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(I’m still not talking about the Sabres game ever again for as long as I live.  Especially since they play Ottawa tomorrow night.)

The Caps just won their eleventh straight game!!  They made HISTORY!!  They beat the Bruins!!  Weeeee!!!!  (I’ve been amused by the suckiness of the Bruins this year.  They…are not very good at hockey.)

The Caps fell behind early, but they rallied for the win in front of their fathers and brothers.  Mike Knuble (<3) got a goal, as did Brooksie, as did Gordo (!!) as did Alex, with his obligatory empty netter.  The real story tonight, however, is Jose Theodore.  I don’t even really know what to say.  Last night Ryan Miller made me suicidal with his horrendous play, but tonight Theo was stellar.  I just…wow.  Some of those saves were breathtaking.  I guess this is the goalie who won the Hart Trophy.  If he could keep playing like that, I don’t even know what the Caps could do.

They could very realistically finish the season with a thirty point lead in their division.  This is so many different kinds of hilarious.

The Sabres, on the other hand, very realistically could lose their division if they keep giving up important games like the one I’m forgetting even existed.  Ottawa has been on a tear lately and they’re only a few points behind Buffalo.  Tomorrow night is huge.  When If Buffalo loses, to Ottawa, they’ll loose serious ground.  And even if they do manage to keep Ottawa back, it’s getting harder and harder to catch New Jersey, even if they did get shut out by the Leafs tonight.  (Did I just write that the Devils got shut out by the Leafs?  Um, what?)  And they can’t expect to just ride Miller after the Olympics.  It’s a messy situation.  They need to get back to the – gulp – system they were using back when they had so much success.

Tyler was named Rookie of the Month for January!!  Congratulations, Tyler!!  You’re the bestest.


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  1. Hey Frosty! I enjoy reading your blog about the Caps! I’m a HUGE Caps fan and my fave player is Lars Nicklas! I’ve met him several times now and lemme tell you, he is even CUTER in person if that’s possible!! He’s absolutely ADORABLE!!! I wanted to send you the address for the CSN Washington website b/c they have a really cute video showing just how adorable Lars really is. He is just precious really. I don’t know if the link will work, but here’s the address. If all else fails you can search CSN Washington (Comcast Sportsnet) and search for “Auto Show.” I just know you’ll enjoy this video as much I as did and keep up the great work!


    • Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Both for reading AND for the video!! He’s beyond words. I don’t understand how anyone can possibly be that cute and not be two years old. Oh, heavens. “We’re here to sign AHTOGRAPHS!!”

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