I Love Vacation. I Love Olympics.

February 18, 2010 at 9:51 am | Posted in Happy!!, Ilya Kovalchuk, Lars Nicklas Backstrom, Olympics, Ryan Miller | Leave a comment

After I wrote that fascinating, in-depth post on curling (thanks to everyone who tried to explain it to me!) I watched the Russia/Latvia game. It was awesome. Russia has snazzy jerseys, great offense, and I’m sure if they actually tried using an actual power play unit instead of just their normal unit, they’ll be golden. I hear a new unit is in the works for tonight so I look forward to seeing it. They also might want to get Kovie off the penalty kill because that might come back to bite them later on.

Midnight hockey is fun while you’re watching it because you’re tired and everything is funnier. It’s significantly less fun the next morning.

Lars Nicklas was stellar last night. No one ever notices it since he’s on a line with, you know, one of the game’s best, but he’s such a great player. And he looks ever cuter in Sweden’s jersey. I’ve always been a fan of their blue and yellow, and now I love it even more.

Canada played fairly well in their opener as well. I still don’t like them but Iggy’s hatter made me quite warm and fuzzy.

I missed USA’s first game and I’ll miss their second game today. I’m such a bad American, but not being able to see Ryan Miller slowly wear himself out isn’t the worst thing.

I plan on watching more curling until I leave for the movies this afternoon.

I am absolutely in love with automatic icing. It’s smart!! It takes out those dumb races and the pissed off players who think they got there first! It’s safe!!! Do it, Gary.

I’m still waiting for JR to punch Mike Milbury in the face. It’s gotta happen.

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