The DC Adventure, Day 1.

April 1, 2010 at 6:58 am | Posted in Randomness | Leave a comment

7:57: We’re off!! We pulled out a little after schedule, but whatever, I got to sleep in a little. We’re planning on stopping in Williamsport at Wegmans for lunch, a tradition we have whenever we drive this way. I quadruple-checked to make sure I had my jersey, the sign, and the tickets.

The Sabres game was night was wonderful. I got so worried when Florida scored first. Haha Panthers, haha. Tyler Ennis is still awesome. Pommer has been playing really well lately. I did not realize the game against the Leafs was tonight, however, I’m hopeful that it will follow the usual script.

Car mood: excited.

8:22: We just spent several minutes stuck behind a tractor.

Car mood: disbelief. That was SLOW.

10:01: Just finished my shift driving and have fulfilled my driving requirement for the day. Annoyed my brother by asking him if my sign is still in the back. Might watch “The Birdcage” for the 8,000th time.

Car mood: relieved. My family seemed to have no faith in my driving capabilities.

11:46: Leaving after our lunch stop. I love Wegmans. So much.

Car mood: full.

2:39: I have a really bad kink in my neck and there’s no hockey on the radio. Poor planning, NHL. Poor planning.

Car mood: bored.

3:22: Holy hell, this traffic is bad. Where did it all come from?

I should be used to traffic. It’s not like I’ve never been stuck in it before. coughwestvirginiacough.

Car mood: stir crazy.

3:29: Out of the traffic, praise the hockey gods. I forgot how beautiful it is around here.


4:31: As someone who’s seen NYC traffic at its worst, I have to admit I’m pretty impressed by the gridlock in DC. Signing off for now since it’s time to start pregaming. Go Caps!! Go Sabres!!!

Car mood: WOOO!!!!


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