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Well, school is obviously canceled (and thank goodness for that!), but I’m actually not sure why.  It was a blizzard last night, but right now it’s okay.  I guess they weren’t able to plow the school out yet.  Oh well.  I got to sleep in.

So the Hanukkah Fairy came last night, and TOTALLY SHOOK THINGS UP by bring a $50.  Hmmm.  I am QUITE intrigued by this development.  I’m wondering if today I’ll get a promotional code and have to order the jersey myself?  Not likely. Oh well, if I combine the money with my babysitting  money I could get myself something “real nice,” as my mother put it.

I’m really looking forward to tonight’s game, because not only will I have NO work to do during it, but the Penguins have been kind of sucky lately.  Haven’t those only two wins in the last seven games come against the Islanders and Thrashers?  This will be RATHER interesting.  Thomas needs to start scoring his little heart out, because I don’t really like that he’s second to JEFF CARTER.  (Who, according to one of my neighbors, is gay.  The best part is, he’s only saying this because he’s sour that Carter’s ahead of Tvan.  There really isn’t any solid evidence)

Now, I’m not a Bills fan anymore so I don’t really even care, but what was up with that game last night?  They, like, won.  That totally blew my mind.  Trent, you’re kind of awesome.  My love for you is completely illogical, but it’s there.

Go Sabres!

Buffalo Sports Fans Are The Coolest Fans Out There

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Today in school we had to name our pet rocks.  I named my Trent.  I realize that you are all insanely jealous of how cool I am.

And if anybody happened to check for the day’s sports headlines, you would have noticed who was named the first star in the NHL last week.  If we have to name any more rocks, I’m calling my next one Thomas.

P.S. *bursts with more sabrelove*

FiOS Comes to TFF Headquarters

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Um, what’s up with all our forwards dropping like flies?  Geez.  Get well soon, Jochen.  We need you!

I totally love Pkane.  As soon as my mom heard his name he came over to watch, and she agrees that he’s totally awesome.  Best part in the video?  When he confesses that he’s more of a lover than a hater.  Best part not in the video?  My mom going “He’s just fake fighting that guy, right?”

And it’s good to see that Pkane is trying to be an original and feels the need to wear the SAME FREAKING PLAID SHORTS that everyone has from American Eagle.  Good God.  If I see one more person wearing those shorts I’m going to scream.

Trentykins practiced today, BTW.  Yay!!  Trent!!!!

Today FiOS was installed (is installed what you would say?  Put in?  Hmm…) at our house.  Tonight I will be watching the Penguins and Flyers on Versus in high definition.  I might even DVR it, just for the hell of it.

Frostee:  I can’t wait to watch the hockey game in HD tomorrow night!!!

Frostee’s Dad:  Just think!  You’ll be able to count every single hair in Sidney Crosby’s fuzzy mustache!


I was just telling my dad (who is convinced that the Sabres are going to win tomorrow night) that I am starting to freak out now that Jochen is out.  This was my dad’s reply:

“Why are you worried?  We have Super Ryan!”

My dad called Ryan Miller “Super Ryan.”  What has the world come to? 

In 1988…

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…Pan-Am Flight 103 blew up over Scotland because Kadaffi of Libya was PMSing.  There.  I just have to remember that for the test tomorrow and I should be okay.

I literally have about 30 seconds before I have to go take a shower and have my violin lesson and study before Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill start tonight, so I have just a few things to say today.

  • As further proof that I am dyslexic (or maybe just retarded or something), I for some reason thought that Michael Funk wore 4 last year when Weber wore 34.  I was wrong.  My favorite flounder man (Nolan Pratt totally looked like a flounder, his eyes were so close to his nose!) wore 4 last season.  Talk about out of sight, out of mind, eh?
  • Patrick Lalime’s kids are SO FREAKING ADORABLE.  My God.  I don’t think mine and Pkane’s kids’ll be that cute, which is saying something, because our kids are going to be AMAZING.
  • Not only does Patrick Lalime have really cute daughters, he also seems like he might be a reliable backup, which has me confuse since I’m so used to freaking out about backups.  
  • Mr. Frederick is the BEST English teacher ever because he basically told me what to say for the literary techniques part of my essay.  He seemed to realize that I don’t really give a flying fuck about Chinua Achebe and Things Fall Apart.
  • I flipped through the new ESPN Magazine in the library today instead of studying, and while I don’t have the proper time now to devote to the article, I must say that ESPN really surprised my by not putting out a completely sucky article.  It wasn’t as random as some of the other ones I’ve read, but it also didn’t completely suck.  Well done, ESPN.  Well done.  (And well done to whoever styled Ovie for the picture on the inside, where he was looking all foxy and presidential.  And more warm fuzzies to whoever set up that picture with Semin [I think it was him?], Backstrom, and Clark looking like secret service agents with hockey sticks.  That was HILARIOUS.)
  • The Buffalo Bills are officially badass.  Trent Edwards, welcome to my heart.  Y’all better not break it.

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