The Sidney Crosby Story.

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This might come out as one of those stories that interests only me and therefore should have stayed in my head.  However, since the Capitals are playing the Penguins tonight (and, for the record, the Sabres have a chance to once again choke clinch the division against the Rangers), I thought  it would be a good time for the story I promised you all.

So it’s Thursday night.  I finally elbowed my way down to the glass for warmups and I was a little woozy since I wacked my thigh about eighteen times on the arms of seats as I passed (the bruise is huge and is on at least its seventh color by now).  I still had a few minutes to kill since Washington fans are crazy and sit ten rows deep down in the Caps’ end to watch them warm up.  Then a little boy, probably around eight, came down and asked if anyone was standing next to me since there was a little room.  I said no.  He was pudgy, had on a Caps Ovechkin shirt, and a Boston College hat.  If he was older I would have given him hell for that hat.

He noticed the eight on the sleeve of my jersey and commented (in that insanely cute way little boys do when they decide they’re going to be your friend) that I must like Ovechkin.  I replied that yes, I do, and came all the way from Buffalo to see him.  He told me that he came from Ohio with his friend, who was standing next to him, looked about 13, and glared at me when I said hello.  He then said that I must be a huge Miller fan if I was from Buffalo.

(For the record, I find very few things quite as adorable as little boys who know a lot about hockey.  I could have conversations about power plays with five year olds all day.)

I said that I was and had been since before the Olympics.  He said that the gold medal goal still hurt.  I said it was even worse that Crosby scored it.  He agreed, looked around to make sure no one was paying attention to him, then leaned in and whispered, “I really don’t like Crosby that much.”

He looked like he had said something dirty, which made him even cuter, so I told him that fear not, I don’t like him that much either.  He nodded then told me that his grandparents are friends with Sid’s parents and he had met him a few times.  Since I didn’t want to start one of my anti-Crosby rants, I asked if Sid was nice.  He nodded and assured me that he’s a real gentleman.  Then he looked around again like he was afraid he was going to be caught, leaned in, and whispered, “He really hates Ovechkin.”

Now, he might have totally been making this up and playing me.  But I’ve spent way too much time babysitting boys in that age group and I’m pretty good at picking out when they’re making stuff up and honestly, this kid sounded sincere.

I think it’s really cute that Sidney supposedly dislikes Alex so much that he’s going around telling eight year olds this.

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