10 Straight! 10 Straight!

January 31, 2010 at 7:23 pm | Posted in Buffalo Sabres, Happy!!, Pittsburgh Penguins, Players, Toronto Maple Leafs, Trading Madness!, Washington Capitals, Winning Is Totally Awesome | Leave a comment

The Caps beat the Bolts today to tie their franchise record at ten straight games.  Boys, I expect y’all to make history against Boston on Tuesday.  Ima watch and everything.

The Senators currently have a nine game win streak going on, but I’m counting on the Sabres to BEAT THEM on Wednesday and that will be the end of that.

I will miss the game tomorrow as I will be getting more in touch with God.  While I’m gone I expect the Sabres to also BEAT PITTSBURGH and not let Sid score any goals.  Don’t make me angry, boys.

I’m watching the Grammys and they legit have another Michael Jackson tribute?  Yeesh.  There have been tributes up the wazoo.

The second semester starts tomorrow and I have a monster research paper due a week from tomorrow and then I have to do an oral version of the presentation.  Ew.  At least I only have two more weeks until Winter Break.  And, more importantly, the OLYMPICS!!!!  I’M SO EXCITED!!!!!  But I’m really bummed that the NHLers won’t be in the opening ceremony.  I love the opening ceremony and I love when I recognize athletes and I was planning on acting like a lunatic when they showed all the Swedes and Russians and Ryan Miller.  Guess that won’t be happening.

Toronto traded a s***load of players and I can’t even remember all their names, but they got Phaneuf and Giguere in return.  It will be interesting to see Phaneuf up close.  I was always under the impression that he’s not as good as people had made him out to be.  I shall miss Vesa Toskala greatly.

Time to go make sure I tracked down all the things I need for school tomorrow and put them back in my bag.  Ew.

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