Nothing Has Changed. NOTHING. (WAIT! A Trade!)

March 3, 2010 at 2:06 pm | Posted in Clarke MacArthur, Losing Sucks, Nathan Paetsch, Players, Randomness, Trading Madness! | Leave a comment

The Sabres played a typically Sabre-like game last night and lost to Pittsburgh. Patrick Lalime will one day retire with 199 career wins.

They also haven’t made a trade yet. The deadline is in less than an hour. Does Darcy even remember the concept of deadline deals?

Washington has (so far) made two deals. They brought in grit, which they need, but no stay-at-home defenseman yet. Come on, George. Don’t let me down.

There really haven’t been any huge deals yet. I’ll be interested to see if that changes before the deadline.

I’m going to the Sabres/Caps game tonight!! Wee!!

IMPORTANT UPDATE!! Darcy has traded Patches and a pick for Raffi Torres!! THAT wasn’t supposed to happen!! Darcy, you sly fox.

I’ll always remember the time I was at Chef’s and I though Royzie was Patches so I made a bunch of “Derek Roy is fat” jokes. Sorry for that one, Derek.

UPDATE #2! Clarke MacArthur is gone! What the HELL, Darcy?

Heh, I just realized I’ll see him in Washington. That’s cute.

Washington also got Corvo and reacquired Jurcina. That pisses me off. One, there are too many forwards. Two, so the trade ended up being Chris Clark and a pick for Chimera? Those little effers.

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