The Flames Were In Town Tonight.

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I was out to dinner and consequently missed the first period.  I hear it was wonderful.  It certainly sounds as though it was.  They finally scored on the power play?  Wooooo!!  The second period was fast, but I was not at all pleased with the lack of shots and the plethora of penalties taken by the Sabres.  Then Sir Christopher had to stand up for Ryan, as he’s a chivalrous soul and protecting his goaltender is one of his money duties.  Then the Flames tried to beat up Clarkey, then Goosie beat up Phaneuf.  I liked the last one a lot.  I don’t like Phaneuf, and I do like Goose, so I enjoy seeing the latter punch the first.  Serves you right, Dion.

It was really great getting to see Jarome Iginla.  He’s an incredibly talented player and we don’t ever get to see him because he’s aaaaallll the way on the west coast.

The Sabres took sixteen too many penalties tonight.  Good heavens, they looked like last year’s box-loving Caps.

I thought RJ was going to stroke out in the last thirty second of overtime.  Rick, you are not as young as you used to be.  Don’t overexert yourself.

The game ended up in the shootout, and, miracle of miracles, the Sabres pulled out the win.  Oooh!! Aaah!!  Weee!!  Good job, Sabres.  You ended up with a grand total of six shots on goal (going from the two periods I saw), but you managed the win.  Excellent, excellent.  I know this is asking far too much of you, but a win tomorrow night would be superb.  Philly is a scary, intimidating team, but I have complete faith in you.  Put your mind to it, boys, and you can do it.  All in all, though, tonight you played a highly entertaining game.  Much better than Wednesday night.  Thank you.

There’s no way Lala starts tomorrow night.

The Caps played the Wild.  Perrault continued to be badass.  Mike Knuble broke his finger and is out 3-4 weeks and I am very sad.  I love Mike Knuble.  Mike Knuble is a good leader and he’s good at killing penalties and he liked my sign.  Poor Mike Knuble.  Varly is slowly working his way back into my good graces.  The Caps have issues to work out, but they’ve looked pretty darn good over the past few games (aside from giving up 3 quick ones to the Islanders and then borderline choking in the final minute against them and taking eleven rounds of the shootout to beat them).  I like it.

The Hurricanes lost their 14th straight game.  It used to be really funny when everyone was wondering if they’d make it to ten.  Now it’s just sad.  Should we send in aid?  Is there something we can do to put them out of their misery?

The Thrashers beat the Kings 7-0.  This is totes awesome.  Thrashers, you rock.  I love you.  Ilya, Evander, AND Zachity Zach all scored.  That’s what we call an awesome game.  I should have watched it.  I’ve never tried watching three games at once before.  I mis try this some time.  Atlanta is certainly worthy.

I got tapped last minute for  babysitting gig tomorrow night.  I’ll be able to watch the Sabres after the kiddies go to bed and they get CBC, but I will be unable to see the Capitals.  This pretty much guarantees that Alex will come back and score a hat trick.  Awesome.


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I know that this was exactly how Buffalo started out last year and I know it’ll all start going downhill soon enough (probably around the time Ryan gets completely exhausted at the Olympics), but for now, I’m completely enjoying the Sabres’ success.  They’re winning, and they’re beating good teams.  This is fun.

Marty Brodeur has not looked good this season.  At all.  I’m ecstatic that Timmy got his first NHL goal (AAAHHH!!!  TIMMY!!!  I LOOOOOOOOVE YOU!!), but Marty did not look good at all.

Ryan Miller will soon hurt himself/get too cranky to play well/get exhausted by the Olympics as I mentioned above, but for now, I’m thoroughly enjoying his awesomeness.  Ryan, you’re not so bad when you’re playing well.

We ended up getting the Devils feed for the game which was annoying in that I couldn’t hear Rick and Harry, but was cool in that I could hear what other announcers (namely, Doc) think about the Sabres.  I agree, boys.  Chris Butler was a wonderful find.

I can’t believe Clarke MacArthur already has five goals.  This is redonk.  He’s got to stop scoring at some point.  It’s not like he could get thirty.

I’m pretty sure Pommer got his third of the season in February last year.

Mike Grier and Timmy K playing together continues to amaze me.  I love the two of them.  They’re so good together.  Their chemistry is spectacular.

Lots of NHLers have been struck with swine (or at least are coming clean about when they had it) today.  I hope none of the Sabres catch it.  And I hope Quintin Laing doesn’t get any of my beloveds in Washington sick.

Tonight was Tyler Myers’s ninth game, but there wasn’t seriously any drama surrounding it, was there?  There’s no way they can send him back to juniors.  No.  Way.  I will jump off a bridge or something drastic and (only slightly) unnecessary like that.

Tomorrow night the Caps play the Ilya-less Thrashers.  It will be in HD, which makes me happy.  I’m sad Ilya got hurt, and in a contract year, no less, but his absence makes the Caps’ job a bit easier.  I would love for them to continue this sick-nasty winning streak they’ve got going.

Speaking of contract years, I’ve been feeling rather warm and fuzzy towards one Jose Theodore as of late.  It’s not secret around here that he and I never really got along very well (scroll down to the earlier ones), so this fondness is a new territory for me.  I don’t think he’s the same goalie that won a Hart trophy a few years back, but he’s been the better goalie for the Capitals to this point in the season.  I just hope that IF the Caps re-sign him, he doesn’t start sucking again.  I really hate  when players only play well in contract years.

If/when Buffalo loses to Toronto, I will cry.  I’m just letting you all know.

Yay Christopher!!

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Christopher Clark, my secret beloved, scored a goal last night.  It was lovely.  I did a happy dance during the highlights when I saw it.

It wasn’t, however, anywhere near as badass as Jeff Schultz’s goal.  That.  Was.  Hilarious.  Like, seriously, Atlanta.  I love you lots, but goals like that make me want to claw my eyes out.  ‘Cept when Varly assists on them.  Then it’s a-o-k.

The Caps/Thrashers game last night was pretty ridiculous.  I missed the first two periods and my dad was sending me score updates and then when I came home it was 5-2.  Washington ended up winning, but it was by a final score of 5-4.  The Capitals need to work on third periods badly.  I’m a wee bit concerned.

Ilya Kovalchuk is pretty beast.  Just throwing that out there.  I know I say how much I love him, but I never really pay all that much attention to him.  He’s huge.  He’s also insanely good at hockey.  I always knew I liked him.

ZACHITY ZACH SCORED A GOAL FOR ME!!  That is all I have to say about that.

I didn’t look this up for last night in particular, but WHOA, the Capitals took/take a lot of penalties.  It’s redonk.  They must look into this matter and fix this as well.

I’m really starting to regret my decision to babysit for six hours tomorrow night.  I’m totally in the mood for a two-games/Don Cherry Saturday night.

I really don’t know what to think about the Sabres game tomorrow night.  Apparently Tampa Bay beat the Sharks…?  Although from what I’ve seen, the Sharks have looked more like little fishies this year.  They did not impress me when they played Washington.

Just watch this video.  There will never, ever be a time when these three don’t completely crack me up.  I always knew there was a reason I liked the bum in the sweats.

A Confession.

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I did not watch the Sabres game last night, even though I could have. Y day sucked yesterday and when I finally got a chance to sit down (around the start of the second period) I was faced with two choices: Watch the Sabres, who were losing 2-0, or watch the Capitals, who were winning 2-0. As much as I love the Thrashers (Ilya!! Congratulations on your goals!!) I simply was not in the mood to tolerate watching the Sabres suck. I chose to watch the Capitals, because even though they almost choked, in the end they won in the shootout.

An aside: My uncle, who’s in from Detroit and is also a hockey fan, came over to watch overtime and the shootout with me. I spent a good five minutes explaining that Alex sucked in the shootout and I’ve seen him score maybe two shootout goals ever and one of them was just in the All Star Game. Then, just to spite me, he scored. My uncle found this amusing.

I did watch a few minutes of the Sabres just to see how they looked. They looked bad. Seriously, guys? Giving up a goal right after you scored one? Not cool. Not cool at all.

Max looks so odd in a Thrashers jersey.

Lindy is never going to play Lala ever again.

I can’t believe Clarkey. He’s leading the team in scoring!!

I have to admit, I’m kind of amused by how thoroughly the Thrashers own the Sabres. It’s funny.

The DC Adventure!

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Dear Readers, I’m sure it’s no secret that an ambition of mine is to one day see the Capitals play in the Verizon Center.  In spite of everything I love the Sabres and I love going to HSBC Arena for games, but the fact still remains that at this point in my life, going to the Phone Booth to watch the Caps has become something like a pilgrimage to Mecca for me.  It’s also part of a grander ambition of mine, and that’s to see a hockey game in all thirty arenas at some point in my life.

Now, I knew this wouldn’t be easy.  It’s a fact that I’m insanely busy during hockey season, and just picking up and taking a trip to Washington for the sole purpose of seeing a hockey game isn’t really the most sensible of plans.  One thing that I knew would play to my advantage is my love for everything about the city that doesn’t have to do with hockey, and my knowledge that like myself, my family loves the city and its history and monuments and museums.  So, I knew if I planned this properly, I’d have a shot.

We began tentatively discussing The DC Adventure, as it came to be known, in July.  It was shortly after the schedule had come out, and we had narrowed down the list of games we could theoretically attend.  I had always wanted to see the Sabres play in Washington, but thanks to the schedule, that dream will not come to fruition, at least this year.  It was decided that the only two games that would really work were the one against the Flyers over Martin Luther King weekend, and the game against the Thrashers on April 1st.

We hit our first major snafu when it was discovered that MLK weekend is only a week before my midterms; as much as I wanted to see the Flyers take on the Caps, I knew I wouldn’t be able to leave town that close to so many big exams.  That game was crossed off the list, leaving only one other option this year:  The Thrashers/Caps game on Thursday, April 1st.

My spring break is toward the end of April this year, but since the school district wanted to prove they weren’t completely heartless, they gave us a conference day on April 1st in addition to the day off we have Friday due to it being Good Friday, making it a four-day weekend.  That would provide plenty of time to tour the city and see all our favorite sites, and making the drive down in time for a 7 o’clock puck drop would be quite doable.  And so, we decided that should the DC Adventure happen, we would make the journey to see the Caps play my darling Thrashers, featuring my beloved Kovy, Zachity Zach, Colby, and hopefully Evander.

Still, there was always the chance that something would come up and we would be unable to attend the game.  Then, Dear Readers, I received an email from the Capitals informing me that as a member of Ice Chips, an exclusive secret society, I would be able to buy tickets for the regular season via presale.  For the first time in weeks I brought up the DC Adventure, and as I’m sure you’ve figured out from this post, victory was mine.  On April 1st, I’ll be attending the Washington Capitals/Atlanta Thrashers game.

Excuse me for a moment.


Okay, I’m better now.

So, yeah.  That’s my exciting news.  Only six months!!

That Game Actually Was Fun

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So, on the one hand, I’d really like to go down to the Sabres’ locker room and yell at those little bastards for going ahead and beating Washington after losing to Atlanta, because even though their playoff hopes are DEAD, they’re still only FOUR POINTS out of eight place and they’re probably even going to win tonight and then royally screw it up next week.  

But on the other hand, all the back-and-forth and the penalties (well, the part of me that was wearing a Caps jersey found the penalties entertaining.  Seriously, Buffalo??) and the goals were a lot of fun.  I had a good time sitting there watching that game.  And then Pommer ended it in overtime and there was a huge group hug over against the boards and Ryan Miller even skated down and it kind of looked like he was shouting, “Hey, guys, let me hug too!!!” and they were all so happy and even though they lost the Caps clinched the division.  

So I really don’t know how I feel about it.  I’ll see what happens tonight and Monday.  

It makes me kind of sad that Simeon Varlamov got scored on in OT.  He’s such a cutie-pie.  He was a total badass when he got called up in December and I got excited because I thought the Caps would actually have a really good goalie going into the playoffs but then there were cap issues and he got hurt and we were stuck with Jose and then Jose looked good for a while and then Simeon got called up again.  And he doesn’t know a word of English but the media insists on interviewing him, so Sergei Fedorov always has to translate for him.  

The Nissan Shift Tracker was tracking Nicklas last night.  Woo, Nicky!

It appeared to me as though Max actually scored his goal with his stick.  Dear Readers, during the game last night I started getting this sinking feeling that on opening day next year, Max will be in a Sabres jersey.  This really bugs me.

I really hate to be such a kill-joy, but while Washington’s power play is fantastic their 5-on-3 play isn’t so great.  When they scored a two-man advantage goal against the Islanders on Wednesday, it was their first 5-on-3 goal in 56 games.  So, unfortunately, it wasn’t so much that the Sabres were just insanely good at killing those last night but rather that Washington isn’t too good on them.

Dear NHL,

I know I’ve sent this letter before, but I’m sending it again.  WHY DO YOU INSIST ON LEAVING ALEX ALL ALONE ON THE LEFT SIDE OF THE NET?!?!  I tell you ALL THE TIME that he is VERY GOOD at scoring from there, but you refuse to listen to me.  It’s your fault, teams of the NHL, that he scores on you from there because you always leave him alone.  Do you even watch tape on him?

With Love,


Even though Caveman took that dumb penalty after Royzie’s I still love him.

Ryan Miller getting extremely pissed off after Alex ran into him?  Hilarious.  Ryan Miller getting extremely pissed off after Alex ran into him and punching him in the face?  Not so cool.  Ryan, as my mother kindly pointed out, apparently Alex “isn’t that attractive to begin with,” so punching him in the face isn’t the best idea.

If Buffalo is going to try to make another – ugh – playoffs run, they’re going to have to work on discipline.  Those penalties last night were not the best idea against the second best power play in the league.

Atlanta won!!!  Their empty net goal was hilarious.  One Thrasher (I can’t remember who) stole the puck from a Panther at center ice and shot it down just as Vokoun (I think?) was skating to the bench.  He literally went, “Oh, crap, there’s the puck,” before leaping toward the net and throwing his stick.  Unfortunately for Florida and fortunately for Atlanta, it was too late.

Devils won last night, but it was against Tampa Bay.  I have no idea what the final score is going to be tonight, but I really do think the Sabres might win.  If they do win, they’re going to collapse (again) next week.  If they don’t win, well, they don’t win.

Richard Zednik Is Going To Win The Masterton

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I was really happy when I saw Teppo got nominated – because coming back from open heart surgery to play when you’re 40 years old is quite an accomplishment – but let’s be honest.  Richard Zednik had his artery sliced open and almost died.  He has this award locked up, and I really don’t have a problem with that.  (Although Brian Pothier’s story is pretty heart-warming too…)


I just thought you should know that all day I have been going up to people and reminding them that the Funnest Week of Hockey Ever starts tonight.  The Sabres are in Atlanta to play the outrageously frustrating Thrashers tonight, they face my beloved Caps on Friday, and then Sunday afternoon the Caps and Thrashers play each other.  I have told you this before, but I’m saying it again.  I have also said before that if I was a true, diehard Thrashers fan (but does that species even exist?) I would be so effing mad at this team.  They sucked royally for the first three or four months before turning it up.  Thrashers, there is absolutely no point in losing the first thirty games of the season and then winning five straight.  That does nothing but screw over your chances of getting the first pick.  Either be good for the entire season, or be bad.

And please don’t trade Ilya to LA.  I could handle a trade to Montreal, because then he’d be in our division, but do not trade him to LA.  I will never see him again if you do, and that would make me very sad.

My friend’s dad is going to be on Jeopardy Friday night but we’re DVRing it so I can watch the Caps.  I decided if for some odd reason the Sabres should lose (5-3) tonight I’ll have to root for the Caps because at that point the Sabres’ season will be over and the Caps need to take advantage of New Jersey’s current skid; but if Buffalo squeaks out a win I’ll cheer for them.  To start.

I entered to win tickets to the Washington/Atlanta game Sunday but didn’t.  I’m a little upset. 

Trendy Euro is backing up Miller because poor Lala has some sort of hip ailment.  Frostee’s Mom is very excited.

While I’m definitely (and inexplicably) attached to Trendy Euro, I find myself not feeling the same way about Harvard.  I’m sorry.  He just seems to be like a lot of the other Sabres: completely ineffectual.  I know he’s been taking faceoffs and killing penalties and bringing grit to the lineup, but I’m kind of sick of seeing that.  My apologies, Mr. Harvard, but in my humble opinion you don’t seem to be worth $3 million.

I just broke the news to my friend that Petey is a UFA this summer.  It did not go over too well.  I love Petey, but if the Sabres sign him before they sign Caveman we are going to have some serious problems.


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I do not care if the Sabres don’t make the playoffs this year.  Toni Lydman scoring the only goal of the shootout is officially my Sabres Highlight of the Year.  I wish you could have seen me when Toni came over the boards.  I had been lying on the couch and literally sat up and threw my hands over my face.  I am not kidding.  Then I cursed the hockey gods.  Then Toni scored and I cracked up.  FYI, Toni has never missed a shootout goal in his career.

After Pommer missed on his attempt I saw him say the F-word.  Jason, that kind of language is NOT ALLOWED.  I am WASHING YOUR MOUTH OUT WITH SOAP.

Miller stopped every single shot in the shootout.  I’m so glad I wore my Miller shirt yesterday.  We were watching the HNiC pre-game show and I found it quite interesting when they showed Ryan and Carey getting ready.  Carey had a really tight wife beater that appeared to be made of under-armor material.  It showed off his tanned, muscular arms quite nicely.  Ryan had one of his baggy Sabres hoodies on.  He is so the emo kid on the team.

If there aren’t any suspensions after that hit on Patty I’ll personally start a riot.  That is a DANGEOUS HIT TO THE HEAD, NHL.  GET ON IT.

I’m pretty sure Buffalo got called 18 times for “playing against Montreal” last night.  That’s the most popular penalty in the NHL right now.  Tampa Bay got called for it a ton of times on Thursday.

Goosie got a Gordie Howe Hat Trick on Friday?  Sweet!

I would just like to let everyone know that the Atlanta Thrashers won 6-3 last night after trailing to Ottawa.  I was on the phone with my mom when they scored the sixth goal on the power play and I dropped the phone and yelped excitedly.  Ilya got his fortieth goal!!!

I still don’t believe that the Sabres will make the playoffs (although if they won both games of a back-to-back thanks to Toni Lydman, anything is possible), but I do feel myself warming to them again.  I’ve always loved them, but now I can like them again.

One Week!

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The Sabres should not, under any circumstances, look ahead past this weekend.  If they can’t beat Toronto and Montreal, they don’t deserve to be in the playoffs and certainly won’t be.

But just because they can’t look ahead doesn’t mean I can’t!!  That is because on Friday, the third of April, one week from tonight…..

The Sabres play the Capitals!!!!! 

I’m so excited.  It’s ridiculous.

And, as an added bonus………

They play the Thrashers the game before!!

The Thrashers, I would like to remind everyone, rallied from a 3-goal deficit to beat the Rangers in the shootout last night.  It was fantastic.  Drury had a goal disallowed because he used a high stick.

And even better than the Sabres playing the Thrashers and the Capitals, my tertiary and secondary teams, respectively, in the upcoming weeks is…..

Miller’s back!!!  I don’t care that the Sabres aren’t going to make the playoffs.  I’m really, really excited that Ryan’s finally healthy again.  I wanted to wear my Miller shirt today but then I overslept, and didn’t have time to dig through my drawers, and the jeans I was wearing would have clashed with it…suffice to say, if I had had the time I would be wearing a Miller shirt right now.

Pogge got called up because of Gerber’s suspension.  It’s a pretty cruel joke on the part of the hockey gods to call him up right in time for a Buffalo game.  The poor kid does not have the best track record against us.

I Did Not Watch Hockey Last Night*

March 22, 2009 at 9:31 am | Posted in Atlanta Thrashers, Buffalo Sabres, Happy!!, Losing Sucks, Stick a fork in it, Washington Capitals | 3 Comments

*This is a lie.  But more on that later.

So yesterday after Shea’s and dinner out, we were driving home when my mother suggested we get a movie on Pay-Per View.  I had been hoping to lie around watching the Sabres and Caps, but since I really wanted to see Milk I agreed to watch it with them.  I did watch the first sixteen minutes of the Sabres game while we waited for my mom to finish whatever had caught her attention upstairs.  I had a sort of sinking feeling when we turned it off as it was 1-0 Rangers.  It was still scoreless in the Caps game, and I was just hoping that it wouldn’t be an exciting blowout.

We went down into the basement and watched the movie.  It was really good.  Even when James Franco plays gay I love him.  I can’t decide if this has replaced Brokeback Mountain as my favorite involes-a-gay-couple-movie.  It’s tough.  

When the credits were rolling, I pulled out my cell phone to check the final score.  Heh.  Rangers win, 5-3.  I was a tad bit disappointed to miss a Pie goal, but did I really want to see the Sabres lose 5-3, and see Patty get pulled?  No.

I went over to the Center Ice channel that shows the scores and I discovered that the Capitals also lost, 4-1.  Ew.  That’s GROSS, Caps.  Then I watched the second Don Cherry.  (Dear Readers, I would like to point out that while Malkin has more points, you don’t see Alex throwing his elbows around when it’s entirely unnecessary.  Not that elbows are ever necessary.  Even if I hated them both, I would say a real MVP doesn’t partake in dangerous hits to the head.)

After that I wasn’t sure what to watch.  Flipping through the Center Ice Channels, however, I discovered that the Thrashers were still on, and tied with Tampa Bay!  Since I lurve the Thrashers, I watched the overtime and shootout of that game.  The Thrashers won.  I love them.

It’s really sad that my favorite team in the NHL is the Sabres, my second favorite team is the Capitals, and I had to rely on my THIRD favorite team, the THRASHERS, for a win last night.

But I am kind of excited that we might have an exciting end to the season after all.  If the Sabres completely implode, it might be kind of funny.

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