200 made up for it, in my opinion).
  • Tony Lydman’s picture is, well, classic Toni Lydman.
  • Clarke MacArthur’s picture makes my kind of wonder why I thought he was so hot last year.  His hair, it’s just so…ew.
  • Adam Mair basically wants to STEAL MY HEART (sorry M.J.) by telling me that if he wasn’t playing hockey, he would probably be a teacher.  Why don’t you just go end genocide in Darfur while you’re at it, Adam.
  • Oh, Crunchy.  How I love you so.  (I think they used the exact same interests/hobbies thing from last year, which makes me think they are slackers.  I have also been operating under the assumption that since Rachel McAdams is his favorite actress, he will watch The Notebook with me whenever I want and come with me to see The Time-Traveler’s Wife. Especially since according to Drew Stafford, guys actually like chick flicks.)
  • I love how Petey listed his brother as one of the most influential people in his life, since here at Frostee’s House we LOVE Geoff.  He’s basically awesome.  
  • Pommer’s favorite team growing up was the Green Bay Packers (if it turns out he is one of those Brett Favre fan boys, I am taking his picture off The Wall), and the best concert he ever went to was Justin Timberlake (first of all, I thought Kanye was his favorite!  And second, according to my friend Erin, who ran into him at that very same concert, he claims “Soupy had an extra ticket and made me come!”  The poor dear.)
  • Craig Rivet’s biggest pet peeves are cockiness and arrogance, but I really don’t care what he has to say because he doesn’t even wanna be in Buffalo.  If his play shows that, I will have to burn down his house.  
  • We’ve already figured out that Derek Roy loves his boat, “Love Potion #9” (I’m going along with the theory that Petey named it.  It seems like something he would do), but did you know that he also likes playing cards and vids?  Derek Roy is a gamer.  Who’da thunk?
  • Staffy is smiling as well.  I’m not sure if I like the new, happy versions of Drew Stafford and Tim Connolly.  Zach Parise is his favorite athlete (awww!!!) and he collects arcade games (hmmm).  And what the hell is up with D-Money?
  • Henrik Tallinder, call me sometime and we’ll watch Shrek.  (Shrek, man?  Shrek?  That’s amazing.)   And is it just me, or is saying that he’d be a ski instructor if he wasn’t a hockey player very Swedish of him?
  • Whoever cut Thomas Vanek’s hair should be killed.  Is he harboring some sort of secret desire to look like his little froufrou dog?  (Frostee’s Dad literally choked on his drink when I told him this.  We have a yellow lab, after all, and he very much dislikes small dogs) 
  • If someone finds me a picture of “Webs” boating with Derek Roy, I think I will die laughing.
  • Not only is my BFF Gerb-dogg rocking a soulpatch, he also looks incredibly cuddly.  If I ever meet him, I think I will have to cuddle with him (in a totally friendly way).
I would also like to point out that the Buffalo Sabres are SISSIES, and therefore can’t have wings that are any spicier than mild.  Babies.
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