It’s A Little Funny.

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The NHL won the case and Kovalchuk’s contract was wiped out.  Which is awesome, because seriously, that contract was ridiculous.

Now, however, the NHL is going to town investigating all those other ridiculous contracts that have been signed but haven’t kicked in yet (Luongo, Pronger, Savard).  And while I a) think the teams should be forced to keep them instead of getting the cap relief that would come with voiding them because it’s their own faults for signing such stupid deals in the first place and b) sincerely hope this doesn’t actually lead to another lockout, I have to admit something:  if you take a step back and look at this from afar, it’s hilarious.  One victory and the NHL is going crazy investigating suspect contracts and trying to void them all.  It’s funny.  Go to town, boys!

(And I do realize this might just be a scare tactic.  Doesn’t make it any less funny.)

Quick Quebec Update.

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If you told me at twelve when we turned on NHL Home Ice in the far as we drove from Montreal to Quebec City that when I finally got the Internet connection to work I would discover that on today, July 1, Free Agency Day, Darcy would have already signed someone but GMGM wouldn’t, I would have thought you were crazy. Is this some sort of alternate universe?

And while I realize that many people will miss Hank and Toni (one of my close friends was very emotionally invested in Lydman staying) I find their new deals with their new teams highly amusing.

It Has Slipped My Mind.

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I had some (semi) important point to make on here but then I watched some golf and “10 Things I Hate About You” and I forgot. My apologies. But now that it’s almost Awards time, we can whip out all of our “Hangover” jokes!! Yay!!

They gave out rings at the holocaust?

The Poker Tournament Sees The Light of Day!!

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(I know. Two posts in one day!! But I don’t have any more exams until Tuesday, so what the hey.)

So remember last year how everyone was talking about that charity poker tournamet various NHL personalities (including locally beloved Alex Ovechkin) were taking part in while in Vegas for the NHL Awards and how it would be on TV and then it NEVER WAS?

WELL, I flipped over to NHL Network to see what was on and lo and behold, it was the NHL Charity Shootout Poker!!! I know!!

I don’t usually play Texas Hold ‘Em when I play poker so I really have no idea what’s going on. But Alex is being ridic and there’s actual commentary, so I just might make it through a few more minutes before I give up and flip over to E!.

This is the craziest thing ever. Did you know there are professional poker players out there?!

IMPORTANT UPDATE: JR is about to shank Eddie O. This is what I call entertaining television.

Just Go With It.

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It’s been over 24 hours since the game started, but I still don’t really know what to say about it.  That game was a really surreal experience.  I have to admit that for the mythical “casual fan” it was probably highly enjoyable, and it was.  But it was the Stanley Cup Finals.  6-5 final score?  That’s cahrazy.  I don’t know what else to say about it yet.

All I’m going to say about Ryan Miller is that once again I got that, “OMG I love him I’m so glad he’s Buffalo’s” feeling.  That’s one of my faves.

But I’m not talking about either of those today.  Today, I am bringing to the internet a piece of complete nonsense an opinion I have held for a long time and finally have time to put on here.

I am of the belief that the Swedish hockey player Lars Nicklas Backstrom and the tennis stud Rafael Nadal share a striking resemblance.

Stick with me on this!  I know it’s crazy.  When I first made this discovery at some point last year (I can’t remember which tennis tournament it was during) I was surprised when the thought popped into my head, but I truly believe it’s based on fact.


Rafael Nadal, tennis star, Euro hottie, all-around hunk.

Compare to:

Nicklas Backstrom, Swedish, insanely talented player.

Look at them!!  Long hair!  Round faces (although Rafael’s has gotten a little more chiseled)!  Similar mouths!  They both even have the exact same smile.  I couldn’t find two pictures to compare, so you’ll just have to trust me on this one.

Lars Nicklas is like the ying to Rafa’s yang.  There is a resemblance there.

I apologize for the utter ridiculousness of this post.  I just had to get it out there.

I Don’t Get It.

May 9, 2010 at 7:27 am | Posted in Detroit Red Wings, Huh?, San Jose Sharks | Leave a comment

So, like, the Sharks won last night? An elimination game? In the PLAYOFFS?

This does not make any sense.

This Post Has Nothing To Do With Hockey.

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When all this AP nastiness is over I want to look up the address of the guy who wrote one of my review books and send him a letter detailing how I plan on naming my firstborn after him.

He probably doesn’t get mail like that often. I’m sure he’d enjoy it.

I Have No Shame.

February 1, 2010 at 3:48 pm | Posted in Bobbleheads, Huh? | 5 Comments

You know what I just did?  Since I wasn’t ready to start working on my research paper yet?

I joined the Caps Kids Club (where the kids get in the game!!).

Yeah.  I get it.  It’s disgusting.

But you know what?  It was only $15, I get a Slapshot bobblehead (which means now all I need for a starting lineup plus a mascot is a center and two defensemen), a hat, a couple temporary tattoos, and I think even a backpack.  Money well spent.

The Sabres need to get a kids club going.  I would do many immoral things for a chance to get my hands on a Sabretooth bobblehead.


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Here’s the thing with Alex being named captain: I love him. I think he’s the best player in the NHL and I think he could make any team good. I just don’t think he should be a captain. I definitely have these happy little butterflies in my stomach, and I’m sure he’s a great leader. I just feel like he already gives so much to the Caps, and I’m afraid he’ll try to give too much now and do too much.

And I did want Brooks to get the ‘C’. If there’s any guy who deserves it as much as Alex, it’s good ol’ Brooskie. We should all chip in and send him some yogur as a condolence present.

Actually, if Alex decides to make picking the locker room music one of his captainly duties, we might want to send condolence presents to the whole team.

As Was Expected.

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I’m not that upset about the Sabres game since I went into it anticipating a loss.  If anything, I’m glad they at least managed a point.  It was almost funny seeing how long it took for their first shot on goal.  The Sabres simply cannot play a good game against the Senators, and that’s that.  Not really anything else to say.

Derek Roy hasn’t done much of anything this year, but I still hope his injury isn’t too serious.  Although it does open up a spot in the lineup if Patty K really is ready to come back.

This team would be so frighteningly bad without Ryan Miller.

The worst part about last night is that my jersey is now 0-1 and got pulled halfway through the second period.  Although taking it off looked like it might pay off for a while; right after the Sabres scored their two goals.

We need someone who can score in the shootout.

We need a reliable scorer.

The Caps, on the other hand, won a huge statement game against the Devils.  This is the second game in a row they put up four or five goals on an elite goaltender and they didn’t even choke like they usually do when they’re playing New Jersey.  Alex had another three-point night so now he’s only four back of the lead league for points.  He’s ridiculous.  Lars Nicklas had himself a three point night as well, giving him his 200th point and 202 points in 202 games.  That’s…crazy.  I don’t understand why he hasn’t been re-signed yet and Semin has.

What a nice segway for me to use into Semin’s contract.  Um, what?!?  One year?  $6 million?  I don’t get it.  GMGM says it’s what the player preferred and gave him more flexibility.  I still don’t get it.  Players like him don’t sign one year deals.  Moreover, how can he sign a deal for $6 million?  Can they afford that?  Where’s the room to keep Nicki?  If there’s one player who needs to stay it’s him.  He’s just as important to this team as Alex.  Sasha is a great player when he wants to be, but I never saw him as indispensable.  Is George just trying to get him a contract so that he can trade him after the season and not have to worry about that?  They could get a pretty decent return for him, especially if he’s already got a contract.  I’m sure there are plenty of teams who would want him.  I’m just perplexed by the whole situation.  And a little bit angry.  Neuvirth has been really solid the past few games so I’m sure they could trade Theo if they wanted, which would open up more cap room, but there’s still another contract to be signed.  And isn’t it contract year for Flash as well?

Hmm.  It’s just all a little odd.  We shall have to wait and see how it all plays out.

Tonight the Sabres are playing the team of Sir Christopher’s hometown, and hopefully he’ll be able to play.  I’m not sure who Lindy benches to make room for him.  I know he’s the captain, but I’d almost say Rivet after the way he played the past few days…but he is the captain.

Team Sweden announced their roster.  I hope Henrik Zetterberg is back in time to play for them.  They always put together a good team and this looks like another one.  I am a little surprised Henrik Tallinder made the team, but I guess now that his rape case is all cleared up he’s a valuable asset.

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