Summer Nonsense.

July 7, 2010 at 12:33 pm | Posted in Contracts, Players, Randomness | 1 Comment

I don’t recommend taking long uphill bike rides at eight in the morning if it’s already 80 degrees.  Not fun.  I do, however, recommend lying around on the deck reading.  It’s a good time.

I’m going to see “Eclipse” tonight with my friends but I was given permission to wear a Harry Potter scarf.  (Gryffindor colors)  I used to be a big fan of Twilight.  I read the books back before they were very popular and even if I didn’t think they were as well written as Harry Potter, I found them highly entertaining.  I was Team Edward for about five minutes before I became firmly Team Jacob.  Then girls began reading them and becoming obsessed with them, and then they started making truly horrific movies, and now I’m somewhat fed up with all this vampire craziness.  While I love me some Taylor Lautner, I assure you I was Team Jacob before he was cast in the role.  I plan on making a big scene either before or after the movie during which I proclaim my undying love for Harry Potter.  I don’t usually talk about it here on this blog, but I’m one of those people who are just completely obsessed with/in love with the Harry Potter books.  JK Rowling is, amongst other things, a bloody genius.  I also feel as though Twilight has been copying HP.  This makes me angry.  Harry Potter is better and I will fight you to the death over it and I will win.  This is even coming from a hopeless romantic.  Edward needs to just back off a little bit and I can’t stand Kristen Stewart.  The Harry Potter books are just so good and even though I’m not crazy about the movies, they’re better made and better acted than Twilight.  So there.

End rant.

The Sabres, to the surprise of everyone, signed someone today!!  And not just anyone.  They agreed to a one year deal with Niedermayer!!

Yeah, Rob Niedermayer.  I know.  Bad joke.  I couldn’t help it.

The Sabres definitely needed a center and definitely needed a tough veteran.  I wouldn’t have minded one with a few more points, but hey, this is the Sabres.  Baby steps.  And who knows.  Maybe I’ll grow to love him as I have grown to love Mike Knuble.

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  1. The Sabres are getting tougher once again. I like the signing. I also loved how a lot of people first thought it was Scott, but no, it’s the less awesome but still awesome brother!

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