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There’s literally nothing going on right now related to hockey.

At all.

It’s A Little Funny.

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The NHL won the case and Kovalchuk’s contract was wiped out.  Which is awesome, because seriously, that contract was ridiculous.

Now, however, the NHL is going to town investigating all those other ridiculous contracts that have been signed but haven’t kicked in yet (Luongo, Pronger, Savard).  And while I a) think the teams should be forced to keep them instead of getting the cap relief that would come with voiding them because it’s their own faults for signing such stupid deals in the first place and b) sincerely hope this doesn’t actually lead to another lockout, I have to admit something:  if you take a step back and look at this from afar, it’s hilarious.  One victory and the NHL is going crazy investigating suspect contracts and trying to void them all.  It’s funny.  Go to town, boys!

(And I do realize this might just be a scare tactic.  Doesn’t make it any less funny.)

I Love Getting Personal Shoutouts.

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While killing time a few minutes ago I wandered on over to the Sabres website and decided to watch Mo’s interview with Kevin to make sure he was just as goofy and adorable as he was when he was in Washington.  If you’ve seen the interview already you can imagine my pleasure around the :15 mark when he mentions all the “fanatical fans” here.  Aw, shucks Mo!!  I really appreciate you giving me a holler so soon after coming to the Buff!

And, um, what was Kevin thinking asking about the similarities between Washington and Buffalo?  I’ve been a Sabres fan my whole life and I’ve been a Caps fan long enough to know that there are absolutely no similarities between these teams.  None.  Yeesh, Kevin.

It’s still weird seeing Kevin standing there in his Sabres jacket in front of their dressing room interviewing a player I’ve always known as a Cap as a Sabre.  This is going to take some getting used to.

CALLED IT. (Welcome To My Other Favorite Team, Mo!)

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(I don’t have anything to say about Tim Kennedy getting bought out because the whole thing is just too weird and I don’t get it at all.)

Shortly before free agency began, I had a sneaking suspicion that the Sabres would go after Shaone Morrisonn. I knew that he was most likely done with Washington and I knew that the chances of the Sabres keeping Lydman and Tallinder were slim. I was never a huge Mo fan but I never disliked him. He wasn’t phenomenal but he wasn’t complete crap; he was just there. Which made me think he would be perfect for Buffalo.

In retrospect I should have written this idea of mine down, because today darling Mo (Mo I after Mo II came to town) signed a two year deal with the Sabres.  Reading Twitter immediately following this deal was somewhat amusing because half of my feed was “Goodbye, Mo” and the other half was “How the eff do we spell his name?”  Mo was one of those players who I really didn’t mind.  I didn’t fawn over him or drool over his play, but I tolerated him.  I don’t think he’ll be a standout but I think if the Sabres needed to add another body to the blueline, they could have done worse.  He’s not super flashy although that might have just been because he was stuck with Mike Green.  I feel like if Fat Mike is your defensive partner, you really can’t risk trying to move the puck into the offensive zone yourself.  I really haven’t given any thought to any potential Sabres lines or defensive pairings this year (other than to think about the Sabres defense and shudder) so it will be interesting to see where Lindy ends up putting him.  This is all going from memory, but he could handle a fair amount of minutes.  One time I particularly warmed to him was against the Rangers in the playoffs last year.  I can’t for the life of me remember why, I just remember that he really endeared himself for me.

As for off the ice, two things come to mind as really important.  He and Brooks Laich were roommates on the road and whenever the subject of road trips or roommates or hotels came up, the two  would wax poetic about their system.  I’m sure I’ve written about it on here too.  They had this ridiculous system set up that they followed completely on road trips.  It always kind of reinforced for me that Brooksie is completely OCD.

The other thing is that Mo must have been pretty desperate if he agreed to play in Buffalo, because let me tell you something:  Buffalo is not his favorite place.  While my memory was slightly foggy in regards to this video and it’s actually Schultzie who names a Buffalo restaurant and not Mo, I’m 99.9% positive Mo also lists Buffalo since all the guys say Buffalo.

Regardless, I’m just glad that for once I was right.  Welcome to Buffalo, Mo!  I’m afraid the arena here isn’t always quite as loud as the Verizon Center, but hey, at least I’ll be there a few times!

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