East “Predictions.”

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Yesterday I inaccurately predicted what will happen in the first round out west. I hope I’m a little bit closer with my predictions in the east, since at least I see these teams on a more regular basis.


I certainly don’t think this will be some quick and easy series like some people do, but still. Even if the Caps don’t win the Cup this year they sure as heck better not get eliminated by Montreal. *scary eyes*

New Jersey.

It sounds like they sucked against Philly this year, but let’s be realistic: WHO is currently the goalie for Philadelphia? I’m not even sure I know.


If I absolutely had to pick which team I hated more between Ottawa and Pittsburgh I think I’d have to say the Penguins, which means that by default they’ll win.


Okay, so here’s the deal: I’m picking Buffalo because I really want them to win (obviously). That being said, I’m really worried about them. Miller obviously can carry them, but can he carry them for a whole series? And I know regular season stats don’t count for anything and blah, blah, blah, but I really don’t like how things went against the Bruins. The Sabres are lucky Savard is out. I’m a little scared. I still don’t think I trust them 100%.

And That’s The Season.

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Indulge me for a moment and allow me to be the 800th person to comment on how it seems like the season just started. I really can’t believe the playoffs are already here, but they are. Woo!!

The Sabres went out with a bang, pulling Lala who proceeded to crash into the ref and go right into the boards. That seems somehow fitting for what will most likely be his last game in Buffalo. Good luck, Patty. You always seemed like a nice guy.

Buffalo did, however, lose, which means they get Boston in the first round.

1.) This will most likely be the most boring series in the history of the world.

2.) I know that Boston hasn’t been too good this year but Raask has been playing really well and I am a little worried for Buffalo. Miller will be fine barring some sort of meltdown (please God, NO) but it seems like the Sabres just can’t seem to score against Boston. This could be problematic.

I’d like to think that the Sabres will win and I’m trying to be optimistic, but this is the Sabres. I think it really could go either way.

I’m totally over the whole Richard thing. For Alex to keep it that close while missing ten games is really impressive in and of itself. And the season for the team was so magical that it really just would have been extra frosting on the cake, and even I, the frosting queen, know there is such a thing as too much frosting.

The Capitals will be playing the Canadiens in the first round. Montreal has had a few really good stretches this season and Halak had been awesome and I seem to recall Theo having a meltdown in that one came up in Montreal, but I feel like the Caps should be able to get this one done.

Ottawa is playing Pittsburgh, which is convenient because that means one will go home. I can’t decide which team I hate more but I feel like it would be better if the Pens got knocked out first. Thomas Vanek OWNS the Sens now!! The Sabres can beat them!! Their mindtricks will work no more!

I have faith that San Jose will perform their annual chokejob, and I feel really bad that Phoenix has to play Detroit. If they beat the Wings then they truly are blessed.

No Comment.

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I really don’t have anything to say about that game. I only saw the third period but it seems like once again, the team didn’t give Lala any support and once again they couldn’t score enough goals. Sabres, I was so happy and hopeful about you after Tuesday night, and then you have to go and pull something like THIS. Thanks a lot.


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And then sometimes you get those nights when everything ends happily ever after.  Could I have dealt with a few less Penguins goals?  Yes.  But Ryan Miller stopped a 4-on-1 and Lars Nicklas was ridiculous and Alex scored a couple goals and the Sabres are division champs.

Therefore, last night was perfect.

The DC Adventure, Day 3.

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I’m in the car on the way home. I’m tired but I’ll make it back for most of the games and The Ten Commandments tonight, so no complaints. The Sabres have a chance to clinch the division tonight and I’m hoping they’ll get over the temper tantrum they appear to have thrown to rebel against me going to Washington and make things nice and official.

Don’t tell the Sabres, but I’m already thinking I might come back over my February break next year for a game. That was what I had originally wanted to do this year but the Olympic Break got in the way of those plans.

I had previously been excited about the Caps game tonight but dear Chris Clark is hurt so now it’s just another game. Woo. I’m just glad I got to see Lars Nicklas’s thirtieth goal. That was exciting.

I haven’t heard anything to the contrary but I’m assuming Miller is starting tonight. Once they finally do clinch I hope Lala will at least get one more game…let’s not take any chances, Lindy.

My cute story is coming, I just don’t feel like typing it out on my phone.

P.S. There were way too many Penguins shirts in Washington. I’m used to/can deal with all the Sabres support, but Penguins? That’s sick.

The Pirates Won!

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Er, um, the Sabres won. I just got a little confused with all the callups.

I missed some of the game, but isn’t it kind of frightening that a guy can win the Vezina one year and look like TimTom did last night the next? Are we sure we want to risk that with Ryan?

(Let me answer that for you: yes, it’s a chance I’m willing to take.)

I’ve been paying more attention to the lower seeds and while I NEVER underestimate an opponent, the Bruins wouldn’t be the worst first-round matchup for the Caps.

I love Ennis the Menace a bunch. For reals. He’s just a gem.

I may or may not be making an incredibly embarrassing sign for the game on Thursday. It sort of depends on if I have time to make it. Stay tuned.

That Was Exciting.

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I didn’t make it through last night’s game. I skipped all of the third except for the last two minutes because I really didn’t feel like watching the Sabres lose to the Senators again. The way the Sabres’ luck goes, they’ll end up playing Ottawa at some point. They’ll get swept. It’ll be ugly. Water will still be wet.

Tonight, however, was just a ton of fun. I live for games like this. Yeah, hard-fought, close games are exciting, but there’s nothing more relaxing for me than watching the Sabres beat the crap out of another team. Derek Roy even got himself a hat trick! That was just so cute. I thought Tyler Ennis played pretty well too. I really liked him when he got called up last time too. Good kid. Neither of the Tampa Bay goalies were very good but hey, I’m not complaining.

And Patty Lala got his 200th career win! I honestly thought he would retire with 199 wins. He even looked pretty good aside from the one goal he gave up. That was kind of ugly.

And perhaps the biggest deal about tonight is that the Buffalo Sabres are going to the PLAYOFFS. I still think they’ll get swept in the first round, but at least they’ll be going. I haven’t had this Sabres-related excitement in several years. It’ll be fun. I can’t wait.

Although if any team could find a way to choke out of the playoffs after already clinching a spot, it would be this team right here.

Shootouts Galore.

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Last night the Sabres played Montreal and the Caps played the Pens.  The Caps game was exciting and frustrating and nerve-wracking until the very end, with Inappropriate Older Crush Mike Knuble being the shootout HERO and winning the game.  Jose Theodore has been so good lately I don’t even know how to describe it.  It’s pretty cool.

I didn’t see as much of the Sabres game aside from the last five minutes of regulation, overtime, and the shootout because the five other minutes I did watch at the start of the second period was spent killing Sabres penalties.  It was almost comical.  Good LORD, I thought at a certain point the refs would just stop calling them because it was embarrassing.  Guess not.

Then after I was feeling all warm and fuzzy about the Caps game I flipped back over to see the Sabres score two goals with Miller pulled and then win it in the shootout.  Those DARN KIDS.  I just CAN’T FIGURE THEM OUT ANYMORE.

I do know, however, that with all this happiness and fuzziness surrounding them, they will proceed to lose in heartbreaking fashion tomorrow night against Ottawa.  Those little effers.

I’ve only been half paying attention to the Caps game on now but the Caps are losing and Alex has not regained the goals or points lead and Varly is frustrating me.  Remember how you used to play, Semyon?  Let’s try to play like that!!

At this time in exactly one week I will be in the Verizon Center watching the Capitals play the Thrashers.  I’M.  SO.  EXCITED!!!!


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And there’s my important news announcement for the evening.

I feel really bad about the crummy posting job I’ve been doing lately. I love this little blog and I hate how I’ve neglected it, but I’ve been so busy that whenever I get a minute I’m too tired to come up with anything to say. I’m sorry. I suck. I promise I’ll post six times a day over the summer and then you’ll all be sick of me.

The Sabres game tomorrow is pretty big against Montreal. They could really get business done between tomorrow and Ottawa on Friday, however, I try to be realistic about this team so I know it’s foolish. Sigh. Sometimes they play awesome games like on Sunday, and sometimes they make me think they’re the worst first-place team in hockey.

I know a lot of people have already mentioned it and it’s not like I’ve got anything earth-shattering to add to the discussion, but from where I’m sitting in March, this whole Torres thing seems like a little bit of a bust. Maybe things’ll change in the playoffs. Maybe he’ll just be another awful rental. Sighx2.

Oh, Sabres.

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This game is far from over, but right now the Sabres are winning 3-0 and I’m really enjoying myself.  They’re just so fun to watch!

Maybe they have multiple personality disorder or something.

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