The DC Adventure, Day 3.

April 3, 2010 at 4:54 pm | Posted in Buffalo Sabres, Chris Clark, Lars Nicklas Backstrom, Players, Randomness, Washington Capitals | Leave a comment

I’m in the car on the way home. I’m tired but I’ll make it back for most of the games and The Ten Commandments tonight, so no complaints. The Sabres have a chance to clinch the division tonight and I’m hoping they’ll get over the temper tantrum they appear to have thrown to rebel against me going to Washington and make things nice and official.

Don’t tell the Sabres, but I’m already thinking I might come back over my February break next year for a game. That was what I had originally wanted to do this year but the Olympic Break got in the way of those plans.

I had previously been excited about the Caps game tonight but dear Chris Clark is hurt so now it’s just another game. Woo. I’m just glad I got to see Lars Nicklas’s thirtieth goal. That was exciting.

I haven’t heard anything to the contrary but I’m assuming Miller is starting tonight. Once they finally do clinch I hope Lala will at least get one more game…let’s not take any chances, Lindy.

My cute story is coming, I just don’t feel like typing it out on my phone.

P.S. There were way too many Penguins shirts in Washington. I’m used to/can deal with all the Sabres support, but Penguins? That’s sick.

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