Lindy Knew It.

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Judging from the article in today’s paper, it would seem as though Lindy had a pretty good idea that the Sabres would not win the game last night.  Well, at least he didn’t get his hopes up or anything.

I did not pay the closest attention to the game, but from what I did see, the Sabres looked disinterested and lazy.  Bad Sabres.  BAD.  Go sit in the corner in timeout.  Pommer finally tried to get something going with a minute left, but it wasn’t enough.  Whatevs.  I’m just disappointed that Ryan can give up two goals and the Sabres lose.  I guess we don’t have quite as much offense as we thought.  Or we used it up against the Canadiens.

The Capitals, on the other hand, had offense galore last night.  Again, I didn’t see too much, but the first time I flipped to that game it was 3-1 and I saw them make it 4-1, the second time I flipped over it was 7-1, and the last time I checked it was 8-2.  Welcome back, Laviolette!  I know everyone’s saying that Bylsma lost his first game coaching the Penguins, btu wasn’t that in the shootout?  The Flyers completely rolled over and died.  Michael had two goals and two assists, Lars had five (FIVE!!!) points, they went 4-8 on the power play (against a team that’s supposed to be good on the penalty kill.  Oops), and David Steckel FINALLY scored his first goal.  David, it was about effing time.

It amuses me how the Caps have scored 14 goals over the two games that Alex has been suspended.  The Sabres better watch out Wednesday night.  Playing Washington and Chicago in a row and then going to play the Rangers again on the second night of a back-to-back is actually going to be a really good test for them.  I look forward to seeing how they play.

I saw the YouTube video of Carcillo punching Matt Bradley.  It was awful.  What a douchebag.  Poor Brads.  I hope that didn’t upset his pregnant wife too much.  (She hasn’t had the baby yet, has she?)

I will be missing most of the games tomorrow night, but then I get to see both of my teams in person on Wednesday!!  Yay!!

I Knew It.

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When I sit on the right side of the room in my Caps jersey during the game, they usually win. Note the usually, this way I’m not making an absolute statement and I avoid a jinx.

Tonight was no exception. Alex scored, his arm didn’t fall back off, and Bloody Brads got the game winner. That always makes it a good night. He pretty much owns Pretty Henrik at this point.

Seeing Varly play well makes me happy.

Seeing the Caps score on the power play also makes me happy. This is a team that is supposed to score when they have the man advantage. I expect that from him.

I don’t know what the Caps would do without Brooksie.

I miss Mike Knuble, however, I’m glad Perreault gets to stay up. He’s spectacular. I pretty much adore him.

I hope everything’s ok with Jose. I five him a lot of crap but he’s been through a lot over the past few months.

I’m glad Alex scored. It was about time.

Lars got a penalty after a scrum along the boards. I’m sure it’s from forgetting to say please and thank you, or eating with his elbows on the table, or something along those lines.

If Lala doesn’t play tomorrow night, I will NOT be amused.

In other, non-hockey news, DICK JAURON GOT FIRED!!!!! Ralph, it is about effing time. They’re certainly not going to be any better, but Dick was at least a portion of the problem. Woohoo!

Have You Seen This Man?

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Name:  Michael Green

Age:  23

Distinguishing features:  Ridiculous mohawk, badass tattoo, boyish good looks

Occupation:  Professional ice hockey defenseman

Last seen playing with the Capitals during the regular season, Green has mysteriously disappeared as the playoffs get underway.  If found, please contact Frostee at or the Washington Capitals.

Michael, please, come home.  We miss you, and promise not to make fun of your hair or the fact that your first job was as a grocery bag carrier ever again.


Last night the Sabres Capitals threw my hope to the ice and skated all over it.  Henrik Lundqvist is a complete and total beast.  Even the sight of the Bruins sweeping Montreal in the first round couldn’t lift my spirits.

Dear Montreal,

You have provided me with endless entertainment this season, and the only way it would have been funnier was if you didn’t even make the playoffs to begin with.  Please, can you be really, really bad next year?  That would be really amusing.  I would like that.

With Love,


Everyone keeps saying that the Caps can still make a comeback, and that last year they were down 3-1 in the series and forced a game seven.  I have a few things to say to that:

1.  Yes, but last year they lost in game seven.  In overtime.

2.  Yes, but isn’t it true that the Rangers have never lost a series when they were leading 3-1?

3.  Yes, but it’s not going to happen.

I have no idea who I’m going to root for in the next round.

The Nathan Paetsch Experiment

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When they were scrolling the lines at the bottom of the screen last night I thought it was a mistake when it said Paetsch on the wing.  I was even more confused when he wasn’t listed in a defensive pair, and then I saw Pie and Petey were scratched so I was quite perplexed.  Then RJ or someone else said something about Patches playing on the wing and I wondered if Lindy was on crack.  Sure, it’s a really smart idea having a seventh defensemen dressed in case Jaro got hurt again, but Patches?  Playing the wing?  Ever since that New Jersey game in December I have disliked Nathan.  Maybe he’s been playing better these past few games, but he was so craptastic that night that I just didn’t ever want to see him play again.  I would have rather seen Pommer go back on D for a few shifts.  (I’m still waiting for that, Lindy.  Why must you taunt is by telling us Pommer might play defense but then keep him on offense?  It’s cruel.)  

Patches proved that he actually could play a good game of hockey.  On offense.  And he scored a lovely goal.  Sure, it wasn’t like the Timmy goal, but that pass was great and the one-timer was awesome.  Woo, Patches!  Lindy said in the postgame press conference that he might just keep Nathan up front. I realize he might have been joking but that line last night was probably the best one out there.

Ryan Miller is certainly justifying his contract, if you ask me.  He has been ridiculously good.  I’m glad we decided to keep him.

Tim Connolly is amazing at hockey.  End of story.

Heh.  Jaro’s goal made me happy.  See, Sabres?  Just take a shot!  You never know when you’ll catch the goalie by surprise and get a goal!  (The picture on the front of the Sports section today in TBN made me all fuzzy inside.  Jaro looked so happy!)

I really wish the Sabres would just shoot on the freaking power play.  Did they have any shots with the man-advantage last night?  I really want to just make them all sit down and watch footage of a team that actually SHOOTS THE PUCK on the power play.  That’s really my only complaint from last night.

Patty K was hitting everything that moved last night.  He’s such a great guy to have in the lineup.  I keep forgetting to mention it, but I absolutely love Patty killing penalties.  It’s so awesome. 

That whole game last night was awesome.  Beating Toronto was great because it was their first game back after a long road trip and they needed to get the confidence and momentum, but last night was huge because it was a team above them in the standings.  They’re only four points out of fourth place.  If Boston beats Philly this afternoon and then Buffalo beats Ottawa, the Sabres will be in fifth place.  One point behind Montreal/out of fourth place.  Tonight’s game is huge.  Absolutely huge.  Ottawa is terrible but Buffalo is terrible on the second nights of back-to-backs.  

Dallas beat the Rangers 10-2.  That.  Is.  Hilarious.  Oh, how the mighty have fallen.  Remember when everyone thought the Rangers would win the Cup after like two games?  That was amusing.  There are lots of rumors swirling around that Sean Avery is headed back to the Rangers.  Last night no one on the postgame show thought he would go back to New York, but if I were to take an unbiased stance on all this I would say it was an excellent idea.  From what I’ve seen of the Rangers, all they really have that keeps them from being a terrible team is Henrik Lundqvist.  Sean Avery would definitely add a little pizazz to the lineup.  (Did I just say pizazz?  In regards to Sean Avery?)  They had a better record with him in the lineup than without him last year, and while I think standing in front of goalies and waving your stick is absolutely moronic he definitely knew how to get the team going.  

The Caps are playing the Panthers tonight so I have double the reasons to root for Washington.  I love it when they win and we need them to do us a favor and keep Florida from getting two points.  The Panthers handed the Caps their first regulation loss in the Verizon Center way back when, but I have faith in the Caps.  Won’t they be desperate for a win after that LA game?

Pittsburgh won.  Boo.

Is Petey coming back in the lineup tonight?  This could really go either way because obviously you might want him in there after last game, but I’m thinking Lindy might want to keep in the players that win him the games…

It WAS Funny! I DID Laugh! (#55, #56)

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From the red carpet, which DID NOT disappoint:

Best interview of the year, right there:

Gary (That’s his name, right?): So, Alex, do you know what you’re going to do tonight?

Alex  (Looking SPECTACULAR in his Dolce suit and red tie): Yeah.  It’s gonna be funny. 

Gary  (Looking supremely confused):  Uh-huh.  Well, ladies and gentlemen, with Alex-

Alex:  Funny.  Fun.  You’re gonna laugh.

Our kids will be so articulate.  It’s ridiculous.  I’m positively giddy with the thought of it.

  • Reader Award to anyone who can find me a hockey player with an ugly kid.  I am so in love with hockey players’ children, it’s not even funny.  TimTom’s daughter, with her pink jacket and fur-trimmed hood, clutching his hand, positively killed me.  Adorable. 
  • Thomas Vanek, what the FUCK did you do to your hair?
  • Ryan Getzlaf was WORKING that tie.
  • Henrik Lundqvist is so pretty.  
  • I have officially fallen in love with Carey Price.  There is nothing that boy man could do to make me stop loving him.  That suit?  The tie/shirt combo?  Saying he’s looking pretty good for a boy from the farm?  LOVE!
  • Poor Pkane appears to be suffering from a breakout.  Aw.  Pkane, might I suggest Biore?
  • Speaking of Patty, are he and Jonathan Toews now interchangeable?
  • Whoa.  Jarome Iginla, where have you been all my life?
  • Ditto for Dan Boyle.
  • Zdeno Chara, what’s up with that scarf?

From the Superskillz:

84439672Yeah.  I know.

Just a warning, every single post on this  blog might revolve around this picture from now on.  I haven’t decided yet.


Um, does this picture (and the Twitter updates?) mean that Alex and Evgeni actually ARE friends again?  Because screw pressure from the Russian media.  You don’t do this unless the guy is your BFF.


Questionable Officiating Reaches TFF Headquarters

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Scene:  Frostee is sitting at the dinner table with her family on Monday night.  Kieffer the dog barks to go out.

Frostee’s Brother:  NOSES!!

Everyone scrambles to touch their noses.

Frostee:  HA! Ben, you’re last.  Go let the dog out.

Frostee’s Mom (trying to avoid a conflict):  Whoever lets him out, the other lets him in.

Frostee and Frostee’s Brother stare each other down before they both leap from their chairs and dash through the kitchen.  After rounding the corner into the front hall, Frostee’s Brother throws Frostee to the ground (essentially pushing her over the dog, who got rather excited) and runs to the front door.  

Frostee:  OH MY GOD MY LEG.  I THINK IT’S BROKEN!!  (Frostee limps back to the kitchen table and gently touches the huge lump already forming on her shin)  

Frostee’s Dad:  How many times do I say you’re not supposed to skate blindly into the corner with your head down?  Someone’s going to come and hit you one of these days.

Frostee:  I could have broken the dog’s leg, and I can’t even put any weight on my leg.  Aren’t you going to do something?!?!

Frostee’s Dad:  You need to learn to protect yourself from hits.

Frostee’s Brother:  I didn’t do anything.  I never even touched her.

Frostee  (under her breath):  Yeah, and Sid didn’t punch a guy in the balls when they played Atlanta.  Dad, why don’t you punish him?!!?  (sniffles)  At least give him two minutes for cross-checking?

Frostee’s Dad:  You know how it is.  If the ref didn’t see it, it didn’t happen.

Just for the record, I could hardly put my Ugg on this morning.


Sabres and Senators tonight.  Captain Craig is back in the lineup, Max is out, Teppo has been stricken ill.  (Chris Butler didn’t start making him lunch every day when he heard Rivet was coming back, did he?  Perhaps we should look into this…)  The Senators are fantastically terrible, but I don’t trust the Sabres.  I absolutely love them for that exciting, nerve-racking win over Boston on Saturday, but it would be just like them to get all cocky and just assume they could easily beat the Senators.  And then lose, 7-1.  So you hear me, Sabres?  Don’t assume anything.  Be a good team.  Work your asses off out there.  Don’t get cocky.  Just play your game.  

Dear Adam Mair,

If you wanted to fight Jarkko (or Chris Neil, for that matter), I wouldn’t be totally against it.  I’m kind of in the mood for a good hockey fight after all that bongo-playing we were treated to over the weekend.

With Love,


Just in case anyone was wondering, the only part I saw of the Versus game last night was when they were interviewing Hank after the game.  I may hate the Rangers, but I positively love Henrik Lundqvist.

Good Thing I’m Not A Bills Fan Anymore

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If I was, I would probably have to murder Rian Lindell.  (Seriously, dude?  Seriously???)

And just for the record, I’m sure Trent doesn’t have a “groin injury.”  He probably has “sucky play-itis.”  But the hobo wasn’t any better, as far as I could tell.  (But not that I was paying close attention or anything.  I’m not a fan, remember?)

Good thing I had a truly sad yet hopeful story about a girl soldier in Cambodia to distract myself.  (First They Killed My Father, by Loung Ung.  Tragic, but a great read.)

Oh, but, what’s up with those white gloves Hank Lundqvist wears under his regular gloves?  I was watching the Rangers at commercials and when he got pulled and took off his gloves, he had those hand-warmer type things on.  Is he OCD and has to wear them?  Because learning that Henrik Lundqvist is OCD would most likely only make me love him more.

Super Saturday: The Morning After

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(Just in case you were wondering, we did end up getting the Flyers/Devils game.  It kicked on about thirty seconds before puck drop)

  • I seriously have a hockey hangover.  It might not be as bad as the one I had after the Great Playoff Binge of ’08 (last spring, while my parents were at Shea’s seeing Jeff Dunham and my brother was spending the night at a friend’s, I literally watched hockey from seven at night till two in the morning.  It was ridiculous), but it’s still there.  Last night was intense.  
  • I have decided to file this post under every category I have that’s related to games, because I figured with all 30 teams playing last night, it would apply somewhere.
  • Everybody keeps talking about how the Sabres lost 2-1 in the shootout last night, but I’m not sure where they’re getting that from.  Uh, Fans of Buffalo?  The Sabres won 1-0.  Crunchy even got a shutout!  (He was so obviously interfered with on that goal.  Smyth lifted his stick right off the ground!)
  • Um, who didn’t love that JM Liles interview?  His smile is intense.
  • Caps won!  Woo!!  Less than a week till I see Ovie!!  But my parents decided to be totally mean and when they showed him sitting on the bench at the start of the game, and my dad announced that “He really is hideous.”  But then he almost redeemed himself later, when after we learned that Ovie had fetched the puck for Fedorov after his goal, Dad decided that when he gave Sergei the puck he probably told him “Enjoy it, ’cause that puck is going to be mine pretty soon.”
  • My mom thinks we are obnoxious when we watch hockey.  She has no idea.
  • Colorado must have a terrible penalty kill if they’re 39th in a league with 30 teams.
  • Did anyone else catch when the announcers at the Detroit/Chicago game mentioned how great the tandem of KOEWS and TANE are?  It was like earlier yesterday when I was talking about The Office and said something about “Pim and Jam.”
  • When Brian Campbell did a spin-o-rama, I wanted to puke.
  • We decided that we’re going to have to agree with the fans at the Rangers/Penguins game that Crosby does, in fact, suck.  So do the Penguins.
  • Henrik Lundqvist does not suck.  Neither does Joel.  *swoons*
  • Philly fans are terrible.  Would any other fans in the world throw a stink bomb/flare thing on the ice?  I didn’t think so.
  • Montreal lost in regulation.  Ha!
  • We actually did get Hockey Night in Canada at the Montreal feed, and were treated to Don Cherry.  His blazer kind of gave me a headache.
  • We have decided that Comcast is terrible at broadcasting sports.  We kept trying to count the guys on the ice to see if anyone had a power play.
  • I’m not a huge fan of the Winter Classic jerseys. But I love the looks on Koews and Tane Toews and Kane’s faces when they’re modeling them.

Dear Readers, I Want You To Meet My New Friend

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Dear Readers, I’ve finally gotten my ridiculously confusing (and entirely fictional) love life straight.  It’ll probably only last for a few days, but at least for now I know where my heart belongs. 

We all know that Ryan Miller is my Sabres Boyfriend, and I can’t see that changing any time soon.  Just in case you don’t think he’s a very good choice, I’ll share with you all the hilarious kickass statistics page on  I was a little worried at first, entrusting my blue and gold heart to Crunchy with memories of last year still flashing before my eyes, but I’m not worried anymore.  I know that Crunchy is back to his ol’ reliable self, and I no longer feel ashamed in admitting that he is my favorite Sabre.

If you haven’t figured out by now that I spend my free-time indulging in wildly inappropriate fantasies about Mr. Ovechkin, we have some big problems.  Alex is now, and forever shall be, my favorite hockey player.  

Patrick Kane is my homeboy.  He is the adorable B-lo Boy that I wholeheartedly love and find outrageously adorable.  (How could you not find it adorable when a guy declares that he is “more of a lover than a hater”!?!?!  HOW?)  If he walked into the kitchen right now and pulled out the Tiffany’s box with the ring I picked out, I would say yes.  

Sidney Crosby is the guy I would be really mean to until I had to work with him on a school project and realized that underneath that dorky, zit-covered facade, he’s actually a very sweet boy trying to find his place in the world.  Then he and I would become BFFs and he would set me up with all his hot co-workers.

There’s a list of other players in the NHL I would absolutely have no-strings-attached one night stands with, but since it’s a rather long list, I won’t write it all out here.  But near the top of the list are the Lundqvist twins, Rick DiPietro, Henrik Zetterberg, and Evgeni Malkin.  (I know, right?!  How the hell did Geno end up on that list??)

That brings us to my new friend.  Dear Readers, this is Thomas.  Thomas, these are the Dear Readers.  See, Thomas?  I told you they were nice!  I told you that now that you’re good, they wouldn’t be mean to you!

Friday night, Thomas Vanek was on the aforementioned list.  Meeting him in a hotel room was about all I could handle.  Monday afternoon, I probably would have met him for lunch a week later.  Now?  We would go to the movies with a big group of people and have a great time, and then get ice cream.  I would tease him about girls (no, wait, make that girl. I would tease him about his wife) and he would set me up with his friends but then be all protective about me and threaten them if they weren’t nice to me.  We’ll have dinner at my parents’ house but they’ll think it’s no big deal, since they’ve seen The Wall.  It’ll be like an episode of My Boys, minus the weird sexual tension between Bobby and PJ.

If after reading all this you still don’t think Thomas is a good friend for me, refer to the stat page that I linked to above.  That’ll solve all your problems.

It’s kind of nice to have all this relationship angst figured out.  Every other day I get told that I love way too many guys, so at least for now I know where everyone belongs in my heart.

In other news, a hockey league in these parts will be getting a Dallas Stars Zamboni! (without the Stars logos, of course.)  Thanks to Sabres Fan for the article!

Let’s see, now I know there was something else I wanted to mention.  Hmm.  Was it Savard getting fired?  No, no, that wasn’t it.  Was it Goose skating?  No, that’s not it either.  Hrmph.  What was it?

Oh, wait.  I remember.


Ah.  I knew there was something else I wanted to mention.

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