Nothing Has Changed. NOTHING. (WAIT! A Trade!)

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The Sabres played a typically Sabre-like game last night and lost to Pittsburgh. Patrick Lalime will one day retire with 199 career wins.

They also haven’t made a trade yet. The deadline is in less than an hour. Does Darcy even remember the concept of deadline deals?

Washington has (so far) made two deals. They brought in grit, which they need, but no stay-at-home defenseman yet. Come on, George. Don’t let me down.

There really haven’t been any huge deals yet. I’ll be interested to see if that changes before the deadline.

I’m going to the Sabres/Caps game tonight!! Wee!!

IMPORTANT UPDATE!! Darcy has traded Patches and a pick for Raffi Torres!! THAT wasn’t supposed to happen!! Darcy, you sly fox.

I’ll always remember the time I was at Chef’s and I though Royzie was Patches so I made a bunch of “Derek Roy is fat” jokes. Sorry for that one, Derek.

UPDATE #2! Clarke MacArthur is gone! What the HELL, Darcy?

Heh, I just realized I’ll see him in Washington. That’s cute.

Washington also got Corvo and reacquired Jurcina. That pisses me off. One, there are too many forwards. Two, so the trade ended up being Chris Clark and a pick for Chimera? Those little effers.

They Just Never Stop!

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Last night the Caps won their twelfth straight game. I’m starting to feel like they’ll never lose again after coming from behind the way they did last night. That wouldn’t be the worst thing ever.

Excuse me for a minute, but ALEX GOT HIS 500TH CAREER POINT!! AND HE’S STORMING BACK TO TAKE THE LEAD LEAGUE!! Did you SEE his second goal? He’s insane. He’s so good at hockey. I don’t know why I’m still surprised when he does stuff like that.

Not to be lost in all of that is Nicki’s five-point night. He’s not too bad. Maybe we should keep him around, George?

The Sabres are playing the Hurricanes in what could be the most painful game ever tonight. If they lose I’m officialy pronouncing them dead.

The Thrashers finally ended the Kovalchuk saga and sent him to New Jersey. I always liked Kovy but I’m starting to change my opinion a little after the way things went down. He’s a great player and he was that franchise, but he was asking for so much money when he doesn’t even know what defense is. It’s clear he wanted out of Atlanta. I just feel bad for the Thrashers fans of the world.

And Ilya does realize the Devils play a trap, right? That never really seemed like his thing.

10 Straight! 10 Straight!

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The Caps beat the Bolts today to tie their franchise record at ten straight games.  Boys, I expect y’all to make history against Boston on Tuesday.  Ima watch and everything.

The Senators currently have a nine game win streak going on, but I’m counting on the Sabres to BEAT THEM on Wednesday and that will be the end of that.

I will miss the game tomorrow as I will be getting more in touch with God.  While I’m gone I expect the Sabres to also BEAT PITTSBURGH and not let Sid score any goals.  Don’t make me angry, boys.

I’m watching the Grammys and they legit have another Michael Jackson tribute?  Yeesh.  There have been tributes up the wazoo.

The second semester starts tomorrow and I have a monster research paper due a week from tomorrow and then I have to do an oral version of the presentation.  Ew.  At least I only have two more weeks until Winter Break.  And, more importantly, the OLYMPICS!!!!  I’M SO EXCITED!!!!!  But I’m really bummed that the NHLers won’t be in the opening ceremony.  I love the opening ceremony and I love when I recognize athletes and I was planning on acting like a lunatic when they showed all the Swedes and Russians and Ryan Miller.  Guess that won’t be happening.

Toronto traded a s***load of players and I can’t even remember all their names, but they got Phaneuf and Giguere in return.  It will be interesting to see Phaneuf up close.  I was always under the impression that he’s not as good as people had made him out to be.  I shall miss Vesa Toskala greatly.

Time to go make sure I tracked down all the things I need for school tomorrow and put them back in my bag.  Ew.


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I don’t understand it.  I really don’t.  I could deal with Jurcina getting traded; I always kind of liked him but business is business and sometimes players have to be moved.  But to move CHRIS CLARK?!  And he didn’t even realize he was about to be traded?  That just seems so…harsh.  And in exchange for the two of them, they get the guy who helped lead to Alex’s injury.  Excellent job, GMGM.  Top notch.  This better not mess up the dressing room chemistry.

I was going to write a nice post about how the comeback win for the Sabres was so important after Saturday night and they’re finally playing well in front of Lala and Timmy’s naked chest makes me want to vomit, but I’m too angry.

Right after I heard he got traded I put on my Clark shirt and I’m not taking it off.

George better have something HUGE up his sleeve.  I’m not sure if even a Nicki extension could cheer me up right now.  What if I never get to see him play ever again?  That would be awful!

I’ll never understand why a team would trade their captain.  And now who’s going to be the Capitals captain?  Knuble already seems like a real leader but maybe they’ll want to give it to someone who’s been on the team longer?  I think it’ll come down to Alex and Brooksie.  Alex because he’s well, Alex, and Brooks because all I hear about him is that he’s a great leader already and once Christopher’s time was done he was surely in line for the C and I never even listened because I didn’t think they would TRADE THE CAPTAIN.  But I could see Brooks getting it.  And he’s been in a bit of a slump and he seems like he’s really hard on himself.  And plus, the cougars of Washington might kill the Caps management if he didn’t get the captaincy.

I’m so mad.  I think I’m just going to sit here and stew a while longer.  And I plan on yelling a lot during the game tonight.

Stupid Capitals.  Even the Sabres wouldn’t trade their captain.

Hold Up.

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Last night as I was flipping through a magazine, something occurred to me.  The 2010 Trade Deadline for this season had recently been named as March 3rd.  When I heard this I dismissed it, as there were bigger March 3rd-related thoughts racing around my head (“OMG OMG OMG CAPS ARE COMING!!  WOO!! MUST MAKE SURE I HAVE TICKETS!!!  AHH!!!!!”)  What I had forgotten was that March 3rd is when NHL action resumes after the Olympic break.  Now, I’m quite surprised that I had overlooked this detail, as I have been all about the Olympics for the past few weeks.  (Frostee’s current order of thoughts: 1.) I love Harry Potter!  I love Harry Potter! 2.)  Ew, I actually have to go to school soon?  3.)  OMG Olympics this year.  I love the Olympics.  Go Russia!!)  However, I did, and upon realizing my mistake, I began to ponder this.

Leading up to the NHL Trade Deadline Day, one of the craziest/most exciting days of the year, the NHL will be shut down for two weeks.  On the one hand, I suppose this could be a good thing.  If a team is looking to deal a player or wants to deal for a player and that player got hurt, the two weeks would provide time to heal and the teams could see if it would be worth trading.  If a team is trying to sign a free agent by the deadline or else plans on trading that player, it gives management a time for some serious negotiating without worrying about distracting the rest of the team, and gives them time to find a suitable trade partner if they can’t reach an agreement.  So in some ways, having a break before the deadline might be nice.

But think about this:  On March 3rd, teams trying to make last-minute deals won’t have seen the players play since the middle of February.  Yes, they might have seen them play more recently in the Olympics, but that’s entirely different from playing with their team in the NHL.  And that brings me to another point.  The days leading up to the deadline are never as busy as the deadline day itself, but there are always more trades in the last few weeks.  What happens if a player comes home from the Olympics and the GM greets him by saying, “Hey, great job at the Olympics [insert name of player here]!  Bummer that you got squashed by Russia in that game.  That was embarrassing.  Hope you still had fun!  Oh, by the way, we traded you.”

I know the NHL is really just a business and that’s business, but still.  It seems to be a tad bit harsh, at least to me.

And that concludes my ponderings for the day.

We Drafted Someone Over Six Feet Tall!!!

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(I added “Tall” at the end of the title of this post because about two hours after I wrote it, I realized it was a bit awkward without it.  But maybe that’s just me being a nerd.)

I kind of wanted a defenseman last night, but when I saw that the Sabres drafted someone who wasn’t five feet tall, I was thrilled.  Positively thrilled.  And a bruiser?  By bruiser, do you mean someone who would hit back after his goaltender got hurt?  Fabulous.  Mr. Kassian, welcome to the team.  We’re happy to have you.  Don’t listen to anything any of the Sabres might have to say, because they’ll only corrupt you.

The draft started off yesterday with Pronger going to Philly.  I personally think the Flyers got jobbed, but maybe that’s just me.  Can they really accommodate Pronger’s salary and a possible extension with Briere’s contract weighing them down?

This morning, Bouwmeester was finally saved from Florida and sent up to Calgary.  I hope for the Flames’ sake that they can get him signed.

It’ll be interesting to see who the Sabres draft today.  They seem to have better luck with later picks.

I Love Crazy Trade Rumors

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The NHL Draft starts tonight, and you know what that means?  Wacky trade rumors!  Huzzah!!!  Although, you know, it actually would make sense to move Vinny.

I’m really into the draft this year not because I’m fascinated by the prospects or anything, but because I really want to see what Brian Burke does to get John Tavares.  And because I want to see the Sabres do something that isn’t completely boneheaded for once.  I had a dream last night that Jaro got traded on draft day, and it freaked me out.  A lot.

Elsewhere in the world, Lindy Ruff was named one of the assistant coaches for Team Canada at the Olympics.  Congrats, Lindy!!

But now I sincerely doubt he’ll get fired this year if things are still going bad (not that I think he’s the real problem here).  How would it look if  member of the Olympic coaching staff got canned?

I Realize It’s 3-0 Sabres, But…

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I feel sad.  I feel very sad.  You might even say I’m depressed, and it’s been getting worse and worse all afternoon.

Sure, the Sabres are winning.  Royzie had two goals and my beloved cavemen Jaro scored.  Thomas is in front of the net and looks hilarious in all his headgear.  But something’s missing, Dear Readers.  Ales Kotalik is not in the lineup.

You know how they say you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone?  Well, that’s true.  I always liked Al.  I loved him in the shootouts and he was even my Trendy Euro Sabre.  Then, all of a sudden, he was gone to Edmonton for nothing more than a draft pick that ended up going to Toronto for Dominic Moore (I think.  All the draft picks have me confused.)  When I said I wanted the Sabres to dump dead weight, I didn’t mean Trendy European dead weight!  Especially the type that is completely badass in the shootout.  Ales Kotalik is gone and I worry that I never told him how much I love and appreciate him while he was here.  

Maybe the Sabres will lift my spirits.  Maybe they won’t.  I don’t want to jinx anything with half a game still to be played.  The only thing I do know is that if the Sabres should be faced with a shootout in the near future, I worry about the outcome.

Cheerio, Ales Kotalik.  We’ll miss you.  Who will be my Trendy Euro Sabre now?

That’s IT?!?!

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(Updates at bottom!)

I carry a backpack to school.  It’s a Vera Bradley one and has owls on it and I like it very much.  The only problem with this bag is that I can’t easily keep it on my lap and text in school.  Now, I normally don’t text in school anyway, but today I made an exception.  So, while risking life and limb, I repeatedly checked my phone today, each time holding my breath as I waited for the big deal, aaaaaaannnnnnnndddddd……..

Not much happened from the Sabres’ point of view.  Yes, re-signing Timmy was huge.  He may be a walking, talking STD, but he’s still a hell of a hockey player when he’s healthy.  Therein lies the problem, however.  Timmy’s a great guy to have on your team when he’s healthy.  The length of the deal – 2 years – makes sense when you take his injury history into account, but the amount is crazy.  $9 million?  What happened to a hometown discount?  That’s $4.5 a year.  I started to realize as the day progressed that if Timmy got traded I would be sad, but I’m still not sure about the amount.  It just seems like an awful lot for a guy who can’t be counted on to play a full season.  

The only trade the Sabres made was sending a 4th round pick to Phoenix for Mikael Tellqvist.  My first reaction was to freak out when I saw they got a goalie (because when you’ve got your head stuck in your bag thirty seconds before the bell rings and the teacher is standing right in front of you the only thing you’re thinking about is to not get caught) but once I straightened up I figured this just means Enroth’s going back to Portland.  This also might just mean that Ryan Miller is out for the season.  *sniffles*

I’m not going to go through each and every deal that was made because other places have already done it well.  One thing I did notice, however, was that Calgary seemed to be pretty active.  They certainly seem to want to go deep in the playoffs this year.  The Chris Neil to Florida deal is pretty interesting too (if it actually happens.  Now Ottawa’s denying it?) because the Panthers don’t exactly have a player to fill that type of role.  I’m not yet sure if I’ll miss having him up in Ottawa to hate.

There might be a few more deals coming through that were made just before the deadline, but it looks like the Trade Deadline has passed.  It doesn’t seem to be as crazy as last year’s.  I specifically remember my jaw dropping at several of the deals, most notably the Huet to Washington and the Hossa to Pittsburgh (and I hope Hossa’s okay.  I may not like him but I never like seeing players getting taken off the ice on stretchers.  Ouch.) and, of course, the Soupy deal.  I even remember exactly where I was when I heard about the deal.  I was taking a test on the American Revolution when one teacher came in and told my teacher that Soupy was gone for a player that was “Thomas Vanek with an attitude.”  I loved Big Bear, but I’m not sure if I would call him Vanek with ‘tude. 

So the craziness of Deadline Day has passed.  The Sabres got another backup goalie and signed Timmy but didn’t really do anything about all the dead weight on this roster.  It’s almost a bit anti-climactic that after all our speculation the Sabres only dumped a draft pick.  I REALLY wanted to say goodbye to Max today.

And now the Sabres play the Canadiens tonight.  I’m kind of scared.

P.S.  I’m NOT thinking about Alex limping off the ice.

UPDATE:  It would appear as though the Sabres just acquired Dominic Moore.  Huh.  Interesting.

UPDATE #2:  The Sabres sent Kotalik to Edmonton.  I am surprisingly devastated about this.  Who’s going to be my Trendy Euro Sabre now?


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My phone rang a minute ago.  It was my father, who informed me that on NHL Live they were discussing the Lalime-for-Legace rumors.  I freaked out, because I love Lala with all my heart and I realize that he’s done all he can for this team.  He’s made as many saves as we could expect and it’s the rest of the team’s fault for this current losing streak. 

Then I went on Sabres Edge and saw that there might be a three-team deal that would involve MARTY coming BACK to Buffalo!  NO.  N-O.  Listen, I do love Marty.  He’s adorable and I love his rambling conversation style.  But seriously?  Last year I paid close attention to the playoffs and I saw how he played.  Yeah, he delivered when the Flyers needed it, but this year he hasn’t exactly been the best goalie in the NHL.  There was even supposedly a “goalie controversy” in Philly because they really weren’t sure who their #1 guy was.  Please, Sabres, for the love of the hockey gods, don’t trade for Marty.  We couldn’t ask for better play from Patty and I can’t imagine seeing him go so soon.  And what kind of message would that send?  You say you trust him and then you trade him?  It would seem like your vote of confidence means absolutely nothing, and if there’s one player on this team who deserves our trust it’s Lala.  There were a few players on the Sabres I considered untouchable come the deadline tomorrow: Miller, Vanek, Gaustad, and Lalime.  There are a lot of other Sabres I don’t expect to see traded, but these are the four I really never thought we be shipped out.  At least in my opinion, trading Patrick Lalime is not the answer.

Is there any way school could just be, like, canceled tomorrow?  The intrigue is really starting to build up and I would love to be able to just sit in front of the computer hitting refresh all day.  Stupid NHL.  Why did you have to schedule Trade Deadline Day during one of my busier weeks?

P.S.  I’m already working on not crying when I check my phone after the final bell tomorrow.  Breaking down in the hallway might be a tad bit embarrassing.

P.P.S.  Bill Guerin STILL hasn’t been traded.  WTF?

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