A Post Previewing the 2009-2010 Washington Capitals

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Watch out, Pittsburgh. We’re coming for blood.

(Also, Michael, get your act together; Sasha, for the love of vodka, don’t get hurt; David, I love you unconditionally and can’t wait to see you win EVERY SINGLE FACEOFF you take; Lars, y’all gonna be crazy good this year; Varly, I have faith that you’ll be the starting goalie; Mike Knuble, I’m counting on you to make the top line [Ovechkin-Backstrom-Knuble] the most insane line evah; the defense, collectively, please play a teeny tiny bit better [read: learn how to play defense]; Alex, score 60 goals, repeat with the Hart and Maurice Richard trophies, and steal that Art Ross away from Geno.)

Let’s go Caps!

You Know What?

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I could rage and scream and stomp about and proclaim that Ryan Miller is the WORST GOALIE EVER and that he SUCKS MAJORLY after he let in that penalty shot last night, but I was watching Sabres hockey on TV and they won and Goose was the captain.  Really, I have nothing to complain about at all.

I didn’t pay all that much attention to the game since I was reading, but I had it on and saw all the goals.  Good job, Sabres.  You looked a little questionable in the third, but all in all, you got the win.

Word on the street is that Patches might get moved to forward.  Even though we have like six bajillion forwards as it is, I endorse this move.  I always thought he made a better forward anyway.

How DARE Cody McCormick try to look good so he could stick around?  Where did he get the audacity to do such a thing?  We don’t want him!!

Knuble scored twice, Alex scored twice (aaahh my love!!) and Lars added a goal (whee!!), which means I get to use one of the pictures I took at the game last Thursday:

P9170210Awww right.

I think I’m finally going to get around to posting my season previews this weekend.  (That’s right.  I did two.  Woo for secondary teams!!)  A note of warning:  They’re not very good.  I wrote them back over Labor Day weekend, and I’ve come to find that when I write a post and save it to use later, they’re always pretty bad.  It’s the ones I bang out in about ten minutes that are a bit funnier.  So I’ll reread them and decide if I want to show them to the public.  I probably will, just for the heck of it.


Poor Sabres/Woo Caps!!

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Oh, Sabres. I know it’s just the preseason, but it would have been nice to see you pull out a win./Awesome job, Capitals!! I know it’s just the preseason, but it’s always nice to see a win.

Don’t feel too bad, Sabres. Timmy K got a goal, Drew played pretty darn well, and if this game had actually counted for anything in the grand scheme of things, you would have at least walked away with one point!/You should be proud of yourselves, Caps. This game may not have counted for anything in the grand scheme of things, but Varly played a great game and seeing Brian Pothier get the OT winner always makes me feel warm and fuzzy. Just one question, though: Why was Jeff Schultz getting so much ice time?

Like I already mentioned, this game doesn’t count for anything in the grand scheme of things. It was still, however, a hockey game, and I had an amazing time. Hockey is hockey, Dear Readers, and hockey is back.

One of the better parts of the evening took place during the warmup. As you know, Cari was kind enough to make me a sign so that I could share with the world my love for Alexander and my hope that he would have a happy birthday. However, I didn’t want to look like the dumb chick who thought Alex would be there, so we took a Sharpie and wrote on the back that I knew ge wasn’t there, and that I loved Chris Clark too. Christopher and I do, after all, have a little inside joke, and I thought he could use some love. And I didn’t feel the need to list that he’s actually my fourth-favorite Capital. (Although after last night, I think he made the jump to #3)

When the warmup began I took my sign down to the ice and flipped it back and forth so that the team could see both sides. I suspected that he was looking my way, and sure enough, he was eyeing my sign. I waved. He looked me straight in the eye and smiled. I about died.

Then, a few minutes later, when he and Mike Knuble were standing in front of me, I distinctly heard him say, “Hey, look at that sign.” Then he pointed.

So, Dear Readers, that was the highlight of my evening. Just thought I’d share it with you.

Free Agency Day!!! Part II

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I realize that the first day of free agency is far from over, but I figured I might as well write a post.  It’s been quite a roller coaster of emotions for me today.  I’ll give you a little sample:

Happiness: Huzzah!!!  The Capitals signed Mike Knuble!!  Veteran experience!!  Not afraid to crash the net!!  Grit and toughness!!  Just what they need!!  A perfect fit!!

And, I might have seen him outside Chef’s back during the season, so clearly he and I share a bond.

Utter confusion: Um…Hossa to Chicago?  As in, Chicago? I totally did not see that one coming.  Not at all.  And, twelve years?  Um, Blackhawks, can you afford that?  Kaner and Toews are both due extensions next summer, and juuust in case you forgot, you have Brian Campbell, and he’s seriously overpaid.  And Huet isn’t exactly a cheap goalie.

Complete shock: Darcy Regier signed someone.  As in, a player.  It’s July 1, and Darcy signed someone.  I need to take a deep breath and process this.

Hello, Steve Montador.  Welcome to Buffalo.  We love our hockey here.  Don’t break our hearts.  Some people say you’re “tough.”  We have a lot of players here who, well, aren’t tough, so feel free to knock around the opposing team’s players if they give our goalie a high ankle sprain.

And, also, we’ve been hearing that you’re a bit like our beloved Timothy Connolly off the ice?  Fabulous.  That means we’re going to gossip about you.  Deal with it.

Aww, bless them: The Sedin twins sign identical deals in Vancouver; Jay Bouwmeester gets to play for Calgary.

And, Jay, you’re too cute.  Have fun playing for the Flames.

Intrigue: The Hawks have Huet as their starting goaltender this season?  This could get interesting.  Good luck in Edmonton, Khabby!!!

Despair: Why hasn’t Washington traded Theodore yet?  Why haven’t they announced that Nylander’s gone missing, but they won’t search for the body yet?  Why is Mike Komisarek a Sabre/Capital for life?!?!?!

Purely suicidal thoughts: Jaro….is a CANADIEN?!?!  As in, he’ll be PLAYING FOR MONTREAL NEXT SEASON?!?!

Wait.  $11.5 million over three years? That’s… a lot of money.

But still.  Sniffle.  I’ll miss you, Caveman.  Take care of yourself.  Make sure you get enough fresh meat.

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