Howdy, Tyler Myers!

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Today the Buffalo Sabres announced that Tyler Myers was signed to a three year entry-level contract.  I know very little about Tyler, other than that he is redonkulously tall and likes me enough to be my friend on Facebook.  I think.  I should check on that.  Either way, I’m excited that we made things nice and official.  It’ll work out perfectly, Jaro can mentor him!  Right, Darcy?  Right?!

Game 6 is tonight.  I hate this.  I hate knowing that these stupid Capitals suck enough to choke away a 2-0 series lead and I hate that it’s happening against Pittsburgh.  I hate it all.  I hate knowing that even if they do, by some miraculous act of the hockey gods, win tonight, they’ll continue this alarming trend of acting like the Sabres and end up losing in Game 7.  

Keeping with the trend of naming things I hate, I hate that Michael’s all, “Oh, uh, I have to use a lame new stick because they discontinued the kind I like so that’s why I suck.”  Sure thing, Michael.  I totally believe you.

If I were to list a thing I love, however, it would be that Alex is all badass and “Yo, we’re coming back and winning this game tonight.  Chill the eff out people, I got this.”  His press conference was funny Saturday night.  I watched them all, and while his was definitely the most reassuring, Lars’s made me want to cry.  Oh, poor, sweet little Lars.  You deserve so much better.  You’ve been such a good player in this series, the best one for the Capitals, in my opinion.

I can’t get over this notion I have that Dan Bylsma would make a good math teacher.  I really want him to come to my school and teach me math.  Actually, as long as he can add two and two he should be fine.

Boston thumped Carolina last night (to spark their comeback?) and Detroit beat Anaheim.  Honestly, seeing Detroit win is a kind of comfort for me, along the lines of knowing that every time I see my grandmother she’s going to tell me I don’t eat enough, and Tiger Woods wearing red on the last day of tournaments.  I can count on Detroit, just like I can count on those other things.

Laying Down The Law

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Okay, Caps.  Last night, for the second game in a row, you lost.  It was bad.  It was ugly.  I spent most of the game peeking out from between my fingers.  My shirt is apparently unlucky, so I won’t wear it again during the game tonight.  Although, I am wearing it now.  It’s very comfortable.

While Christopher’s goal filled me with joy (Christopher!  Look at you, scoring in the playoffs!), and seeing Lars score for the second game in a row made me quite proud, Alex’s lack of shots and Simeon’s lack of saves was not good.  Caps, you know who you looked like last night, continually pulling within one only to give up a terrible goal and lose momentum?  The Sabres.  You looked like the Buffalo Sabres.  It made me want to jump off a tall building.

There are big reasons why you can’t lose this series:

1.  Giving up a 2-0 series lead and then losing the series is bad.  Really, really bad.  If the Rangers do it, it’s okay.  They are, after all, the Rangers.  When you do it, it’s really bad.

2.  Bragging rights, and the fact that if you lose this series all the Pittsburgh/Crosby & Malkin fans will say that they won because let’s face it, Sid and Geno are better than Alex.  This can not happen.  I couldn’t handle it.

I never like seeing players get hurt, but if Sergei Gonchar’s out the Caps at least have a chance.  May I remind you how bad Pittsburgh was when Gonchar was out this season.  They weren’t even in the playoffs.  

Washington, even if you can only win on home ice in this series, you stand a chance.  You have home ice advantage, which means Game 7 will be played in your arena, in front of your fans.  

It’s going to be hard, and there are a lot of things that need to be changed.  Right now.  But you know what, Capitals?  Stupid fan that I am, I still believe.  You’re still in this series, and if you fight hard, you can still prevail.  Don’t let me down.

Also, WHAT has happened to the Bruins and TimTom?  They looked awful last night.  How awesome would it be if the Hurricanes knocked them out in five games?  It would be quite awesome, if you ask me.

This Game Is Kind Of Huge

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I realize it’s only Game 2, but still, consider this: the Pens win and they even up the series before heading back to Pittsburgh.  Washington wins, and they capitalize on home ice and take a 2-0 advantage in the series going into the Igloo.  As we learned against the Rangers, 2-0 leads in series aren’t safe, but these Capitals are a bit different than the Rangers.

A lot of people have been praising David Steckel’s line, and, um, I am too.  They.  Were.  Awesome.  They dominated on Saturday, and if the Caps keep getting support from players like that in this series, they’ll have a serious advantage.  Coming in at a close second for Awesomest Stuff The Caps Did During Game 1 is the penalty killing.  I’ve always worried about their penalty killing, but they were perfect on Saturday.  Against Pittsburgh.  That’s huge.  If they can keep that up, it’ll be another huge advantage.

Also, happy birthday to Derek Roy!  He and my mom are birthday buddies (just as Varly and my dad are birthday buddies), and every year she tells me to write him a letter and ask him to have a joint party with her.  Mom, not the best idea.  I doubt Derek Parties are the kind of parties you’re thinking of.

So, Caps, this is usually the game where I ask the Sabres to win for my mother (remember Drury’s goal with 7 seconds left, and then Max’s OT goal?  Yeah.  These are the kinds of things I used to be able to rely on the Sabres for on my mother’s birthday), but since that obviously won’t happen, could you do me a huge favor and get the W for her on her special day?  I’d appreciate that.

P.S.  Carolina shut out Boston last night, and Anaheim beat Detroit in the third overtime.  I was thrilled Marchant got the winner, but I was crushed that it didn’t go to six extra sessions like I had hoped.  And, Drew Miller, did you have money on the Wings, or something?  Those are a lot of breakaways you missed on.

Admitting Something Sad

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I know people are saying that since the Caps managed to win a 2-1 game when it mattered the most, they’ll be able to play with Pittsburgh, but honestly, I’m not so sure.  I don’t think Washington will win this series, which means that all of those crazy Crosby fans will make it seem like the ONLY REASON Pittsburgh managed to win is because CROSBY IS THE BEST PLAYER IN THE WORLD AND NO ONE COMPARES.  Forget that the Pens have a great goalie and Evgeni Malkin, the player who I actually think is better than Crosby.  Merely because the Penguins have Sidney, they’ll win.  Trust me.  I know these things.  My grandfather is one of those Crosby fan boys.  A Don Cherry type, if you will.  All he does is get on my case and tell me that if I think Alex is better than Crosby, I clearly don’t know hockey as well as he thought I did.  And then when I go and tell him that Malkin and Alex are the two greatest players in the league – I’ll relent that Crosby is third – and so Crosby isn’t even the best player on his own team, he leaves the room.  Yo, Grandpa, just because Alex and Geno are Russian doesn’t mean they’re automatically below Sidney on the list.  Being Canadian does not equal being the best.  Last time I checked, Sidney wasn’t even one of the three finalists for the Hart.  They’re all Russians.  Um, so, yeah.

But I digress.  I have faith in Washington’s goaltending, which is an odd feeling to have, but they don’t have as much experience as Pittsburgh and they need to get their defensive game down perfectly.  The Penguins have a tad bit more offense than the Rangers did.  Washington needs keep their power play clicking and make sure their penalty kill is solid.  Alex needs to try doing a little less, Nicklas needs to keep up his fabulousness, Michael needs to start playing like Michael, etc.  I just…don’t like this match-up.  I don’t like it one bit.

That being said, I think this series could be highly entertaining.  The regular season games between these two always were, and I can’t wait to see Alex lay somebody out.  I also can’t wait to see if Michael really has returned for good.  I have a theory that he had some sort of cold.  He sounded really congested when they interviewed him before Game 2, and sounded less stuffy before Game 6.

Carolina vs. Boston will be almost as good as the Pittsburgh vs. Boston series I had been hoping for.  It’ll be interesting to see if Carolina’s momentum can carry over.

My apologies to the Hawks fans reading this, but I think Vancouver’s going to come out on top for this one.

Finally, Detroit over Anaheim.  I love the Ducks, but come on.  It’s Detroit.

Have You Seen This Man?

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Name:  Michael Green

Age:  23

Distinguishing features:  Ridiculous mohawk, badass tattoo, boyish good looks

Occupation:  Professional ice hockey defenseman

Last seen playing with the Capitals during the regular season, Green has mysteriously disappeared as the playoffs get underway.  If found, please contact Frostee at or the Washington Capitals.

Michael, please, come home.  We miss you, and promise not to make fun of your hair or the fact that your first job was as a grocery bag carrier ever again.


Last night the Sabres Capitals threw my hope to the ice and skated all over it.  Henrik Lundqvist is a complete and total beast.  Even the sight of the Bruins sweeping Montreal in the first round couldn’t lift my spirits.

Dear Montreal,

You have provided me with endless entertainment this season, and the only way it would have been funnier was if you didn’t even make the playoffs to begin with.  Please, can you be really, really bad next year?  That would be really amusing.  I would like that.

With Love,


Everyone keeps saying that the Caps can still make a comeback, and that last year they were down 3-1 in the series and forced a game seven.  I have a few things to say to that:

1.  Yes, but last year they lost in game seven.  In overtime.

2.  Yes, but isn’t it true that the Rangers have never lost a series when they were leading 3-1?

3.  Yes, but it’s not going to happen.

I have no idea who I’m going to root for in the next round.

Stuff and Things (#62)

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  • I feel really bad for Columbus.  They finally make the playoffs and Detroit destroys them.
  • I don’t feel bad for Montreal.  I’m kind of enjoying watching them be thoroughly owned.  Go Bruins.
  • Did I just say “Go Bruins”?
  • Yay for Tazer with the two goals to propel Chicago past Calgary!  His grandparents were at the game.  They’re really cute.
  • Chris Osgood is adorable in that nerdy way I’m so attracted to.  I love him, and I don’t care who knows it.
  • I didn’t really want to do it when I’m so mad at him, but here’s #62:  Woo for leading the NHL in goals for the second season in a row, Alex!  Congrats.  Although I had been hoping for 60, and I’m starting to get the feeling that you aren’t scoring in the playoffs ever again.
  • I have school tomorrow.  It’s really gross.  
  • Hockey starts at three this afternoon, and I plan on watching it right up until I hit the hay.
  • Detroit has been ruthlessly efficient in these playoffs, even though it’s just Columbus.  San Jose, on the other hand, is down 1-0.  I would be so amused if the Sharks got eliminated in the first round this year instead of the second.  Partially because it would be funny.  Partially because that way the Caps wouldn’t be the only first round upset.
  • Dear Mike Komisarek,  Please come play for Buffalo.  It’s fun here.  Even though you’re an icky Canadien, I’ll totally forgive you if you become a Sabre next year.  With Love,  Frostee 
  • P.S. to Mike Komisarek:  Would it sweeten the deal if we brought Jay Bouwmeester here too?

I Approach These Playoffs Hesitantly

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Last year, I didn’t know what to expect when I started rooting for the Caps.  I didn’t know a lot about the team and probably couldn’t even have named all the players.  I didn’t know how they would handle the playoffs and didn’t know if they could survive a series.

This year, I know this team.  I know this team even better than I thought I did.  That’s why I’m worried.  Some people are saying the Caps will have no problem with the Rangers, but I’m more on the side of those who say they need to be careful.  That’s why I’m picking the Caps, but I’m saying it’ll take them six games.  Everyone is making a bid deal about how Sean Avery’s going to get in everyone’s head but the only player I’m worried about is Jose Theodore.  Avery could probably psyche him out, but Alex doesn’t really seem like the kind of player who would let him get inside his head.

I honestly don’t know if they can win the Cup this year.  Let’s be honest, their goaltending is questionable, they need to cut down on penalties, and need to improve their penalty killing.  But they have to at least win a round.  I might cry if they don’t.

I also might cry if Semie and Staal don’t fight again.

If they do win a round, but then lose to the Penguins, I’ll jump off a bridge.  

My other picks:

Boston (1) vs. Montreal (8)

Boston hasn’t been as fantastic as they were earlier in the season, but as shaky as they’ve been, Montreal has been worse.  The only reason the Habs even made the playoffs is because Florida and Buffalo blew it.

Bruins in six.

New Jersey (3) vs. Carolina (6)

A few weeks ago, I was talking to my grandfather on the phone.  He’s 90, and is easily confused by the standings.  I was explaining to him what the Sabres needed to do to move into the playoffs, and what games other teams needed to lose.  At one point New Jersey came up, and I told him that beating New Jersey would be tough because I thought they would win it all this year.

Now, after the season is over, I think New Jersey has kind of crashed and burned, and I really don’t think they’ll go far.  I feel bad for Devils fans, but I’m no longer seeing a Red Wings/Devils final with the Devils winning.

Carolina in six.

Pittsburgh (4) vs. Philadelphia (5)

As much as I hate Philadelphia, I hate Pittsburgh more.  That being said, Philly’s goaltending is even more questionable than Washington’s and Pittsburgh has been on a tear.  It’ll come down to whether or not Philly’s defense can keep Pittsburgh away from Biron, and then if their offense can get to Fleury.

It’ll take seven games, and as much as I hate to say it, I think Pittsburgh will move on to the next round.

San Jose (1) vs. Anaheim (8)

Yes, I know that San Jose won the Presidents’ Trophy.  But I also know that the Sharks are some of the biggest chokers I have ever seen.  Anaheim’s been pretty good as of late, and I honestly think they could beat the Sharks if they tried.

Anaheim in seven games.

Detroit (2) vs. Columbus (7)

Apologies to the Blackhawks fans out there (and there are more and more of you every day), but I adopted Columbus as my Western Conference Team a couple weeks ago.  They’re cute, and they made the playoffs for the first time in franchise history.  And I had to write an article review about an article on them for gym, so I know all about these little Blue Jackets.  Detroit is a scary postseason team, but Columbus beat them 8-2 earlier in the year.  They have Steve Mason, and Detroit has their entire offense and defense.

This series will go one of two ways.  Either Columbus finds that spark that got them to the playoffs and upset the Red Wings in seven games, or Detroit sweeps them.

Vancouver (3) vs. St. Louis (6)

Honestly, I have watched very little of either team this year.  Like, I think I saw two games from each, and the St. Louis games were back when they sucked.  I know very little about either of these teams, other than Jay McKee players for the Blues and the Sedins play for the Canucks.  Hey, didn’t that bald Swedish guy sign with the Canucks halfway through the season too?

St. Louis in six.

Chicago (4) vs. Calgary (5)

I feel kind of bad for Calgary.  They had a 13-point lead in their division and then kind of crapped out.  And, um, 0-42 on the power play to end the season?  That’s awful.

Chicago, on the other hand, has been pretty darn good for most of the season.  AND they finished off the season by shutting out Detroit.  That’s pretty good, ‘Hawks.  They’ll win this series, but – and don’t kill me, Cari, Kim, or Clare!! – I’m not sure how much deeper they’ll get.  Making the playoffs alone is a huge accomplishment for them, and winning a series would be great, but they still are a young team, and they’ve kind of looked young at times this season.  But still, they’ll be fine against Calgary.

Chicago in five.

But I’ll still be watching the Caps the most.  Let’s go Caps!  Woo!!!

The Sabres Know How To Make Me Love Them

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Just when I’m ready to give up on them for good, they beat the best team in the NHL.  No time to talk about how much I love them now, because I have to help with the zucchini casserole, but they are spectacular.  Even when they only get two shots on goal in the third, they still manage to win.  Even when they CAN’T CLEAR THE FREAKING PUCK, they still beat the terrifying Bruins.  Well done, boys.  Well done.  You take those warm fuzzies.  They were hard-earned.

I encourage you all to take a look at the standings.  After being embarrassed by the Panthers today (HA!  The Panthers….that’s fantastic), the Penguins have dropped to ninth place and the Sabres have moved up to seventh.  I’m working on the fact that if the playoffs started today, the Capitals would be playing the Sabres.  I’m kind of hoping that’s not how it turns out this spring.

Tough for the Bulls.  I really wanted them to win, but it was their first bowl game.  Next year, Bulls, next year!

P.S.  I’m not at ALL surprised by the All Star Game lineups.  I’m slightly disappointed that Alex was bumped from the starting lineup because of a less-talented Montreal forward and Sidbits and Evgeni, but I’m dealing with it.  Alex is the kind of guy that he’ll just be glad to be at the All Star Game.  He’s just the nice a person.

Saturday Ramblings/#50, #51

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  • Okie dokie, Sabres.  Here’s the deal:  You’re about to play Boston, the best team in the league.  Yes.  I know.  It’s absolutely terrifying (as Joe would say, “Okay people, take a deep breath. [takes deep breath]  It’s the Bruins.”), but I have faith in you.  I really do.  Yes, the Leafs team you beat isn’t exactly occupying the number two seed right now, but you got a win to start off 2009 and that’s what counts.  If you beat Boston, you might even be on track for getting three wins in a row!  (We at TFF Headquarters have decided that if the Sabres lose to the Senators on Tuesday, we will stop watching.  Because the Senators are outrageously bad.  They have fallen apart, and if the Sabres can’t beat them then something is wrong)  And you know what the best part is, Sabres?  If you beat Boston today, you leap over the Penguins in the standings.  Yes, the Penguins.  As in Sidney and Evgeni’s team  (although I saw a picture on Facebook of Evgeni in a Red Wings hat, so I’m wondering if he’ll be the next Pen to jump ship for the Wings?).  Now, I realize that if for some reason the season was to end with the Penguins occupying a seed below eight, the league would probably make some rule that the playoffs are ACTUALLY supposed to be seeds one through seven and then the tenth seed, but still.  Being ahead of them, at least for now, would be spectacular.  Sabres, you have no idea how warm and fuzzy that would make me.  Warm fuzzies to you, boys, if you beat the Bruins today!
  • Apparently Pie is okay.  Buffalo, you can breathe a collective sigh of relief.
  • My poor Nathan got sent back to Portland!  Poor, sweet little munchkin.pc300355
  • UB’s on an hour before the Sabres.  Just for the record, we could have gone to the game.  I wanted to go, but my mother decided that going without my dad wouldn’t be nice.   Hmph.  You know, if we had actually gone to the game, I wouldn’t have had to worry about which game to watch.  Now we’re going to have to flip back and forth.  
  • If we had gone to the game, I  would have been able to buy that bitching hat from Alex’s clothing line.  Just sayin’.
  • I can’t watch the Capitals tonight either because we’re having our neighbors over, but I may or may not put on my jersey just to watch the puck drop.  I know it’s just the Rangers, but they’ll be out for blood and my boys need all the help they can get!

#50:  It’s Cari’s story I linked you to in yesterday’s post.  I just think it’s so incredibly cool of Alex to do that.  It’s really thoughtful of him to give something like to a stranger.

#51:  This video.

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