I Love Getting Personal Shoutouts.

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While killing time a few minutes ago I wandered on over to the Sabres website and decided to watch Mo’s interview with Kevin to make sure he was just as goofy and adorable as he was when he was in Washington.  If you’ve seen the interview already you can imagine my pleasure around the :15 mark when he mentions all the “fanatical fans” here.  Aw, shucks Mo!!  I really appreciate you giving me a holler so soon after coming to the Buff!

And, um, what was Kevin thinking asking about the similarities between Washington and Buffalo?  I’ve been a Sabres fan my whole life and I’ve been a Caps fan long enough to know that there are absolutely no similarities between these teams.  None.  Yeesh, Kevin.

It’s still weird seeing Kevin standing there in his Sabres jacket in front of their dressing room interviewing a player I’ve always known as a Cap as a Sabre.  This is going to take some getting used to.

I Can’t Believe I Missed It.

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As I was applying liberal amounts of toothpaste to my face just moments ago (The Wedding that has occupied my family’s thoughts for years since my cousin got engaged is finally this weekend and I’m not taking any chances if another heat wave rolls through and I break out) it occurred to me: it’s July. Which means, amongst 80,000 other things, that this here little blog has turned two.

Wow. Just, holy cow. I can’t believe I managed to actually write a blog for two whole years. Sure, the first (many) months weren’t my best work, and at times I feel as though I haven’t written as often as I should, but it’s still here and I’m still here (unfortunately for you).

(As it turns out, this blog’s actual birthday falls on Bastille Day. God, I’m a history geek even when I don’t want to be.)

Seriously, though, this has been so much fun. Even when I’m putting utter garbage on here, I’ve always managed a few hits. So thank you for anyone who’s ever read. You guys really are the best!

Odds And Ends.

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I already had a semi-rant about LeBron last night and I don’t want to say anything else.  But my heart broke for Cleveland fans last night.  Those poor people.  Can you imagine if Ryan Miller had never signed his contract extension and instead went on TSN or Versus to tell the world that he wasn’t signing with Buffalo and instead was bolting for somewhere else?  I would probably be borderline suicidal.  And that’s all I have to say about that.

Twilight vs. Harry Potter update:  Eclipse sucked balls but I stood up and cheered after the Deathly Hallows tailer (OH MY GOD THE VERY FIRST THING THEY SHOWED WAS HARRY GOING TO DIE AAAHHHH CAN’T HANDLE IT SO EXCITED!!).  And now I’m reminded of why I don’t talk about Harry Potter on this blog, because besides the fact that this is a hockey blog, when I get started I can’t stop.  And I already had a deep discussion earlier today about Snape’s memories and wanting to look in Harry’s eyes before he died.

Oh.  Um,  spoiler alert for the stuff above if you haven’t read the last book yet.

A few signing updates:  The Sabres are keeping Patty Lala around for another year and the Caps re-signed Jeff Schultz and Eric Fehr.  Woo!!  Yay!!  It’s not like Lindy’s ever going to play Lalime anyway and Ryan likes him so that signing makes sense, although I really did think for a second that Theo had a shot here.  Because I am delusional.

Jeff Schultz and I have had our differences in the past but after this year I’ve been working on it.  I still maintain that the Caps need someone big and scary, but we shall see.  The Fehric signing, on the other hand, is fantastic.  I adore Fehric.  I can’t explain it.  I just love him and what he does for the team and I can’t imagine them without him.  Yay for Fehric!

A For Effort!

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Well, maybe not an ‘A.’  Because Jay Mohr was terrible.  But you know what?  I have now watched the NHL Awards twice through (I’ll explain) and once again I’m reminded of how much I love this sport and this league.

Last night I missed half of the acceptance speeches because we were LOLing too hard (after Ryan’s, we proceeded to thank Noureen for all the other guys when they gave their speeches) and we were complaining too much during Jay Mohr’s stuff to completely appreciate it.  We did, however, enjoy the Bobby Ryan/Ryan Getzlaf skit.  Genius.  It was funny, it was entertaining, even my mother cracked up.  I love things like that.  These guys have such great personalities and the league really should showcase that.

Today I watched my recording of it, which was fantastic.  I could fast-forward through all the awkward banter and bad musical performances and just watch the acceptance speeches and player bits.  It was quite nice.

I’m always down for a good “Alex Ovechkin looks like a caveman” joke, but Bigfoot?  Really?  I also thoroughly enjoyed his acceptance speech.  I’ll be honest, I was surprised he won the Ted Lindsay award.  I knew there was always the chance he’d win but I didn’t actually think he would.  And while him winning that made me think he really did have a shot at the Hart, I’m okay with the way things turned out.  Alex was voted most valuable player by his peers (I pointed this out ad nauseam to my Sidney Crosby fan friend last night around two in the morning until she threw a pillow at me), Hank got recognition from the media for what really was a great season, and Sid got the “we feel bad that we don’t have any other award to give you so we’re giving you this award” award.  HA.

But I must admit, Sid did look completely out of his element last night.  Poor kid.

I have a theory that it was actually Daniel accepting the awards tonight, and I’d like to keep it that way in my mind.

I love Tyler even more for his speech but the poor thing needs a little work on the hair.  God bless his soul, I can’t wait until he wins ten Norris trophies.

Ryan Miller can work skinny ties like it’s nobody’s business.  I’m very picky about who wears skinny ties, but he gets my seal of approval.

Mike Green, this is what you get for being a fatty and a crappy defenseman.  Yay Duncs!

I cried when Theo was accepting his award.  I have no problem admitting that.  What a guy.  I hope he ends up somewhere good next year.

(Seriously, Darcy, I’ve been saying for at least a year that you need to get him here to back up Ryan.  He’d be a great backup!!)

I think I’m going to hunt down Pavel Datsyuk and get him ordained so he can marry me or give a speech at my wedding or something.  That guy is hilarious.

Patrick Kane is going to get herpes before he’s done in Vegas if he’s not careful.  Good grief, Kaner.

Bad News.

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I will be taking in tomorrow night’s NHL Awards with some friends while we celebrate the end of our academic school year and will be sleeping over, which means there most likely won’t be incessant tweets from me and there definitely won’t be a post-Awards post right after the show is over.  I know you’re really cut up about this.  So enjoy the Awards, and rest assured that I’ll be busily making “Mike Green is fat jokes” and cooing over Tyler and Millsie and cringing over Alex.

P.S.  I haven’t had a chance to look at the entire schedule yet but judging by when the Caps and Blue Jackets are in town, it’s like the hockey gods are just trying to make me happy.


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And it was announced that Nicklas Backstrom had signed a ten year  extension, and there was much rejoicing throughout the land.

This is so, so great.  As much as I trust the Caps to do a good job with the important decisions regarding star players (unlike SOME teams *coughsabrescough*), there was still that part of me that was freaking out that they wouldn’t get him signed before July 1.  The Capitals would end up committing way too much money to him (clarification:  I’d pay him cap maximum if I could, but the salary cap for Washington would be beyond horrific if they ended up straddled with a salary like that), and now he’s all squared away and he and Alex can carry on being besties and having sleepovers and being ridiculously good together on the ice for at least ten more years.

The Caps also signed one of their picks from last year, Marcus Johansson, to an entry-level deal.  I’m going to tell you all a little something about my mind here, Dear Readers.  I really don’t follow junior hockey and prospects and the European kids, so by the time the draft rolls around I really don’t know what to think of the picks when it comes to how good they are and how much time they might need to mature, etc.  I always end up evaluating them on how hot they are and how much acne they have.  For the reasons listed above, I’m sure you can see why the Caps got an A+ for drafting him.

I actually recommend the whole press conference, because it’s filled with warm fuzzies and “we love each other!”s and “we’ll be better next year!” and Ted acting like a sketch.  It’s a very fitting tribute to such an awesome day of signings for Washington.

Gee, I wish the Sabres did stuff like this instead of just throwing money at Drew Stafford and Tim Connolly.

I Promised Myself I Wouldn’t Do This.

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However, it has to be said:

1.) I picked Montreal. Yep, I did. I can’t link it because I’m on my phone but you can go see it for yourself.

2.) Karma’s a bitch, huh, Pittsburgh?

Something I previously had trouble doing was give Montreal credit. The Habs played out of their minds in both series and I won’t be surprised to see them in the Finals. Which is crazy, but something clicked with them.

Halak is going to be a really, really rich guy this summer.

The Caps may have choked away their series (although like I said, you have to give Montreal credit), but Alex statistically had a better series than Crosby (I’m pretty sure he had more points than Crosby and Malkin combined, but we’ll leave that for another day), so enough from you Pittsburgh homers/Ovechkin haters. Alex also didn’t board anyone in the first minute of his game 7, so, yeah.

I could be a lot meaner and a lot more of a homer than I already am being, but those people piss me off so I’ll stop.

I just have to say this: Gonchar looked like Mike Green on that one goal. He just gave up. Yikes.

And I have to admit: Halak it! Halak it a lot!!


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Those freaking Caps make me so mad sometimes.

I Have To Write Another Happy/Sad Post.

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The Alex/Nicki near-makeout after Alex’s goal will go down as my favorite playoffs moment possibly ever, regardless of what happens in the rest of the playoffs.  I think that’s the best celebration I’ve ever seen.


Those freakin’ Sabres make me so freakin’ angry.  Vanek would’ve made a huge difference, but from what I saw in the third period they looked like a disinterested pile of crap and from what I saw on Twitter it sounds like it wasn’t much different during the first two periods.  Ryan Miller deserves so much better.

Dear Sabres Not Named Ryan Miller,

Has it even occurred to you douchebags that he’s nominated for the Vezina Trophy?  Has it even occurred to you that you could argue that the nomination is in spite of you?

I Don’t Like You Very Much Right Now,


Joy And Sorrow.

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Mike Green is even worse than last year. Yeah, I WENT THERE.

I’m so glad they (mostly) woke up. I was worried.

Sorrow: Deat great and powerful hockey gods, I will do whatever (WHATEVER) you want, just please, please, please, by some miracle, allow Thomas to be okay. We need him. The Sabres need him. The city of Buffalo needs him.

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