I So Called That

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Before last night’s game, I was enjoying a delicious dinner with my family.  We were discussing Game 7, amongst other things, and I turned to my father and said, “You know, this series has been such a tight affair.  I’ve been kind of waiting for one of the teams to crack the other wide open.”

Yo, Caps, I didn’t mean I wanted the PENGUINS to do the cracking.

I would also like to point out that even though I didn’t mention it here (or maybe I did?  Possibly I’ll check the archives?) about halfway through the first round I spent a good day telling anyone and everyone who asked or didn’t ask that Alex was injured in some way, shape, or form.  I know this boy and how he plays very well, and something wasn’t right.  Turns out, he had a groin injury.  And while that might have been what slowed him down for parts of the first round, that did NOT seem to affect him for this series.  Until maybe last night.

Possibly because of the blowout nature of the game, I handled the loss much better than I thought I would.  I didn’t tear up until my mother told me that my uncle – who lives in Detroit – would have been able to get me tickets through work if the Caps and Red Wings had met in the finals.  Which is assuming a lot, because there were still the conference finals even if the Caps had won this round, but still.  Curse you, hockey gods!!

I almost enjoyed watching how amazingly, horrifically awful Michael had become.  He was so bad, I wasn’t even sure what to say after some of his shifts.  He better have an AMAZING playoffs next year or else Mr. Michael becomes Mr. Choker.

Ditto for Semin, but I never felt the same way about him, so it wasn’t quite the same.

Varly had been coming closer and closer to Earth with each game of this series, and last night he crashed.  But that’s okay, Simeon.  I’m not mad.  You went above and beyond the call of duty by even getting Washington that far in the first place.  Next year you’ll have a whole season to get ready.  

I sort of hope he had a tantrum in the middle of the locker room and his translator had to rush to keep up and inform his teammates exactly what he was screaming about.

I’m very meh about the rest of the teams in the playoffs so I’m unsure of where my loyalties will fall.  I’ve always kind of had a thing for Anaheim (due largely to Drew Miller), and I seem to have an affair with Detroit every year in the playoffs.  I can’t explain it.  Who knows who will steal my heart in the next round.

Alas, now that none of the teams I’m deeply attached to are in the playoffs, I have to start studying for finals.  Ew.  After I get those pesky little tests over I’ll do some sort of review of the Sabres.  Perhaps the thought of returning to my true, #1 team will get me through the end of the year?


This Post Is Kind Of Nonsensical

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WOOO!!!  The Capitals WON last night, everyone!!  I can’t even remember the last time I got to see one of my favorite teams win a playoffs series.  It’s been ages. *narrows eyes at Sabres*

The Caps looked like crap for the first two periods and I was so worried and I was trying to study while I was watching and it wasn’t doing any good.  But then they won.  SERGEI scored the game winner!!  Oh, Sergei.  Stop this right now.  My crush on you is so inappropriate, and you scoring the series clincher did nothing to help it.

Alex was so over his interview with Chris – oh, I’m sorry, Christine Simpson – last night.  It was funny.  It made me laugh.

But he said a baaaad thing in the interview in the locker room.  Alex, we told on Albert in third grade when he said “Jesus Christ” for a reason.  It’s bad.  Don’t say it, or we’ll tell on you and then the teacher will take you out in the hall and talk to you and you’ll have to sit out for ten minutes during recess.  These are the lessons I take away from elementary school.

I have to make a poster tonight, and that’s it.  It’s odd knowing I don’t really have to study.  Okay, well, I do have a few quizzes coming up, but that’s what homeroom’s for.  

I didn’t get a chance to mention it, but, uh SUCK IT, SHARKS.  Everyone was getting on my case when I picked the Ducks to win but then they DID.  Ha.  See, people?  Frostee is not as crazy as you all thought!

Upon reviewing my first round predictions, it would appear as though I guessed the correct winner for every series except the Vancouver/St. Louis one.  I was just off on the games it would take.  Like, really, really off.  I really thought Boston would need six to knock out  Montreal?

This whole, “Dan Girardi and Marc Staal are a couple” thing is highly amusing.  Glen, I’m thinking if we didn’t already know about it the boys were trying to keep their love affair hush-hush.  Way to completely out them.

CHRISTOPHER returned last night!  Chris Clark, my BFFL, played last night.  I may not have realized it until halfway through the first period, but at long last, the Capitals’ captain has come back!  I also realized that he and I found each other and then lost each other way before I started calling players by their full first names instead of nicknames, so Chris = Christopher.  FYI.

I’m really proud of myself, or ashamed of myself, depending on how you look at it.  I skipped right over the Alex interview tot he Chris one when I went on the Caps’ website today.

Also, Alexander = Alexander Ovechkin.  When I’m talking about Semin, I either call him Semie or call him Sasha in a rather disdainful tone.  Just so y’all know.

I found a Russian I don’t like!  (aside from Max, of course)  Viktor Kozlov is lame.  I’ve suspected it all season long, and this series confirmed it.

If any of the fans who were sitting behind the Rangers bench are reading this, those signs and those rain ponchos were absolutely brilliant.  I loved them.

Alex, Geno, and Pavel are the Hart finalists.  I totally heart Pavel, but I don’t really think he has a chance.  Also, in a completely non-biased way (because nothing I ever say is biased on this here blog), I think Alex has the best chance to win this.

The Capitals, however, don’t appear to be the team that will win this playoffs series.  It makes me sad, but it’s a fact of life.

Sucks for the New Jersey fans.  I did think Carolina would win the series, but the way in which they won is really harsh.

My mom has a really funny – and COMPLETELY wrong – Swedish impression.  She coined it when trying to lift my spirits after the Game 2 loss when they were interviewing Henrik, and when the handshake line showed him and Nicklas last night she did it again.  It’s so bad.  It’s so funny.  I wish I knew how she possibly came up with it.

In gym we’re playing floor hockey and I recently discovered that the reason I’ve been sucking on left wing is that I’m actually a natural defense(wo)man.  It’s wonderful.  No one every wants to play goalie so all we have are these little blocks, and I did an excellent job defending the net.  I was a +12, but I got yelled at every time I tried to join the rush.  It was an interesting situation, as my gym teacher kept yelling at my partner and I to run around and get active, but whenever our forwards controlled the puck and I wanted to run down and help them, she yelled at me to stay put.  Thus is the extent of damage Brian Campbell has inflicted upon me.

My phone exploded last night when they won.  It’s very sweet of everyone who texted me.  It’s very funny that people who work with my parents somehow got a hold of my number to congratulate me.

Pittsburgh is very close to Buffalo.  My parents have been toying with my emotions about going to one of these games, because apparently they know people who could get tickets.  I think they’re just doing it to crush me, as parents are wont to do, but, um, there’s a game Friday night next week.  I get out of school at two.  Just sayin’.

This post is very long and ramble-y.  I’ll stop now.  Time to make my seating arrangements.  Just in case anyone was wondering, a dinner party with Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, Aung San Suu Kyi, and Deng Xiaoping is actually really boring.

Thank You, Search Engine Terms

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I checked my Search Engine Terms today as I do from time to time.  I don’t usually have any laugh-out-loud funny ones, but today I did.

“does alex semin date guys or girls”

I don’t know.  Maybe it’s because it’s a Monday and I’ve been up for a long time, maybe it’s the wicked cold I caught, maybe the Sabres’ suckitude is starting to get to me.  (But now that I’ve accepted that they’re terrible, I kind of want to see just how low they can drop in the standings)  Regardless of what caused it, I find this one highly amusing. 

And just an FYI, I have no idea if Mr. Semin prefers the men or the ladies.  Good question.

Welcome To Rock Bottom

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Embarrassing is the only word I can really think of to describe that game.  Getting shut out is bad enough, but getting shut out to the Islanders?  Really?

It makes me sad that the Sabres can’t get a win for Lala.  He’s been really reliable these past few games and has been making great saves, but apparently it’s way too much to ask the Sabres to actually score a freaking goal.  I don’t care how many good chances they had in the first period tonight, Harry.  Chances mean absolutely nothing when the team can’t actually score.  

Trade deadline is Wednesday.  I love the trade deadline because GMs can always be counted on to make completely wacky-doodle trades.  There’s been a lot of talk surrounding a Connolly trade but I actually don’t think Timmy’ll get traded.  He’s too important to this team right now and I get the feeling that Darcy will at least try to resign him.  I definitely expect to see Tallinder shipped out (sorry Heather), and even though I tear up just thinking about it I worry about Pie.  MacArthur has done absolutely nothing memorable lately and I really want Jochen Hecht to go away.  Tallinder, Hecht, and MacArthur might seem like a good package to some of those wacko GMs who go wild on deadline day.  

Semin’s OT winner in the Caps/Bruins game today was fantastic.  I feel really bad for Timtom but when goals like that are scored you can’t help but laugh.

TV is supposed to be back by Wednesday.  If the hockey gods have any mercy at all he will.  

Don Cherry seems to think Alex’s goal celebrations make him like Sean Avery.  Huh.  I really don’t see where he gets that from.  I do know that part of what makes the Capitals so fun to watch is their obvious love for the game and their excitement when they score.  Watching them get incredibly fired up by goals makes me really happy.

Speaking of the Capitals, uh, there’s still room on the bandwagon.  I don’t want to be a Debbie Downer but I’m just puttin’ it out there…

Monday Ramblings: Ankle Edition

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Dear Ryan Miller’s Ankle,

Screw you.

With Love,


Dear Buffalo Sabres,

As you know, tomorrow is my birthday (checks should be made out to Frostee, gift cards should be to either Forever 21 or the iTunes Store, and cold hard cash is always appreciated).  It also happens to be the night you play the Anaheim Ducks.  I am trying to take a positive attitude about this whole thing, but I’ll be honest.  It’s not easy.

First there’s the matter of this whole Miller-having-a-high-ankle-sprain thing.  Being raised by hockey fans, there were two things I have been taught my entire life.  The first is that the Philadelphia Flyers are bad and should be openly loathed (hey, my dad grew up going to Rangers and Islanders games).  The second is that high ankle sprains are probably one of the worst injuries hockey players could get.  Groin injuries are also pretty bad.  See, Miller is most likely out until the end of the season unless the hockey gods do us a solid and throw a miracle our way.  Patrick Lalime is now your starting goaltender and you called up Jhonas Enroth today.  I’ve given this a lot of thought, and there are two possible outcomes from this scenario:

1)  You, the Buffalo Sabres, band together in an incredible show of team unity and play in front of Patty as you have never played before, guiding yourselves into the playoffs.

2)  You completely implode and get an early summer for the second year in a row.

I’m trying to be optimistic about all this, Sabres, I really am.  It’s just that the way you depend on Ryan Miller to always save your collective asses and the way you suck in front of Lala has me worried.  Who knows.  Maybe we dedicated fans will be rewarded with Outcome #1.  Maybe we won’t.

Then there’s the matter of your birthday greetings policy.  As you know, people put birthday wishes up on the jumbotron at games.  Yesterday when we were all preparing lunch, my dad came downstairs and told me that he’s really sorry, but HSBC has a policy that you have to call at least three days in advance to get a birthday greeting.  As he called only two days in advance, there would be no special surprise for me.  I actually can not tell you how devastated I was to hear this.

So, Sabres, I really need you to win this game tomorrow.  I haven’t been to a good game since November 1.  I may have had fun at the one at the end of December, but that’s because I liked the other team enough to overlook the fact that you apparently sucked balls.  The one in the middle of December was pretty bad too.  Then there’s also the matter of the critical two points you could pick up.  And, of course, a win on my birthday would be simply marvelous.

With Love,


  • Tom Renney got fired.  It was only a matter of time.
  • The Alex Ovechkin/Sidney Crosby bitch fight made ESPN this morning.  Personally, I thought the wave was amusing.  And personally, I’m going to side with Alex and Bruce and the rest of the Washington Capitals.  Sid kind of needed to shut his mouth yesterday.  Personally, I prefer Alex’s playing style to Sidney’s because I love me a man who can score goals AND throw hits.  A friend of mine is a Penguins/Crosby fan and even she admitted to me today that he’s kind of a wuss. Personally, I think it’s really funny how none of the Penguins want to stick up for Crosby.  Personally, I’m just glad the Caps won.
  • I told my mother that if she went with me to the game tomorrow night we would have to go down during the pre-game skate and shout inappropriate things at Ryan Getzlaf, but since it’s looking like Papa Frostee will be going with me instead, we’ll just heckle Chris Simpson.
  • I won’t go into details, because the details are hilarious but time-consuming, but there’s this one kid who’s been in several of my classes for the past few years.  He’s a total creeper in addition to being incredibly rude.  He does this weird thing where he’ll get a crush on a girl and just follow her around for several days.  He back-talks to teachers on a regular basis.  He doesn’t like me or any of my friends, and just to prove how nice he is he told us that he would kill us in our sleep.  This charming young man also happens to be a Red Wings fan, an insufferable one at that.  He thoroughly enjoys trash-talking the Sabres, and when the Wings won the Cup last season we knew he’d be awful to be around.  The next day he wore his signed Pavel Datsyuk jersey (I was so jealous) to school, and I informed him that while Candy Corn Head is a great player, I still prefer Mr. Henrik Zetterberg.  The kid started screaming at me about how Henrik is probably the most overrated player in the league and he’s not any good and Pavel is easily the best player on the team and the best in the NHL.  It was really funny.  Now, last week I started getting Facebook Mobile texts informing me that he was trying to add me as a friend on Facebook.  Since I, well, don’t like him, I rejected him.  Four times.  I finally just gave up and added him.  Today he commented on a picture I have.  Not only does this prove he was Facebook stalking me, but it also confuses me slightly.  See, he commented on the picture of me with Mini Alex that I took last year during the playoffs.  His comment read, “seriously ovechkin?  jk jk jk he’s clearly the best russian player in the league.”  Hmm.  This is the same kid that informed me in no uncertain terms that Pavel Datsyuk is the best player in the world.  I kind of want to shake him and shout, “But what about PAVEL?!??!  You told me PAVEL! was the BEST PLAYER in the WORLD!”
  • Speaking of Alex, I’m choosing to ignore that picture of him over at Puck Daddy.
  • Alexander Semin is following me on Twitter.  This is kind of awesome.
  • TV is back skating with the team.  Woo!  
  • COMPLETELY unrelated to hockey, but what do you think the chances are of my teacher figuring out I made up 100% of what I wrote about the North Korean economy?  There was nothing on the websites she told us to use.  I bullshit on projects regularly, but this is just plan making stuff up.  Thank goodness we only have give the website.

More Ramblings: Bitch Fight Style

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  • I HATE JAPAN.  Damn you, Japan, for being so confusing.  Damn you.
  • Rawr.  I’m going to be honest with you, Dear Readers.  I really, really want the claws to come out tonight.  I want Semin to start playing the Sidney Bongos and I want Alex and Evgeni to fight.  And I want it to be a REAL fight, none of that “let’s hug and skate in circles until the referees pull us apart” bullshit.
  • Last night’s Caps game?  Yucky.  Last night’s Pens game?  Yuckier.  But I have faith in the Caps tonight.  I’m going to study before the game, and I’m going to wear my jersey.  And even the Pens’ most faithful are getting worried.  In the immortal words of my friend Erin, who is hands-down the biggest Sidney/Penguins fan you’ll ever meet: “Yeah, well, the Penguins are going down the shitter.”
  • Ew.  Brian Campbell.  I am not looking forward to this matchup at all.  I was really pissed when he decided to sign there, because Chicago was going to be my Western Conference team.  I was going to be able to openly root for Pkane and Jonathan “Toes” Toews, but now I can’t.  Every year around my birthday I’ll remember about the time Soupy got traded because he didn’t want to stay in Buffalo.  
  • Um, okay, in this video at the 1:50 mark, is that someone in the background sneezing or shouting in Russian?  Because as we all know, thanks to my French homework, je ne comprends pas le russe ou le vietnamien.  (Dear Cameraman,  Those close-ups on his eyes?  Fabulous idea.  With Love,  Frostee)
  • Okay everybody.  Pray that tomorrow drops to twenty below, with the wind chill.  That’s the only way school will be canceled, which would be spectacular since a) I have swimming tomorrow and b) I have like eight kajillion projects that need to be done.
  • Clare is trying to sell me on 8:30 games.  We’ll see how it goes the next two nights.
  • Why is Chris Butler sitting?  WHY?!?!?!?!

I Blame Jason Pominville. (#53)

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There.  I said it.  I feel almost blasphemous, and I hope he doesn’t find out because I don’t want to make him cry, but I’m blaming Pommer for the loss last night.  Sure, the defense left Miller out to dry (it doesn’t matter if your goalie is as good as Ryan was last night, Defense.  You need to step it up), but when Jochen fed Pommer the puck on a two-on-one with six minutes left and he had an EMPTY NET and was unable to score, I’m going to get a little angry.  And it was his second one last night!  It looked like he had been doing the same thing against New York Friday night: having really great chances and hitting the side of the net or whiffing on the shot.  NOT COOL.  Jason, I’m sorry if I’m hurting your feelings, but brother, you need to start getting those shots.  Those are supposed to be goals right there.  

One player – other than Miller – who did show up last night?  Derek Roy.  D, you have been playing excellently lately.  I’m very proud of you.  We can’t rely on Thomas Vanek to score all our goals and it’s refreshing to see you contributing.

Detroit is really good at hockey.  Seventeen straight years in the playoffs?  On the one hand you want to be blown away by that statistic, but on the other hand you kind of want to yell at Detroit for being greedy and hogging all the good seeds.

Timmy had a couple good plays last night, a couple bad ones.  Eh.  Still a little “rusty.”  (We had an ongoing joke last night that before the game he went to my cousin’s fiance’s bar, which is literally a block away from the football field and baseball stadium, to try and pick up a few ladies.  We also had a joke about my cousin’s fiance spotting Derek the second he walked in, but that’s a whole other story.  I won’t go there.)

I hope Lalime gets the start in Chicago Wednesday night.  Miller has been on FIRE but he was starting to look a little tired at the end of the game.  That’ll be another huge game for the Sabres, and then when they play Dallas the next night it will also be important.  Carolina and Pittsburgh lost, but Florida and New Jersey won, so Buffalo can’t let those four points slip away.  

So, the Sabres aren’t playing again until Wednesday, and that game isn’t until 8:30.  I probably shouldn’t complain, because Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill are on tomorrow I have a ton of studying to do for midterms.  And the other game on Wednesday is the Capitals/Penguins game, which should be really good.  The Pens basically suck now, but it will be the second night of a back-to-back for Washington and they just lost two straight (my jersey is on a losing streak so I’m benching it Tuesday).  Then there are the Semin/Crosby and the Ovechkin/Malkin subplots.  I desperately want Semin and Crosby to fight, and I want Alex to actually grind Malkin into the boards the way he always tries to.  If Semin fights Sid, I would rewind it and record it and watch it whenever I’m in a bad mood.

Jeff Carter scored last night.  TWICE.  I have no idea what is up with him suddenly scoring all these goals, but Alex/Thomas need to start lighting the lamp again.  I will not have them lose the Maurice “Rocket” Richard Trophy to JEFF CARTER.

I don’t really want to talk about the Caps game last night.  Nylander, you better watch your back.  Alex was about to get his 28th goal and you just had to go and deflect it.  Brent Johnson, you also better watch it, because you should not be letting goals like that in with 20 seconds left.  (Seeing Bruce cover his face with his hands when that goal went in was absolutely priceless.  Poor, poor Bruce)

Since both of my teams lost last night, please indulge me.  You see, when we realized we would be getting the Hockey Night in Canada feed for the Caps game, we were at first very disappointed because it meant there would be no Joe.  HNiC made up for it, however, when they showed the locker room footage before the game.  I don’t care if it makes me sound like a puck bunny, I’m going to say it anyway:  I TOTALLY LOVE when they show us Alex WITHOUT HIS SHIRT getting ready.  My goodness, does he have the BEST BICEPS I HAVE EVER SEEN, OR WHAT.  Two tickets to the gun show!  And it was adorable how he had his big ol’ headphones on and was bobbing away to the music.  Almost as cute as when he was shaking his butt here in Buffalo during the national anthems.

I haven’t been paying all that much attention to the NFL playoffs, but I do know that after Carolina lost last night my aunt was so mad she wouldn’t even text us back.  Her love for the Panthers makes my love for the Sabres and hockey in general look like a minor interest.  She’s crazy.  She goes to every home game and gets mad at us when we don’t call her to congratulate her on their wins.  My uncle might want to put her on suicide watch.


There are so many things I could say about this video.  I almost fell out of my chair when they showed it.  I just…I can’t even describe it.  Alexander Semin and Alex Ovechkin officially beat out the Laich/Green, Petey/Royzie and Burish/Sharp bromances in the NHL.   (And apparently Alex lifted Semin up the right way, using his knees instead of his back.  What a good boy!)

Is Jarkko A Twilight Fan?

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Good grief.  I really can’t believe he bit poor Petey.  And his texting thumb, too!  The only logical explanation I can come up with, other than Ruutu just being crazy, is that he’s a Twilight fan.  Trust me on this, I go to high school.  I’m surrounded by girls talking constantly about biting.  And Jarkko’s post-game comments about Petey’s hand just being near his mouth and all that sounded exactly like five year-old Frostee.  I may or may not have bit my brother when we were really little, and when asked about it I said, “I didn’t bite him.  I just accidentally caught his hand with my mouth.”  (As you can see, I was quick and clever as a child too)  That’s basically what Jarkko’s saying, but at least Colin Campbell listened for once.  Two games for Mr. Ruutu, his second suspension of the season.  He’ll miss Boston and New York, but somehow I think that it won’t make that much of a difference for the Senators.  I can’t wait to hear what Petey has to say about the suspension.  He’s been so politically correct through the whole thing, talking about how hard it is for the referees and all that other crap.  I kind of wanted him to just trash talk Ruutu, but I guess he’s too nice for that.

The biting incident aside, that was a huge win for the Sabres.  I had absolutely ZERO confidence in them winning, because all season they’ve shown that they’re cocky and enjoy following wins over good teams with losses to crappy teams.  When Matt Ellis scored 15 seconds in (Matt!  Call me!  I promise, I’ll babysit WHENEVER you want!!!), I was quite surprised.  I definitely love the Pommer-Gaustad-Ellis line.  It’s been doing some pretty awesome stuff lately.  When Spezza scored those two goals I figured the game was over and the Sabres were going to lose.  It’s refreshing to see them hold a lead twice.  In two games.  In a row.  It was also really great for the penalty kill to be perfect, because Ottawa somehow manages to have a decent power play.  Go figure.

I think Patrick Lalime and Ryan Miller are officially BFFs now.  Did you all see the bright yellow skull cap Lala was working?

Craig decided to try and fight in his first game back after the injury.  Nice, Craig.  Screw your shoulder up again.  Teppo played, and Toni was the one out sick.  

I cheered for Vanek and his empty-netter because now he’s tied for the lead league in goals again.  Woo!  Neither Alex nor Jeff Carter were able to light the lamp last night.  Alex was, however, about to grind Carter into the Verizon Center ice when he got out of the way and Alex drilled Chris Clark instead.  I may or may not have giggled at the sight of it all.  My jersey went 4-0 as Kozlov scored the only shootout goal for the Caps and Jose stopped all three attempts.  Both Alexes were stopped in the shootout.  I thought Semin’s attempt was pretty weak, personally, and Alex just further proved that while he is a spectacular player, he’s not very good in shootouts.  I have yet to see him score a shootout goal.  Question to any Capitals fans reading this post:  Are Bruce and John Stevens in a bitch fight?

Carolina beat New Jersey so they’re still in seventh place, and Pittsburgh won (against Atlanta) to close the gap.  The game against the Rangers on Friday is actually really big; New York is six points ahead of the Sabres but with Pittsburgh only a point behind now, the Sabres need both points up for grabs.  Boston lost AGAIN to Minnesota…have the Sabres started the Bruins’ downward spiral?

Apparently Toronto traded a draft pick today for Brad May.  Interesting that Brian Burke traded for a player on the team he had just left.

Never Thought I’d See THAT Headline

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The headlines in today’s paper (the hockey ones) all basically said how Matt Ellis helped power the Sabres over the first-place Bruins.  Huh.  Never thought I’d see that, and I can’t help but wonder if Matt ever thought that either.

I think it’s great that he had the first three-point game of his career and that he’s been playing so well here in Buffalo these past few games.  I watched the Sabres Show this morning, and he seems like a really nice guy.  Danny never told me he and Matt were childhood friends!   I hope he sticks around for a while, especially since he’s one of the players we have who really seems to want to win.  It’s really great for him to get the chance to play here and I’m glad Lindy decided to keep him instead of Gerbe.  (Don’t get me wrong.  I ADORE Nate.  I just agree that he should get a wee bit more seasoning in Portland)

Apparently Max has a “lower body injury.”  Hmm.  Sure thing, Sabres, sure thing.  I’m not going to question it if it means Max comes out of the lineup.  (Just in case there’s any confusion, like there was at TFF Headquarters yesterday, I’m not glad he got hurt.  I’m not that mean a person that I would wish him ill.  I’m just kind of glad that he might not be able to play)  I thoroughly enjoyed yesterday in the first period when Derek was all, “Okay, I’m going to fight CHARA now!” and then Chara just knocked him over.  Sure, Chara probably shouldn’t have punched him several times like he had, but it was kind of funny to see.  Sorry, D.  

Was Harry Neale off his meds again yesterday?  Good grief.  Poor Reggie gets speared and then he goes, “Well, looks like he’ll be a soprano in the choir now!” or something along those lines.  I’m just glad he’s okay and came back out and played.  That could have been a penalty though…

I agree with Bruce, Dear Readers.  It’s definitely “dumb” that Alex didn’t make the starting lineup, but I don’t agree with Tom Renney that there must be a flaw in the system if he didn’t make it.  Those lame-o Habs and Pens fans rigged the balloting, and I like to think that Alex feels the same way that Thomas Vanek does, and that if he can’t be voted to the lineup the honest way, then it’s okay if he’s not voted at all.  (Dear Tom Renney,   I get that you’re trying to be funny, but next time when they ask you how you plan on defending Alex during a game, I’d appreciate it if you’d refrain from telling reporters that you’d kill him.  That’s not so nice.  With Love, Frostee)

All I saw of the game last night was Chris Clark’s fight (Chris!  You PUNCH Redden, boyfriend, you PUNCH him) and the Caps walking off at the end of the second, so this morning I watched the highlights.  First, Alex’s goal was pretty badass  and now he’s tied with Carter for the league lead like I knew he would be and now he’ll be the leader in goals again so life is good (haha sorry for that run-on).  He was also dropping guys like flies.  Dude, you are a beast.  

Second, Semin, uh, got in a fight in his first game back.  As Joe so eloquently put, he was “playing the bongoes.”  

Dear Donald Brashear,

Please teach Semin how to fight.  The poor boy looks ridiculous out there.

With Love,


At least Staal wanted to go with him, unlike a certain Pittsburgh player I could mention from yesterday afternoon. 

P.S.  Last night while we were watching the football game with the friends we had over we were playing Apples to Apples, and when it was my turn to judge and I got “violent” some idiot gave me the card that said “Russia.”  I’m pretty sure it was my brother.  He should know better than that at this point.

Saturday Ramblings/#50, #51

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  • Okie dokie, Sabres.  Here’s the deal:  You’re about to play Boston, the best team in the league.  Yes.  I know.  It’s absolutely terrifying (as Joe would say, “Okay people, take a deep breath. [takes deep breath]  It’s the Bruins.”), but I have faith in you.  I really do.  Yes, the Leafs team you beat isn’t exactly occupying the number two seed right now, but you got a win to start off 2009 and that’s what counts.  If you beat Boston, you might even be on track for getting three wins in a row!  (We at TFF Headquarters have decided that if the Sabres lose to the Senators on Tuesday, we will stop watching.  Because the Senators are outrageously bad.  They have fallen apart, and if the Sabres can’t beat them then something is wrong)  And you know what the best part is, Sabres?  If you beat Boston today, you leap over the Penguins in the standings.  Yes, the Penguins.  As in Sidney and Evgeni’s team  (although I saw a picture on Facebook of Evgeni in a Red Wings hat, so I’m wondering if he’ll be the next Pen to jump ship for the Wings?).  Now, I realize that if for some reason the season was to end with the Penguins occupying a seed below eight, the league would probably make some rule that the playoffs are ACTUALLY supposed to be seeds one through seven and then the tenth seed, but still.  Being ahead of them, at least for now, would be spectacular.  Sabres, you have no idea how warm and fuzzy that would make me.  Warm fuzzies to you, boys, if you beat the Bruins today!
  • Apparently Pie is okay.  Buffalo, you can breathe a collective sigh of relief.
  • My poor Nathan got sent back to Portland!  Poor, sweet little munchkin.pc300355
  • UB’s on an hour before the Sabres.  Just for the record, we could have gone to the game.  I wanted to go, but my mother decided that going without my dad wouldn’t be nice.   Hmph.  You know, if we had actually gone to the game, I wouldn’t have had to worry about which game to watch.  Now we’re going to have to flip back and forth.  
  • If we had gone to the game, I  would have been able to buy that bitching hat from Alex’s clothing line.  Just sayin’.
  • I can’t watch the Capitals tonight either because we’re having our neighbors over, but I may or may not put on my jersey just to watch the puck drop.  I know it’s just the Rangers, but they’ll be out for blood and my boys need all the help they can get!

#50:  It’s Cari’s story I linked you to in yesterday’s post.  I just think it’s so incredibly cool of Alex to do that.  It’s really thoughtful of him to give something like to a stranger.

#51:  This video.

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