Awesome Hockey.

February 21, 2010 at 9:34 am | Posted in Olympics | Leave a comment

Today is my last day of vacation, but I’m trying not to think about that. Instead, I’m trying to focus on what could be one of the best days of hockey in a long, long time.

We get to start with Russia. I’m looking forward to watching them in daylight for a change, but I’m still worried that they’re gonna blow this. If they lose today, I’m…..doing something drastic. I don’t know what yet, but it’ll happen. They can’t take the Czechs too lightly. My dad has been rather smug for the past few days because he picked the Czechs to medal before the tournament started and he’s convinced they’ll win today.

Dear Russia,

Seriously, if you lose to the Czech Republic, it’ll push me off the deep end.

With Love,


After the afternoon game, we get Canada and USA. This game is going to be so intense. Canada wants to win because they almost lost to the Swiss. USA wants to win because they hate Canada. I want USA to win because even if I’m not “rooting” for them, I still have a soft spot for those yanks. Plus I don’t want Canada to win.

Then we get Sweden vs. Finland, which will be another great game, but it’s at midnight. I’ve gotten my fill of midnight hockey, thank you very much. We can go back to normal times now.

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